Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lessons From History-Obama & Hitler

Some little time ago I watched Sen. Obama speaking, between band sets, to worshiping German crowds. Strangely enough, I had just viewed a DVD as to Hitler doing the same.

Earlier on that same DVD were shots of Hitler's Brown-Shirts going about and intimidating their fellow citizens and some shots of such thugs using force and the threat-of-force against opponents of the Nazi Party. It now appears that Obama's "Truth Squads", including police, are working up to the same level of arrogant intimidation in such places as Eastern Missouri, Chicago and else-wheres. The only yet missing pieces are uniforms, straight armed salutes (Obama's youth workers have their own, folded arm, signsalute) and direct physical assaults.

Perhaps the "Fruit Of Islam" (The uniformed enforcers for the Nation Of Islam), whose uniforms do remind many of the SA, will fill in the picture in days-to-come. Certainly the leader of the Nation Of Islam, who has declared Sen. Obama the Messiah, is as anti-Jew as Hitler and his worshipful mob of followers.

Can we expect that an Obama Reich will yield gross limits on freedom of speech (Perhaps through some perverted "Fairness Doctrine"), giving Islam a upper seat in our nation (Think of the California pupils recently required to practice Muslim rituals in their classrooms), confiscation of firearms from all but the police, and military (Under Obama's control and who would not enforce such laws against Party Members) and other measures destructive of democracy.

I still am amazed that any Jew would vote for any member of Obama's Party now---When they still have a choice. Are such Jewish Obama supporters ready to again wear yellow stars? Perhaps they hope to be "helpers" (Who aided in Pogroms and in the Death Camps) under the new rule.

Are all ready to repeat history for want of learning from and acting upon its lessons?

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