Saturday, March 24, 2018

Facts Vs. Frenzy On Guns

Those students (And their co-actors) marching and "protesting guns" today, should be tested to determine if they have been properly educated-to and understand the following facts:
1. The use (ie Very often the "mere" display) of firearms, by law-abiding and legally presumed sane, citizens in self-defense of innocent others saves many, many, more of our fellow Americans (ie INCLUDING SCHOOL AGE YOUTHS/CHILDREN) from murder, rape, wounding and other horrors than that caused by the mis-use of guns;
2. All types of rifles are used less often as murder weapons than either knives or "blunt objects";
3. Most gun-inflicted murders are by misuse of handguns as are legally not available to persons under 21-years of age;
4. The vast majority of mass or notorious shootings in the USA are by White males who are members-of or supporters-or or somehow "connected" with the Democratic Party (Which is taking the lead towards the destruction of the individual rights of citizens, including those between 18 and 21 years-of-age) to "keep and bear arms" AND without, as far as I know, any "contributions" to such crimes by members of the NRA;
5. The vast majority of mass shootings have been in "NO GUNS OR OTHER WEAPONS" zones;
6. If the USA's Blacks were "removed from the numbers" the USA would have a much lower rate of violent crime much like that had by very developed Belgium before its recent endemic of (Please forgive the redundancy) Islamist-violence; And,
7. The most violent nations in the world are those Muslim-majority lands where, having murdered or exiled their Christians and Jews, daily records of violence are being set by Muslims murdering other Muslims.

USA NOT The Most Violent Nation But > > >

Among the other lies and more dangerous half-truths/lies vomited out by the opponents of our law abiding (And legally presumed sane) fellow citizens' individual right to "keep and bear arms" (ie Without "infringement"), is the lie that the USA is the most dangerous (By reason of shootings) nation in the world.

From the data available the fact is that the really most violent nations are those Muslim majority nations, having exterminated or driven out their Christians and Jews, now set daily records of violence (Often by use of firearms) of Muslims murdering other Muslims.

That fact is carefully avoided by the "main street media", those under-educated children "protesting gun violence" and the above-cited Fascists.

However, I must note that the violent (Shooting) crime in the USA is aggravated by select groups as:
1. Those White males who both inflict the vast majority of mass or notorious shooting AND who are also members or supporters or somehow "connected" with the Democratic (sic) Party without, as far as I know, any "contributions" to the list of those murdered in such events by members of the NRA;
2. Those Black thugs, using hand guns, who inflict a disproportional part of such gun-related violence (eg Chicago); And,
3. Imported or domestic Muslims who have copied their overseas cousins by bringing violent, by misuse of guns, Jihad to such places as Orlando (Florida), San Bernardino (California) and Fort Hood.

Those who demand the effective disarming of law-abiding citizens (ie Including those from 18 to 21 years-of-age) should have no problem with the much more fact-based disarming all Democrats, Blacks (eg Those not graduating from high school) and all Muslims.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bombs & Bullets

I am, almost, afraid to write this note.

But if, and only if, our domestic Fascists would defeat the letter and intent of the Second Amendment to our Republic's Constitution and effectively take away modern firearms from the People [Including both law-abiding citizens and street thugs, those waging Jihad (Yes, as has been executed in the USA) and other criminals], there are still "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" (WMD) as make faux assault rifles (eg The AR-15) and even small bombs (As very recently used in Texas or even the larger devices in the apartment of the Aurora theater mass shooter) seem only minor inconveniences.

I know of two WMD (Which I will not describe here!) which: Can be made from legally and readily purchased materials; Can be easily fabricated by those with no more or less education and training than that had by "The Texas Bomber"; And, are capable of totally destroying a large building (eg A high school) or an entire suburban neighborhood or a large group of students leaving their school at the end of of classes

Large numbers of such (And under-educated) students have been conducting "marches", such truancy as aggravates their ignorance and other poofs-of-passion as are to counter "gun violence" (sic). Their ignorance (As aggravated by such teachers as support "The Left" as represented by the Democrat's Jihad against The Bill Of Rights) includes the facts the the use (ie Most often the "mere" display) of firearms saves many times more Americans from murder, rape, maiming and other injuries than that inflicted by the illegal use of guns. 

In today's world "good guys"  (As include females and armed citizens who are not law enforcement officers) with guns may be those who stop someone attempting to place such a WMD as cited-above.

I suggest that is is better to face the threat offered by a very few mass killers armed with firearms than to try to extract survivors or bodies from the effects of multiple WMD.

Safe Guns In Schools

Many of the uneducated or biased opponents of allowing or requiring teachers to be armed in schools do not want teachers CARRYING guns.

To a very limited extent they are correct!

The best method of arming teachers, to provide an effective and immediate defense against armed terrorist who force or sneak into schools, is to have the firearms in such safes:
1. Which are bolted in the teachers' desk drawers;
2. Will instantly open to the hand-print of only an authorized person; And,
3. Which will alert both schools' administrators and a police dispatcher if opened or if efforts are made to remove such safes.

It would be best if such defensive procedures were " backed up" by like safes in administrators' offices containing long arms (eg AR-15s).

It should be that every second delay in an armed response to school shooters equals one dead student or teacher during those delays caused by:
1. The time required for in-school police officers to go to the site of massacres-in-progress;
2. The much longer time for outside officers to arrive; And,
3. As has been the case at the Columbine High and Marjory Stoneman Douglas high schools, cowardly police officers "charging to the sound of gunfire" or confronting potential criminals.

This requires teachers to be much more concerned about the lives of "their" children than their personal or political views about guns and are willing to invest a few hours for training (Probably less than 40 for initial training and an hour each month for practice)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Racial Discrimination In Schools As Fitting & Proper

Some  (eg California's Member of Congress Barbara Lee) and others are still vomiting out the lie that there is improper, race-based, discrimination against Blacks in our schools---Chiefly on the evidence that they are subject to more disciplinary actions than Whites (ie And almost infinitely more that students of Chinese decent).

The fact is that Blacks commit many more crimes and other offenses (ie Including traffic violations and against school rules), more serious violations and them more often that Whites. 

Therefore, a school which shows more disciplinary actions against Blacks than Whites is, with a high "level of confidence", demonstrating "equal justice under law" by enforcing the school's rules on a valid-and-fair, case-by-case, basis.

A school which does not show such a difference, by logical extension, must fall into one of the following classes:
1. A clear demonstration of "unequal, racist, injustice"; OR,
2. Is a school with a Black majority approaching 100%  which does not allow of such differences; OR,
3. Has very few or no Black students (eg In many rural areas) as such "disparity"is impossible.

Those persons who hold to some other position are Fascist enemies of truth.

Monday, March 12, 2018

NRA Not Primary Opponent Of Raising Gun Purchase Age

I must declare that the National Rifle Association is NOT the primary opponent of raising the age to purchase "long arms" to 21 years-of-age.

The primary opposition is from Amendments II, IX, X and XIV to our Republic's Constitution!

In other words, enacted or proposed laws that forbid a law-abiding (And legally presumed sane) citizen who is 18-to-21 years of age from buying any weapons allowed those over 21 years-of-age is a clear and present "Violation Of Civil Rights Under Color Of Law". Such laws are "actionable" as a most unconstitutional attack on citizens' rights.

SCOTUS has declared that: The Second Amendment provides each citizen with an individual right to "keep and bear arms" and does not exclude those between the ages noted above; And, has extended that ruling to the "Several States" under the authority of the 14th Amendment. (All citizens are subject to removal of that right only by courts-of-law, exercising full due-process-of-law, as find individual citizens too criminal or too, dangerously, mentally ill to exercise that right---WITHOUT REGARD TO AGE.

Some Americans supporting the widest exercise of those rights have included: Presidents Washington, Monroe, Madison  and (Please see note below) Jefferson; Benjamin Franklin; Patrick Henry; Samuel Adams; George Mason; And, Richard Henry Lee. (If, and only if, the reader is unaware of any of those Patriot Founders, s/he should immediately pause and "Google" them.)

NOTE ON PRESIDENT JEFFERSON: Any person who "slangs" President Jefferson must: First be required to provide proofs that s/he has made greater contributions to the USA than did he; And, be subject to a forensic  examination of their entire life as to any, if any, sexual misconduct or crimes and any such faults widely published.

Reducing Costs Of Prisons

Much of the costs of prisons are due to maintaining, in maximum security, those many violent offenders (ie As include those who murder by the illegal drugs they sell and the very dangerous  “car-jackers”) who would represent “a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm to others” if not so confined.

However, the solution to those dangerous animals is best dealt with before even arrest and court process.

That is by some good, law-abiding, legally-sane and well-armed citizens, when endangered by those thugs, following one of these protocols:
1.     From the FBI, two to the chest and one to the head; Or,
2.     From the SAS or the SEALs, a double-tap to the head; Or,
3.     From the “Old Sarge”, four inches with the point, twist and very quickly repeat at least thee times.

Of course, that would require heart-felt support from investigating police, district-attorneys, judges and our legislators who are in direct contact with reality.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights Of 18-To-21 Years Old Citizens



Taking away that right by legislative or judicial action is "A Violation Of Civil Rights Under Color Of Law".

Monday, March 05, 2018

Teaching Children How To Die

Most of the present "models" (ie Drills) for schools' reactions to armed intruders are, in fact, forms of teaching children how to die.

In today's large school buildings even an on-site police officer may be far (In time) from a terrorist-monster as "each second = one death". That assumes that such officer(s) will "charge to the sound of gunfire"---As was NOT the case at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School or Columbine High School.

The only rational "model" is to have a trained (ie Requiring no more than 40-hours) hero in every classroom (ie Those teachers who are more interested in the immediate-and-effective defense of "their" children than in their personal or political opposition to firearms).

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Guns, Violent People, Mental Health, Democrats, Muslims

In the USA the vast majority of those inflicting mass shootings appears to have have been members or supporters or “connected-with” the Democratic Party which may include some of those Muslims waging Jihad within our borders. As far as I know, there was no contributions made to such mass killings by members of the National Rifle Association.

I have not seen any reports as to Party connections, if any, regarding the Las Vegas massacre or the like horrors at a Sutherland (Texas) church (Where an citizen, armed with an AR-15, chased down and killed that terrorist as police did not do) or at Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School.

I must wonder if “law enforcement” and “journalists” are avoiding determining and reporting on any, if any, such direct or indirect connections with the Democratic Party.

Outside the USA the (Under-reported) majority of mass killings (By guns, but also by bombs and fire) are committed by orthodox Muslims who are strictly obeying the horrid commands of their ideology (Some of which are also attached).

Of course, a cynic might maintain (With a factual basis) that membership-in or connection-with the Democratic Party OR being an orthodox Muslim is a dangerous mental disorder

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Who Misuses Guns To Murder

The recent massacre at a Florida high school has produced many lies about guns and killers. Below are some facts about such critters who use firearms to murder others.

The vast majority of those who misuse firearms in mass or notorious killings are White males who are Democrats with, as far as I know, no contributions by the members of the National Rifle Association. (Proof of that statement will be provided upon written request to )

The vast majority of other murders-by-gun are by members/supporters/client-beneficiaries of the Democratic (sic) Party. It should also be noted that if the USA's Blacks were "removed from the numbers", our nation would have a very much lower violent crime rate and that about that had by very Western and developed Belgium---Before the recent endemic of (Pray forgive the redundancy) Islamist-terrorism.