Monday, November 30, 2009

The Swiss, Minarets, Muslims & Civilization

The Swiss have democratically (Who is more democratic than them?) banned minarets in their land. Various Muslims and their slave-like hangers-on have condemned this act as a "lack of diversity" or religious prejudice.

I would be more impressed by the later criticism if the basic laws of Islam, as enforced by the authorities or mobs in Muslim dominated nations, forbids the building or repair of churches (Without almost impossible to obtain permissions) and other like restrictions on Christians.

Those persons should be asked: "Where are the Churches in Saudi Arabia?".

The Muslims in Europe and other non-Islamic nations should recall the sane and nation protecting actions of the Spanish in 1492AD---They expelled all Muslims from Iberia.
We might consider the same action to preserve the heartlands of true civilization---Europe and the New World's (Including Australia & New Zealand) democracies.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Dropping A-Bombs On Japan

Well, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) approaches and it is again time to bring reality and true history to the fore as to the reasons we dropped the A-bombs on Japan. Most editors, publishers, commentators, clergy, teachers and pathological pacifists among and without them have put history and truth out of their minds.

A hundred years from now any history of World War-II would still be faced with the fact that the Japanese People (Woman, Man and child) supported the "Imperial System" and were all (Man, woman and child) prepared to kill as many allied troops as they could, even after the A-Bombs were dropped and until the Imperial Decree ordering surrender came down to them.

This ended a military regime noted for genocide (Think Nan King), rape (Think "comfort women"), violations of the laws-of-war (Think of the "Bataan Death March") and other crimes against humanity.

The weapons to be used were thousands of kamikaze aircraft and like high-speed motor boats. a still very large body of soldiers in Japan and the training of men, women and children to use such in-close weapons as bamboo spears.

An invasion would have resulted in hundreds of thousands of allied casualties AND the probable extermination of the Japanese People. (For myself, I would rather that every city and town in Japan had been destroyed than to have a single allied soldier die with a bamboo spear in his guts.)

note bene: For those interested in facts, I suggest that the honest person look into the
statements of the survivors of the Nan King massacre, those abused women noted above and, most specially, those who lived through the Bataan Death March and all Japanese prison camps. For a printed resource, any honest person should read and consider the following book.
Allen, Thomas B. & Polmar, Norman
Code Name Downfall: The Secret Plan To Invade Japan and Why Truman Dropped The Bomb;
Simon & Schuster; New York

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mahattan Declaration

Among the signers of the Manhattan Declaration Archbishop Caput and Archbishop Dolan are the ones best known to and most respected by me. I am, therefore, asked them to review my comments as to the noted and excellent document. However, I do note the absence of some essential facts and some avoidance of "politically incorrect" concepts, as included in the comments below.

A. In the declaration's preamble the authors skipped over one of the most critical events in US history as to slavery, which was the War Between The States (Misnamed "Civil War"). Most Southerners were NOT slave-holders OR fighting to preserve slavery; But, rather to preserve States Rights and the idea of "These United States" VS. today's "The United States". Many soldiers and politicians in the North did support the conflict "to preserve the union"; But, the gut-level passion was to eliminate slavery---Even if most (Including A. Lincoln) would never accept the possible equality of Blacks.
B. That conflict was, of course, the bloodiest ever fought by our nation. Without the use of such horrible force, slavery would have continued.
The earlier British campaign noted in the declaration, was enforced by the use-of-force, largely by the Royal Navy and did involve killing by military force and hanging of slavers---And was not limited to the UK, more generally off the coast of Africa. The preamble contained a falsehood or, worse yet, a half-truth about that campaign against slavery!)
C. This declaration should have mentioned (Perhaps in a foot note) that much of the general slavery and sexual slavery-and-trafficking is going on in East Africa AND is supported by the teachings of Islam as never abrogated.
D. The noted document notes a "...true God, the triune God of holiness and love,...".I put to you that the work "justice" should have been put into that descriptive sequence to balance the drift of the Churches away from the concept of "justice". Just as authority-and-duty should be in balance, justice and love-mercy-holiness should be in a proper equilibrium.
E. The term "...and act in defense..." was used. How "act"? Of course, such statements as this declaration is an "act in defense"; But, there are so very many ("Secularists" and most Muslims" for whom words contrary to their ideas, words and works are not effective and may (Especially for Muslims) be construed as an attack requiring a physical and violent response! (Please see Reference #4 below.)
I note that the wordy "defense of the unborn" has had little effect on the number of abortions (Especially the horror of late-term abortions) in the USA and beyond. I suggest that the "defense" of the unborn by the execution of George (The baby killer) Tiller may have done more to discourage the most horrid of abortions than all the words published by Bishops and others.
F. Some (eg The Sikhs; Please see note #7 below) are pacifists; But, hold it a sacred duty to protect the innocent with such force as is required and, where the law allows, wear swords or knives to remind them of that duty. We should do the same AND declare that not allowing the People ready access to the means to enforce their Natural Law right to defend themselves and the duty to defend others when the State refuses to do so.
G. Although I agree that all humans are, at conception, given equal dignity and worth. However, justice demands that we acknowledge that some (eg Genocidal tyrants and their underlings, abortionists and those who aid them, those who preach hate and take hateful acts) voluntary (By an exercise of "free will") give up the God-given dignity-and-worth of their creation and subject themselves to removal from any just society.
H. The quote "Did God send Christ, as some suppose, as a tyrant brandishing fear and terror? Not so, but in gentleness and meekness..., for compulsion is no attribute of God" represents an inadequete presentation of this concept without: Remembering the acts of the Christ in whipping the money-changers from the Temple and his words about child abusers; Declaring that the basic teachings of Islam allow or encourage, and sometimes command, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelievers" and the other horrors taught by the false prophet Mohammed; AND, the teachings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux (A "Doctor of the Church"), in his De Laude Novae Militae, as to the proper and Christian use of deadly force (ie Striking blows for Christ) and the need to do so against Muslims.
I. One way to stand up to secularism is to legally fight each-and-every "Thomas Jefferson Case", which attempt to cancel out the "free speech" and "free exercise of religion" in all public places (On the basis of a private letter and in opposition to the intent of the Founders) on the basis of the Federal court case noted in #8 below.
J. In the "Religious Liberty" section, the authors last (A very important placement!) statement was: "But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God's". Unfortunately, there are too many in the Churches who continue to attempt to take from Caesar (The People) what is due to him (Them)---To include the right to use capitol punishment AND to legislate who may enter a nation, live there and work there.
If the Churches wish for Jesus' level of "separation of church and state", they must be willing to actively support civil duty as well as mercy, rights and justice. They must also be willing to, in select cases where civil authorities do not protect the innocent, go beyond the law


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reforming Our Military Justice Non-System

On 9 November 2009 a very qualified (ex-JAG attorney) TV commentator described the pathological complexities of today's "military justice" non-system as to its far-too-many levels of investigation and review, both before and after any trials. This is far too valid a complaint about a military which should act in decisive and effective manner against the enemies of the American People, law and justice without and within the Armed Forces.

This is also an example of the cancer of "making jobs for lawyers" which has been rotting out the ethics, morals and economy of the USA---Especially since too many judges have begun "making law from the bench".

As I am reluctant to make a complaint without offering suggestions to correct errors, I offer the following recommendations as the the military law in the USA and its execution.
1.Require that only one person (With such staff as is required) be assigned to investigate any serious (Allowing death or a prison term of more than one-year as punishment) offense be assigned the responsibility to complete an investigation and given the sole authority as to any decision to charge or dismiss charges within 30-days of the accused be arrested or, if a fugitive, absconding from military authority.
2. Upon a decision to charge, an attorney to be appointed and all evidence presented to be delivered to him (Except as such as might endanger the national security; the Courts Martial judges to solely determine the disposition of such evidence.)
3. At that time a date for a court martial must be set for within 30-days, extend-able
45-days except in time-of-war or like state.
4. No "preliminary hearings" to be had as such, even in civilian courts are either waived or serve as "discovery sessions", the latter not needed as all relevant evidence would have been turned over to to the defense attorney.
5. The judges of courts-martial to have sole authority to determine the facts and, if the defendant is found guilty, the punishment to be imposed, reviewable only on matters of law by the "Military Court Of Appeals" and on questions of "mercy" by the Commander-in-Chief (The President of the USA).
6. In time-of-war or like conditions, any sentence of death is to be forwarded directly (Without review by the Military Court of Appeals) to the C-in-C for asap confirmation, and execution within 30-days, or commutation.
7. Execution of the death penalty should be by firing squad in a military-public setting and no longer by lethal injections, a more chancy method and, when possible, should be done within the unit in which the crime occured.
8. For military law only, the definition of "waging war against the USA" should be modified to include "any deadly attack, by a member of the armed forces, on other like members or vehicles or buildings, on the basis of ideology or non-personal animosity; The penalty for this offense "Shall be death", without the usual alternative of "lesser punishment as the court may elect".
9. The same should apply to "Mutiny" and "Treason".
10. The crime of "terrorism" should be included in military law in such a manner as described in the blog cited below AND specially excluding the non-existent protections of the Geneva Conventions and allow for as quick dispositions as in # 6 & # 7 above.
11. The review of investigations or of the results of courts-martial by superior officers should cease as a means of establishing and protecting the independence of military judicial and semi-judicial officers.
12. No appeal of decisions from the military-court-of-appeals shall be made except to the Supreme Court of the USA and, as to sentences only, to the President

It is probable that such a change will encourage the balance of our Armed Forces to act with dispatch in making decisions, a feature which should be a prime characteristic of any military organization as in #5 above.

There have been times and are historical presidents for a more effective, timely and efficient use of courts-martial and military-commissions:
A. President Lincoln's administration discovered a number Lakotas who were, in time of war,, waging war against the USA or conspiring to do so. They were tried by Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
B. Those who conspired to murder Mr. Lincoln were tried by a Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
C. During World War-II some German saboteurs were landed, by submarine, in the USA dressed in civilian clothes. They were tried by either courts-martial or Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
D. During that same war some Germans were found under-arms and in civilian clothing attacking the uniformed troops of the USA. They were tried by courts-martial, found guilty and executed.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Trying Terrorists In USA The Worst Decision

A decision has been made by the Obama Mis-Administration to try terrorists in the Civilian Courts of the USA. This is a most irrational decision and contrary to the well established precedents of Law in this nation.
1. President Lincoln's administration discovered a number Lakotas who were, in time of war,, waging war against the USA or conspiring to do so. They were tried by Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
2. Those who conspired to murder Mr. Lincoln were tried by a Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
3. During World War-II some German saboteurs were landed, by submarine, in the USA dressed in civilian clothes. They were tried by either courts-martial or Military Commission, found guilty and executed.
4. During that same war some Germans were found under-arms and in civilian clothing attacking the uniformed troops of the USA. They were tried by courts-martial, found guilty and executed.

All of the above cases were completed in a timely manner, after real trials and according to the laws-of-war. They were also acted upon without generating the present day's corrupting and time-wasting make-work for attorneys, most of whom would faint at the thought of being front-line combat soldiers.

The Obama's administration (Most specially the Attorney General) continue its campaign against the real law as to terrorism and treason cases as it (He) has against the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution as to free speech, freedom of the press, the "free exercise of religion" and the "right to keep and bear arms". AND for the People to reasonably expect effective and timely protection against and punishment of terrorists and traitors.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Sudden Jihad Syndrome" & DMS

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS) is the most commonly used such handbook in the USA and in other parts of the world. It is generally, although not universally, considered the authoritative reference work for psychiatrists and other mental health workers.

A new version of this basic book is set for publication in 2012.

It is timely to suggest a new classification for that upcoming work: That of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome". Certainly we have observed many manifestations of this disorder from the doctors in Scotland who attempted to blow up an airport building, through the sudden attack of a Muslim on two soldiers at a recruiting station (Killing one and wounding another) and, of course, the Muslim Psychiatrist's rampage at Fort Hood.

Any definition of that disorder would do well in include the following:
1. It would usually apply to only one person; But, might apply to two-or-three persons if "psychologically linked";
2. It would involve deadly or potentially deadly attacks on non-Muslims beyond any reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury expected from the attacked persons;
3. The attacks would be prepared over only a few days and (Usually) without any direct assistance from other persons in planning behaviors, obtaining weapons, etc..
4. The attacks might be preceded by an extended and aggressive public and private support for the harsher teachings of Islam; And,
5. Such other characteristics are are common to such attacks.

This is NOT to state that any such diagnostic evaluation should provide a "mental health defense" as to any charges brought against any such persons with "SJS"!

My Three Rules Of Human Interaction

For myself I find that the following rules for interaction with other people is fitting-and-proper.
1. I deal with adults I encounter by treating them as Ladies or Gentlemen (Note the capitol letters) with such mutual courtesies as they are presumed to deserve.
2. If the behavior of such is not up to the level of Ladies or Gentlemen, I demote them to "mere" men and women.
3. If behavior continues to degenerate or begins with violent-or-threatening attacks on me or mine ("Mine" including family, friends, fellow citizens, my nation, my Faith or my civilization), they are demoted to "critters" and "targets".

Small children are to be treated with courteous-and-loving firmness; Teens (Physically smaller than full adults) according to the behaviors they exhibit.

I have, over the last few years, that adult Blacks and Whites are dealing with each other, more-and-more, in accordance with Rule # 1 above---To the great improvement of our society and my personal satisfaction.

I have recently concluded that adult Muslims who will not deny the horrid and violent teachings of the false prophet Mohammed begin at Level-2.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Tenth Amendment VS. Big Government

As an avocational historian I have been predicting that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution will be the most debated, contested and litigated legal subject of the next ten years.

Considering a Congress-critter's recent statement that he did not care about "States' Rights" and Judge Napolitano (Fox News) statement that much (Most?) of what the Congress "produces" is NOT provided for in the Constitution and, by some, considered unconstitutional as such matters should revert to the States or the People.

As a theoretical matter, are there those who will pick up this matter and fight it through the courts---After finding the "right case"? As a practical matter, what likelihood is there that such a "right case" would allow the Tenth Amendment to be brought-up-to-speed as a control on big government?

Such a victory would again make this "These United States" as opposed to the over-controlling "The United States".

Thursday, November 05, 2009

No Adult Male Muslim Can Be Trusted!

Make the connections! Every week brings some report of some Muslim male (Or groups of such) attacking US citizens within our nation's borders. This ties in with like attacks in the UK where two physicians tried to blow up an air port AND: To the Chicago, Muslim, physician who allowed a Jewish patient to die without medical care on the apparent basis of Mohammed's teachings about killing Jews;. To the Muslim soldier in a combat zone who "fragged" his comrades-in-arms; To the July 4th decision of a Muslim male to shoot up the El Al counter area at a LA airport (Whose sign "Read The Koran", on his apartment's door, appeared to "confuse" authorities); To the highly educated Muslim who tried to run over a group of college students with his "4X4"; To the recent, Islamic, attack on two soldiers at a recruiting station; AND, to the November 5, 2009 massacre of US troops at Ft. Hood, Texas by a Muslim Physician (A Psychiatrist!).

As loyal Muslims maintain that the Koran and Islamic Law (Sharia) override all other laws, government, oaths and loyalties AND that Muslims must either go on military Jihad OR actively support those who are, it is very clear that there is no way to predict any Muslim male's loyalty and obedience to our laws, military oaths, duties as physicians and in every other way as effects our national security, safety of our citizens and the common good.

For myself, I consider most of the above described attacks as acts-of-treason as are within the definition provided in our Constitution and which should be punished as such. For myself, I will NOT allow a Muslim physician to treat me or mine and will be suspicious of any clinic or group practice or health care facility which has Muslims on-staff.

The establishment of Jihad training camps, within the USA, has been ignored by the "general media" who have, in large part, sunk into a state of dhimitude like slavery and will not make the connections outlined above.

At the least, all military units, police authorities and medical organizations should terminate the employment of all Muslims who will not very openly condemn those teachings of Islam as encourage or allow, and some-times command, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelievers", the duty to perform military Jihad or actively support it and the other anti-civilization teachings of Mohammed. This condemnation must be confirmed by such persons publicly tearing out those pages of a Koran which contain such evil teachings.

In 1492AD Spain made a very rational decision as to the presence of Muslims within Iberia who represented a clear-and-present danger to the State and its People: They expelled all of them. Hmmmmm!?!

+ MECCA DELENDA EST------------------DEUS VULT +