Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Winds Of Palestine & Gaza---AP & NYT

The Muslims of the Gaza and Palestine have sown the wind---By allowing and abeting the launching of rockets against Israel from their terror-terries and by sheltering terrorists and their weapons in private homes.

They have reaped the whirlwind of Israel's reaction---And have the gall to complain when such emphatic justice in imposed on them.

What I find as specially disturbing is the AP-New York Times description of Palestinian rocket attacks as "pelting" (As if they were using snow-balls in Wisconsin or candied almonds at a Sicilian wedding) Israel with rockets, while noting a rain of bombs on the thugs in the Gaza. This is further evidence of the bias of those one-time news organizations upon which too many newspapers waste their limited resources for wire services.

Oh yes: I am not of the Jewish Faith nor do I have any financial interests in the State of Israel.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mussolini, Hitler, Christianity & Islam

The present role of too many in the Holy See (And other positions of secular and Christian leadership in Europe) to the forces of Islam is the same as that of Mussolini to Hitler: One of fawning, subservient, bowing-and-scraping, corrupt, boot-licking and self-prostituting worms.

The cowardliness of such Christian "leaders" (And their equally weak and self=serving secular fellows) begins and is based on their unwillingness (And pathological inability) to declare the truths about Islam:: Beginning with its goals to subvert and destroy the Christian Churches---Without regard to any "reaching out" and joint meetings of Christian clergy and Muslim dissemblers; And, continuing with the re-revelation that the basic and unchangeable teachings approve and allow, if not command, the use of murder, rape, enslavement, genocide, robbery and perpetual war with "unbelievers" to gain that goal.

As to such people, I paraphrase: It would have been better if they had not been born!

Within the USA and few other refuges for strong and self-sacrificing Christians (And equally valiant and righteous Jews and Sikhs) there is still some hope that the new Jihad will be resisted and, as in better days, suppressed to a meaningless, yet hate-filled, ideology.

As to the USA I am very concerned that the equally Nazi-like forces of Secular-Humanists (ie Militant Atheists) will attempt to use "diversity" and giving way to Islamic interests in an effort to destroy the place of Christians and Jews in our common history and in the public forums of politics, common schools, universities, court houses, legislative bodies and executive offices----Where they have already had too much success by the use of half-truths (Worse than lies) and a slow grinding away of individual and Natural Law rights.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Defending Islamic Humor

Who really claims that Muslims have no sense-of-humor? Why, such persons have truly misunderstood the "joking" of the "Fort Dix Six" who were only "kidding" when they, so humorously, bantered about killing as many US military as is possible at Fort Dix.

Of course, some might claim that statements claiming that any such acts were for "for Allah" were in bad taste; But, some such lack of political correctness and good manners is so common on late-night TV talk shows as to cause no great damage to the Muslim equivalent of the authors of the Islamic version of the Joe Miller Joke Book. No doubt, their extended stay as a guest of the USA (In some maximum security prison) will allow them to continue their careers as some of Islam's most funny people.

Since there are many Muslims in the USA, you might wish to forward this note to such as you know and others interested in their "Faith"---To support Muslim's own humor life and the place of Islam in maintaining the tradition of broad humor as a typical American institution,.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Science 101 For Journalists

It appears to me that some newspapers do an excellent job of presenting self-produced stories on the hard sciences (eg Chemistry, Physics, Biology.). Although such offerings often require more than one careful reading (And often require me to "strain my brain"), the facts are often clear and the presentation appropriate for the serious reader. An excellent example of such is the December 14th offering by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on stem cell research!

The real problems in your science reporting lies in three areas: As to articles regarding the "soft sciences" (eg Psychology, Sociology, Political Science); Articles reprinted from wire services or other newspapers and their less careful editors or science reporters; And, printed or reprinted without included evaluation as to the existence/lack of good scientific-research standards for each such report.

Although all such "problem" articles should be put to the tests of sound science, it might be well for your paper (In a Sunday editorial section) to educate/reeducate your readers (And some reporters and editors) as to those principles of good research VS. what is, too often, inflicted on the public as such. Newspapers not underestimate their serious (The people who still read real newspapers) readers as they do carefully read stories as to real or meaningless research.

Below I have included a (Probably partial) list of subjects for any such presentation or series.

1. What is "research design"?
2. Experimental VS. control group studies; Selection and exclusion of
3. Multi-factor matching research.
4. Levels-Of-Confidence (With/without explaining T-scores).
5. The basics of "averages", "means" and other statistical terms.
6. Defining the terms and limits of any research project; And, to what extent
can any research project lead to reliable-and-valid conclusions.
7.The scientific meaning of "reliable-and-valid".
8. The scientific meaning of "bias" as to research.
9. Sources of "bias" including, but not limited to: The motivations of those funding
research; Biases in selecting subjects or data bases; "Politically correct" avoidance
of "offending" those who are easily offended; Use of non-standardized or
non-structured interviewing techniques where personal interviews are used;
Exclusion, by the experimenter or in the pool of subjects, of persons whose
involvement would be necessary to draw reliable-and-valid general conclusions;

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Religion 101 For Journalists

Along with reporters-and-editors failures to properly present and evaluate news regarding science (And to, thereby, educate their readers), the failure of journalists to accurately and fully present the essential teachings of religions and like ideologies is anathema to me and, I suspect, many readers----Especially those who are members of such religions or equivalent ideologies.

Although both failures may represent the lack of a suitable education or just plain laziness and lack of professional responsibility, the lack of information or actual bias and misinformation as to religions may be founded on some conscious or suppressed desire to destroy the place of religion in our current public forums (Including newspapers, public schools, history books and court houses). Of course, some of these failures may also be based on the false premises that "all religions are the same" or even the even falser premise that there is nothing good in any religion (Usually put forth by the Mullahs of the religion of Atheism in a all too common effort to suppress other Faiths and not allow the People free choice).

Journalists should write, from a sound knowledge base, of religions as to their: Orthodox and heterodox teachings as defined by both members and critics (Pointing out the biases of each); Note how those teachings impact on today's members and others; And, be prepared, when appropriate, to note how such faiths have had an impact on history and such subjects as the development of general human knowledge and schools, medical science, governments, military aggression and defensive actions, the Law itself, and those like areas as provide the matrix of true civilizations or the alternative failures to support humane, human behaviors.

Certainly, the recent failure of too many journalists to be fully honest about the historical and present "dark side" of Islam, and that phenomena's direct relationship to the core and unalterable teachings of the Koran and like authority of the Hadith is specially noted as unprofessional journalism.

Excluding Or Dominating Different Beliefs

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 21st "Quick Hit" of Ms. Lori Pyter (A member of that paper's "Editorial Board's Reader Advisory Committee") contained the following and totally wrong statement: "We cannot fight to exclude or dominate those with different beliefs".

Having 34-plus years of professional experience with those whose beliefs support their robbing, raping, assaulting and killing others, I suggest that there are those beliefs we must fight and dominate.

I further suggest that we should also fight, dominate and destroy those whose beliefs as include support for their ideology's approval, if not commands, to use murder, rape, enslavement, genocide,robbery and perpetual war with others to further their causes---As supported by the majority "true believers" of conservative Islam, Nazis and like enemies-of-humanity.

There are those who falsely maintain that all "religions" (Or like ideologies) are the same and that the peaceful basic laws (Without regard to the failure of some to follow them) of Christianity and Buddhism are, in no way, superior to the bloody rites of the Aztecs, the essential-and-unchangeable violence of Islam, the murderous worship of Kali or the Neo-Paganism of the Nazis. Many maintain that the latter group of dangerous ideologies (Some masquerading as "religions") should and must be excluded from human and humane society.

There are those who note that male homosexuals are the leading disease-vector for AIDS/HIV in the USA and who have concluded that the one-man & one-women institution of marriage (In spite of too many failures caused by lack of adult behavior by too many persons) is the essential and soundest basis for any civilization---And that the "homosexual agenda" must be resisted and excluded from public approval for the "Common Good".

I think the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should be advised by those who do maintain such mental standards as support the progress and maintenance of civilization and NOT those who would destroy it in the name of some "false god diversity".

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oxford Junior Dictionary VS. Christianity

This entry could as well have been headed, "The Price Of A Multi-Cultural Society" OR
"Destroying History So Its Mistakes Can Be Repeated".

The "Oxford Junior Dictionary" (UK) has dropped such words as "bishop", "disciple",
"chapel", "sin" and "devil".

If such measures are successful, then the Secularists (ie Atheists) can begin eliminating such words as "Buddha", "Gospel", "mercy", "Democracy", "History", "Jews", "Justice", "God", "Jesus" and (If and only if those mind killers have the courage) "Koran", "Islam" and "Mohammed".

Such "verbal engineering" as comes before "social engineering" should remind all of the of the "newspeak" in George Orwell's novel "1984". Of course, this novel and its lessons are not taught in "newschools" or known in "newnewsrooms".

On Bombing Churches & Defense Of Liberty

I am old enough to remember when anti-Black statements, by the KKK and others, were basic to the bombing and fire-bombing of Black churches in the USA's South. I can now reasonably ask if the anti-Christian rhetoric by professional-atheists, Muslims and others is basic to the recent rash of church invasions AND the fire-bombing of the Wasilla, Alaska Bible Church (When women and children were present) on December 13, 2008.

Of course, this last attack could be on the basis of political hate as it is the home church of Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin. In that case, the range of suspects would expand to include outraged, pro-death, professional-"feminists", such Democrats as (In Milwaukee, Wisconsin) sent party operatives (One the son of a Member of the Congress) out to slash the tires of vans leased by Republicans to transport the aged and infirm to the polls or any other leftist (Who are generally enemies of democracy and the real rule-of-law, which enemies include hyperactive, pro-left, judges).

In any case, such an attack goes well beyond the level of an "insult" as requires Christians to "turn the other cheek". Fire bombings, mob action invasions and like acts of anti-Christians allow, if not require, the same response as made by those Crusaders who drove the Islamic terrorists out of Iberia, Sicily the Balkans Greece and stopped them at such places as the Polish-Lithuanian border, the Bay of Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna (On a better "9/11") AND those modern Crusaders who destroyed the Nazis and put down the evil of Imperial Japan. If the forces of government cannot control such new and anti-Christian terrorists, then Christians must physically destroy them lest they injure or kill such innocents as were present in Ms. Palin's Church or otherwise put such in danger or even fear of death or great bodily injury.

To paraphrase the militia captain at Lexington in 1775, "If they want a war, let it begin now!".(Perhaps those Americans who "cling to their religion and guns" per Senator Obama have a good reason for their recent surge in buying firearms.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Is "Free Exercise Of Religion"?

It appears that the essential limit to the Federal Government's (And that of the States via the 14th Amendment) to interference with religious-based behavior (Not thoughts or ideas which, even if expressed, are beyond such interference to this time) is the question: Does the government, for the People, have a "compelling state interest" in so interfering?

During the next four years, this matter may become front-and-center in this very divided nation. We the People, our elected representatives and the courts should be prepared to determine if our governments have an "compelling state interest" to:
1. Compel hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and other like institutions and persons
to act against their religion-based consciences to perform or enable abortion,
distribute birth-control drugs or services, teach anything positive about those actions
in our public or private schools or other places;
2. Take away the tax-exempt status of any religious organization for directly addressing,
including from pulpits and in publications, the perceived moral standing of political
parties, officials, or candidate for office or their positions on public issues
(Remembering that the power to tax is the power to destroy);
3. Punish individuals or corporations for withholding services or goods on the
same basis;
4.Take away, probably by small increments, the Natural Law Right (As a religious
belief) of persons to defend themselves and other innocent persons from
criminal attacks and to have ready means (Modern fire arms and ammunition) to do
in the usual lack of such a police or military presence or unwillingness to instantly
provide such protection (Remember that tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin and the
Muslim rulers of various lands all did so before moving on to great crimes);
5. Use some form of "fairness doctrine" to drive off the airways religious programs
and those commentators who support religious life and the unfettered place of
religion in public forums;
6. Establish Atheism as the State Religion (Yes, it is a religion as it is based on the
"theological" premise that there is no God nor gods; And, has been ruled a religion
by the USA's Seventh Circuit Court Of Appeals);
7. Take away from parents and guardians the right to avoid public schools by
home schooling, use of private schools and other means.
8. Attack Christianity and Christians by placing other religions in the public schools
and forums (eg Mandatory practice of Muslim religious rites in California schools,
without prior notice to parents and without giving other religions an equal place;
New York City's placement of Muslim and Jewish symbols in public places while
excluding Christian symbols in the same locations); And,
9. And, no doubt, many other, defining and dividing issues.

You and all citizens should remember the history of some of these issues (So as not to be condemned to repeat prior errors) and that some of them resulted in revolt, revolution, the trial and execution of chiefs-of-state and other officials and the overturning of governments.

Now, how will our elect officials act and editors comment on these issue?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mall Of The Americas & Islamic Prayer Space

I understand that the Mall Of The Americas has provided special, holiday, prayer space for Muslims, who hope for a permanent like space there.

I have been unable to determine if like space is provided for Christians, Jews, Buddists, Shintoists. More specially, what holiday provisions will be made for the worshipers of Kali, Ba'al and the old Aztec gods? In other words, where can I make my holiday sacrifice of goats or virgins (Assuming any are left) and babies (No, not in an abortion mill, although that mall may offer that service as it now supports Islam, a criminal-terrorist ideology which allows or encourages, and sometimes commands, the use of murder, rape, genocide, slavery, robbery and perpetual war).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

IN RE: Proposed Australian Bill-Of-Rights

Having gone over the proposed, Australian, Bill Of Rights the following comments leapt our of my mind.
1. It appears to be written by attorneys for attorneys, and to insure that that group
of persons (Who produce nothing which can be eaten, worn, provide shelter or
give innocent pleasure) lose any income if it is enacted.
2. It fails (Like the Bill Of Rights in the USA) to define "religion" and exclude from
inclusion in that definition ideologies which encourage, solicit and command
physical attacks on humans outside each such ideology's membership.
3. Unless I missed it, it does not provide for each citizen's Natural Law right to
defend themselves and innocent others from dangerous, physical, attacks AND,
where the forces of government cannot provide instant protection from such
attacks, the full right to do so AND the means to enforce that right.
4. I fail to understand the separation of Article-7 and Article-8 and would welcome
some explanation of that action. (In any case and to avoid the errors of the
Canadian system, I would suggest the addition of some such wording as "No
person has any right to expect protection from intellectual attacks on his/her
religion or ideologies or political positions or any non-physical object by other
persons exercising their rights under this section.".)
5, Article-20 should include an exception for sentences (eg "At hard labour") imposed
by a court upon conviction of a crime.
6. Article-28should include the same provision forbidding retroactive civil penalties.
IN BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. (This to keep the definition of "rights" within
the legislative branch, as has NOT been the case in the USA, and the gross
abuse of the law, generally, by the too-independent courts of Canada. This would do
much to relieve the concerns of those who fear the imposition of a god-like

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

My mother frequently told me, "If you can't say something nice about a person, do not speak". Line many other sons, I have (As my readers very specially know) ignored that motherly advise.

Perhaps, Senator Obama's mother told him, "If you can not speak the exact truth, do not speak" AND he is following that good advise as to his or his organization's interactions with Governor Blagojevich (As he has avoided the whole truth as to his birth and many issues facing the American People).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Congressional Gender Discrimination?

Today's issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Congress-Critter Gwen Moore had been appointed as "Vice Chairwoman" of the "Congressional Caucus For Women's Issues" in the House Of Representatives. Who are the chairs of the like "men's caucus"?

There is such a men's caucus? Right? To not have one would be a prime example of discrimination on the basis of that uncontrollable, genetic, factor of "gender"!

Some "men's issues" include, but are not limited to::
1. Unequal judicial treatment of divorced fathers in child custody and support matters (Especially when the parents live in different States, making this a Federal matter); And,
2. Government's use of unreliable and invalid numbers for the alleged disparity in
pay between men and women, which do not account for initial education, the amount and continuity of education and training while employed, continuity of employment and like permutations.

New Income DISPARITY On Genetic Factor

This morning's news report noted a study that demonstrated that left-handed men have average an income greater (Dependent on education, up to 26%) than right handed men.

Since "income disparity" is the foundation of many claims of discrimination on the basis of other genetic differences (eg Race & gender) I am (As a right handed male) awaiting preferential treatment in hiring (Especially in the public sector where my right-handedness will, then, allow me to be hired before those who are otherwise more qualified), government contract "set asides" and the ability to sue those who make negative comments or "jokes" (Either of which "offend me") about my, genetic based, right-handed nature over which I have no control and which has resulted in the noted disparity. (If I lived in California and were a member of the Democrat Party, I would expect a "quota" position on their representatives at National nominating conventions.)

I am now awaiting formal, repeated, written, open and very strong legislative and editorial support of all elected officials and all editors for such actions as will correct this disparity.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Academic Fraud & "Sue Them!"

On reflecting on the considerable amount of time some professors misuse in inflicting (Usually "left wing") propaganda on students in lieu of what was described in school's course descriptions, the following "cautions" are provided.

Professors! Could you defend your varying from pre-announced course content in a student based law suit (For real and punitive damages AND as based on claims of fraud or breach of contract) before Courts much more interested in the "Law Of Contracts" (Which is very well defined in statutes and inter-state compacts and the whole body of the law) VS. "Academic Freedom" (Which does NOT have a like authority in the Courts)?

University Officials! Could you, likewise, successfully defend against such actions AND those which claim a breach-of-contract based on your published statements as to "academic freedom"? Is writing vague and misleading course descriptions a defense against such actions?

Students & Student Associations! Do you have the moral courage (And the hope of paying for your educations) by gathering together to file such suits as groups-of-named-students OR in class action suits?

Could any of such misleading statements or actions by professors or schools elevate such violations to the level of criminal fraud?
NOTE OF JUNE 23, 2011: Even where universities use "weasel words" to describe individual courses or students' "academic freedom", it would appear that there are still "causes-in-action" based on a general expectation of that principle by enrolling in any (At least public) university. As an example, giving a student a failing or very-low grades after a "philosophical" differences with a teacher might be construed as a form of libel and, if the teacher made post-difference and equivalent statements in the classroom, slander.
Since many trial-attorneys are always on-the-hunt for such deep pocket defendants as public universities (Who may not be immune from suits), even the cost of defending such actions might bring corrective pressures on schools.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solving The Congo & Zimbabwe Problems

Too many (Especially at the "Useless Nations" (UN) have been dancing around the obvious solution to the horrid problems in and of the Congo and Zimbabwe. That solution is to return those areas to White rule as Blacks have clearly demonstrated their inability and unwillingness to manage their own affairs.

Of course, the "contract rulers" would be entitled to a reasonable (20%?) portion of those nations' incomes (Thus providing motivation to improve their economies) and the authority to shoot-on-sight any Black found armed with a pistol, bomb or military rifle (After a very short grace period in which such weapons could be turned in to the new rulers). (That portion of national wealth-and-income would be required to pay for the several divisions or many brigades of trained troops (eg Ghurkas?) needed for the initial peace establishing period.

In fact, such an arrangement could be applied to certain (Generally urban) portions of France, the UK and (Most specially) the USA, as well as Palestine and other like non-governed lands.

Of course, the implementation of such a plan would bring many "ivory towers" tumbling about the head of the too many "words can solve problems" useless persons and organizations.

Please remember that civilization is a structure with ORDER at its base, upon which is established LAW and, when those are fixed in place, building of JUSTICE may then (And only them) proceed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Republicans Can Win

Well, too many Republican candidates lost AND various pre-election hints from myself and many, many, others as to avoiding such a lose (Or minimizing its effects) were (As far as I can determine) ignored.
If, and only if, Republican office holders, RNC members and their staffers with to be on a winning team they, and we other Republicans, must insist on the strict enforcement of the rules and tactics noted below.

1. All Members of the Congress must pledge to NOT include or allow any "pork" or "ear marks" in Bills introduced by them or others (Of any Party). Members who violate this rule should and must lose the financial, political and personal support of all other Members, the RNC and their staffers who would, likewise, lose that support for not doing so.
2. All Members must use every rule advantage (Including the filibuster for Senators) to defeat any such "ear marks" and "pork" as well as opposition to those of the below matters which may come within the jurisdiction of the Congress.
3. No Republican staffer can be allowed, under penalty of instant dismissal, be allowed to "bad mouth" or "slang" nominated candidates as was the case of some, with over inflated senses of self-worth, as to Governor Palin--Even if such statements came from their principals.
4. The Party (And all Members and candidates sign off on a like statement) must clearly state that every sane, law-abiding and adult citizen has the right to safely keep and bear arms for hunting, self-defense and other lawful purposes AND that right may not be encumbered by destructive, hateful, and other like rules designed to grind down that right.
5. The Party must clearly state (With the written concurrence of all Members and candidates--Unless there occur are some unforeseen scientific advances) that: There have been NO safe and effective medical treatments derived from embryonic stem cell research and no Republican will support such. However, the Party recognizes the wonderful, fruitful and exciting advances made from other forms of cell research and supports such.alternate and ethical studies.
6. The Party must clearly state that the parents and guardians of children and youth have absolute authority over which schooling those young people should have be it in our to be improved public schools or private religion/secular-based private schools or by home schooling by those parents or groups-of-parents or those they have teach in their homes. The Party must also note that the parents of public school pupils and students have an absolute right to prior notice of and prior "opt outs" of such sex-education, cultural indoctrination (eg anti/pro homosexual teaching sessions; practices of Islamic or other religious practices) AND to direct their school boards towards parent-approved teaching and manage practices through the democratic votes in elections and free access and speech before school board meetings.
7. The Party must clearly state that Government has no role, whatsoever, in determining what is "religious speech" or in limiting the Constitutional right to the "free exercise of religion" NOR in punishing such free religious speech as evaluating named persons in terms of their policies and morality by taking away the tax-exempt status commonly given religions bodies.
8. The Party must heatedly and effectively oppose any "fairness doctrine" as it uses government authority in opposition to the free market will of the People in selecting which radio/TV programs are listed-to/viewed. The Party must equally oppose any imposition of a "local content" rule which would limit the free exchange of constitutionally free speech across this ONE nation.
9. NO future general election, involving Federal officials, must be allowed to go forward until such arrangements (By mail or secure electronic means) is had to offer timely voter registration to all members of the Armed Forces or Coast Guard serving anywhere in the world (Including on and under the seas). Certainly, no mailed in ballots should be allowed to have any information noting a military source OR, as was the case in Florida this year, Party affiliation.

It may be necessary to make one or more Members of the Congress as "horrid examples" by excommunicating them from Party support and removing them from all committees. Only an orderly and ordered Party has any possible chance of defeating "those other people".

Solving Guantanamo Prisoner Problem

There are many solutions as to disposing of those murderers and other terrorists held at the USA's Guantanamo military prison without the USA turning them over to governments who might "abuse" them or deal with them under Islamic Law.. Here are a few of them.
1. Push them over the border with Cuba proper and allow Fidel and his gentle crew to provide homes and jobs for them. (I do wonder how long it would then take for the Cuban People to shout A LA PARAD! as to those critters and Cuban officials who allowed them to stay there.)
2. Select the individual Europeans (Especially politicians and editors) who have so often and so violently criticized us for holding those "poor lambs" in custody at "Gitmo" and have each of them take one into their homes [After posting bond via Lloyds Of London in the sum of $1M that such "guests" will remain in their nations for a minimum of ten-years].. Such hosts would be well advised to not allow their guests ready access to sharp things, their wives-and-children and certain, common, household chemicals.
3. Transport small groups of them 20.1 miles off the shore of that base, transfer them to sail-equiped self-bailing whale-boats, give them a compass and GPS devise and directions to their homelands, 30-days of supplies and water, a Koran, fishing gear AND let them fend for themselves. (To be compassionate, avoidance of hurricane months and mixing Shia and Sunni prisoners is suggested.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Real Pirates, Suppression, Law & Islam

The recent and very real reports of large-scale piracy near the criminal state of Somalia should be a clear signal for politicians, "statesmen", lawyers and jurists, insurers, diplomats and the military of all civilized nations to review the history of piracy and the support given it by some nations ruled by Muslims.

The early history of the USA provided a demonstration that paying off the Muslim pirates of North Africa with bribes and ransoms did not stop, but only encouraged, more piracy and other crimes (eg rape, enslavement and murder) on the high-seas. In those days of greater moral courage and rational, "politically incorrect", decision making, such pirates were dealt with by summarily destroying their ships, bombarding their bases-of-operation and hanging (After a very, very, summary "trial") individual pirates.

I see no reasons why the same summary and effective means should not be applied to the pirates of East Africa. After all, pirates are the "enemies of all humanity" as well established in international law which allows and encourages all real nations to attack and destroy them.

It should be specially noted that the "government" of Somalia declared that it is wrong for those pirates to attack the ships of Muslim nations (Implying that attacking the ships of other nations, including our and that of our allies, is "OK"). This is consistent with the laws and customs of Islam and naval forces from Islamic nations should not be allowed to interfere with the suppression of piracy anywhere---Or, be destroyed as accessories to piracy. Note Below

TO UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL OF DEFINING TERRORISM as a species of piracy, consider the words of the 16th-century jpan>pan>urist Alberico Gentili's De jure belli: "Pirates are common enemies, and they are attacked with impunity by all, because they are without the pale of the law. They are scorners of the law of nations; hence they find no protection in that law." Gentili, and many people who came after him, recognized piracy as a threat, not merely to the state but to the idea of statehood itself. All states were equally obligated to stamp out this menace, whether or not they had been a victim of piracy. This was codified explicitly in the 1856 Declaration of Paris, and it has been reiterated as a guiding principle of piracy law ever since.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nebraska Elects Regent; Why Not Wisconsin

My son-in-law travels on-the-job and brings me out-of-state newspapers among which was a Nebraska paper noting the partisan contest for a seat on the University of Nebraska's Board-of-Regents. Although the candidates agreed on some subject (Some of which I found bad ideas) they did differ on embryonic stem cell research (Which as, unlike the other cell researches, has failed to provide safe and effect treatments) and the cost-benefits to giving illegal aliens resident tuition.

I do not care which person won. What I find important is that the People were able to directly chose those officials by a direct vote rather than having some, too often compromised, Governor appoint them on a basis of political contributions or influence.

We already have equal-population districts for the election of Members of the Congress which could be used for the election of Regents. If we were wise enough to adopt such a system, we should require such Regents to NOT have any financial dealings with UW or the companies it has spun off OR those it chooses as suppliers or contractors.

Resigning Judges, Lawyers &Money

So---Milwaukee Co. Judges Michael Brennan and John Franke are violating the trust given to them by the Voters who elected them and expected them to serve out their terms-of-office. As usual for too many attorneys money comes well ahead of ethics in how they make decisions. For myself, I can do without these super-attorneys as judges, preferring those who are more honest and loyal to the People and, I hope, to the Law as written by the authors of our Constitutions and our statutes.

I certainly encourage my fellow citizens, who might sit on juries for trials in which those two most dishonest men take part, to heavily discount their statements as they are not reliable witnesses to the Law.

Of course, we could make the private practice of law less lucrative and busy (As less attractive to judges who appear to be dissatisfied with the money and security they have) by following Alaska's (Pre-Palin!) example and make the losers in civil cases pay the costs and "reasonable attorney's fees" (eg Less than $200/hour) of the winners. Alternative conflict methods could be used, with educated lay arbitrators and special masters (Experts in the field of conflict) making decisions without the loser-pay-all condition set above.

I do suspect that the State Attorney's Union (alias The Bar and the Trial Attorney's group) having invested so much money in buying or leasing the Governor and too many in the Legislature, would effectively resist these proposals.

Of course, some (eg Shakespeare) have proposed the "First, we kill all the lawyers" solution. However, it might be better to enact a State Constitutional Amendment to the effect that,, after the year 2014, no attorneys may serve in the Legislature. After all, lawyers control the courts and are well on the way to do the same for the Executive Branch. One part of our government should be free of those who create too complex laws for the benefit of Lawyers and not the People.

You might ask yourself: What do attorneys produce that I can eat or drink or use in my daily life; And, Is the success of such nations as China, India and Japan due to their very few numbers of lawyers?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Short History Of Gun Control In This Nation

The attempts of the superior British Military to seize weapons and ammunition from free citizens began our Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord in 1775. The American militia captain shouted, before the shooting started, "Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they want a war, let it start here!".

A short time latter, in historical terms, the offending government had no authority in this land and those who sided with it lost their wealth, possessions and citizenship.

Of course, the nature of war has changed from those long-ago days of open formations firing volleys at the enemy's likewise formally arrayed troops. In those days there was no effort to "take out" the opponent's non-military leaders, a tactic which has become more common in today's irregular warfare.

Members of our legislative bodies, heads of our executive governments and our judges should all consider the above history lesson. Perhaps,publishers, editors, academics and other leaders should also consider them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Short Presidential History Lesson

The election of Democrats W. Wilson, F. D. Roosevelt and J. Kennedy were all followed by periods of war with very large numbers of US dead and maimed.

Adolf Hitler was elected by a popular vote based on the support of those who hated Jews, feared further economic problems, thought socialistic actions were a solution and wanted change.

A. Lincoln was swept into a second term in large part by the enabling of the voting of active duty members of our armed forces. Republicans would do well to plan and act to insure that vote in the next election as the lack of some of those votes may have contributed to the Republican's 2008 loses.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

Saturday, November 01, 2008

NOT "Civilian" Casualties

Many of the news articles and reports regarding the various acts of war in the Middle East refer to "civilian casualties" allegedly inflicted by the armed forces of the USA or its allies. These conflicts have gangs of out-of-uniform, heavily armed men, belonging to no recognized government (Who are NOT protected by the Geneva Conventions) who go about murdering any man, woman or child who opposes their fanatic views and their interpretation of the basic teachings of Islam as might support their actions.

It appears that these fanatics are welcomed and sheltered (Or, at the least, not resisted) by many in their zones-of-operation---In urban neighborhoods and rural villages alike. That makes those local "civilians" co-actors in the terrorist campaigns waged in and about them. It also makes them liable for death or great bodily injury when organized military forces attack the terrorists sheltered among and often aided by them. They are NOT "civilian casualties"!

If children are killed or injured in such conflicts, it is because their parents welcomed (Or, allowed) irregular combatants into their homes, villages and neighborhoods. Such children's parents are co-actors in their deaths.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama As Welfare Leech

One of the facts of our "brave new world" has been the abuse of social welfare programs by those who appear all too ready to take rather than contribute to their families and our communities. Too many "love them and leave them" unwed fathers, their partners who dribble children among their relatives and community agencies and those who rush to file false claims for such programs as flood relief have become entrenched, as perpetual parasites, in our cities, counties, states and nation.

We might look at the career of Sen. Obama as that which has produced nothing of value for our economy and which appears to be a series of self-poofing-up political moves, upward and onwards towards his present goal---Which is beyond his service, experience and sacrifice "pay grade". Mr. Obama has, in fact, been both an advocate of more welfare programs and a direct recipient of welfare benefits. I suggest that he be informed, by the voters, to get a real job and contrubute something beyond slick-speech and vote buying promises to the People.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Of Generals & Colin Powell

All generals (And admirals) must, to achieve that rank, combine three qualities in some and varying mixtures. Those qualities are: Fighting spirit and skills; Administrative skills, of which the most important is logistics; And, people or political skills in dealing with personnel matters and with the politicians-in-power.

However, some do excel in one or two of these qualities, demonstrating full competence and overriding excellence in all three being all but unknown. It should also be noted that an unbalanced excellence in only one leads to the danger of an unbalance in overall military abilities and performance. Below you will find some examples of balanced and unbalanced military leaders and mis-leaders.

Patton was the most recent example of a specially "fighting general" who, along "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell, led troops without much regard for administrative or political niceties. Such political and administrative support as allowed them to do such was provided by others who often had to "protect them" from logistic and political mistakes. Other generals who had the same general, general, characteristics include George Washington (Who certainly had political problems with the Continental Congress) and William T. Sherman who cared little for politicians and was protected by U. S. Grant.

The best, if not most famous, of our "administrative" generals was George Marshall who is known as the "Organizer Of The Allied Victory In World War-II" and was a quiet, totally logical, master of the military arts and a gentleman well beyond anything which could be proclaimed or established by an Act Of Congress. His skills and success in this area were so great as to put him beyond any doubts as of political support-or-opposition or combat courage or experience.

The most noticeable "political generals" were George B. McClellan (Who seemed incapable of fighting any decisive battles, except that of maintaining political support) Douglas MacArthur (Who was strangely given honors after his disastrous leadership in the Philippines at the beginning of WW-2 and whose alleged success in the Pacific campaigns of that war were in spite of his acts and were really based on the acts of the US Navy's leaders) AND General Colin Powell who, after a credible beginning as a very junior combat officer, dived into military politics and had an often criticized performance with no real record of those services which "made a difference" as to the defense of this nation.

General MacArthur's conflict with President Harry S. Truman and resistance to civilian and constitutional authority caused his downfall and "fading away" as a force in the politics of this nation in spite of some Obama-like worship by some media and politicians.

It now appears that (Thankfully retired) Gen. Powell is again attempting to manipulate the political system of the USA by his endorsement of Sen. Obama. To my mind I cannot discern if that endorsement is based on conviction, race (Racist) motives or, perhaps the most likely, on some effort to either push forward his income from book publications OR, even, some high (Cabinet level?) post in an Obama administration. The USA needs him only slightly more that the even more self-serving and even more artificial Barak Hussein. Obama.

Generals U. S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower appear to be the most balanced of this nation's generals.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

NRA Erred In Endorsement

As a NRA member and Wisconsin citizen I oppose the NRA's endorsement of Representative Steve Kagen for reelection to the House Of Representatives.

Although John Gard, Mr. Kagen's opponent and ex-congressman, also shares a 100% NRA rating, we should consider that Mr. Kagen is supported by the teacher's union, which has bought or leased Wisconsin's Governor Jim Doyle, a fierce opponent of citizens' rights to keep and bear arms. Mr. Doyle has twice vetoed passed bills authorizing licenses for CCW in Wisconsin in forms consistent with that State's Constitution (Although I have concluded that no licensing is really required here because of the wording of that document).

Mr. Kagen is supported by that Governor AND belongs to the Democrat Party, most of whose power-brokers and presidential candidate have clearly demonstrated hate of the Second Amendment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

USCCB Errors On Faithful Citizenship

In my parish bulletin this week was a copy of the document "The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship". In large part it is well formed; But, contains fatal or near-fatal errors as to history, scripture, logic and development---Especially as to too many bishop's failure to demonstrate courage in maintaining sound principles and instruction as outlined below.

LACK OF COURAGE: If the bishops (And other clergy) were truly supporting the rights of the Church to speak out on moral issues as to elections and candidates, they should directly indicate that supporting any Party or voting for any candidate which supports abortion-upon-demand, partial birth abortions, the unnecessary killing of embryos for "research" (A process which has NOT yielded medical treatment of value) and euthanasia have self-excommunicated themselves. Any such offending Party and candidates should and must be identified by name-From the pulpit and in Church newspapers.

THE DEATH PENALTY: Opposition to the death penalty is NOT based on the scriptures or Natural Law. In fact, St. Paul approved of the State's use of the sword to enforce civil laws AND the Church itself, when it ruled the Vatican States, applied the death penalty (Sometimes by beating the offender to death) against murderers, rapists and other such creatures as a mode of defending the People of God against such offenders.
Such offenders voluntarily give up any "rights to life" with which they were born and subject themselves to the death penalty after due process legal proceedings and acts of self-defense (Please see below) by threatened victims.
The choice of what penalties to inflict on such offenders (Including, for example, rapists and traitors) is something which "belongs to Caesar", now being the People in democratic nations.)

JUST WARS: The bishops failed to define what is a "just war". Such wars are well known in our histories; Among which are the Crusades which opposed the banditry, genocide, rape, retail murder and theft of nations and peoples by the followers of that False Prophet Mohammed, drove those criminals out of Iberia, Sicily, the Balkans, Greece AND stopped their campaigns of terror and crime at such places as the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth, Tours, Lepanto and, on a much better "9/11" the Gates-Of-Vienna.. I might add the Civil War in the USA which led to the abolition of slavery and, of course, the "Crusade In Europe" against the Nazis. The removal of the genocidal leader of Iraq was also a matter of justice.

SELF DEFENSE: The bishops have again failed to note, declare and maintain the Natural Right to self-defense against criminal acts which threaten innocent life or even the means to maintain bodily integrity (eg Against rapists) or the means to life (eg Against those who use force to rob the earnings of honest workers).
More exactly, those bishops have failed to support the rights of the innocent to the means to enforce such protections against criminal attacks by instant-and-effective actions of the State OR access to such weapons as will allow them to do so themselves.
It does the Church little credit to, for example, send food and medical supplies to the Darfur region of the Sudan when the State supported Jihadi murder, rape and abuse those there so they cannot benefit from such gifts.

CORRECTIONS NEEDED: The USCBB should and must correct its various errors in this matter and that at the soonest date.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lessons From History-Obama & Hitler

Some little time ago I watched Sen. Obama speaking, between band sets, to worshiping German crowds. Strangely enough, I had just viewed a DVD as to Hitler doing the same.

Earlier on that same DVD were shots of Hitler's Brown-Shirts going about and intimidating their fellow citizens and some shots of such thugs using force and the threat-of-force against opponents of the Nazi Party. It now appears that Obama's "Truth Squads", including police, are working up to the same level of arrogant intimidation in such places as Eastern Missouri, Chicago and else-wheres. The only yet missing pieces are uniforms, straight armed salutes (Obama's youth workers have their own, folded arm, signsalute) and direct physical assaults.

Perhaps the "Fruit Of Islam" (The uniformed enforcers for the Nation Of Islam), whose uniforms do remind many of the SA, will fill in the picture in days-to-come. Certainly the leader of the Nation Of Islam, who has declared Sen. Obama the Messiah, is as anti-Jew as Hitler and his worshipful mob of followers.

Can we expect that an Obama Reich will yield gross limits on freedom of speech (Perhaps through some perverted "Fairness Doctrine"), giving Islam a upper seat in our nation (Think of the California pupils recently required to practice Muslim rituals in their classrooms), confiscation of firearms from all but the police, and military (Under Obama's control and who would not enforce such laws against Party Members) and other measures destructive of democracy.

I still am amazed that any Jew would vote for any member of Obama's Party now---When they still have a choice. Are such Jewish Obama supporters ready to again wear yellow stars? Perhaps they hope to be "helpers" (Who aided in Pogroms and in the Death Camps) under the new rule.

Are all ready to repeat history for want of learning from and acting upon its lessons?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sen. Obama, Associations & Criminology

Some Social-Psychologists and Criminologists have posited that people self-select their companions and associates who do NOT train or indoctrinate them; But, rather, reinforce their pre-set tendencies. It is also posited that this begins at a very early age (About seven years old) and continues through life.

Therefore (Assuming this is true) children with positive values as to education, athletics, honesty will group together with like-minded persons who give positive responses to such behaviors and ideas. Likewise, those who tend towards criminality, disobedience, destruction of property, lying and similar tendencies will join one another for such emotional or mental or physical rewards as such associations bring to the end that their acts and thoughts are "reinforced".

However, it is not only children who drift towards such mutual-admiration and negative groups. Consider the tendency of "needle sharing" drug addicts, non-monogamous and adult-onset homosexuals, anti-democracy group terrorists (So common at too many of our universities) and such like enemies of humane humanness.

How then does this apply to Senator Obama? He did not, of course, have a choice in his enrollment in a Koran school in Indonesia. Yet, his statement as to supporting Muslims if the political winds blow badly and his willingness to sit down, without ground rules, with the leaders of terrorist and Mad-Mullah ruled Iran do lead me to wonder about the effect of his early years' orientation.

As an adult, he did have close associations with persons (And organizations) which preached and practiced racism (His wife and the Black Muslims), terrorism (Mr. Ayres and other traitors), vote-fixing groups (Acorn and the Chicago political machine) and other like persons and groups.

Senator Obama may or may not have been "formed" by such associations. However, he does seem to have drifted towards those who would reinforce-by-approval his actions AND whose thoughts and actions he would and did approve by ongoing associations. Such movement is not, as such, abnormal; But, the end results can be harmful to society and the self.

Too many in the media continue to pound the drum of those who project that a candidate's formative associations are not important. At the least, they should point out that some scientists hold that is NOT the case AND that just "knowing people" who are dysfunctional (As I did as a Probation & Parole Agent and prison Social Worker) is NOT the same as the types of self-justifying relationships described above and as, perhaps, led to the "real Senator Obama" .

Association is not evidence of any guilt; BUT, can be (Is?) evidence of basic character.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Short US History Of Church & State

All citizens should be reminded that, before the Revolution, there were in the UK and the "Colonies" established, government supported, churches which could call upon taxing powers for their own benefit and to the exclusion of other churches. They also were able to direct what pastors said and were forbidden to say and, in theory, require all residents to attend their services.

After the revolution the First Amendment was written so that the Federal Government would not be able to establish such churches (Some states retained them for some years) AND that the Federal government would place no limits on worship, such being the "free exercise of religion" noted in the Bill Of Rights. Of course, many public officials (Including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) were, for many years, free and expected to call upon God in their public declarations. This was NOT changed by Thomas Jefferson's private letter to a private organization which spoke of some sort of "wall of separation" between church and state.

For many years thereafter, the churches did not hesitate to attack or defend political issues or those involved in them. The clearest case of such is the religious base of the abolutionist movement which led underground-railroad movement, the transfer of military weapons ie "Beecher's Bibles") to anti-slavery advocates and the Civil War and resultant emacipation of Black slaves from their White, Native American and Black owners.

For most of this nation's history, there was public recognition of the Christian basis of our laws and customs, with ongoing public prayers and other religious-based activities at public events in public buildings. Christianity is still the "majority religion" in the USA.

Since about 1948 there has been a steady and growing attack on the religious history and practices of the American People, with special assaults being made on Christianity (Although not on the Jewish Faith or, especially, the newer and aggressive followers of Islam). (Two of the stranger aspects of this is the approval of Jewish and Muslim symbols in the New York City schools while Christian symbols are excluded AND the removal of Christmas from public schools while California students are required to practice Islamic rituals in class.)

At this time religious leaders are forbidden to use their facilities to declare the orthodoxy or moral standing or social-worth of political candidates, organizations and parties or face punishment by having tax-exempt status removed. This, in essence, is a limitation on the "free exercise of religion" and the establishment of an "anti-religious/secular/atheist state church" with the power to tax and to limit what is considered religious teaching. Such limits and government practices are forbidden by the First Amendment.

The proclaimed initiative of Pastor Luke Emnich of West Bend and others across the USA to challenge the tax code punishments of free speech and free exercise of religion are to be applauded and defended.

I only wish that my Church would join in on this issue.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Punish Financial Offenders

The plan(s) for dealing with the current, financial, disaster are essentially secret. However, I have not heard the President, or any Member of the Congress or anyone else in a position of authority or influence call for: The firing of the CEOs and all boards-of-directors members of "Fannie Mae", "Fannie Mack" AND of all companies who contributed to this disaster, to be implemented without any termination pay, stock benefits or other rewards for them; And, such legal measures as would recover from those persons, as individuals, every last cent they have to repay the People for their misconduct, It might be well to also ban them from any positions of financial trust for not less than 20-years

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The End Of British Law Has Begun--Warning

Even after the foundation of this nation, we still relied on British (English) law as to procedures, definitions, citations (Until we had our own) and all the convolutions which so appeal to judges. Even in the recent "hand-gun decision", some of the arguments presented to the Supreme Court of the USA were those in British law or directly based on such. Why? Because the flow of such a legal system was towards one law for all under it.

The elimination of "benefit of clergy", sanctuary, trial-by-combat and trials before the House of Lords for peers all moved all of the Queen's subjects towards equality under law.

Now, Muslims have their own legal system (Sharia) inflicted on themselves for domestic case (Where Muslim women complaining of mistreatment have few, if any, real rights (Especially with the pro-Sharia cooperation of the Police) and the judgments of Islamic judges enforced by the British courts. Now, Muslim men are effectively beyond the reach of democratically passed domestic-relations laws binding on other British subjects. (Family pressures, with the usual Islamic threats of murder and beating, as well as that of police will insure that women "volunteer" to accept Sharia jurisdiction.)

I do wonder how long it will be before Muslims maintain a legal claim that their Mosques are secure from even warrant-based searches for fugitives and their stores of weapons.

For those in the USA, the Commonwealth and other nations with British based law systems, the degeneration of the UK's law away from "equal justice under law" should be a warning. For the British, it may be a sign that they truly need: A new government; A new Chief Justice; And, a new Archbishop of Canterbury. For the Scots, it may mean that even more serious consideration be given to disunion.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Left's Envy Of Gov. Palin

It is good that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel printed Ms. Ellen Bravo's anti-Palin column ("Palin: Is this good for women? No...; 7 September 2008; Page-3J; Please see below for "it") as it so clearly shows the primary motivation for the unfeminine-feminists attacks on Governor Palin, which is collective and individual envy.

As a group, those professional-feminists (As opposed to feminine professionals) envy the choice of the Republican Party, as opposed to "their" Party, to nominate a woman to the second highest elective office in the nation---With a very good choice of occupying the highest such office. (They might have predicted this after the appointment of a woman to the highest Cabinet post, that of Secretary of State, by the present Administration.)

Both as a group and, more certainly as individuals, those limited persons envy a complete woman---Successful in business, marriage, politics, family life (With some of the same problems and challenges which face real women), sport and spirit. Every word those empty critics write or speak reeks of jealousy of a better person, and woman, than they are.

There is, of course, a considerable measure of fear in such attacks: Fear that the American People will realize what a "real woman" is and elect her to the Vice-Presidency of the USA.

(The editors' descriptive note regarding Ms. Bravo neglected to mention that she teaches "Women's Studies", that most empty and artificial of academic non-disciplines, at UW-Milwaukee. Her poll of "friends" as a base for making conclusions gives some indication of the level of her scientific-academic thinking, which does not bode well for the academic reputation and standing of UW-Milwaukee and of the welfare of the students who err in enrolling in any of Ms. Bravo's courses. Ms. Bravo is, of course, fortunate that her mother was pro-life.)

Is Palin good for women? No
Her extremist positions are nothing like what women need
Posted: Sept. 6, 2008

Many pundits have labeled John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket as an off-message roll of the dice, based on a hasty vetting. In fact, it was probably the most calculated political move he’s made.
101157Election 2008
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McCain has a big problem: How does a die-hard conservative who’s championed every failed policy of the last eight years (tax cuts for the rich, the war in Iraq, the power of Big Oil) win the presidency against an inspiring proponent of change? He can’t win by relying solely on the conservative base, and yet he can’t win without them. He has to keep his mantle as a maverick while assuring the Big Boys he has no intention of bucking them.

His only chance of victory is to appeal to women disappointed about Hillary Clinton’s loss, to white working class voters and to independents, without alienating conservative extremists.

Former Hewlett Packard CEO and McCain finance chair Carly Fiorina might have sparked some women, but she’d antagonize the conservatives with her support for abortion rights and for requiring insurance policies that include Viagra to also cover birth control. The evangelicals would have had a similar reaction to Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge, both of whom are pro-choice. Mitt Romney appealed to the base but would have been a finger in the eye to women and white workers — another four houses to account for.

Presto! Sarah Palin, a woman who uses the language of feminism while promoting a staunch evangelical conservative agenda: anti-abortion even in the case of rape and incest, pro-gun, pro-creationism, anti-gay rights, anti-sex education. A woman who introduces her husband as a proud member of the Steelworkers Union while working to open Alaska to Big Oil. A politician who claims to be an environmentalist while denying that global warming is “man-made.” Someone who thinks that the war in Iraq is “God’s task.” A mayor who threatened to fire a town librarian who refused to censor certain books.

In the eyes of John McCain, Palin brings another big plus. The press has bought into the Republican talking points and cloaked her, too, in the maverick mode. Like McCain, she stood her ground on certain reform issues. But on all the big questions of the day, both Palin and McCain walk lockstep with George W. Bush and against the interests of women and working people in general.

McCain is trying to pass off Palin as a career mom who knows the difficulties of balancing job and family — hoping women won’t notice the ticket’s opposition to every measure that would ease those difficulties, from expanding family leave to paid sick days to equal pay.

The real question isn’t why McCain chose Palin, but why the media continues to give them both cover, pasting on the “maverick” and “moderate” labels as if listing these terms were equivalent to listing party affiliation and state.

Recently, I conducted an informal poll among friends, all smart, politically aware people who keep up with the news. A dozen of the 15 people I asked had never seen the clip of a befuddled McCain stroking his chin when a reporter asked about his position on a proposal to require insurance companies that cover Viagra to cover contraceptive products, reminding him that he’d voted against it.

“I certainly do not want to discuss that issue,” McCain replied. “I don’t know enough about it to give you an informed answer because I don’t recall the vote.”

Had that clip — or any of numerous examples of McCain’s other extremist positions and slip-ups — been played more than 600 times in four days, as the “Dean scream” was, today’s polls would be very different.

McCain is counting on women to be cheap and superficial about his selection. Even more, he’s counting on a docile media to be his ally as he tries to present Palin as a feisty hockey mom to distract attention from the pair’s extremist substance.

It’s high time for the public to meet the real John McCain and the real Sarah Palin.

Ellen Bravo is an author and longtime activist on working women’s issues. Her Web site is

Friday, September 05, 2008

Blame Not GOP/Bush For Unemployment #s

If blame can be assigned to the current, cyclical, unemployment rate it should be given to those (Especially the Democrat controlled Congress AND such newspapers which support an essentially open borders policy) who oppose the full control of our borders and mass expulsion of illegal immigrants. After all, such illegals as have been invading the USA cause a net loss to the economy, national income, criminal justice and other social costs, balance-of-payments very much in excess of any contributions they make.

Such illegal immigration costs US citizens (Who are among the hardest workers in the world) many jobs by direct and illegal employment. The costs to the economy also results in the exportation of jobs and the movement of employers to "cheaper" parts of the USA or totally "off-shore".

I sometimes wonder which congress-critters and newspaper publishers and senior editors have personal investments in those few industries who actually make money from the employment (And, often, abuse) of illegal immigrants

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Logical Extention Of "Hate Speech" Laws/Codes

The ongoing Islamic attacks on Western Civilization (Or, what is left of it) is not limited to bombs-and-bullets. That attack also includes attacks on free speech and anyone's free press as illustrated by the copyrighted article reproduced below. Free inquiry, for all the harm it causes from time-to-time, is a better defense for civilization than the limits imposed by the mad-Mullahs or their front-organization henchmen.

If you think your newspaper or your favorite university or college is protected from such attacks, you have been out of contact with the reality of today's alleged journalism and of academic settings. In those institutions any, however politely reasoned, questioning or criticism of Islam will bring retribution or, much more dangerous, voluntary self-editing-out of such materials from lecture rooms and newspapers' editorials and news reports.

The same dynamic holds true, to some extent, as to other subjects such as: Affirmative Action; Human impact on climate changes; The limits of Darwin's theories; Demonstrable differences between men-and-women; The extent that racial differences impact on our crime rates and the like impact of both legal and, more specially, illegal immigrants on crime and other social charges; The role male homosexuals have in spreading STDs, TB and other diseases; The validity of "probability" as to on-the-street and in-the-airports evaluation of select persons (ie Arab and Black males, Ages 16-30 years) as potential threats to others; AND, too many like topics to list here.

If you support "hate speech laws/codes", you are most likely contributing to the death of free speech, a free press and academic freedom.

As far as the French (And Muslim) lawyers noted below: Tues-les tous! Dieu Redonnatdea les sein!

September 04, 2008, 0:00 a.m.

Eurotrashing Free Speech---NRO
How some Europeans and the U.N. are helping Islamists undermine freedom.

By Clifford D. May

In Europe, free speech may end with neither a bang nor a whimper — but with a lawyerly assist.

It was three years ago this month that the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published twelve editorial cartoons satirizing Islamist terrorism. Some Muslim organizations objected. Protests were organized. Danish embassies in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran were set ablaze. Dozens of people were killed. The cartoonists and their editors received death threats from such characters as Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza.

Kurt Westergaard is the artist who drew the most iconic and controversial cartoon: He depicted Mohammed with his turban turned into a bomb, its fuse lit. His message was clear: Here is how Mohammed appears to those who learn about Islam from suicide bombers. Westergaard is neither apologetic nor regretful. But he has said as clearly as he can that his drawing was aimed “at fanatic Islamist terrorists — a small part of Islam.”

Westergaard has required police protection ever since. Last year he had to leave his home after Danish intelligence learned of a “concrete” assassination plot. Earlier this year, he also was forced to leave the hotel in which he had been staying because he posed “too much of a security risk” to other guests and staff.

And then, in June, a “prosecutor general” in Jordan — a Muslim nation usually described as moderate — issued a subpoena demanding Westergaard face a lawsuit in an Amman courtroom.

The 73-year-old cartoonist does not plan to submit. He said that although it ought to be obvious that “my problem is with terrorists not Muslims,” people are free to interpret his work as they wish. “Disagreement is very important and if we disagree,” he told a reporter, “it does not mean that we have to sue each other and kill each other.”

Apparently, it is not only Islamists who find that logic unpersuasive. The English language Daily Jordan Times reports that attorney Osama Bitar, an attorney affiliated with the lawsuit (on behalf of the “Messenger of Allah Unites Us” campaign — such an inspiring name!) has been in contact with French attorneys who “have expressed their support for the campaign and its lawsuit against Westergaard.”

“The lawyers are studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the cartoonist in accordance with French and international law such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” said Bitar. He added that the French attorneys also are considering contacting colleagues in other European countries to file separate lawsuits against Westergaard.

Bitar enthused: “The idea of European lawyers joining us in the campaign and supporting our efforts is tremendous. We are defending Islam in a civilized way and are trying to hold those responsible for the caricatures accountable according to the law.”

Additional legal assistance may be on the way. The United Nations General Assembly is considering a resolution sponsored by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The ostensible purpose of “Combating Defamation of Religion” — yet another inspiring name! — is to stamp out “incitement to religious hatred, against Islam and Muslims in particular.” As for other religions, rest assured this resolution will guarantee them as much protection and respect as Christianity, Judaism, Baha’i, and Hinduism now receive in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or any of the other sponsoring nations.

While General Assembly resolutions do not actually have the force of law, they provide diplomatic cover for tyrants eager to muzzle critics, and they are routinely cited by leftist “human rights” groups and journalists as though they were international law.

Felice Gaer, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, a bipartisan federal body, says it’s clear that the OIC countries are attempting to “mainstream” prohibitions on any speech that could be considered critical of Islam.

“They are turning freedom of expression into restriction of expression,” she said.

And the European Center for Law and Justice has filed a brief with the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights warning that such resolutions “are in direct violation of international law concerning the rights to freedom of religion and expression.” The brief argues that the resolution is incompatible with any serious conception of free speech, that it substitutes instead “a subjective criterion that considers whether the religion or its believers feel offended by the speech.”

It’s encouraging to know that some Europeans are concerned. It will be instructive to see what they do when it becomes clear — as I’ll bet you a Euro it will — that the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights — won’t lift a finger.

— Clifford D. May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent, is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama & Election/Defeat By Racism

Some have claimed that, if Senator Obama loses the upcoming election, it will be because of (Only) anti-Black racism. In a pigs eye! If that were the case, he would never have received the nomination of his party built on more White than Black votes.

It seems more like that if he wins the November 4th election, it will be because of largely race-based (Racist), rather than issue-based, voting by Black voters.

Inexperienced Vice-Presidents

The Democrats are making much of the presumed Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin's lack of foreign affairs and national defense knowledge. Perhaps they should reflect on the fact that their party's President Harry S. Truman was kept in the dark, by FDR and his Administration, as to the most important aspects of such subjects until he became President. The classic example of this was his not being previously informed of the A-bomb program and the potential of that weapon.

Perhaps, they should also reflect on the careful and ongoing training and preparation given by Republican President Ronald Regan to Vice-President George H. W. Bush, the later being also without much, if any, such prior experience. I suspect that President John McCain will wisely follow the later example.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Which Party? Quiz With Answers!

Which US political party was the chief supporter of slavery and, after-wards, of "Jim Crow" laws and segregation? Which party led us into World War-I, after promises to not do so, and did so with an antique army, no air corps and a rusty navy? Which party led us into World War-II by arrogant diplomacy and economic aggression while our army had to practice with wooden guns and trucks-as-tanks? Which party led us into the worst war scenario (Viet Nam) we have ever entered and then micro-managed it into our defeat? Which party so diminished the reputation of the USA that the third rate theocracy of Iran could take over our embassy and hold many Americans hostage until a different party's candidate was elected president? Which party attempts to remove religion from its historical and constitutionally protected place in the public sector? Which party continues to support the Anti-Black, racist, program of abortion? Which party wishes to limit free speech by imposition of a speech rationing "fairness doctrine"? Which party continues to resist efforts to protect the purity of the vote by not allowing such measures as would block the dead, non-citizens and double-voters from the polls? Which party does not trust the adult, sane and law abiding citizens of the USA to keep and bear arms? Which party controls the Congress with its programs of pork-barrel spending, "ear marks", lower-than-the-President public confidence AND no programs to solve the energy and illegal immigration problems? Which party has failed to name a women to the highest elected and non-elected posts in the land?


Which party motivated the American People to insure that the Union was held together in the 1860s and began the liberation of Blacks in this nation? Which party supports true equal rights (Not special privileges!) for all US citizens (And, to the extent permitted by our democratically passed laws) legal immigrants? Which party (Generally) supports individual rights to the "free practice of religion", free speech, free press, full voting rights for all qualified voters and (As recently confirmed by the US Supreme Court) the right to keep arms? Which party's President-Elect frighted the mad-mullahs of Iran into releasing the US embassy hostages? Which party's president effectively ended the (First?) Cold War? Which party's presidents first defeated the international aggression of the genocidal president of Iraq, then (Upon his treaty violations) removed him from office and maintained the successful efforts to defeat international terrorism in that nation. Which party has had, as its highest non-elected official (The Secretary of State), a Black woman? Which party will nominate the first woman in history to the post of Vice-President(Other than the pre-doomed nomination of Geraldine Ferraro) of the USA (With a pretty good chance of becoming the first female President of the USA)?


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Honoring Ted Kennedy & Minute Of Silence

On the first day of the Democrat Party Convention there is to be a special honoring of Senator Ted Kennedy. Perhaps, that event should include a minute of total silence to remember and honor Mary Jo Kopechne. Who? Did you forget? On July 18, 1969 Ms. Kopechne left a party of married men, including Sen. Kennedy, (Whose wives were not present) and young women with Sen. Kennedy and ended up dead in a pond while the good senator fled the scene and then attempted to cover up his responsibility for that not quite 29-year old woman's death.

It appears that "honor" has strange meanings within the Democrat Party.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poll Tax VS. Right To Keep Arms

There was a time when some Southern states used a "poll tax" to exclude Blacks, Native Americans and poor Whites from executing their individual right to vote. Although the final destruction of those, very Unamerican, efforts was the enactment of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution, the basis of such a reversal in this and other civil rights cases was the "equal rights provisions" of the 14th Amendment.

In the next campaign to ensure full and individual civil rights to those Americans who wish to buy and keep arms, I suggest that the same "equal rights" precedents be applied in overturning those right-killing charges.

It seems to me that the very costly registration, registration application, special taxes on ammunition and "gun inspection" fees are all reincarnations of a poll tax designed to keep poor or "less rich" people from keeping arms.

We should all keep in mind that, even after the poll tax was limited or eliminated, some jurisdictions attempted to achieve the same results by administrating impossible to understand questions and those subject to the arbitrary-and-capricious decisions of the anti-rights examiners. We should take the position that American citizenship, the statutory age of adulthood and freedom from dangerous mental disease or criminal record should be the only test to keep (And bear?) arms.

On the other hand, perhaps we should enact a $Million per year tax on daily newspapers to be paid before they print editorials as a demonstration of possible limits on the Bill Of Rights that so many wish to apply to keeping arms or the "free practice of religion".

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Limits Of Forgiveness-2 & Mark Shea

In his most recent "National Catholic Register" column ("Remember The Real Enemy"; August 17-23, 2008) Mr. Mark Shea preached to us as to "forgiveness".

It appears that Mr. Shea requires of us a greater gift for forgiveness than does the Church which requires: A desire for the Sacrament; Acknowledgment and declaration that what we have done is wrong and sinful; The request for forgiveness; And, some temporal punishment (Now generally reduced to a few prayers). Has the Church erred in this setting of standards? I think not!

The Muslim who takes pride in following the teachings of Mohammed to use murder, rape, genocide, robbery, etc. to advance Islam (And his own desires for sex and power) is far from meeting the noted preconditions for forgiveness. The atheist academic who takes a infantile and anal-retentive pride in desecrating the Eucharist has likewise excluded himself from the possibility of forgiveness baring some future conversion and redemption.

If the Christ whipped the money changers out of the Temple grounds to defend the honor of his Father, as Mr. Shea claims, then why should we restrain ourselves from inflicting temporal punishment on those who would, as Muslims, destroy the Church and subject Christians to slavery OR, as the noted professor, attack the honor of the Son? [If Mr. Shea wishes to follow St. Paul, then let me and others follow St. Bernard of Clairvaux who pointed out the need to sometimes use "the edge of the sword" to defend Christ and His Church. (1.).]

Mr. Shea's prideful preaching does, as Mr.Shea notes, remind me that Satan is the real enemy; But also that pride was his major offense.

(1.) De Laude Novae Militae

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Defense Of Atomic Energy

The letter below was sent to Milwaukee's "alternative", weekly and far left newspaper in response to a column opposing atomic energy plants.
2321 South 82 Street
West Allis, WI 53219


Being an honest conservative I do read the columns in your paper with the intent of balancing out input from other, much more "right wing", sources. Who knows? Someday, I might find myself or my sources in error and change my views and resultant actions (eg Voting).

Yet, Mr. Joel McNally's ongoing parade of ignorance as to almost any subject he discusses has done nothing to encourage my ongoing efforts to view the world and its people in a fair way.

In your most recent (August 14-20, 2008) issue Mr. McNally's "Croaking Canaries" presents his considerable (Paraphrased quote) "subtraction from the sum-total of human knowledge" in the areas of terrorism and of nuclear-power engineering.

Your readers, editors and (Most specially) Mr. McNally should remember the following.
1. The movie "The China Syndrome" was fiction and should not be put up as an example
for discussion of scientific or engineering topics any more than the radical and
unqualified exponents of the "twin towers as USA sponsored sabotage" fools should
override the best engineering minds of this and other nations.
2. The Chernobyl (The Ukraine) nuclear disaster was an almost classic example of
SOCIALIST engineering, design, lack-of-proper-controls and bureaucratic stupidity
considered inferior even at that time.
3. The Three Mile Island incident probably released less radiation than too many the coal powered power plants do today.
4. I have not read Mr. John Fuller's "We Almost Lost Detroit"; But, that author's prior
dedication to the supernatural and space-aliens (And lack of apparent engineering
background) leads me to wonder why anyone would use that as a base-line for a
reasoned discussion of nuclear power plants. {We still have Detroit--Damm it!]
5. The engineering of modern nuclear power plants (In such places as Japan and France) do allow of minor fires and, perhaps, very minor radiation leaks----Which have all been quickly and safely contained.
6. The nature of such plants' reactor vessels are now such that I doubt that even a "9/11"style Islamic terrorist attack would crack them and cause a melt-down.
7. The real and acknowledged great terrorist attack targets are oil refineries and, mostof all, those ships which move Liquid Petroleum Gas on the seas and into our ports.
8. As a practical matter, the real terrorist threats are: The level of violent Black-on-Black crimes in most urban settings; The growth in power of largely Latino gangs flowing out of Latin-America, through California and into the rest of the USA; And, the instant jihads of such Muslims who suddenly decide to attack "the unbelievers" as Mohammed Taheri-Azar who has been convicted of attempted murder by his driving a sports-utility vehicle into a crowd at the UNC campus OR the highly educated and well paid Muslim doctors who attempted to blow up the Glasgow (Scotland)
air port.

I do look forward for your many well written (If far "to the left") columns; But, find Mr. McNally's deviation from reality well beyond even my tolerance.

Sincerely yours,
James Pawlak

PS---As usual, please do forward this note to Mr. McNally, along with a book on
engineering principles and instructions for self first aid in case of stroke.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Letter To Sen. Obama RE: Race In USA


2321 South 82 Street
West Allis, WI 53219
(414) 545-1884

10 August 2008

Senator Barack Obama
P.O. Box 8102
Chicago, IL 60680

Dear Senator Obama:

You have said we need to tale about race in America.

Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.

This time real Americans need to have their convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. [You might compare the state of Blacks in this country with the political-economic disaster area which is Black Africa after White rule.]

MR. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up Blacks than White Americans. Untold millions have been spent since the '60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against White folks - with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas -- to advance Black applicants over White applicants.

Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for Blacks.

It was, for the most part, White men who gave up their blood, limbs and lives to insure the slavery supporting South did not leave the Union and to enact those changes in our Constitution as gave Blacks the right to work for full equality.

We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

You have spoken about new 'ladders of opportunity' for blacks. Go to Altoona And East Lancing And Atlanta And Milwaukee and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for 'deserving' white kids?

Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America 's fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Are you aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

Are you aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

We must now insist that the word “discrimination” be returned to its use to define the making of choices between what is good and what is bad.

Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

Hopefully yours,
James Pawlak

cc DNC---via US Mail
Senator Herb Kohl---via US Mail
Mr. F. James Sensenbrenner---via US Mail

Monday, August 04, 2008

Catholic Church, Science & Universities

The most recent issue of "Discover" magazine contained the article "The Vatican's Secret Science Club", which "secret" appears to be more a matter of neglect or outright bias by the more general and less fair media. This article described the official and centuries old foundations of science within the Church. It does appear than no article, including this one, as to science and the Church, can proceed without noting the rare errors (Detected by today's 20/20 hindsight) made by the Western Christian Church in dealing with such philosophical or scientific dissenters as Galileo or, probably for his non-scientific endeavors, Giordano Bruno.

Even the author, the excellent Michael Mason, skipped over one of the great truths and accomplishments of the Catholic Church as to science and knowledge: That is its attention to logic and reason in Theology is at the basis of our scientific world as its schools of Theology, Philosophy and Cannon Law are the true base upon which our entire university system is built. No other tradition can claim such an effect on human life, thinking and civilization. The Islamic schools remained locked into the limits set by the Koran and the Hadith (The traditional sayings of Mohammed). The Eastern Christian Churches never developed the like of the University of Paris, Oxford, Krakow and other like schools, perhaps because of suppression by Islamic rulers or the East's suspicion of anything from the West.

Newton, Copernicus, Bohr, Stephen Hawkins (A member of the Pontifical Academy Of Sciences) and too many others to note here were all products of universities set in the traditional framework built upon the foundations set by and often funded by the Latin Rite Catholic Church or rulers committed to that Faith. After all, the only such university well sources of knowledge and thought outside of the Western World are copies of those founded in Catholic Europe.

Departing from the hard sciences, the worth that the Church places on each "Soul" (Person) and its application of that value to the study of law is the source of "Natural Law" reflected in our Declaration Of Independence and Constitution.

It may be that the described attention of the Church to science is only an adjunct to its declared purpose of the saving-of-souls. However, it does appear that reliance on science and logic is superior, for that purpose, that a commitment to Islam's sword or the goal of nullity of some Eastern philosophies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shutting Down A Museum & The Past

The July 30, 2008 "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" reported that Milwaukee's "Black Holocaust Museum" is closing, apparently due to a lack of financial and community support. Perhaps that is good. It is well past the time when such a pathological focus on the past, which cannot be changed, should be replaced with a focus on the present (eg Black-on-Black crime and the failure of Black families to educate their children in good manners and respect AND the accomplishment of those Blacks who are committed to education, hard work, self-respect and respect for others). It would also be well to consider a future where Blacks may become swamped under a flood of illegal, Latino, immigrants who care as little for "Black Culture" as they do for our immigration and other laws.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learning From Obama In Germany

The following quote is from Columnist David Warren column of this date in the Ottawa Citizen (Canada):
"Germans should be quite disturbed by the spectacle of a demagogue who communicates with the public almost exclusively through mass rallies. Americans should be disturbed by what should disturb the Germans.".

For those (Majority?) journalists and others who act as if history does not go back more than one year ago, I suggest that they look up the name Adolf Hitler on their favorite "search engine", with special regard to his public speeches and their effect. For any, if any, serious journalists or other citizens I recommend the book "The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements" by Eric Hoffer, in which the reader will find parallels as to the Obama campaign. and may, if due caution is not exercised, obtain insights to both history and that very junior senator's campaign.

Fanaticism---Of A Columnist

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Community Columnist Thomas Zachek latest subtraction from the sum-total of human knowledge was his recent "Where does religious fanaticism come from?" as printed on July 26, 2008. He attempted to tie together the terrorist actions of some Muslims, the illusions of a few strange people, the Spanish Inquisition (Operating in violation of Chruch Law and killing many less than the Catholics killed by Calvanists during the Thirty-Years-War), a very small minority of sex-offending Catholic Priests (Smaller than the number of like, criminal public school teachers), the Pope, Jerry Farwell and others as examples of a fanatic religious attacks on reason, civilization and the safety of human beings.

I will not expect him to submit a more fanatic attack on the anti-religious crimes as destroyed reason, mercy and millions as executed by such socialists and communists as HItler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot; But, someone should do so to balance Mr. Thomas' personal biases.

What I do hope for is that the MJS will not print further columns by those who so demonstrate either a criminal ignorance of history or a like, offensive, willingness to warp and misuse its facts and lessons. (Unless the editors and Mr. Thomas are of the opinion that the First Amendment to our Constitution should limit only religious speech and actions and not that of columnists and newspapers.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Speech To The NAACP

It seems unlikely that I, unlike Sen. McCain, will be invited to speak before the NAACP! Were I to so appear, I would begin my speech as below and as Mr. McCain failed to do.

"It is obvious that I am NOT an Afro-American. I am also NOT a Latino-American OR a Irish-American OR an Asian-American OR (In spite of my name and ancestry) a Polish-American. I am by birth-and-choice an American with a strong commitment to our customs, laws, lessons of history, common language and in all other national and common strengths.

I am proud of this nation with a special pride in its progress towards correcting its faults by the combined and democratic acts of its many peoples. O yes! The faults have existed and some continue to exist---And are subject to ongoing correction.

Of those faults, the early, national and international acceptance of slavery may have been the greatest. Yet, many thousands of Americans, mostly White, gave up blood, limbs and lives to begin the destruction of that system and injustice. Yet, my ancestors were not part of that problem in 1789 nor of that bloodiest war ever fought by the USA as they were, themselves, downtrodden serfs in the conquered and divided nation of Poland until they fled to this freer land about 1905. Because of that fact and my birth in 1938AD AND my very strong opposition to collective guilt; I cannot accept any blame for slavery nor credit for overthrowing it because of the actions or in-actions of my fore-bearers.

The remaining problems of the USA are best solved by individual actions. For myself, I treat every adult I meet as a Lady or Gentleman, with all of the courtesies and respect implied by those terms, unless they prove they are not worthy of such. In that case, I demote them to mere human-beings; Further misconduct leads me to consider them as critters.

Just beyond this principle and example, I suggest that the atomic or extended family is the very best means to begin academic, good manners and other forms of civilized instruction AND to maintain such throughout all children's real education and development. After all, many of us come from cultures where "She or he is educated" means that child or adult practices good manners and shows respect to those persons and those things which are worthy of that courtesy.

To solve this nation's problems we would best NOT go beyond these essential bases or, at worst, beyond the neighborhood or "village" with its churches, locally controlled public or charter schools and other pillars of society are only next-best; But, generally, potentially, superior to marginally responsive, money wasting, bureaucrat burdened big-city, county, state and national governments.


This is the style of speech Senator McCain should have given to the NAACP and should give to all groups who continue to divide the USA by insisting on being "hyphenated-Americans".