Thursday, November 09, 2017

Improving "Diversity" At State Universities/Colleges

There are very many at many universities-and-colleges who maintain that their schools are not sufficiently "Diverse" as to the many world cultures. Therefore, I offer the following measures to correct that lack.

1. Provide altars (On pyramids if possible) with the usual blood channels and obsidian knives as will allow the reactivation of the Aztec religion. The first to be sent to "speak to the gods" should be "diversity officers" and those attacking The Bill Of Rights (ie With the meaning as intended by its authors) or physically attacking those exercising peaceful "free speech". [The skinning-alive of virgins will be a problem as they are now an "endangered species".]

2. Provide stoning-pits and tip-over-walls as will allow Muslims to more easily enforce Sharia as to homosexuals and those women accused of adultery who cannot produce the number of witnesses who would swear to their innocence.

3. Allow the very peaceful and civilized Sikhs to carry their prescribed daggers on campus.

4. Allow any worshipers of Kali to practice thugee on campus---Beginning in "diversity" offices  and the meeting places of those served by the officers in such places.

5. For those worshiping "The Old Religion" provide some oak trees from which they may hang (Bound by one hand and one leg) their alive human offerings. (I regret to note that the Druid branch will not be allowed to use the traditional burning-baskets due to the problem of their "carbon footprint".)

6. For Atheists colleges/universities should set up Pol Pot style "reeducation" camps (With the usual burial trench-pits).

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Who Will Not Surrender Guns

The recent mass shootings in Las Vegas (Nevada) and Sutherland Springs (Texas) has brought forth the usual demands for taking away modern and effective firearms from law-abiding Americans.

The persons making such demands forget that some people will not be disarmed among which are:
1. Criminals (Including those preparing for acts of armed Jihad ) who do not seem to obey the current gun laws and will not obey any future laws; And,
2. Those good Americans who, on the sound basis of our History, know that governments in the USA have a long track record of tyranny as can be more easily inflicted against an unarmed citizenry (This was a matter of great concern to the Founders of our Republic and was basic to the inclusion of The Bill Of Rights as our most basic Law).

Those creatures also ignore the ongoing mass killing as is: The normal state of affairs in (Very anti-gun) Chicago's South Side which yields more murders in a very few months than the Las Vegas and Texas killings combined; And, like rates of murder in such other, Democrat misruled, cities.

In fact, the greatest honesty would require all to note the following fact: If the USA's Blacks were "removed from the numbers", this nation would have a rate of violent crime no higher than, very developed, Belgium had before the recent endemic of Islamist violence.

 μολὼν λαβέ