Thursday, February 27, 2020

Milwaukee, Blacks, Guns & Murders

After attending to the "media" reports on illegal shootings in Milwaukee it, most certainly, appears that the vast-and-disproportional (To their part of the general population) number of the shooters AND their victims are Black.

As Milwaukee is a very, racially and by residence, segregated city, the address of the shooter in the Miller-Coors massacre may well be a Black. (I must wonder if "The Media" will report such if, and only if, that is the fact!)

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Not "Progressives" But "Regressoves"

Those Americans (sic) who are termed "Progressives" are, in fact, "Regressives".

They wish to regress the USA back to the tyrannical rule of Britain before our 
first American Revolution, the establishment of The Bill Of Rights and the "Emancipation Amendments" when there was:
1. No free speech as allowed even what some now call "hate speech" OR to criticize officials
2. No "freedom of the press" as allowed publishers to criticize, even abuse, governments and its officials and officers
3. No "free exercise of religion" (ie As intended by the Founders to prevent the establishment of an official 
national church and allow every American to cleave to some Church or to none; And,
4. No right to "due process of law" before inflicting financial or other penalties on those accused of crimes or other offenses
; And,
5. No right to "keep and bear arms" as allows law-abiding and legally presumed sane Americans to 
immediately and effectively stop the harm intended by ordinary criminals, terrorists and, for that matter, power hungry politicians.

There also appears that some wish the USA (And what is left of civilization) to regress 1400-years to the medieval society which produced Mohammed (Of Mecca and Medina) who was a murder, bandit, genocidal liar and the 
perverted sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child---A model followed by his most loyal followers.
Perhaps, those "regressives" should remember that the vast majority of police/military grade firearms (20-million-plus), privately held in the USA, are in the hands of "The Right" along with about 20-Trillion rounds.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Stopping Domestic Violence

This note is limited to that "domestic violence" which presents "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm".

Such threats are NOT stopped by counseling or restraining orders or even short-term jail terms!

The only sure methods of stopping such endangerments are by one of the following methods:
1. "Two to the chest and one to the head"; Or,
2. A "double tap" to the head; Or,
3. "Four inches with the point, twist and rapidly repeat two-plus times; Or,
4. Like and immediate use of other forms of lethal force.

Anyone who denies the above is protecting evil ones by denying the Natural Law and statutory right to full, immediate and effective self-defense.

Upon detecting a potential danger of such grossly serious threats of domestic violence, law-enforcement officers, social service workers, pastors and other such persons should (Must?) inform the threatened person(s) of:
A. The law-of and their right-to use deadly force to immediately-and-effectively stop any attacks which represent a threat of death or great bodily harm to themselves or other innocent persons;
B. How to obtain a licence to carry concealed weapons;
C. Where to obtain such weapons and the training needed to effectively use them.

To base such decisions AND public policy on facts we should know what part of the actors and victims of such, very serious, attacks are (And such compared with their part of the general population) Asians, Blacks, First Peoples (aka "Native Americans"), Latinos and Whites. To avoid that data is to cripple proper actions!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sen Sanders & "Socialism"

Senator B. Sanders has (Sort of) denied that he is a Communist, but still
cleaves to his position as as Socialist. 

I was reminded that: Joseph Stalin considered himself a Socialist; And, the early supporters of Adolf Hitler were Socialists.

We should also remember that those two Socialists: Suppressed civil
rights by use of force (Against disarmed peoples); And, murdered
millions of  humans.

With today's news about the Nevada branch of the "Culinary Workers Of America"  all union members should remember that those Socialists destroyed democratic unions in the USSR and Nazi Germany.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Victims AND "Stop & Frisk"

Both President Trump's organization and Oligarch Bloomberg are wrong as to "Stop & Frisk" and about racism-and-crime.

In recent times some prostitutes (aka Politicians) have raged against the "Stop And Frisk" policies which were in-force in New York City and other jurisdictions. At least one of such critter previously supported that policy, but has since "submitted" to racist-minority "activists" and now condemn "stop and frisk". Those enemies of their own peoples claim that a disproportional number of such stops are of Black or Brown Americans.

That difference is based on:
1. The judgement of experienced police officers (As supported by The Courts) as to who might be involved in criminal activities; And,
2. The fact that, at least, Blacks  commit more crimes, more serious crimes and them more often than Whites (And almost infinitely more that those whose came-from or whose ancestors came-from China and most other Asian lands).

What is even more important is that the primary victims of Black thugs are other Blacks! New York's, now suppressed, "Stop And Frisk" policies protected such victims-of-color. The noted suppression has put them at greater risk AND appears to be a part of a general policy of the "Democrats" to protect criminals at the great cost (In pain and suffering) to innocent Black AND other Americans.

Even if "only" one-in-ten such police actions yields a weapon (Or other contraband?) that is more than I expected AND a small price for the protection of The People in such cities as New York.

I must confess that New York City may be safer than many other cites due to the density of many varieties of sworn-and-armed peace officers within its jurisdiction. And, rapid responses to "911" calls for assistance. However, the recent-and-deadly stabbing of a young college student in NYC clearly demonstrates the limits of that "safety". I must wonder if a "stop and frisk" of the attacking animals might have saved her life.

The most important fact to remember is that "minorities" are the primary victims of those "minority" thugs who illegally carry weapons (ie As opposed to those law-abiding citizens who do so to protect themselves and innocent others from criminal attacks in those jurisdictions which are not ruled by tyrants).

Friday, February 07, 2020

Corona Virus, The Black Death & California

After considering the the Chinese source and spread of the Corona Virus I must conclude that disease is only a very minor threat to the peoples of this world. On the base of the population exposed-to and contracting and dying of that disorder it is much more a subject for poof-pieces by media seeking attention than any real risk of a pandemic.

Now, you should consider the Bubonic Plague (aka "Black Death") which once killed up to 60% of the population of Europe and inflicted like mortality in other places.

With very early diagnosis (Most of the USA's physicians do not have the training to readily identify the early stages of that disease) and intensive treatment, the most common form of The Plague has a mortality rate of ~15%. Even with such diagnosis-and-treatment some forms of that disease kills almost 100% of infected persons.

In the USA there are places (eg About the "Four Corners" part of the Southwestern States, Denver's parks AND San Francisco) which have seen
outbreaks of The Black Death. The last locus may be due to: Travelers from plague-active areas of China or India; And, its spread by fleas living
on rats. As there is now (In filth encrusted San Francisco and other parts of California) plagues of rats [I have not seen any scientific (Valid and
reliable) studies as to flea populations among rats in California.

As far as I know there is NO vaccine to protect us from The Plague.

Are our governments honest and active enough to deal with an outbreak of "The Black Death" in, for example, California?

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Tell A Lie Often Enough & TRUTH

Today, I listened to the Senate Majority Leader diatribe in favor of convicting our constitutionally elected President of two offences and to remove him from office. He kept on presenting TRUTH as a basis for that decision.

That speech was the near-absolute example of that V. I. Lenin's (That other Socialist-Tyrant) statement: "TELL A LIE OFTEN ENOUGH AND IT BECOMES THE TRUTH"---Which has become the goal-and-hope of the USA's Democrat-Socialist-Fascist Party.

The "Truth" is:
1. President Trump had an absolute duty to look-into the possibility of corruption in the transfer of our tax moneys (eg Anti-tank missiles) to the Ukraine;
2. That duty was fully in force even though the "daddy" of a possible-to-probable corrupter was a potential candidate, in opposition and in another Party, in a future election for the presidency;
3. The cited-aid was delivered to the Ukraine was, in fact, delivered within the time-limits
set by the law passed by The Congress; And,
4. The persecutors in The House Of Representatives failed to, in a dispute between the Legislative and the Executive branches of our government, apply to the Judicial Branch for resolution of those difference.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

The Major "Actors" In Student Debt & "Forgiveness"

Student debt is multiplied-and-aggravated by the following.

1. The costs of maintaining top-heavy populations of overpaid administrators who are not involved in: At least half-time teaching; Or, such full-time research as benefits The People (And is NOT only a matter of academic's "hobby horses"; Or, directly involved in library services to students or such faculty as cited above or public safety or grounds-and-building maintenance.

2, The costs providing remedial education to those students who are not prepared for university level "work" at entry into universities or colleges.

3. The costs of supporting faculty and students in such courses/programs which cannot be scientifically (ie Valid & Reliable) demonstrated to provide measurable benefits to The People.

If, and only if, we would expend tax-moneys to "forgive" student debt, it must be limited to those graduates who:
4. Do, in fact, provide measurable benefits to all (ie Those with degrees in STEM and medical arts programs); Or,
5. Serve our fellow Americans by full-time employment in such dangerous duty as peace-officers or fire-fighters or in combat arms of our military forces.

The Soros, Bloomberg & Abele Oligarchy

I do support collectives (eg Labor Unions, those law-abiding supporters of the NRA, those like citizen-groups opposed to the NRA, professional organizations) of our fellow Americans gathering, in small contributions, money to support or oppose candidates for public office or that like action for our political parties.

I am, very much, opposed to individual and very wealthy persons using their millions (Or more) to corrupt our Democratic-Republic's elections.

It appears that Abele (Milwaukee County Executive) has joined the Oligarchs George Soros and Michael Bloomberg in inflicting a "wealth attack" on our fellow citizens AND on democracy itself.