Saturday, November 15, 2008

Resigning Judges, Lawyers &Money

So---Milwaukee Co. Judges Michael Brennan and John Franke are violating the trust given to them by the Voters who elected them and expected them to serve out their terms-of-office. As usual for too many attorneys money comes well ahead of ethics in how they make decisions. For myself, I can do without these super-attorneys as judges, preferring those who are more honest and loyal to the People and, I hope, to the Law as written by the authors of our Constitutions and our statutes.

I certainly encourage my fellow citizens, who might sit on juries for trials in which those two most dishonest men take part, to heavily discount their statements as they are not reliable witnesses to the Law.

Of course, we could make the private practice of law less lucrative and busy (As less attractive to judges who appear to be dissatisfied with the money and security they have) by following Alaska's (Pre-Palin!) example and make the losers in civil cases pay the costs and "reasonable attorney's fees" (eg Less than $200/hour) of the winners. Alternative conflict methods could be used, with educated lay arbitrators and special masters (Experts in the field of conflict) making decisions without the loser-pay-all condition set above.

I do suspect that the State Attorney's Union (alias The Bar and the Trial Attorney's group) having invested so much money in buying or leasing the Governor and too many in the Legislature, would effectively resist these proposals.

Of course, some (eg Shakespeare) have proposed the "First, we kill all the lawyers" solution. However, it might be better to enact a State Constitutional Amendment to the effect that,, after the year 2014, no attorneys may serve in the Legislature. After all, lawyers control the courts and are well on the way to do the same for the Executive Branch. One part of our government should be free of those who create too complex laws for the benefit of Lawyers and not the People.

You might ask yourself: What do attorneys produce that I can eat or drink or use in my daily life; And, Is the success of such nations as China, India and Japan due to their very few numbers of lawyers?

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