Sunday, November 30, 2008

Congressional Gender Discrimination?

Today's issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Congress-Critter Gwen Moore had been appointed as "Vice Chairwoman" of the "Congressional Caucus For Women's Issues" in the House Of Representatives. Who are the chairs of the like "men's caucus"?

There is such a men's caucus? Right? To not have one would be a prime example of discrimination on the basis of that uncontrollable, genetic, factor of "gender"!

Some "men's issues" include, but are not limited to::
1. Unequal judicial treatment of divorced fathers in child custody and support matters (Especially when the parents live in different States, making this a Federal matter); And,
2. Government's use of unreliable and invalid numbers for the alleged disparity in
pay between men and women, which do not account for initial education, the amount and continuity of education and training while employed, continuity of employment and like permutations.

New Income DISPARITY On Genetic Factor

This morning's news report noted a study that demonstrated that left-handed men have average an income greater (Dependent on education, up to 26%) than right handed men.

Since "income disparity" is the foundation of many claims of discrimination on the basis of other genetic differences (eg Race & gender) I am (As a right handed male) awaiting preferential treatment in hiring (Especially in the public sector where my right-handedness will, then, allow me to be hired before those who are otherwise more qualified), government contract "set asides" and the ability to sue those who make negative comments or "jokes" (Either of which "offend me") about my, genetic based, right-handed nature over which I have no control and which has resulted in the noted disparity. (If I lived in California and were a member of the Democrat Party, I would expect a "quota" position on their representatives at National nominating conventions.)

I am now awaiting formal, repeated, written, open and very strong legislative and editorial support of all elected officials and all editors for such actions as will correct this disparity.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Academic Fraud & "Sue Them!"

On reflecting on the considerable amount of time some professors misuse in inflicting (Usually "left wing") propaganda on students in lieu of what was described in school's course descriptions, the following "cautions" are provided.

Professors! Could you defend your varying from pre-announced course content in a student based law suit (For real and punitive damages AND as based on claims of fraud or breach of contract) before Courts much more interested in the "Law Of Contracts" (Which is very well defined in statutes and inter-state compacts and the whole body of the law) VS. "Academic Freedom" (Which does NOT have a like authority in the Courts)?

University Officials! Could you, likewise, successfully defend against such actions AND those which claim a breach-of-contract based on your published statements as to "academic freedom"? Is writing vague and misleading course descriptions a defense against such actions?

Students & Student Associations! Do you have the moral courage (And the hope of paying for your educations) by gathering together to file such suits as groups-of-named-students OR in class action suits?

Could any of such misleading statements or actions by professors or schools elevate such violations to the level of criminal fraud?
NOTE OF JUNE 23, 2011: Even where universities use "weasel words" to describe individual courses or students' "academic freedom", it would appear that there are still "causes-in-action" based on a general expectation of that principle by enrolling in any (At least public) university. As an example, giving a student a failing or very-low grades after a "philosophical" differences with a teacher might be construed as a form of libel and, if the teacher made post-difference and equivalent statements in the classroom, slander.
Since many trial-attorneys are always on-the-hunt for such deep pocket defendants as public universities (Who may not be immune from suits), even the cost of defending such actions might bring corrective pressures on schools.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solving The Congo & Zimbabwe Problems

Too many (Especially at the "Useless Nations" (UN) have been dancing around the obvious solution to the horrid problems in and of the Congo and Zimbabwe. That solution is to return those areas to White rule as Blacks have clearly demonstrated their inability and unwillingness to manage their own affairs.

Of course, the "contract rulers" would be entitled to a reasonable (20%?) portion of those nations' incomes (Thus providing motivation to improve their economies) and the authority to shoot-on-sight any Black found armed with a pistol, bomb or military rifle (After a very short grace period in which such weapons could be turned in to the new rulers). (That portion of national wealth-and-income would be required to pay for the several divisions or many brigades of trained troops (eg Ghurkas?) needed for the initial peace establishing period.

In fact, such an arrangement could be applied to certain (Generally urban) portions of France, the UK and (Most specially) the USA, as well as Palestine and other like non-governed lands.

Of course, the implementation of such a plan would bring many "ivory towers" tumbling about the head of the too many "words can solve problems" useless persons and organizations.

Please remember that civilization is a structure with ORDER at its base, upon which is established LAW and, when those are fixed in place, building of JUSTICE may then (And only them) proceed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Republicans Can Win

Well, too many Republican candidates lost AND various pre-election hints from myself and many, many, others as to avoiding such a lose (Or minimizing its effects) were (As far as I can determine) ignored.
If, and only if, Republican office holders, RNC members and their staffers with to be on a winning team they, and we other Republicans, must insist on the strict enforcement of the rules and tactics noted below.

1. All Members of the Congress must pledge to NOT include or allow any "pork" or "ear marks" in Bills introduced by them or others (Of any Party). Members who violate this rule should and must lose the financial, political and personal support of all other Members, the RNC and their staffers who would, likewise, lose that support for not doing so.
2. All Members must use every rule advantage (Including the filibuster for Senators) to defeat any such "ear marks" and "pork" as well as opposition to those of the below matters which may come within the jurisdiction of the Congress.
3. No Republican staffer can be allowed, under penalty of instant dismissal, be allowed to "bad mouth" or "slang" nominated candidates as was the case of some, with over inflated senses of self-worth, as to Governor Palin--Even if such statements came from their principals.
4. The Party (And all Members and candidates sign off on a like statement) must clearly state that every sane, law-abiding and adult citizen has the right to safely keep and bear arms for hunting, self-defense and other lawful purposes AND that right may not be encumbered by destructive, hateful, and other like rules designed to grind down that right.
5. The Party must clearly state (With the written concurrence of all Members and candidates--Unless there occur are some unforeseen scientific advances) that: There have been NO safe and effective medical treatments derived from embryonic stem cell research and no Republican will support such. However, the Party recognizes the wonderful, fruitful and exciting advances made from other forms of cell research and supports such.alternate and ethical studies.
6. The Party must clearly state that the parents and guardians of children and youth have absolute authority over which schooling those young people should have be it in our to be improved public schools or private religion/secular-based private schools or by home schooling by those parents or groups-of-parents or those they have teach in their homes. The Party must also note that the parents of public school pupils and students have an absolute right to prior notice of and prior "opt outs" of such sex-education, cultural indoctrination (eg anti/pro homosexual teaching sessions; practices of Islamic or other religious practices) AND to direct their school boards towards parent-approved teaching and manage practices through the democratic votes in elections and free access and speech before school board meetings.
7. The Party must clearly state that Government has no role, whatsoever, in determining what is "religious speech" or in limiting the Constitutional right to the "free exercise of religion" NOR in punishing such free religious speech as evaluating named persons in terms of their policies and morality by taking away the tax-exempt status commonly given religions bodies.
8. The Party must heatedly and effectively oppose any "fairness doctrine" as it uses government authority in opposition to the free market will of the People in selecting which radio/TV programs are listed-to/viewed. The Party must equally oppose any imposition of a "local content" rule which would limit the free exchange of constitutionally free speech across this ONE nation.
9. NO future general election, involving Federal officials, must be allowed to go forward until such arrangements (By mail or secure electronic means) is had to offer timely voter registration to all members of the Armed Forces or Coast Guard serving anywhere in the world (Including on and under the seas). Certainly, no mailed in ballots should be allowed to have any information noting a military source OR, as was the case in Florida this year, Party affiliation.

It may be necessary to make one or more Members of the Congress as "horrid examples" by excommunicating them from Party support and removing them from all committees. Only an orderly and ordered Party has any possible chance of defeating "those other people".

Solving Guantanamo Prisoner Problem

There are many solutions as to disposing of those murderers and other terrorists held at the USA's Guantanamo military prison without the USA turning them over to governments who might "abuse" them or deal with them under Islamic Law.. Here are a few of them.
1. Push them over the border with Cuba proper and allow Fidel and his gentle crew to provide homes and jobs for them. (I do wonder how long it would then take for the Cuban People to shout A LA PARAD! as to those critters and Cuban officials who allowed them to stay there.)
2. Select the individual Europeans (Especially politicians and editors) who have so often and so violently criticized us for holding those "poor lambs" in custody at "Gitmo" and have each of them take one into their homes [After posting bond via Lloyds Of London in the sum of $1M that such "guests" will remain in their nations for a minimum of ten-years].. Such hosts would be well advised to not allow their guests ready access to sharp things, their wives-and-children and certain, common, household chemicals.
3. Transport small groups of them 20.1 miles off the shore of that base, transfer them to sail-equiped self-bailing whale-boats, give them a compass and GPS devise and directions to their homelands, 30-days of supplies and water, a Koran, fishing gear AND let them fend for themselves. (To be compassionate, avoidance of hurricane months and mixing Shia and Sunni prisoners is suggested.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Real Pirates, Suppression, Law & Islam

The recent and very real reports of large-scale piracy near the criminal state of Somalia should be a clear signal for politicians, "statesmen", lawyers and jurists, insurers, diplomats and the military of all civilized nations to review the history of piracy and the support given it by some nations ruled by Muslims.

The early history of the USA provided a demonstration that paying off the Muslim pirates of North Africa with bribes and ransoms did not stop, but only encouraged, more piracy and other crimes (eg rape, enslavement and murder) on the high-seas. In those days of greater moral courage and rational, "politically incorrect", decision making, such pirates were dealt with by summarily destroying their ships, bombarding their bases-of-operation and hanging (After a very, very, summary "trial") individual pirates.

I see no reasons why the same summary and effective means should not be applied to the pirates of East Africa. After all, pirates are the "enemies of all humanity" as well established in international law which allows and encourages all real nations to attack and destroy them.

It should be specially noted that the "government" of Somalia declared that it is wrong for those pirates to attack the ships of Muslim nations (Implying that attacking the ships of other nations, including our and that of our allies, is "OK"). This is consistent with the laws and customs of Islam and naval forces from Islamic nations should not be allowed to interfere with the suppression of piracy anywhere---Or, be destroyed as accessories to piracy. Note Below

TO UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL OF DEFINING TERRORISM as a species of piracy, consider the words of the 16th-century jpan>pan>urist Alberico Gentili's De jure belli: "Pirates are common enemies, and they are attacked with impunity by all, because they are without the pale of the law. They are scorners of the law of nations; hence they find no protection in that law." Gentili, and many people who came after him, recognized piracy as a threat, not merely to the state but to the idea of statehood itself. All states were equally obligated to stamp out this menace, whether or not they had been a victim of piracy. This was codified explicitly in the 1856 Declaration of Paris, and it has been reiterated as a guiding principle of piracy law ever since.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nebraska Elects Regent; Why Not Wisconsin

My son-in-law travels on-the-job and brings me out-of-state newspapers among which was a Nebraska paper noting the partisan contest for a seat on the University of Nebraska's Board-of-Regents. Although the candidates agreed on some subject (Some of which I found bad ideas) they did differ on embryonic stem cell research (Which as, unlike the other cell researches, has failed to provide safe and effect treatments) and the cost-benefits to giving illegal aliens resident tuition.

I do not care which person won. What I find important is that the People were able to directly chose those officials by a direct vote rather than having some, too often compromised, Governor appoint them on a basis of political contributions or influence.

We already have equal-population districts for the election of Members of the Congress which could be used for the election of Regents. If we were wise enough to adopt such a system, we should require such Regents to NOT have any financial dealings with UW or the companies it has spun off OR those it chooses as suppliers or contractors.

Resigning Judges, Lawyers &Money

So---Milwaukee Co. Judges Michael Brennan and John Franke are violating the trust given to them by the Voters who elected them and expected them to serve out their terms-of-office. As usual for too many attorneys money comes well ahead of ethics in how they make decisions. For myself, I can do without these super-attorneys as judges, preferring those who are more honest and loyal to the People and, I hope, to the Law as written by the authors of our Constitutions and our statutes.

I certainly encourage my fellow citizens, who might sit on juries for trials in which those two most dishonest men take part, to heavily discount their statements as they are not reliable witnesses to the Law.

Of course, we could make the private practice of law less lucrative and busy (As less attractive to judges who appear to be dissatisfied with the money and security they have) by following Alaska's (Pre-Palin!) example and make the losers in civil cases pay the costs and "reasonable attorney's fees" (eg Less than $200/hour) of the winners. Alternative conflict methods could be used, with educated lay arbitrators and special masters (Experts in the field of conflict) making decisions without the loser-pay-all condition set above.

I do suspect that the State Attorney's Union (alias The Bar and the Trial Attorney's group) having invested so much money in buying or leasing the Governor and too many in the Legislature, would effectively resist these proposals.

Of course, some (eg Shakespeare) have proposed the "First, we kill all the lawyers" solution. However, it might be better to enact a State Constitutional Amendment to the effect that,, after the year 2014, no attorneys may serve in the Legislature. After all, lawyers control the courts and are well on the way to do the same for the Executive Branch. One part of our government should be free of those who create too complex laws for the benefit of Lawyers and not the People.

You might ask yourself: What do attorneys produce that I can eat or drink or use in my daily life; And, Is the success of such nations as China, India and Japan due to their very few numbers of lawyers?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Short History Of Gun Control In This Nation

The attempts of the superior British Military to seize weapons and ammunition from free citizens began our Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord in 1775. The American militia captain shouted, before the shooting started, "Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they want a war, let it start here!".

A short time latter, in historical terms, the offending government had no authority in this land and those who sided with it lost their wealth, possessions and citizenship.

Of course, the nature of war has changed from those long-ago days of open formations firing volleys at the enemy's likewise formally arrayed troops. In those days there was no effort to "take out" the opponent's non-military leaders, a tactic which has become more common in today's irregular warfare.

Members of our legislative bodies, heads of our executive governments and our judges should all consider the above history lesson. Perhaps,publishers, editors, academics and other leaders should also consider them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Short Presidential History Lesson

The election of Democrats W. Wilson, F. D. Roosevelt and J. Kennedy were all followed by periods of war with very large numbers of US dead and maimed.

Adolf Hitler was elected by a popular vote based on the support of those who hated Jews, feared further economic problems, thought socialistic actions were a solution and wanted change.

A. Lincoln was swept into a second term in large part by the enabling of the voting of active duty members of our armed forces. Republicans would do well to plan and act to insure that vote in the next election as the lack of some of those votes may have contributed to the Republican's 2008 loses.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

Saturday, November 01, 2008

NOT "Civilian" Casualties

Many of the news articles and reports regarding the various acts of war in the Middle East refer to "civilian casualties" allegedly inflicted by the armed forces of the USA or its allies. These conflicts have gangs of out-of-uniform, heavily armed men, belonging to no recognized government (Who are NOT protected by the Geneva Conventions) who go about murdering any man, woman or child who opposes their fanatic views and their interpretation of the basic teachings of Islam as might support their actions.

It appears that these fanatics are welcomed and sheltered (Or, at the least, not resisted) by many in their zones-of-operation---In urban neighborhoods and rural villages alike. That makes those local "civilians" co-actors in the terrorist campaigns waged in and about them. It also makes them liable for death or great bodily injury when organized military forces attack the terrorists sheltered among and often aided by them. They are NOT "civilian casualties"!

If children are killed or injured in such conflicts, it is because their parents welcomed (Or, allowed) irregular combatants into their homes, villages and neighborhoods. Such children's parents are co-actors in their deaths.