Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Speech To The NAACP

It seems unlikely that I, unlike Sen. McCain, will be invited to speak before the NAACP! Were I to so appear, I would begin my speech as below and as Mr. McCain failed to do.

"It is obvious that I am NOT an Afro-American. I am also NOT a Latino-American OR a Irish-American OR an Asian-American OR (In spite of my name and ancestry) a Polish-American. I am by birth-and-choice an American with a strong commitment to our customs, laws, lessons of history, common language and in all other national and common strengths.

I am proud of this nation with a special pride in its progress towards correcting its faults by the combined and democratic acts of its many peoples. O yes! The faults have existed and some continue to exist---And are subject to ongoing correction.

Of those faults, the early, national and international acceptance of slavery may have been the greatest. Yet, many thousands of Americans, mostly White, gave up blood, limbs and lives to begin the destruction of that system and injustice. Yet, my ancestors were not part of that problem in 1789 nor of that bloodiest war ever fought by the USA as they were, themselves, downtrodden serfs in the conquered and divided nation of Poland until they fled to this freer land about 1905. Because of that fact and my birth in 1938AD AND my very strong opposition to collective guilt; I cannot accept any blame for slavery nor credit for overthrowing it because of the actions or in-actions of my fore-bearers.

The remaining problems of the USA are best solved by individual actions. For myself, I treat every adult I meet as a Lady or Gentleman, with all of the courtesies and respect implied by those terms, unless they prove they are not worthy of such. In that case, I demote them to mere human-beings; Further misconduct leads me to consider them as critters.

Just beyond this principle and example, I suggest that the atomic or extended family is the very best means to begin academic, good manners and other forms of civilized instruction AND to maintain such throughout all children's real education and development. After all, many of us come from cultures where "She or he is educated" means that child or adult practices good manners and shows respect to those persons and those things which are worthy of that courtesy.

To solve this nation's problems we would best NOT go beyond these essential bases or, at worst, beyond the neighborhood or "village" with its churches, locally controlled public or charter schools and other pillars of society are only next-best; But, generally, potentially, superior to marginally responsive, money wasting, bureaucrat burdened big-city, county, state and national governments.


This is the style of speech Senator McCain should have given to the NAACP and should give to all groups who continue to divide the USA by insisting on being "hyphenated-Americans".

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