Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Winds Of Palestine & Gaza---AP & NYT

The Muslims of the Gaza and Palestine have sown the wind---By allowing and abeting the launching of rockets against Israel from their terror-terries and by sheltering terrorists and their weapons in private homes.

They have reaped the whirlwind of Israel's reaction---And have the gall to complain when such emphatic justice in imposed on them.

What I find as specially disturbing is the AP-New York Times description of Palestinian rocket attacks as "pelting" (As if they were using snow-balls in Wisconsin or candied almonds at a Sicilian wedding) Israel with rockets, while noting a rain of bombs on the thugs in the Gaza. This is further evidence of the bias of those one-time news organizations upon which too many newspapers waste their limited resources for wire services.

Oh yes: I am not of the Jewish Faith nor do I have any financial interests in the State of Israel.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mussolini, Hitler, Christianity & Islam

The present role of too many in the Holy See (And other positions of secular and Christian leadership in Europe) to the forces of Islam is the same as that of Mussolini to Hitler: One of fawning, subservient, bowing-and-scraping, corrupt, boot-licking and self-prostituting worms.

The cowardliness of such Christian "leaders" (And their equally weak and self=serving secular fellows) begins and is based on their unwillingness (And pathological inability) to declare the truths about Islam:: Beginning with its goals to subvert and destroy the Christian Churches---Without regard to any "reaching out" and joint meetings of Christian clergy and Muslim dissemblers; And, continuing with the re-revelation that the basic and unchangeable teachings approve and allow, if not command, the use of murder, rape, enslavement, genocide, robbery and perpetual war with "unbelievers" to gain that goal.

As to such people, I paraphrase: It would have been better if they had not been born!

Within the USA and few other refuges for strong and self-sacrificing Christians (And equally valiant and righteous Jews and Sikhs) there is still some hope that the new Jihad will be resisted and, as in better days, suppressed to a meaningless, yet hate-filled, ideology.

As to the USA I am very concerned that the equally Nazi-like forces of Secular-Humanists (ie Militant Atheists) will attempt to use "diversity" and giving way to Islamic interests in an effort to destroy the place of Christians and Jews in our common history and in the public forums of politics, common schools, universities, court houses, legislative bodies and executive offices----Where they have already had too much success by the use of half-truths (Worse than lies) and a slow grinding away of individual and Natural Law rights.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Defending Islamic Humor

Who really claims that Muslims have no sense-of-humor? Why, such persons have truly misunderstood the "joking" of the "Fort Dix Six" who were only "kidding" when they, so humorously, bantered about killing as many US military as is possible at Fort Dix.

Of course, some might claim that statements claiming that any such acts were for "for Allah" were in bad taste; But, some such lack of political correctness and good manners is so common on late-night TV talk shows as to cause no great damage to the Muslim equivalent of the authors of the Islamic version of the Joe Miller Joke Book. No doubt, their extended stay as a guest of the USA (In some maximum security prison) will allow them to continue their careers as some of Islam's most funny people.

Since there are many Muslims in the USA, you might wish to forward this note to such as you know and others interested in their "Faith"---To support Muslim's own humor life and the place of Islam in maintaining the tradition of broad humor as a typical American institution,.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Science 101 For Journalists

It appears to me that some newspapers do an excellent job of presenting self-produced stories on the hard sciences (eg Chemistry, Physics, Biology.). Although such offerings often require more than one careful reading (And often require me to "strain my brain"), the facts are often clear and the presentation appropriate for the serious reader. An excellent example of such is the December 14th offering by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on stem cell research!

The real problems in your science reporting lies in three areas: As to articles regarding the "soft sciences" (eg Psychology, Sociology, Political Science); Articles reprinted from wire services or other newspapers and their less careful editors or science reporters; And, printed or reprinted without included evaluation as to the existence/lack of good scientific-research standards for each such report.

Although all such "problem" articles should be put to the tests of sound science, it might be well for your paper (In a Sunday editorial section) to educate/reeducate your readers (And some reporters and editors) as to those principles of good research VS. what is, too often, inflicted on the public as such. Newspapers not underestimate their serious (The people who still read real newspapers) readers as they do carefully read stories as to real or meaningless research.

Below I have included a (Probably partial) list of subjects for any such presentation or series.

1. What is "research design"?
2. Experimental VS. control group studies; Selection and exclusion of
3. Multi-factor matching research.
4. Levels-Of-Confidence (With/without explaining T-scores).
5. The basics of "averages", "means" and other statistical terms.
6. Defining the terms and limits of any research project; And, to what extent
can any research project lead to reliable-and-valid conclusions.
7.The scientific meaning of "reliable-and-valid".
8. The scientific meaning of "bias" as to research.
9. Sources of "bias" including, but not limited to: The motivations of those funding
research; Biases in selecting subjects or data bases; "Politically correct" avoidance
of "offending" those who are easily offended; Use of non-standardized or
non-structured interviewing techniques where personal interviews are used;
Exclusion, by the experimenter or in the pool of subjects, of persons whose
involvement would be necessary to draw reliable-and-valid general conclusions;

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Religion 101 For Journalists

Along with reporters-and-editors failures to properly present and evaluate news regarding science (And to, thereby, educate their readers), the failure of journalists to accurately and fully present the essential teachings of religions and like ideologies is anathema to me and, I suspect, many readers----Especially those who are members of such religions or equivalent ideologies.

Although both failures may represent the lack of a suitable education or just plain laziness and lack of professional responsibility, the lack of information or actual bias and misinformation as to religions may be founded on some conscious or suppressed desire to destroy the place of religion in our current public forums (Including newspapers, public schools, history books and court houses). Of course, some of these failures may also be based on the false premises that "all religions are the same" or even the even falser premise that there is nothing good in any religion (Usually put forth by the Mullahs of the religion of Atheism in a all too common effort to suppress other Faiths and not allow the People free choice).

Journalists should write, from a sound knowledge base, of religions as to their: Orthodox and heterodox teachings as defined by both members and critics (Pointing out the biases of each); Note how those teachings impact on today's members and others; And, be prepared, when appropriate, to note how such faiths have had an impact on history and such subjects as the development of general human knowledge and schools, medical science, governments, military aggression and defensive actions, the Law itself, and those like areas as provide the matrix of true civilizations or the alternative failures to support humane, human behaviors.

Certainly, the recent failure of too many journalists to be fully honest about the historical and present "dark side" of Islam, and that phenomena's direct relationship to the core and unalterable teachings of the Koran and like authority of the Hadith is specially noted as unprofessional journalism.

Excluding Or Dominating Different Beliefs

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 21st "Quick Hit" of Ms. Lori Pyter (A member of that paper's "Editorial Board's Reader Advisory Committee") contained the following and totally wrong statement: "We cannot fight to exclude or dominate those with different beliefs".

Having 34-plus years of professional experience with those whose beliefs support their robbing, raping, assaulting and killing others, I suggest that there are those beliefs we must fight and dominate.

I further suggest that we should also fight, dominate and destroy those whose beliefs as include support for their ideology's approval, if not commands, to use murder, rape, enslavement, genocide,robbery and perpetual war with others to further their causes---As supported by the majority "true believers" of conservative Islam, Nazis and like enemies-of-humanity.

There are those who falsely maintain that all "religions" (Or like ideologies) are the same and that the peaceful basic laws (Without regard to the failure of some to follow them) of Christianity and Buddhism are, in no way, superior to the bloody rites of the Aztecs, the essential-and-unchangeable violence of Islam, the murderous worship of Kali or the Neo-Paganism of the Nazis. Many maintain that the latter group of dangerous ideologies (Some masquerading as "religions") should and must be excluded from human and humane society.

There are those who note that male homosexuals are the leading disease-vector for AIDS/HIV in the USA and who have concluded that the one-man & one-women institution of marriage (In spite of too many failures caused by lack of adult behavior by too many persons) is the essential and soundest basis for any civilization---And that the "homosexual agenda" must be resisted and excluded from public approval for the "Common Good".

I think the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should be advised by those who do maintain such mental standards as support the progress and maintenance of civilization and NOT those who would destroy it in the name of some "false god diversity".

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oxford Junior Dictionary VS. Christianity

This entry could as well have been headed, "The Price Of A Multi-Cultural Society" OR
"Destroying History So Its Mistakes Can Be Repeated".

The "Oxford Junior Dictionary" (UK) has dropped such words as "bishop", "disciple",
"chapel", "sin" and "devil".

If such measures are successful, then the Secularists (ie Atheists) can begin eliminating such words as "Buddha", "Gospel", "mercy", "Democracy", "History", "Jews", "Justice", "God", "Jesus" and (If and only if those mind killers have the courage) "Koran", "Islam" and "Mohammed".

Such "verbal engineering" as comes before "social engineering" should remind all of the of the "newspeak" in George Orwell's novel "1984". Of course, this novel and its lessons are not taught in "newschools" or known in "newnewsrooms".

On Bombing Churches & Defense Of Liberty

I am old enough to remember when anti-Black statements, by the KKK and others, were basic to the bombing and fire-bombing of Black churches in the USA's South. I can now reasonably ask if the anti-Christian rhetoric by professional-atheists, Muslims and others is basic to the recent rash of church invasions AND the fire-bombing of the Wasilla, Alaska Bible Church (When women and children were present) on December 13, 2008.

Of course, this last attack could be on the basis of political hate as it is the home church of Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin. In that case, the range of suspects would expand to include outraged, pro-death, professional-"feminists", such Democrats as (In Milwaukee, Wisconsin) sent party operatives (One the son of a Member of the Congress) out to slash the tires of vans leased by Republicans to transport the aged and infirm to the polls or any other leftist (Who are generally enemies of democracy and the real rule-of-law, which enemies include hyperactive, pro-left, judges).

In any case, such an attack goes well beyond the level of an "insult" as requires Christians to "turn the other cheek". Fire bombings, mob action invasions and like acts of anti-Christians allow, if not require, the same response as made by those Crusaders who drove the Islamic terrorists out of Iberia, Sicily the Balkans Greece and stopped them at such places as the Polish-Lithuanian border, the Bay of Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna (On a better "9/11") AND those modern Crusaders who destroyed the Nazis and put down the evil of Imperial Japan. If the forces of government cannot control such new and anti-Christian terrorists, then Christians must physically destroy them lest they injure or kill such innocents as were present in Ms. Palin's Church or otherwise put such in danger or even fear of death or great bodily injury.

To paraphrase the militia captain at Lexington in 1775, "If they want a war, let it begin now!".(Perhaps those Americans who "cling to their religion and guns" per Senator Obama have a good reason for their recent surge in buying firearms.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Is "Free Exercise Of Religion"?

It appears that the essential limit to the Federal Government's (And that of the States via the 14th Amendment) to interference with religious-based behavior (Not thoughts or ideas which, even if expressed, are beyond such interference to this time) is the question: Does the government, for the People, have a "compelling state interest" in so interfering?

During the next four years, this matter may become front-and-center in this very divided nation. We the People, our elected representatives and the courts should be prepared to determine if our governments have an "compelling state interest" to:
1. Compel hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and other like institutions and persons
to act against their religion-based consciences to perform or enable abortion,
distribute birth-control drugs or services, teach anything positive about those actions
in our public or private schools or other places;
2. Take away the tax-exempt status of any religious organization for directly addressing,
including from pulpits and in publications, the perceived moral standing of political
parties, officials, or candidate for office or their positions on public issues
(Remembering that the power to tax is the power to destroy);
3. Punish individuals or corporations for withholding services or goods on the
same basis;
4.Take away, probably by small increments, the Natural Law Right (As a religious
belief) of persons to defend themselves and other innocent persons from
criminal attacks and to have ready means (Modern fire arms and ammunition) to do
in the usual lack of such a police or military presence or unwillingness to instantly
provide such protection (Remember that tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin and the
Muslim rulers of various lands all did so before moving on to great crimes);
5. Use some form of "fairness doctrine" to drive off the airways religious programs
and those commentators who support religious life and the unfettered place of
religion in public forums;
6. Establish Atheism as the State Religion (Yes, it is a religion as it is based on the
"theological" premise that there is no God nor gods; And, has been ruled a religion
by the USA's Seventh Circuit Court Of Appeals);
7. Take away from parents and guardians the right to avoid public schools by
home schooling, use of private schools and other means.
8. Attack Christianity and Christians by placing other religions in the public schools
and forums (eg Mandatory practice of Muslim religious rites in California schools,
without prior notice to parents and without giving other religions an equal place;
New York City's placement of Muslim and Jewish symbols in public places while
excluding Christian symbols in the same locations); And,
9. And, no doubt, many other, defining and dividing issues.

You and all citizens should remember the history of some of these issues (So as not to be condemned to repeat prior errors) and that some of them resulted in revolt, revolution, the trial and execution of chiefs-of-state and other officials and the overturning of governments.

Now, how will our elect officials act and editors comment on these issue?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mall Of The Americas & Islamic Prayer Space

I understand that the Mall Of The Americas has provided special, holiday, prayer space for Muslims, who hope for a permanent like space there.

I have been unable to determine if like space is provided for Christians, Jews, Buddists, Shintoists. More specially, what holiday provisions will be made for the worshipers of Kali, Ba'al and the old Aztec gods? In other words, where can I make my holiday sacrifice of goats or virgins (Assuming any are left) and babies (No, not in an abortion mill, although that mall may offer that service as it now supports Islam, a criminal-terrorist ideology which allows or encourages, and sometimes commands, the use of murder, rape, genocide, slavery, robbery and perpetual war).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

IN RE: Proposed Australian Bill-Of-Rights

Having gone over the proposed, Australian, Bill Of Rights the following comments leapt our of my mind.
1. It appears to be written by attorneys for attorneys, and to insure that that group
of persons (Who produce nothing which can be eaten, worn, provide shelter or
give innocent pleasure) lose any income if it is enacted.
2. It fails (Like the Bill Of Rights in the USA) to define "religion" and exclude from
inclusion in that definition ideologies which encourage, solicit and command
physical attacks on humans outside each such ideology's membership.
3. Unless I missed it, it does not provide for each citizen's Natural Law right to
defend themselves and innocent others from dangerous, physical, attacks AND,
where the forces of government cannot provide instant protection from such
attacks, the full right to do so AND the means to enforce that right.
4. I fail to understand the separation of Article-7 and Article-8 and would welcome
some explanation of that action. (In any case and to avoid the errors of the
Canadian system, I would suggest the addition of some such wording as "No
person has any right to expect protection from intellectual attacks on his/her
religion or ideologies or political positions or any non-physical object by other
persons exercising their rights under this section.".)
5, Article-20 should include an exception for sentences (eg "At hard labour") imposed
by a court upon conviction of a crime.
6. Article-28should include the same provision forbidding retroactive civil penalties.
IN BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. (This to keep the definition of "rights" within
the legislative branch, as has NOT been the case in the USA, and the gross
abuse of the law, generally, by the too-independent courts of Canada. This would do
much to relieve the concerns of those who fear the imposition of a god-like

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

My mother frequently told me, "If you can't say something nice about a person, do not speak". Line many other sons, I have (As my readers very specially know) ignored that motherly advise.

Perhaps, Senator Obama's mother told him, "If you can not speak the exact truth, do not speak" AND he is following that good advise as to his or his organization's interactions with Governor Blagojevich (As he has avoided the whole truth as to his birth and many issues facing the American People).