Saturday, November 13, 2010

Believing Republicans On Budget Reforms

I will "believe" that Republicans are sincere and effective about controlling our Federal government's spending when they initiate and force through such measures as would: Reduce their salaries by 10% until such time as we have a balanced budget without borrowing money; Require Members and their staff to pay "fair market value" for such fringe benefits as retirement, health insurance, hair cuts, meals in the Congress' restaurants and the other like "goodies" they get; Require members to cut their staff budgets by 10% (Same condition as above; And, without "out-sourcing")

The House can also cut the number and grossly over-pay of Federal bureaucrats; And, should start with Mr. Obama's Czars who are not subject to the same Congressional control as the already in-place Department Secretaries and Under-Secretaries.

Any refusal by Democrats will make good "ammo" for the GOP's use in the 2012 election. Refusal by Republicans would provide the "other Party" with far too much like "ammo".

I will believe the effectiveness of "Tea Party" organizations when they make very public either parties' Members refusal to go along with such measures.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Litany For Crusaders


Benedictus dominus deus meus qui docet manus meas ad proelium

By James Pawlak
All Rights Reserved


To all the Crusaders who have put their lives and very souls at risk in taking up arms against all false prophets and enemies of the Faith throughout all the centuries. THESE WERE AND ARE THE TRUE WITNESSES, MARTYRS, OF AND FOR THE FAITH.


Copies of this document were sent to Most Reverend Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee, for ecclesiastical approval. As of the time of this publication no response, as to such approval, was had from him except a meaningless letter filled with platitudes about martyrs.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


As Christ Jesus is our Ruler and his saints and blessed ones our friends, let us pray:

Christ Jesus Ruler, Christ Jesus Victor,
Have mercy on us;

Have mercy on us;

Lord of Splendor, Grace and Glory,
Have mercy on us;

Eternal Judge,
Have mercy on us;

Holy God! Holy Mighty One! Holy Immortal One!
Have mercy on us;

St. Louis, Crusader, King and good friend of the
Pray for us;

St. Michael the Archangel, Victor over the Evil One,
Pray for us;

St. Joan of Arc, Armored in Virtue,
Pray for us;

St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church and Definer of
True Knighthood,
Pray for us;

St. Acarius of Byzantium, Martyr and truly good Centurion,
Pray for us;

St. George, Martyr and soldier;
Pray for us;

St. Adrian of Nicomedia, Officer and Martyr,
Pray for us;

St. Ignatius of Loyola, Soldier and commander of men,
Pray for us;

St. James, Apostle of Christ and banner of the Spanish Crusaders,
Pray for us;

St. Theodore Statelates, General and Martyr,
Pray for us;

St. Gabriel Possenti, Pistol shooting protector of the innocent;
Pray for us;

Blessed Mark d'Aviano, Preacher against the attackers of the Christian lands, flame for Crusaders;
Pray for us;

All Crusaders in every time and place;
Pray for us.

Gospel Reading

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to St. Luke, the twenty-second chapter, verses thirty-five through thirty-eight.

And He said to them, “WHEN I SENT YOU WITH NO
PURSE OR BAG OR SANDALS, DID YOU LACK ANYTHING?” They said, “Nothing”. He said to them,
they said, “Look, Lord, here are two swords”. And he
said unto them, “THEY ARE SUFFICIENT”.

The Gospel of the Lord!

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!


(Please see the notes below as to directions.)


Blessed be the Lord my God who teacheth my hands to fight and my fingers to war.

Blessed be the Lord my God who teacheth my hands to fight and my fingers to war.

Crusader's Prayer

As we prepare to go forth, let us pray.
Here we are with our willing hearts and our two swords, ready to defend against the external and internal enemies of Your Churches and Peoples. Please be our Commander and Leader against those who would destroy the Faith.

Amen! Now and forever, for the age of ages, AMEN!


In the Name of The Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit go forth to defend the Faith.

We march forth with thanks to God!


January 21st---(In the United States) To remind us of the temporary victory of the Evil One when the internal enemies of life and Christ convinced the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of Roe VS. Wade to allow abortion upon demand. (Outside of the United States of America, some equivalent memorial day may be chosen.)

March 23rd---To remind us of the independence of the Greeks from Mohammedan Turkish rule.

April 18th---To remind us of the forced ejection of the Mohammedan Turks from Beograd.

May 8th---In remembrance of the end of the “Crusade in Europe”, being “V-E Day”, the end of the Nazi terror.

August 16th---Being “V-J Day”; To reflect on the millions who died to defend civilization against all types of imperial aggression.

September 11th---To remind us of the Mohammedan attacks upon the United States of America and those who died resisting those attacks and in efforts to rescue the endangered victims of that foul attack.

September 12th---To celebrate the defeat of the Mohammedan Turks at Vienna, their last major, land, invasion from the East.

October 7th---To specially note the great sea battle of Lepento where the Mohammedan navy was sent down to defeat.

October 9th---To remember what few do: The defeat of the Mohammedan Turks at Chocim (Followed by the battles at Lvov and Zurawno), their last major attack against Northern Europe.

October 10th---To remember that long ago date when the Christian French, under the command of Charles Martel, defeated the Mohammedan “Moors” at the Battle of Tours.

The memorial days of the saints and blessed ones listed in the litany, being:
February 7th---St. Theodore Stratelates;
February 27th---St. Gabriel Possenti
April 23rd---St. George (November 1st in the Russian Orthodox Church);
May 7th---St. Acacius of Byzantium;
May 30th---St. Joan of Arc;
July 25th---St. James the Greater;
July 31st---St. Ignatius of Loyola;
August 13th—Blessed Marco d'Aviano
August 20th—St. Bernard of Clairvaux
August 25th---St. Louis (IX);
September 8th---St. Adrian of Nicomedia; And,
September 29th---St. Michael the Archangel.


1.In the readings, the words to be spoken by a priest or deacon or, lacking such ordained persons, a prayer leader, are in bold face The words spoken by Christ are in both BOLD FACE AND CAPITOL LETTERS, which words should be spoken only (In order of preference) by a priest, deacon or prayer leader; The words in ordinary type are to be said by all present.
2.If this prayer service is a part of the Holy Mass or Divine Liturgy, it is recommended that it be had just before the dismissal of the People of God..
3.If this litany is had at the end of the Holy Mass or a Divine Liturgy, then any ordained priest or deacon is expected to deliver a suitable homily or sermon at the appropriate place in that service. If this litany is had apart from the Holy Mass or Divine Liturgy, then suitable homily may be given by an ordained cleric or a suitable talk given by a lay prayer leader. “Suitable” here means a sermon on the noted Gospel or a homily or talk of such subjects as: Discerning who the internal and external enemies of the Churches and The Faith are; On means to defend against their attacks or subversions; Self-discipline; The value of prayer in the life and actions of crusaders; The lives of the above-noted saints, on their memorial days; The meaning, to the Churches and Peoples of God and of true civilization, of
the historical events listed above etc..
4.If those present enter in processional or leave the same way, any suitable anthem (e, g, “Holy God We Praise Thy Name”, “Lift High The Cross”, “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory”) should be used in the United States. In other nations, equivalent anthems. may be sung. Drums and brass instruments may be used also at such times in suitable, somber or triumphal, march tunes.
5.The Gospel reading's last verse is from the Peshitta New Testament (A new
Aramaic-English translation). Aramaic being the language spoken by Christ and
the translation, “THEY ARE SUFFICIENT”, is more appropriate than the usual, and “loaded”, “THAT IS ENOUGH” as found in too many translations.
6.This litany was written by James Pawlak.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Male Homosexuals & Disease Vectors-Revised

Milwaukee Magazine's August, 2007 issue contained the story "Gay in the City" which brought to my mind the possible need to cut away all questions of religion or morality when the behaviors of male homosexuals are discussed and limit debate and actions to the purely scientific base of proven public health practices.

From a purely scientific point-of-view, most male homosexuals (Who have clearly demonstrated a general lack of self control and sense of the "common good") represent a disease vector as do the plague bearing fleas on rats, the flies and cockroaches who hang about "unprotected" food and garbage, mosquitoes who carry malaria and other diseases and other like threats to the health of all People.

If the general and Jewish-Christian foundations of morality are ignored (As is the constant drum beat of the homosexual lobby) and only the science of successful public health programs is applied, the best prevention of any epidemic or endemic disease, including HIV/AIDS, is to liquidate the disease vector(s) most responsible for the spread of the attacking illnesses. Therefore, we kill rats and fleas, destroy flies and cockroaches as much as is possible, destroy mosquitoes and ...!

Of course, I cleave to those standards of human-and-humane behaviors held up by traditional Christian and Jewish standards and maintain that the best reaction is: Love the sinner and hate the sin" AND not the views held up (If not reflected in practice) by Muslims and their cousins, the NAZIs.