Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama As Welfare Leech

One of the facts of our "brave new world" has been the abuse of social welfare programs by those who appear all too ready to take rather than contribute to their families and our communities. Too many "love them and leave them" unwed fathers, their partners who dribble children among their relatives and community agencies and those who rush to file false claims for such programs as flood relief have become entrenched, as perpetual parasites, in our cities, counties, states and nation.

We might look at the career of Sen. Obama as that which has produced nothing of value for our economy and which appears to be a series of self-poofing-up political moves, upward and onwards towards his present goal---Which is beyond his service, experience and sacrifice "pay grade". Mr. Obama has, in fact, been both an advocate of more welfare programs and a direct recipient of welfare benefits. I suggest that he be informed, by the voters, to get a real job and contrubute something beyond slick-speech and vote buying promises to the People.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Of Generals & Colin Powell

All generals (And admirals) must, to achieve that rank, combine three qualities in some and varying mixtures. Those qualities are: Fighting spirit and skills; Administrative skills, of which the most important is logistics; And, people or political skills in dealing with personnel matters and with the politicians-in-power.

However, some do excel in one or two of these qualities, demonstrating full competence and overriding excellence in all three being all but unknown. It should also be noted that an unbalanced excellence in only one leads to the danger of an unbalance in overall military abilities and performance. Below you will find some examples of balanced and unbalanced military leaders and mis-leaders.

Patton was the most recent example of a specially "fighting general" who, along "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell, led troops without much regard for administrative or political niceties. Such political and administrative support as allowed them to do such was provided by others who often had to "protect them" from logistic and political mistakes. Other generals who had the same general, general, characteristics include George Washington (Who certainly had political problems with the Continental Congress) and William T. Sherman who cared little for politicians and was protected by U. S. Grant.

The best, if not most famous, of our "administrative" generals was George Marshall who is known as the "Organizer Of The Allied Victory In World War-II" and was a quiet, totally logical, master of the military arts and a gentleman well beyond anything which could be proclaimed or established by an Act Of Congress. His skills and success in this area were so great as to put him beyond any doubts as of political support-or-opposition or combat courage or experience.

The most noticeable "political generals" were George B. McClellan (Who seemed incapable of fighting any decisive battles, except that of maintaining political support) Douglas MacArthur (Who was strangely given honors after his disastrous leadership in the Philippines at the beginning of WW-2 and whose alleged success in the Pacific campaigns of that war were in spite of his acts and were really based on the acts of the US Navy's leaders) AND General Colin Powell who, after a credible beginning as a very junior combat officer, dived into military politics and had an often criticized performance with no real record of those services which "made a difference" as to the defense of this nation.

General MacArthur's conflict with President Harry S. Truman and resistance to civilian and constitutional authority caused his downfall and "fading away" as a force in the politics of this nation in spite of some Obama-like worship by some media and politicians.

It now appears that (Thankfully retired) Gen. Powell is again attempting to manipulate the political system of the USA by his endorsement of Sen. Obama. To my mind I cannot discern if that endorsement is based on conviction, race (Racist) motives or, perhaps the most likely, on some effort to either push forward his income from book publications OR, even, some high (Cabinet level?) post in an Obama administration. The USA needs him only slightly more that the even more self-serving and even more artificial Barak Hussein. Obama.

Generals U. S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower appear to be the most balanced of this nation's generals.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

NRA Erred In Endorsement

As a NRA member and Wisconsin citizen I oppose the NRA's endorsement of Representative Steve Kagen for reelection to the House Of Representatives.

Although John Gard, Mr. Kagen's opponent and ex-congressman, also shares a 100% NRA rating, we should consider that Mr. Kagen is supported by the teacher's union, which has bought or leased Wisconsin's Governor Jim Doyle, a fierce opponent of citizens' rights to keep and bear arms. Mr. Doyle has twice vetoed passed bills authorizing licenses for CCW in Wisconsin in forms consistent with that State's Constitution (Although I have concluded that no licensing is really required here because of the wording of that document).

Mr. Kagen is supported by that Governor AND belongs to the Democrat Party, most of whose power-brokers and presidential candidate have clearly demonstrated hate of the Second Amendment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

USCCB Errors On Faithful Citizenship

In my parish bulletin this week was a copy of the document "The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship". In large part it is well formed; But, contains fatal or near-fatal errors as to history, scripture, logic and development---Especially as to too many bishop's failure to demonstrate courage in maintaining sound principles and instruction as outlined below.

LACK OF COURAGE: If the bishops (And other clergy) were truly supporting the rights of the Church to speak out on moral issues as to elections and candidates, they should directly indicate that supporting any Party or voting for any candidate which supports abortion-upon-demand, partial birth abortions, the unnecessary killing of embryos for "research" (A process which has NOT yielded medical treatment of value) and euthanasia have self-excommunicated themselves. Any such offending Party and candidates should and must be identified by name-From the pulpit and in Church newspapers.

THE DEATH PENALTY: Opposition to the death penalty is NOT based on the scriptures or Natural Law. In fact, St. Paul approved of the State's use of the sword to enforce civil laws AND the Church itself, when it ruled the Vatican States, applied the death penalty (Sometimes by beating the offender to death) against murderers, rapists and other such creatures as a mode of defending the People of God against such offenders.
Such offenders voluntarily give up any "rights to life" with which they were born and subject themselves to the death penalty after due process legal proceedings and acts of self-defense (Please see below) by threatened victims.
The choice of what penalties to inflict on such offenders (Including, for example, rapists and traitors) is something which "belongs to Caesar", now being the People in democratic nations.)

JUST WARS: The bishops failed to define what is a "just war". Such wars are well known in our histories; Among which are the Crusades which opposed the banditry, genocide, rape, retail murder and theft of nations and peoples by the followers of that False Prophet Mohammed, drove those criminals out of Iberia, Sicily, the Balkans, Greece AND stopped their campaigns of terror and crime at such places as the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth, Tours, Lepanto and, on a much better "9/11" the Gates-Of-Vienna.. I might add the Civil War in the USA which led to the abolition of slavery and, of course, the "Crusade In Europe" against the Nazis. The removal of the genocidal leader of Iraq was also a matter of justice.

SELF DEFENSE: The bishops have again failed to note, declare and maintain the Natural Right to self-defense against criminal acts which threaten innocent life or even the means to maintain bodily integrity (eg Against rapists) or the means to life (eg Against those who use force to rob the earnings of honest workers).
More exactly, those bishops have failed to support the rights of the innocent to the means to enforce such protections against criminal attacks by instant-and-effective actions of the State OR access to such weapons as will allow them to do so themselves.
It does the Church little credit to, for example, send food and medical supplies to the Darfur region of the Sudan when the State supported Jihadi murder, rape and abuse those there so they cannot benefit from such gifts.

CORRECTIONS NEEDED: The USCBB should and must correct its various errors in this matter and that at the soonest date.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lessons From History-Obama & Hitler

Some little time ago I watched Sen. Obama speaking, between band sets, to worshiping German crowds. Strangely enough, I had just viewed a DVD as to Hitler doing the same.

Earlier on that same DVD were shots of Hitler's Brown-Shirts going about and intimidating their fellow citizens and some shots of such thugs using force and the threat-of-force against opponents of the Nazi Party. It now appears that Obama's "Truth Squads", including police, are working up to the same level of arrogant intimidation in such places as Eastern Missouri, Chicago and else-wheres. The only yet missing pieces are uniforms, straight armed salutes (Obama's youth workers have their own, folded arm, signsalute) and direct physical assaults.

Perhaps the "Fruit Of Islam" (The uniformed enforcers for the Nation Of Islam), whose uniforms do remind many of the SA, will fill in the picture in days-to-come. Certainly the leader of the Nation Of Islam, who has declared Sen. Obama the Messiah, is as anti-Jew as Hitler and his worshipful mob of followers.

Can we expect that an Obama Reich will yield gross limits on freedom of speech (Perhaps through some perverted "Fairness Doctrine"), giving Islam a upper seat in our nation (Think of the California pupils recently required to practice Muslim rituals in their classrooms), confiscation of firearms from all but the police, and military (Under Obama's control and who would not enforce such laws against Party Members) and other measures destructive of democracy.

I still am amazed that any Jew would vote for any member of Obama's Party now---When they still have a choice. Are such Jewish Obama supporters ready to again wear yellow stars? Perhaps they hope to be "helpers" (Who aided in Pogroms and in the Death Camps) under the new rule.

Are all ready to repeat history for want of learning from and acting upon its lessons?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sen. Obama, Associations & Criminology

Some Social-Psychologists and Criminologists have posited that people self-select their companions and associates who do NOT train or indoctrinate them; But, rather, reinforce their pre-set tendencies. It is also posited that this begins at a very early age (About seven years old) and continues through life.

Therefore (Assuming this is true) children with positive values as to education, athletics, honesty will group together with like-minded persons who give positive responses to such behaviors and ideas. Likewise, those who tend towards criminality, disobedience, destruction of property, lying and similar tendencies will join one another for such emotional or mental or physical rewards as such associations bring to the end that their acts and thoughts are "reinforced".

However, it is not only children who drift towards such mutual-admiration and negative groups. Consider the tendency of "needle sharing" drug addicts, non-monogamous and adult-onset homosexuals, anti-democracy group terrorists (So common at too many of our universities) and such like enemies of humane humanness.

How then does this apply to Senator Obama? He did not, of course, have a choice in his enrollment in a Koran school in Indonesia. Yet, his statement as to supporting Muslims if the political winds blow badly and his willingness to sit down, without ground rules, with the leaders of terrorist and Mad-Mullah ruled Iran do lead me to wonder about the effect of his early years' orientation.

As an adult, he did have close associations with persons (And organizations) which preached and practiced racism (His wife and the Black Muslims), terrorism (Mr. Ayres and other traitors), vote-fixing groups (Acorn and the Chicago political machine) and other like persons and groups.

Senator Obama may or may not have been "formed" by such associations. However, he does seem to have drifted towards those who would reinforce-by-approval his actions AND whose thoughts and actions he would and did approve by ongoing associations. Such movement is not, as such, abnormal; But, the end results can be harmful to society and the self.

Too many in the media continue to pound the drum of those who project that a candidate's formative associations are not important. At the least, they should point out that some scientists hold that is NOT the case AND that just "knowing people" who are dysfunctional (As I did as a Probation & Parole Agent and prison Social Worker) is NOT the same as the types of self-justifying relationships described above and as, perhaps, led to the "real Senator Obama" .

Association is not evidence of any guilt; BUT, can be (Is?) evidence of basic character.