Wednesday, July 31, 2019

On Mass Murders/Killings/Woundings

There does not appear to be any "official" definition of "Mass Shootings Or Murders". As best as I can determine the following is the very variable, common, definition: Three-to-five or more deaths or injuries in a single event or short period of time [ie Not including the offender(s)].

Depending of which variables are accepted, there may be a decrease in such "events" (Most specially in schools) over the last several years. (The number of such victims is minute compared to the ongoing murders in such places as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and other like cities (As have been under the control of Democrats for many, many, years).

As investigating and reporting on some other variables has been too "politically incorrect" for police or "media" reporting, it appears that most (ie Approaching 100%?) of such killings have been inflicted in the USA by:
1. Members-of or contributors-to or clients-of The Democrat Party or by Socialists; Or,
2. Muslims or their co-actors waging the commanded Jihad against those they consider as "unbelievers" (eg As in San Bernardino, CA or in a Florida nightclub).

In recent weeks there have been some "Mass Killings" (ie If the low range of victims is accepted as defining that term) in the USA. In recent weeks there was a mass killing in Japan (ie Which has draconian laws against private possession of firearms) by use of "a pail of gasoline".

That same method has been used in the USA.

I know of some other WMD which can be easily constructed by unskilled or semi-skilled persons from legally purchased materials which can: Destroy a crowd of people in an open setting; Or, destroy a medium-plus sized building (eg A high school building); Or, "take out" a suburban neighborhood. (For obvious reasons I will not provide details here!)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Iran, Piracy & History

In the early 1800s the new United States, with a very small navy, waged "Mini-Wars" against the Islamist pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. Those scum were waging, for financial gain and in obedience to the unalterable commands of Islam, such piracy which was an attack on the "freedom of the seas" and against those who Muslims consider as "unbelievers".

The USA's use of naval and limited, on land, force ended those attacks. The much larger powers of France, Spain and England failed to demonstrate such courage.

I will not insult your intelligence by detailing the parallels with the current attacks as ordered by Iran's, very orthodox, Mullahs and executed by Iran's paramilitary and Jihad waging forces. 

Pirates may be killed out-of-hand or after very summary courts martial by responding military forces.

The following quotes strictly apply to the above piracy:
1. "Pirates are the enemies of all mankind." (ie Humanity) (Probable source is Hugo Grotius a prime founder of international law); And,
2. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (George Santayana).

Please note that I have served against evil "men" by dangerous service with the US Navy. 


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Federal Officers And Arresting Illegal immigrants

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and other like persons have been soliciting illegal immigrants to not obey judicially signed orders (ie Warrants) which require sworn law enforcement officers to arrest them by not allowing (ie Resisting) their entry into homes where such offenders are reasonably believed to be. That denial-of or resistance-to such lawful entry is a crime.

As Pelosi is hiding behind her, constitutional, "congressional immunity" she appears to be immune to such prosecution as would be imposed on "ordinary" citizens. (I do challenge her to make the same statements outside of the Capitol Building AND after rejecting the that protection! I HOPE THAT SOME MEMBER ASKS HER TO DO SO BY A FORMAL STATEMENT ON THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.)

If, and only if, she would "lower herself" to the status of we Americans, it would be a test of "equal justice under law" to see if appropriate, criminal, charges would be laid against her.


Those illegal (ie NOT "undocumented") immigrants who might get "swept up" during the arrests of those subject to such judicial warrants should not: Have been in the USA; And, should not be sheltering or be sheltered-by those violators of our law and of court orders.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Betsy Ross, Slavery & THAT FLAG

It appears that some of the haters of our Republic have failed to check facts or continue to lie about them.

Betsy Ross was a Pennsylvanian. Pennsylvania enacted the first State law for eliminating slavery in 1780. By 1810 it had less than 1000 slaves, a number which became Zero before 1860. That was the year many, many, Pennsylvanians and other (The vast majority of whom were White) Americans spent their lives-and-limbs to defeat the Confederacy and its, minority, of slave holders.

As far as I know, her views on slavery are not documented. It appears that she was a part of an anti-slavery, Christian, Church. However, her support of our first Revolution does provide proof that she opposed tyranny which "resistance" is proclaimed by her flag.

The pathological tyranny of such as NIKE and Kopronik (sic) is grossly opposed to the best principles of this Republic which have slowly progressed towards that equal justice under law as opposed by such tyrants as those Socialist-Fascists.

                                                        VERITAS NON GRATIAM TYRANNI