Sunday, April 22, 2012

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I have been accused of going back to ancient history (Referring to Presidents Washington, Madison, Jefferson & Lincoln) in dealing with the First Amendment to the Constitution---Especially as to the "separation clause" and the much too neglected "free exercise of religion" clause. OK---Here is a more modern example.
H/T "Dad 29"

OK, scholars.

Who said that our forebears fought for the concept that:  “the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”
Hint One:  he was a President of the US.
Hint Two:  he was a Democrat.
Hint Three:  he was elected in the 20th Century.
Hint Four:  Dallas.

Yup.  JFK.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Judges Vs. Governor Walker

US Judge William Conley, appointed by Mr. Obama, struck down much of the public union related legislation passed by the democratically elected members of our Legislature. I do have some questions about him.

1. Did he sign "Recall Scott Walker" or like petitions regarding other democratically elected officials;;
4. Has he been been a dues paying members of any political party since being confirmed in their judicial positions;
5. If so, which party;
6. Since such confirmation, has he contributed to political parties or their candidates;
7. If so, which received his cash contributions;
8. As Wisconsin is a "community property state", were his spouse or children involved in any of the above noted political activities; And,
9. Would any, if any, such demonstration of bias serve to buttress-up any appeal of his decision?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial of March 14, 2012, approved a court order to stop enforcement of the "Voter ID Law", was headed "Another good decision...". That implies that there was an earlier and "good" like decision. The earlier decision was rendered in sloppy language by Dane County Judge David Flanagan who had signed a "Recall Walker" petition, the noted and enjoined law being a core part of Governor Walker's program. (It is still unknown to me if that Judge or his wife, Wisconsin being a community property law State, have contributed to the anti-Walker candidate Kathleen Falk or other such sharks.)

The same questions as proposed as to Judge Conley should be asked of them.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Arab & Muslim Progression

Those who report on the Middle-East, Islam and Muslims too often fail to understand the progression provided below.
1. Myself Vs. my brother---And all the world.
2. My brother and me Vs. our cousins---And all the world.
3. My brother, cousins and myself Vs. our Tribe and Clan.
4. My brother, cousins, clan/tribe and myself Vs. our nation---And all the world.
5. My brother, cousins, clan/tribe and myself Vs. the "other forms of Islam".
6. All of we Muslims (Living in the "House Of Peace") Vs. All "unbelievers" (Who live in the House of War")---According to the perpetual declaration of war proclaimed by Mohammed in the Koran.

To a limited extent, Steps 1-4 may apply to non-Muslim Arabs in such places as Lebanon.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Resolution Of Abuse Cases--Modest Proposal

There is a reasonable solution to cases of allegations of sexual and other criminal abuse as to both public government (eg Schools and police departments) or private agencies (eg All religious organizations) which solution must be on a "shall" basis under our laws. These steps are as listed below.
1. Any such complaint must be by a sworn statement containing a statement of the penalty for "False Swearing" [The public/private agency's "good faith" can be measured on the assistance given in preparing that complaint.]
2. Copies of any such sworn statements to be delivered, by hand or registered mail, to the local police agency and District Attorney, with a copy kept for internal investigation and other legal action.
3. As soon as is possible the complainant must repeat, on oath/affirmation, the complaint before a magistrate, after being advised of the penalty for Perjury.
4, The District Attorney must either issue charges OR refer the complaint to the county's Chief Judge for a "John Doe Hearing".
5. In all cases where the evidence does not support a prosecution or the accused is not found guilty by a Court, the District Attorney shall/must issue charges of False Swearing and Perjury----Without any "plea bargaining" or "deferred prosecution" allowed under law.
6. Any falsely accused person or organization should be allowed triple damages against any false accuser or any organization supporting such offenses against the law and justice.
7. As to schools, the penalties for not reporting such abuse must include the revocation of the teaching/principal/like licenses of staff who fail to properly report abuse.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lawyers, "License To Steal", Lyrics

License to Steal

Al Stewart

He walks into the room
He's got a briefcase like a bomb
A smile on both faces
And he calls it aplomb

He wants a bite of your apple
Hands you back the peel
He's fresh out of law school
He's got a license to steal

When he offers his advice
You can guarantee
For several hundred dollars an hour
He will see just how many complications
Your life will reveal
He's fresh out of law school
He's got a license to steal

He's an ambulance chaser
A waver of papers
He loves to mix with the movers and shakers
He's taking from them
He's taking from you
Lawyers love money
Anybody's will do
Just take it

He's poking his nose into people's despair
When tragedy strikes he will always be there
Looking so cool
His greed is hard to conceal
He's fresh out of law school
You gave him a license to steal

We've got seven hundred thousand attorneys at law
Nobody can tell me what we need them all for
We should throw them in chains
Chastise them and rebuke them
If it doesn't work
We ought to take 'em out and nuke 'em

Blow a lawyer to pieces
It's the obvious way
Don't wait for a thesis
Do it today
Take him to the court of no final appeal
When you're fresh out of lawyers
You don't know how good it's gonna feel