Sunday, November 30, 2008

Congressional Gender Discrimination?

Today's issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Congress-Critter Gwen Moore had been appointed as "Vice Chairwoman" of the "Congressional Caucus For Women's Issues" in the House Of Representatives. Who are the chairs of the like "men's caucus"?

There is such a men's caucus? Right? To not have one would be a prime example of discrimination on the basis of that uncontrollable, genetic, factor of "gender"!

Some "men's issues" include, but are not limited to::
1. Unequal judicial treatment of divorced fathers in child custody and support matters (Especially when the parents live in different States, making this a Federal matter); And,
2. Government's use of unreliable and invalid numbers for the alleged disparity in
pay between men and women, which do not account for initial education, the amount and continuity of education and training while employed, continuity of employment and like permutations.


Anonymous said...

you're an idiot.

James Pawlak said...

To "Anonymous", whose unreasoned comments I would normally trash because of that lack of mental effort: If you insist on insulting others, you should be creative and demonstrate some minimum of mental ability. If you understand the term,your could use "Chauvinistic idiot" (Do you know who was N. Chauvin OR are you ignorant of that also?).

However, if it is "that time of the month", I will excuse your lack of reason and willingness to be honest about your name to your uncontrolled hormone problems.