Sunday, December 21, 2008

Religion 101 For Journalists

Along with reporters-and-editors failures to properly present and evaluate news regarding science (And to, thereby, educate their readers), the failure of journalists to accurately and fully present the essential teachings of religions and like ideologies is anathema to me and, I suspect, many readers----Especially those who are members of such religions or equivalent ideologies.

Although both failures may represent the lack of a suitable education or just plain laziness and lack of professional responsibility, the lack of information or actual bias and misinformation as to religions may be founded on some conscious or suppressed desire to destroy the place of religion in our current public forums (Including newspapers, public schools, history books and court houses). Of course, some of these failures may also be based on the false premises that "all religions are the same" or even the even falser premise that there is nothing good in any religion (Usually put forth by the Mullahs of the religion of Atheism in a all too common effort to suppress other Faiths and not allow the People free choice).

Journalists should write, from a sound knowledge base, of religions as to their: Orthodox and heterodox teachings as defined by both members and critics (Pointing out the biases of each); Note how those teachings impact on today's members and others; And, be prepared, when appropriate, to note how such faiths have had an impact on history and such subjects as the development of general human knowledge and schools, medical science, governments, military aggression and defensive actions, the Law itself, and those like areas as provide the matrix of true civilizations or the alternative failures to support humane, human behaviors.

Certainly, the recent failure of too many journalists to be fully honest about the historical and present "dark side" of Islam, and that phenomena's direct relationship to the core and unalterable teachings of the Koran and like authority of the Hadith is specially noted as unprofessional journalism.

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