Friday, June 29, 2012

My Vote---Sacred & Defended

A long time ago (1956-59) I invested three three years of my life in, among other things, defending the weight-and-sanctity of my vote through service in the US Navy. That was in one of the then three most dangerous specialties in that service (A part of my duties involved sitting, for hours, much too close to a radiation leaking A-bomb.)

Did your serve your fellow citizens and the common-good by: Military service; Such danger as comes with being a peace officer/prison guard/fire-fighter; Voluntary service, far from home, in the Peace Corps, Domestic Peace Corps or other like (Non-missionary) organization; Or, like work of service and risk? [For women, the voluntary bearing of children and the dedicated rearing of them will more suffice!] In other words, did you "pay your citizenship dues"?

When one illegal immigrant or sentence-serving-felon or Chicago (Obama's real political base and model) "vote early and vote often" critter casts an illegal ballot I am much more than offended---I unlock my gun safe and think dark thoughts.