Sunday, October 19, 2008

NRA Erred In Endorsement

As a NRA member and Wisconsin citizen I oppose the NRA's endorsement of Representative Steve Kagen for reelection to the House Of Representatives.

Although John Gard, Mr. Kagen's opponent and ex-congressman, also shares a 100% NRA rating, we should consider that Mr. Kagen is supported by the teacher's union, which has bought or leased Wisconsin's Governor Jim Doyle, a fierce opponent of citizens' rights to keep and bear arms. Mr. Doyle has twice vetoed passed bills authorizing licenses for CCW in Wisconsin in forms consistent with that State's Constitution (Although I have concluded that no licensing is really required here because of the wording of that document).

Mr. Kagen is supported by that Governor AND belongs to the Democrat Party, most of whose power-brokers and presidential candidate have clearly demonstrated hate of the Second Amendment.

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