Friday, April 29, 2016

Alternative To Keeping Terrorists At Guantamo

To maintain the safety of our children and others within the USA I am totally opposed to transferring terrorists from our military prison/resort at Guantanamo Bay to prisons within the USA!

However, I do offer the following alternative.

Put exactly six of them in self-bailing whale-boats (The most sea-worthy of such craft) as furnished with: A mast; Two sets of sails; Fifteen days of hard rations and canned water; Fishing gear; One "fish knife"; A "membrane" unit to covert salt water to fresh water; One copy of the Koran; A compass; And, sailing directions.

They should be "tuned loose" 100-plus miles from Cuba, at night or in a heavy fog, in good weather (Avoiding all of hurricane season), under such naval protections as will keep "rescuers from them for no little time.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Politically Incorrect Model For Blacks & All Others

Blacks should give up the very inferior model as described in Professor Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals and which : Now supports “Victimhood”; Supports and honors those entertainers who support/advocate abuse-of-women and attacking police; And, such others as are listed, in the second group, on the first attachment to this letter. (That inferior model is now being advocated by various, Democrat and Socialist, non-thinkers.)

Blacks and all others should follow the example of most Americans of Chinese decent who:
  1. Came to the USA as racially identifiable incomers, speaking very foreign languages, having “strange” social customs;
  2. After arriving here they were:Subject to legal-and-illegal attacks (Some fatal); Excluded from the vote and other civil rights; Lived (Some voluntarily as did Italians, Jews and my Polish grandparents) in “Ghettos”; And, were very ill-treated as serf-like and almost slave-like workers;
  3. After this they demonstrated their cultural superiority by: Dedication to deferring rewards (Avoiding the crippling, criminal/infant-like, demand for instant gratification) by hard physical and academic work (The latter leading to some universities discriminating against them for being “too qualified/successful); Cleaving to the support and other advantages of two-parent (One of each gender) families; Honoring scholars over criminals; And, Disproportionally avoiding violations of law; And,
  4. Earning the rewards of: Great academic success (With the racist reactions of some schools noted above); A disproportional awarding of Nobel Prizes (Especially in the apolitical areas of science); And, a disproportional and greatly lower part of the populations of our jails and prisons.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jews, Muslims, Due Process & Academic Freedom

                                            GENERAL OBSERVATIONS
I am, more-or-less, a Christian. I am also very familiar with:  The contents of the Koran and other basic works of Islam; The 1400-history (And to this very day) of the acts inflicted on the world by those waging Jihad; And, the too-many , on campuses, Jihad-style campaigns against those who defend the State Of Israel and, more generally, all Jews and against those who would publicly raise rational questions  about the above-cited contents and history.

Although much of those attacks are executed by Muslims, they have been aided-and-abetted by those others (eg
those at who should remind all of the Fascists of Hitler's Germany (Including those burners of Jewish authored books at that nation's universities) or the  pogrom-generating Czars of Old Russian and like tyrants in the USSR.

Some of those attacks have been forwarded by Non-Muslim students (And faculty/administrators?).
[I cannot but wonder if those mob-members are, each-and-collectively, pathologically jealous of so many Jew's superior academic performance, stable family life and a cultural history of honoring scholars and laws.]

                                         RESPONDING TO ATTACKS-I

1. Hire an attorney.
2. Give formal notice, best on oath/affirmation, by your formal complaints against any individuals, groups, or or organizations (Including colleges/universities) who have injured (In the widest sense) AND what corrective actions, damages, punitive damages and other costs you are demanding at that time AND if corrective action is not taken by a date-certain.
3. Formally demand that any-and-all complaints or accusations against you be in written form AND upon  "oath or affirmation"---And, consider, after taking counsel, refusing to attend any meetings or hearings until that is done.
4. Obtain as much evidence (eg Video Tapes; Written affidavits from witnesses) as possible as to any attacks.
5. As needed file civil actions and criminal complaints (eg "Violations Of Civil Rights"; "Misconduct In  Public Office"; "Perjury"; "False Swearing") as needed to deal with all attackers.
6. Consider filing a formal complaint, with the accrediting organization demanding a formal hearing as to why you school's accreditation should not be vacated or made conditional on such corrective actions as you recommend.

                                   RESPONDING TO ATTACKS-II

      You are NOT required to allow any physical attack on you or your supporters as includes "grabbing" or "hitting" or even being charged [eg By someone within the "Tueller Drill" distance of 21-feet, especially if they are display any object which might be used as a weapon OR shouting threats (eg "Allahu Akbar")].
      In the "hitting" or "grabbing" situations you are required to limit your response to that which is proportional to the threat/danger'
     In the case of being charged (Or, "mobbed"), you may use any level-of-force, including deadly force, if you believe that you are in a clear-and-present-danger of death-or-great-bodily-harm.

                                    DUTIES OF COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES

1. To provide immediate-and effective protection of all on their campuses from those who perform OR threaten any form of physical attack.
2. To protect the "Academic Freedom" and constitutional "Free Speech Rights" of those who wish to present OR hear any views from those who use noise/blocking-movement/other-means to stop or limit such by students, faculty, guest speakers, Etc..
3. To be alert and proactive to such potential attacks by such means of video-taping on-campus activities/events where such violations of law or university rules may occur.
4. To use their own (Or, others) to identify students and school-employees who are in such violations and to, after providing "Due Process", fire those employees and formally expel those guilty of offence such violations.
5. To file criminal charges where warranted in any applicable cases.
6. To, for those employees or students in the USA only because of a previously issued (Academic) visa,  request the US Government to vacate those visas and expel those guilty enemies of freedom from the USA.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Islam NOT ISIS & Suppressing/Punishing Terrorists

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ISIS is NOT "The Problem"!  The same can be written of Boku Haram, Hamas, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and other like organizations as have, boil-like, erupted in our world---And, will do so under other names in the future. The same can be said of "Lone Wolf Islamist Terrorist" (eg The traitor Nidal Hasan of Ft. Hood infamy) OR very small groups of like critters (eg The pair who were the "Inside The Belt-Line" snipers; Those who fired upon a US Army recruiting station murdering one of our Soldiers).
"The Problem" is the core and essential teachings of Islam which include: 1. The command for almost all Muslims to wage "perpetual war" (Jihad) against all "unbelievers" until they become Muslims OR abjectly accept the slave-like state some call dhimmitude; And, 2. The encouragement/permission/commands to those waging Jihad to use murder, genocide, rape, torture, banditry and other horrors to forward Islam or "reward" those creatures.
There is some "research" as demonstrates that not less than 50% of Muslims support the "fullness" of Jihad.  There is some reason to believe that the current Administration favors the immigration of Muslims (ie Who are not likely to comply with the above) over the today's real targets of Jihad---Christians.
Although the USA may not be at war with Islam, Islam is at war with the USA.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Communicating With Jihadists---Updated

The lessons of history and current events demonstrate that the only means of "communicating" with those Muslims waging Jihad is by the application of over whelming and deadly force as at: Tours (732 AD); Las Navas de Tolosa (1212 AD); Granada (1492 AD); Lepanto (1571 AD); Chocim/Khotym (1621 AD); Vienna (1683 AD); The USA's campaigns against the Islamist-Pirates of the Barbary States (1805-1815); Navarino (1827 AD); Israel’s various and defensive wars from 1948 on (Just in case you ask, I am not of the Jewish Faith nor do I have any financial interests in the State of Israel); Multinational mini-campaigns against the Islamist Pirates operating off the Muslim Sudan.
To these I add the most excellent shooting down of the mad dog who assassinated a ceremonial guard on Canada's Parliament Hill and by the armed citizen who liquidated the swine who beheaded a lady in Oklahoma. I can now gladly add the lessons of The Sniper!

FROM: George Santayana. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ummah, Muslims,Jihad & Punishment

Ummah” is the Muslim-Arabic term for the world wide community of all Muslims. It is a general, Islamist, principle that an attack on any one member of that “community” is an attack on all members (ie All Muslims).

Equity demands that an attack, on Non-Muslims, by any (Muslim) member of that “Ummah” must be considered an attack by all Muslims and make them equally guilty AND equally liable to punishment for such crimes.

However, any Muslim is able to remove him/her-self from that guilt and risk-of-punishment by openly and clearly declaring, in her/his local Mosque and in places open to Non-Muslims (To be video-taped for later broadcast) that s/he:
  1. Absolutely condemns all of the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith (The collected sayings of that fellow Mohammed of Mecca & Medina) which command Muslims to wage “perpetual war” (Jihad) against “unbelievers” and those which allow/encourage/command the use of murder, rape, genocide, torture and other horrid crimes against others and against civilization to advance Jihad OR the individual/collective goals of Muslims;
  2. Will always determine the end recipients of any charity s/he gives AND will not give to any domestic (eg CAIR) or foreign organizations which directly/indirectly support the above crimes.

Those Muslims who do/will not make that withdrawal from those horrid teachings and the resultant horrors of Jihad are to be the subjects of official/unofficial punishment for the crimes of other members of “Ummah”.

Unofficial punishment is morally allowed as the civil authorities of the many nations have been unable or unwilling to crush those waging Jihad with the active/passive support of Muslims enrolled in the “Ummah”.