Saturday, August 30, 2008

Which Party? Quiz With Answers!

Which US political party was the chief supporter of slavery and, after-wards, of "Jim Crow" laws and segregation? Which party led us into World War-I, after promises to not do so, and did so with an antique army, no air corps and a rusty navy? Which party led us into World War-II by arrogant diplomacy and economic aggression while our army had to practice with wooden guns and trucks-as-tanks? Which party led us into the worst war scenario (Viet Nam) we have ever entered and then micro-managed it into our defeat? Which party so diminished the reputation of the USA that the third rate theocracy of Iran could take over our embassy and hold many Americans hostage until a different party's candidate was elected president? Which party attempts to remove religion from its historical and constitutionally protected place in the public sector? Which party continues to support the Anti-Black, racist, program of abortion? Which party wishes to limit free speech by imposition of a speech rationing "fairness doctrine"? Which party continues to resist efforts to protect the purity of the vote by not allowing such measures as would block the dead, non-citizens and double-voters from the polls? Which party does not trust the adult, sane and law abiding citizens of the USA to keep and bear arms? Which party controls the Congress with its programs of pork-barrel spending, "ear marks", lower-than-the-President public confidence AND no programs to solve the energy and illegal immigration problems? Which party has failed to name a women to the highest elected and non-elected posts in the land?


Which party motivated the American People to insure that the Union was held together in the 1860s and began the liberation of Blacks in this nation? Which party supports true equal rights (Not special privileges!) for all US citizens (And, to the extent permitted by our democratically passed laws) legal immigrants? Which party (Generally) supports individual rights to the "free practice of religion", free speech, free press, full voting rights for all qualified voters and (As recently confirmed by the US Supreme Court) the right to keep arms? Which party's President-Elect frighted the mad-mullahs of Iran into releasing the US embassy hostages? Which party's president effectively ended the (First?) Cold War? Which party's presidents first defeated the international aggression of the genocidal president of Iraq, then (Upon his treaty violations) removed him from office and maintained the successful efforts to defeat international terrorism in that nation. Which party has had, as its highest non-elected official (The Secretary of State), a Black woman? Which party will nominate the first woman in history to the post of Vice-President(Other than the pre-doomed nomination of Geraldine Ferraro) of the USA (With a pretty good chance of becoming the first female President of the USA)?


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