Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Defending Islamic Humor

Who really claims that Muslims have no sense-of-humor? Why, such persons have truly misunderstood the "joking" of the "Fort Dix Six" who were only "kidding" when they, so humorously, bantered about killing as many US military as is possible at Fort Dix.

Of course, some might claim that statements claiming that any such acts were for "for Allah" were in bad taste; But, some such lack of political correctness and good manners is so common on late-night TV talk shows as to cause no great damage to the Muslim equivalent of the authors of the Islamic version of the Joe Miller Joke Book. No doubt, their extended stay as a guest of the USA (In some maximum security prison) will allow them to continue their careers as some of Islam's most funny people.

Since there are many Muslims in the USA, you might wish to forward this note to such as you know and others interested in their "Faith"---To support Muslim's own humor life and the place of Islam in maintaining the tradition of broad humor as a typical American institution,.

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