Monday, April 06, 2020

War & Hydroxychlorquine

There is no doubt (Except by fools and traitors) that the USA is in a 
state-of-war against the Chinese Virus.

When war is waged not all tactics-strategies-weapons are successful (eg A - C)
The dangers from our nation's enemies do NOT allow awaiting "scientific" (ie Controlled) studies.

When the first A-Bomb was tested in New Mexico the scientists were not sure if it:
1. Would go Pssst like a wet firecracker; Or,
2. Set off a world-destroying chain reaction.

The danger of using  Hydroxychloroquine is very much less than testing A-bombs or suicidal parachute assaults on prepared enemy forces.

Therefore, the decision to use that drug should be directly assigned to physicians (Perhaps with a requirement that case reports be sent to a central site for evaluation).


Sunday, April 05, 2020

Keeping Polling Places Open

Some "Poll Workers" in Wisconsin have failed to execute their duty to staff polling places. 

I suggest that our National Guard troops be mobilized to defend our democracy by executing those duties.

After "Social Distancing" is no longer needed, I suggest that, before those failed workers are allowed to go back to poll duties, they be taken to the nearest VA cemetery and forcefully reminded that others have faced greater risks and loses than the limited risk (At polling places) from the Chinese virus.  

The governors of all states, where such cowardly misconduct is had, should consider the same solution.

To be ruthlessly honest (And most politically incorrect) I am opposed to the counting of the votes of those who: Lack the courage to go to polling places; OR, are too lazy to obtain absentee ballots in a timely manner. I am far more opposed to issuing such ballots without
proof of citizenship and residency.

The strength of the Wisconsin National Guard is ~7,000 members. Governor Ever's statement that there are not enough guardsmen to man local polling places is a lie.

If the commander(s) of Wisconsin's National Guard cannot, within 48-hours, mobilize enough Guard members to staff all vacant polling positions, they must be "fired" and replaced by those who can execute those duties in a timely manner.

Like myself (By my 1956 enlistment in the US Navy), those present-day heroes enlisted with the knowledge that they might face deadly attacks from the (External and internal) enemies of our Republic---And, that in such foreign places where there us a clear-and-present danger of deadly diseases. With "social distancing", face masks and like defenses, the danger from staffing polling places is far less than that already faced by those members of The Guard.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Presidential "Bungling"

On 7 December 1941 the USA was, generally, very poorly prepared for war in spite of (Ignored) information provided the Administration of resident FDR that the Imperial Japanese government was "up to something" and suppressed that information leaving our Fleet and Army Air Corps liable to destruction. It took months for the USA to counter that presidential bungling[It was only some, most excellent, tactical decisions AND a very great sum of "dumb luck" as allowed the USA to stop the Japanese takeover of Midway and not provide our enemy with a platform for the invasion of Hawaii.]

On 25 June 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. Again, the USA was very ill prepared for a conventional war in Asia by an over-allocation of moneys to
"atomic warfare". Either there was a failure to have any idea of what the North Koreans were planning or a failure of President Truman's (Who I rate as the last, fully honest, man to be POTUS) Administration to act on that information. In either case, there was, presidential, "bungling" in effect. [Although President Truman quickly sent some troops to Korea it was only by the very, very, risky invasion at Pusan that we were not totally driven out of Korea. Our invading forces might well have been driving into the sea.]

The act-of-war which was the spreading of the CHINESE virus was not as apparent as the above-described attacks by armed forces. It was far less defined to President Trump's administration as made some bungling impossible to avoid.

Yet, since that danger was defined President Trump, his Administration and those real American Patriots who have aided him, are doing and will do what is needed to overwhelm any "bungling". They have taken and will take a plethora of war-time-like actions as are unequaled anywhere in our CHINESE virus infected world.  As of yet we know not what will allow the USA to, again, take the lead in defeating a alien enemy. Based on the history of our exceptional nation, I expect that one OR more of the tactics being now put forth will allow our Republic to again be victorious and that in short order.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Why Democrats Support Gun Control---Updated

      The possibility of law-abiding citizens using guns to effectively-and-immediately stop criminal attacks may well be the reason that the leaders of the Democratic (sic) Party (ie Now the Democrat-Socialist-Fascist Party) have taken the lead in attempts to deprive our fellow citizens of modern-and-effective firearms. That is, the effective-and-immediate use of firearms, by law abiding citizens, to "put down" dangerous criminals is more likely to reduce the Democrat's “power base” than otherwise.  

For a long time I was confused about those tyrant's focus on eliminating the People's possession of AR-15s (And like semi-automatic rifles and all firearms with magazines holding more than 8-rounds) as it is a well established fact that ALL rifles are used to murder other Americans less than knifes or "blunt objects".
Then my aged mind finally concluded that such are the ideal weapons to liquidate tyrants and destroy tyrannies.

That is the fact feared by the above-named and would-be tyrants!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Viruses, Rallies, Conventions & Democracy

Many years ago I put my life at risk by enlisting in the US Navy. I was, indeed, was assigned to one of the five/six (Then) most dangerous, enlisted grade, billets. I survived and that undamaged in body and mind.

Our nation's VA-and-military hospitals and cemeteries are full of those who did not survive or now live in a very damaged state.

After that service I graduated university and was involved in "risky" (Paid and unpaid) civilian work as has been shared by many police officers, fire-fighters and other such heroes. Some of those also have "paid the price" of such duties.

For myself, I consider our "system" of political rallies and party-conventions essential to the maintaining of our Democratic-Republic.

If, and only if, we Americans still retain some small part of that courage (As demonstrated: From the Concord and Lexington of 1775 to those who today protect us us from those waging Jihad; And, the peace officers and fire-fighters of today) we should not avoid (ie Run away from) those, very public, demonstrations of our patriotic courage. Yes, there is some, very small, risk of physical harm or even death.

Is "bearing witness" to our nation at rallies, conventions and polling places still a part of our  People's character?

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The More Dangerous Pandemics

"Looking at the numbers" about the deaths and suffering caused by COVID-19 it appears that it is very much LESS harmful than the more dangerous epidemics discussed below.

THE VIOLENCE IN AND FROM THE PRC: Although the PRC might be described as a "Socialist" nation (ie Like Stalin's USSR) the pattern of its violence against is (ie Especially non-Han) peoples and all the world is much
more a clone/copy of traditional Chinese imperialism AND governance. 

The USA must admit that The PRC has been in a state-of-war against our
Republic for many decades and that war includes: Military threats AND actions; Sending corrupted and even poisonous products into our nation; Active economic warfare; Industrial and academic espionage; And, perhaps purposeful, control of the sources of the antibiotics needed to fight-off endemics, epidemics and pandemics.

Any citizen of the USA who aids that nation's attacks on the USA are guilty of TREASON within the meaning set by our Republic's Constitution.

At the least, the USA must: Expel all citizens or agents of the PRC in private (Industrial and other) and public (University and other) research programs or facilities; Make it a (Felony?) violation of The Law for corporations to share "Trade Secretes" with The PRC; Embargo all imports from The PRC which do not meet our public health requirements; AND, IMMEDIATELY, ON A WARTIME BASIS, MAKE PROVISIONS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE ABOVE NOTED BIOLOGICALS IN THE USA.

I must wonder if the "Chinese Virus" (ie COVID-19) came out of the secret "Biological Research" (ie "Biological Warfare"?) facility in Wuhan (Hubei Province) China.

ARMED CRIMINAL VIOLENCE: In the USA the murders, maimings and other sufferings inflicted by young, illegally armed, Black (And Latino?) thugs is far greater than the cited, new, virus (ie This includes such as caused by the 
criminal misuse of motor vehicles).

 The solution to that infection is:
1. NOT to disarm law-abiding citizens who can "put down" those carriers of that disease during those "golden minutes" before arrival and effective action by police/deputies (If, and only if, they are able to summon such assistance); And,
2. NOT to treat such good-and-armed citizens as presumed criminals when they exercise their lawful right to "keep and bear arms" and use deadly force in self-defense or the defense of innocent others.

Very basic to greatly limiting this disease requires:
3. The very public statements of political officials and other "leaders" that the vast majority of such crimes are inflicted by those Blacks who commit more crimes, more serious crimes and them more often than Whites and almost infinitely more so that those born in or ancestry is in China, India, Korea and Japan OR who come from traditional Jewish families;
4. The expressed-and-exercised public policy of police and prosecuting attorneys to assume that any-and-all, law-abiding (ie Lacking a prior record of convictions for violent crimes) is innocent of any crimes after using or threatening-the-use of deadly force in the face of such criminal conduct as "presents a clear-and-present danger of death or great bodily harm to others; And,
5. Perhaps, the commitment of The Bar to provide, on a pro bono basis, especially qualified attorneys to defend those good citizens
described above in those cases (Or jurisdictions) where they are presumed to be criminals and persecuted for exercising their, above cited, rights.

ISLAMIST VIOLENCE: Throughout the wider world and for the last 1400-years the true-believing followers of Islam have inflicted like, criminal, violence as extends far beyond that described above as it has led to: Actual genocide; The destruction of two-thousand year old communities; The forced exile and migration of millions (ie Being the primary source of this era's refugees); Physical enslavement of many; And, the sexual abuse of females---Some as young as nine years-of-age. These crimes are in strict obedience to the commands of that fellow Mohammed (Of Mecca and Medina). 

Very basic to countering this pandemic is the very public declaration, within and without the USA,by public, religious and academic leaders of:
6. The facts of those unalterable teachings;
7. And that treaties (Or like agreements) with Muslims are not binding on them if such interferes with obeying those commands or achieving
the ultimate goal of Islam---The universal control of all humanity under Muslim, male, rule.

"SOCIALIST" VIOLENCE: For the last hundred-or-so years there have been millions of humans murders, tortured and enslaved by "Socialists" who include such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and historic-and-current clones [I do not include the "People's Republic (sic) Of China as that nation's crimes are more a matter of traditional imperialism OR North Korea which is a case of insanity].

Basic to countering such "Socialists" are:
8. The very public declaration of the above-cited leaders that there has been no nation-wide "Socialism" without official murders (ie Up to genocide), deprivation of all civil rights (eg After disarming all citizens except the ardent supporters of the tyrannical-rulers) and a degeneration of "the quality of life" in such places (ie The Scandinavian nations are, at most, "Semi-Socialist" and now based on very active. capitalist, economies); And,
9. Maintaining those military forces AND economic practices fully capable of resisting the open and hidden aggression of "Socialists".

Saturday, March 07, 2020

Crime Victims & Race

Some years ago I was the supervisor of the Probation-And-Parole office which
supervised criminals from only ZIP 53206. That was the only one ZIP code 
P&P office in Wisconsin. I do/did have a "street level", face-to-face, knowledge of crime, criminals AND the (Most often) Black victims of Black thugs in  that district.

In reading the many rants against "mass incarceration" and "racism" I did not see any reference to any advocacy or those victims.

Any honest consideration of "Mass Incarceration"  of Blacks must include the 
statement: "Blacks commit more crimes, more violent crimes and them much more often than Whites and almost infinitely more than those of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ancestry---And, the majority of Black criminals victims are other Blacks".

In Milwaukee the vast AND disproportional number of both murderers (ie Including by reckless use of autos) and their victims are Black.

Although I admit that "coincidence is not (Necessarily) causation" I must note that the real decrease in the USA's rate of violent crime (ie Lower than about
100 other nations) has been co-temporal with:
1. The use of determinate sentencing and "mass incarceration" (sic); And,
2. The massive ownership of modern-and-effective guns by (Chiefly) law-abiding citizens of our Republic.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Responding To "Restorative Justice" Mistakes

The real "Restorative Justice", in such (San Francisco) cases as exampled above, is best provided by:
1. "Twp to the chest and one to the head"; OR,
2. A "double tap" to the head; OR,
3. Four inches with the point, twist, remove and rapidly repeat four-plus times; OR,
4. A four inch deep slash across the lower belly (老子中經) or throat; OR,
5. Like, lawful and effective use of lethal force.

Such immediate and effective actions are the best way to prevent like attacks which represent "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm" to others AND save the city and county of San Francisco the costs of prosecution OR unproven "therapy".

The "unintended consequences" of such non-prosecutions  and of releases without setting (eg New York) bail may well be:
A. A greater increase in the private ownership of modern and effective firearms and of stores of "ammo" by law-abiding citizens;
B. The "liquidation" of those public officials who block or attempt to block the above;
C. An increase in the sale of rope (eg One-inch, hemp, line);
D. An increase in the costs to cities for repair of lamp posts or collection of garbage.

Property Represents Human Life

Honestly obtained property represents that part of a worker's life spent in earning it by physical or mental effort---OR by investing the products of such labor.

I think it more-than-proper to state: EVERY THEFT IS A LITTLE MURDER.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Joe Biden's Mental Condition

Here and first note that I am an educated-and-trained observer of human behavior. I was (Until after retirement) a "Licensed Social Worker" with a 34-year career in that field. During those hard years I had many contacts with mentally ill AND limited individuals.

After listening to candidate Joseph Biden I must conclude that he is in the state of "Early Onset Senility".

Here I must praise the prophetic wisdom of The Congress and The People in enacting the "Twenty Fifth Amendment" to our Republic's Constitution which allows for the removal of senile presidents for other than by any conviction under Article-I, Section-3 of that, our most basic, law.

It would be far better to NOT elect someone, like Candidate Biden, who shows such clear evidence of stumbling into full senility.

Of course, that diagnosis might benefit Mr. Biden if he is charged (Along with Hunter Biden) with one of the many felonies which should come out of an impartial investigation regarding the Ukraine corruption.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Milwaukee, Blacks, Guns & Murders

After attending to the "media" reports on illegal shootings in Milwaukee it, most certainly, appears that the vast-and-disproportional (To their part of the general population) number of the shooters AND their victims are Black.

As Milwaukee is a very, racially and by residence, segregated city, the address of the shooter in the Miller-Coors massacre may well be a Black. (I must wonder if "The Media" will report such if, and only if, that is the fact!)

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Not "Progressives" But "Regressoves"

Those Americans (sic) who are termed "Progressives" are, in fact, "Regressives".

They wish to regress the USA back to the tyrannical rule of Britain before our 
first American Revolution, the establishment of The Bill Of Rights and the "Emancipation Amendments" when there was:
1. No free speech as allowed even what some now call "hate speech" OR to criticize officials
2. No "freedom of the press" as allowed publishers to criticize, even abuse, governments and its officials and officers
3. No "free exercise of religion" (ie As intended by the Founders to prevent the establishment of an official 
national church and allow every American to cleave to some Church or to none; And,
4. No right to "due process of law" before inflicting financial or other penalties on those accused of crimes or other offenses
; And,
5. No right to "keep and bear arms" as allows law-abiding and legally presumed sane Americans to 
immediately and effectively stop the harm intended by ordinary criminals, terrorists and, for that matter, power hungry politicians.

There also appears that some wish the USA (And what is left of civilization) to regress 1400-years to the medieval society which produced Mohammed (Of Mecca and Medina) who was a murder, bandit, genocidal liar and the 
perverted sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child---A model followed by his most loyal followers.
Perhaps, those "regressives" should remember that the vast majority of police/military grade firearms (20-million-plus), privately held in the USA, are in the hands of "The Right" along with about 20-Trillion rounds.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Stopping Domestic Violence

This note is limited to that "domestic violence" which presents "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm".

Such threats are NOT stopped by counseling or restraining orders or even short-term jail terms!

The only sure methods of stopping such endangerments are by one of the following methods:
1. "Two to the chest and one to the head"; Or,
2. A "double tap" to the head; Or,
3. "Four inches with the point, twist and rapidly repeat two-plus times; Or,
4. Like and immediate use of other forms of lethal force.

Anyone who denies the above is protecting evil ones by denying the Natural Law and statutory right to full, immediate and effective self-defense.

Upon detecting a potential danger of such grossly serious threats of domestic violence, law-enforcement officers, social service workers, pastors and other such persons should (Must?) inform the threatened person(s) of:
A. The law-of and their right-to use deadly force to immediately-and-effectively stop any attacks which represent a threat of death or great bodily harm to themselves or other innocent persons;
B. How to obtain a licence to carry concealed weapons;
C. Where to obtain such weapons and the training needed to effectively use them.

To base such decisions AND public policy on facts we should know what part of the actors and victims of such, very serious, attacks are (And such compared with their part of the general population) Asians, Blacks, First Peoples (aka "Native Americans"), Latinos and Whites. To avoid that data is to cripple proper actions!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sen Sanders & "Socialism"

Senator B. Sanders has (Sort of) denied that he is a Communist, but still
cleaves to his position as as Socialist. 

I was reminded that: Joseph Stalin considered himself a Socialist; And, the early supporters of Adolf Hitler were Socialists.

We should also remember that those two Socialists: Suppressed civil
rights by use of force (Against disarmed peoples); And, murdered
millions of  humans.

With today's news about the Nevada branch of the "Culinary Workers Of America"  all union members should remember that those Socialists destroyed democratic unions in the USSR and Nazi Germany.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Victims AND "Stop & Frisk"

Both President Trump's organization and Oligarch Bloomberg are wrong as to "Stop & Frisk" and about racism-and-crime.

In recent times some prostitutes (aka Politicians) have raged against the "Stop And Frisk" policies which were in-force in New York City and other jurisdictions. At least one of such critter previously supported that policy, but has since "submitted" to racist-minority "activists" and now condemn "stop and frisk". Those enemies of their own peoples claim that a disproportional number of such stops are of Black or Brown Americans.

That difference is based on:
1. The judgement of experienced police officers (As supported by The Courts) as to who might be involved in criminal activities; And,
2. The fact that, at least, Blacks  commit more crimes, more serious crimes and them more often than Whites (And almost infinitely more that those whose came-from or whose ancestors came-from China and most other Asian lands).

What is even more important is that the primary victims of Black thugs are other Blacks! New York's, now suppressed, "Stop And Frisk" policies protected such victims-of-color. The noted suppression has put them at greater risk AND appears to be a part of a general policy of the "Democrats" to protect criminals at the great cost (In pain and suffering) to innocent Black AND other Americans.

Even if "only" one-in-ten such police actions yields a weapon (Or other contraband?) that is more than I expected AND a small price for the protection of The People in such cities as New York.

I must confess that New York City may be safer than many other cites due to the density of many varieties of sworn-and-armed peace officers within its jurisdiction. And, rapid responses to "911" calls for assistance. However, the recent-and-deadly stabbing of a young college student in NYC clearly demonstrates the limits of that "safety". I must wonder if a "stop and frisk" of the attacking animals might have saved her life.

The most important fact to remember is that "minorities" are the primary victims of those "minority" thugs who illegally carry weapons (ie As opposed to those law-abiding citizens who do so to protect themselves and innocent others from criminal attacks in those jurisdictions which are not ruled by tyrants).