Friday, January 29, 2010

"Mecca Delenda Est"--The Why & How

I (And other blogers) have been using the expression Mecca Delenda Est ("Mecca Must Be Destroyed") for some time. For myself (And, I suspect, the other users of this version of Cato's slogan) do not care if the physical status of a grubby Arab town is altered in any way. (I would shed tears only for children of that town if a large rock came crashing down from the heavens on that well-spring of evil).

For myself, the "Mecca" I wish destroyed (Totally and without mercy) is the Mecca-Of-Ideas, being the unalterable inventions of the false prophet Mohammed (Changeable only during his life-time and only for his advantage). One summary of those hateful teachings is that Islam allows or encourages, and sometimes commands, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, lying to and stealing from "unbelievers", perpetual war with all non-Muslims until they "Submit" (The real meaning of "Islam") and the other horrors taught by Mohammed to further the group goals of that criminal-terrorist ideology and the illicit power and sexual lusts of its adult, male, members.

Mohammed, himself, was a murderer, liar and treaty breaker, bandit AND the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ideas On Mobius Strip Research

The Moebius Strip, so beloved of those mathematicians called "topologists", has some curious applications in the field of electronics being used to produce a superior resistor not subject to high-frequency interference (1). This causes me to wonder what other applications might be had for that most particular form (A strip with only one side and one edge).

Chemists have even converted molecules into this curious form (2), which makes me wonder what the effect on such manipulating would be as to drugs, fuels, explosives, etc.

What would be the effects of a plastic-explosive in that shape? This should be tested with one strip detonated by various means and at various points. The same should be tested for various combinations of such strips AND both as a primary explosive and as an initiator.

Moebius strips, in various metals and combinations, should be tested under various conditions of electric and electronic excitement at various temperatures down to that of liquid Nitrogen.

I will leave it to your imagination as to other possible ways of looking into the properties of this unique shape.

Of course, as a reader of science-fiction, I note the following possibilities:
1. The tested strip could explode at nuclear or anti-matter levels;
2. Such could merely wink out of existence (In this universe);
3. It could create a "black hole" which would 'eat up" our world;
4. It could open a portal into a star with the expected effect on our world;
5. Other negative effects left to your imagination.

On the other hand, such testing might lead to:
1. A cheap and reliable source of electrical energy superior to any now in existence.
2. Practical "anti-gravity" and quick inter-stellar travel;
3. A method of dumping our toxic wastes "somewhere else"; And,
4. Other positive benefits not listed here.

Anyone knowing of pending research as to the Moebius Strip is asked to contact me. THANKS!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Proposed Constitutional Amendments


Amendment 28: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
United States.

Any citizen shall have standing before the Courts to enforce this Amendment."

NOTE: The above was sent to me by a frequent correspondent. It may be in reaction to the Congress exempting its Members and staffs from the provisions of the "public health reform bill". However, it could as well apply to laws against "insider trading" upon my question: "How did so many congress-critters get so wealthy on their salaries and with the expenses of maintaining residences in their home states and in/about the District of Columbia?".

Amendment 29: "No person born in the United States Of America to parents who have illegally entered that nation shall be entitled to be citizens of the United States by reason of that birth nor shall the children of any such persons have the right to bestow citizenship on their children in a like manner.

No person illegally in the United States shall have any protections under the Constitution other than that of a summary hearing to determine the legality of residence in OUR nation."

NOTE; This proposal addresses the question of "anchor children" born to illegal immigrants and the reconquest of the South-Western USA by an alien population which cares not for the unifying English language or laws-and-customs of the USA's more integrated population.
Amendment 30: "No person shall be forbidden from possession of a firearm except if younger than 18-years of age (If unsupervised by adults) or on the basis of a judicial finding of guilt to a felony or a violent misdemeanor or by judicial finding of such a mental disease or disorder at to justify such a restriction. The Congress may forbid any open or concealed carrying of weapons in courts, jails or prisons or armories and nuclear sites or secure mental institutions or in the immediate presence of the President and Vice-President of the United States, The Congress and equivalent offices of the Several States and Territories."

NOTE: Since there seems to those not conversant with our history that the Second Amendment to the Constitution is unclear, this proposal would clarify that issue.

Amendment 31: "Ten years after the ratification of this Amendment no person having ever graduated from a law school or practiced law shall be a Member of the Congress."

Note: Attorneys, of course, control our Courts and are well on the way to control the Executive Branch of the national Government.I see no reason to allow them to control all branches of government. The Congress seems intent to generate laws that only some attorneys can understand, thus insuring the incomes of this parasitic class and undercutting the principle, for the People, that ignorance of the law is no violation of it.

You might ask yourself: "What do lawyers produce which benefit the economy?"

Amendment 32: "The sum total of words in the United States Code and Federal Administrative Rules shall be limited to a total of 1,000,000 within five years of ratification of this Amendment.

Upon petition of 5000 or more citizens any Federal Law or Administrative Rule can be found, by a jury of average citizens, to be comprehensible and allowable or incomprehensible and stricken from the Statutes or Codes. Average shall mean one who has a high school and one-year of formal post high school education.

Note: If you cannot discover the benefits of this measure, you should find some other country in which to live and suffer

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Airports & "Global Warming"

In the USA, at the least, many (Most?) of the official weather stations are at air-ports. In the past these places were typically at the edges of cities or even in rural or semi-rural areas, with short paved runways, with few flights, with air craft having (By today's standards) low powered and internal combustion engines and minimum numbers of autos and trucks coming and departing. Today, these places are surrounded by suburbs and shipping company facilities with attendant concrete roads, use air craft which have huge and powerful jet engines which produce equally huge heat signatures, extensive runways and other concrete surfaces which retain, reflect and even produce (When laid down) like heat and other sources of increased temperature and localized "carbon foot prints".

I suspect that the same tale is evident where most, civilian, air ports are located. Yet, I can recall only one note as to the taking of air temperatures at such places as a potential source of bias in scientific studies of climate change.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Terrorism Imported Into The USA--By Obama

Mr. B. H. Obama is still adamant about closing the very well designed prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba and transfer its inmates to other nations (Where experience is that they are likely to return to active terrorism) OR transfer them to a prison, probably in Illinois.

I hope the People of Thompson, Illinois, the State of Illinois and of the USA will be pleased by the transfer of the "Gitmo" terrorists to the the prison located in that place---Especially when terrorists seize a local primary school and begin killing one pupil an hour until the other terrorists are safely released from that too convenient prison.

The People of that town may also be expected to learn to appreciate the sound of children being raped and tortured.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Who Is Responcible For Terrorism---Game 3

(This letter is reply to Mr. David's Warren in the Ottawa Citizen of Jan. 1, 2010)

Dear Mr. Warren:

Who is the leading exporter of terrorism in today's world? In Afghanistan and other parts of Asia, Pakistan appears to be the leader if "boots on the ground" are considered in those areas. Pakistan also provides a major base for terrorist training camps Iran appears to be, as you wrote, a "major player"; But, may be limited by limits set by its own internal problems and commitment to a non-Arabic language. Among its far-flung children, the Sudan recruits and provides terrorists in Denmark, the "Twin Cities" of the USA and other places.

Iran does continue to be a major problem as too many "Mad Mullahs" worship death (In the causes of Islam) as opposed to those (Other than abortion supporters) in the West who tend to worship life.

Yet, Saudi Arabia provides the largest portion of pro-Islam and anti-other propaganda. Its royal and other subjects carefully and through untraceable means (Ofter "Islamic Charities") provide huge sums of cash to many terrorist groups in the Middle East and other places.

The real source of such terrorism is in the Koran as an unalterable teacher of the principles that Muslims are encouraged and allowed, and sometimes commanded, to use murder, genocide, rape-and-enslavement, perpetual war with "unbelievers" and other, horrid, teachings, all to further the causes of Islam (And the power and sexual lusts of adult, male, Muslims).

Today, betrayal is bought not with 30 pieces of silver, but with larger numbers of barrels of oil. If Dante would have known of these traitors, he would (No doubt) have put them in the lowest and most frozen Circle-Of-Hell.

Your most loyal reader,
James Pawlak

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pope "Preaching To The Choir"

For 1400-plus years Islam has allowed or encouraged, and sometimes commanded, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelievers" and the other horrors taught by the false-prophet Mohammed (Himself a murderer, bandit, liar and treaty breaker AND the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child) to advance the causes of Islam and to satisfy the sex-and-power lusts of Muslims. For most of this time the Church has preached mercy-peace-love, without too much concern for the concepts of justice for and protection of the victims of Jihad The practice of these teachings continue to this day.

The exceptions to this suicidal position have been those crusaders who have fought Islam, Nazism (And its allies, including many Muslims), and Atheistic-Communism in many places and times.

Yet the Pope (And too many others) continue to mouth such platitudes as Muslims will not hear and, if heard, will find in direct opposition to the core of their ideology (I will not call it a religions). They will then attack Christians all the harder upon such expressions of weakness and a lack of faith in those who have before, now and in the future, risked blood, limbs, lives and their very souls by the civilization-saving use of deadly force.

Someone should explain the American term "preaching to the choir" to the Pope and have him read St. Bernard of Clairvaux's De Laude Novae Militae.

Respectfully submitted,
James Pawlak


Benedict XVI Offers Key to Peace
Reflects on the Depth of the Human Face
VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2010 ( Peace begins when we look at one another as persons, regardless of race, nationality, language or religion, Benedict XVI says. But, he maintains, this is only possible when God dwells in our hearts.

The Holy Father reflected on how to achieve true and lasting peace during his homily today in a Mass at St. Peter's for the feast of Mary, Mother of God. Jan. 1 marks the annual celebration of the World Day of Peace.

"To meditate on the mystery of the face of God and man is a privileged path that leads to peace," the Pope suggested. "This [peace], in fact, begins by looking upon others with respect, recognizing in the face of the other a person, regardless of the color of his skin, his nationality, his language or his religion."

"But," he continued, "who, if not God, can guarantee [that we see] what we could call the 'depth' of the face of the person? In reality, only if we have God in our hearts are we in a condition to detect in the face of others a brother in humanity -- not a means, but an end, not a rival or an enemy, but another 'I,' a facet of the infinite mystery of the human being.

"Our perception of the world and, in particular, of our peers, essentially depends on the presence within us of the Spirit of God.

"It is a type of 'resonance': One who has an empty heart does not perceive anything more than flat images, lacking depth. But, the more we are inhabited by God, the more sensitive we are to his presence in those who surround us -- in all creatures, and especially in other people."

Nevertheless, the Pontiff acknowledged, the "human face, marked by the harshness of life and evil" sometimes struggles to be an "epiphany of God."

"Therefore," he continued, "in order to recognize and respect each other for what we truly are, that is, brothers, it is even more necessary to make reference to the face of a common Father, who loves us all, despite our limits and errors."

Unveiling God's face

Benedict XVI's homily was a reflection on the face of God and the faces of man, which he proposed as a key for understanding the issue of peace in the world.

"The face is the expression of the person, par excellence," he suggested. "It is what makes him recognizable and where he shows sentiments, thoughts and intentions of the heart."

"God," the Holy Father continued, "by nature, is invisible. Nevertheless, the Bible also applies this image to him. [...] The whole of biblical history can be read as a progressive unveiling of the face of God, up to the point of his full revelation in Jesus Christ."

Referring to Mary's title as Mother of God, the Pontiff explained that "the face of God has taken a human face, allowing himself to be seen and recognized in the son of the Virgin Mary."

"She who guarded in her heart the secret of divine maternity was the first to see the face of God made man in the tiny fruit of her womb," he reflected.

"A mother has a very special relationship -- unique and exclusive in every way -- with a newborn," the Pope continued. "The first face that a child sees is that of his mother, and this gaze is decisive for his relationship with life, with himself, with others, with God. It is decisive as well so that he can become a 'child of peace.'"

The Holy Father went on to offer a reflection on the Byzantine icon of the Virgin of Tenderness, which depicts the Child Jesus with his cheek against that of his mother: "The Child looks at the Mother, and she looks at us, almost as if reflecting to what she observes, and praying, the tenderness of God, descended in them from heaven and incarnated in this Son of Man that she carries in her arms.

"But this same icon also shows us in Mary the face of the Church, which reflects upon us and upon the entire world the light of Christ, the Church through which the Good News arrives to every person."

Laughing together

Benedict XVI maintained that it is important to be educated in respect for those who are different starting in childhood.

He renewed his call to "invest in education, establishing the objective -- beyond the necessary transmission of technical-scientific notions -- of a broader and deeper 'ecological responsibility,' based in respect for the person and his fundamental rights and duties."

"Only in this way can a commitment to the environment truly become education in peace and the construction of peace," he contended.

The Holy Father observed that "today it is ever more common to have the experience of classrooms made up of children of various nationalities, though also when this doesn't occur, their faces are a prophecy of the humanity that we are called to form: a family of families and peoples."

These children, he said, "despite their differences, cry and laugh in the same way; they have the same needs; they communicate spontaneously; they play together ..."

"The faces of children are like a reflection of the vision of God for the World," the Pontiff affirmed. "Why then wipe away their smiles? Why poison their hearts?

"Unfortunately, the icon of the Mother of God of Tenderness finds its tragic opposite in the sorrowful images of so many children and their mothers in the claws of war and violence: fugitives, refugees, forced immigrants."

The Bishop of Rome spoke of "faces eroded by hunger and sickness, faces disfigured by pain and desperation." And he declared: "The faces of innocent little ones are a silent call to us to take responsibility: Before their helplessness, all of the false justifications for war and violence come crashing down."

"We should," the Pope affirmed, "simply become designers of peace, lay down every class of weapons and commit ourselves together to building a world more worthy of the person."

A cosmic celebration

Benedict XVI contended that people are capable of respect to the degree that they "carry in their own spirits a full sense of life."

"Otherwise, [the person] will be led to despise himself and what is around him, to lack respect for the environment in which he lives, for that which is created," the Pope cautioned. But, "one who knows how to recognize in the cosmos the reflection of the invisible face of the Creator is led to have greater love for creatures, more sensitivity for their symbolic value."

"There exists, in fact, a very direct link between respect for the person and the safeguarding of creation," he contended. "The duty [to protect] the environment is derived from that to [protect] the person considered in himself and in relation to others."

"If the person is degraded, the environment in which he lives is degraded; if the culture tends to nihilism -- if not in theory, then in practice -- nature cannot fail to pay the consequences," the Holy Father affirmed.

And he reflected that there is a reciprocal influence between the face of the person and the "face" of the environment.

"When human ecology is respected in society," he said, "environmental ecology will also draw out benefits."

Finally, Benedict XVI emphasized that the "coming of God transfigures creation and creates a type of cosmic celebration."

"The celebration of faith becomes a celebration of the person and all that is created," he suggested. "The Church renews this mystery for people of every generation; she shows them the face of God so that, with his blessing, they can walk the path of peace."

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Pope Urges Terrorists to Abandon Violence
Says a New Path Is Possible With God
VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2010 ( Benedict XVI is urging those involved in violence of any kind to stop and reflect and thus embark on a path of peace.

The Pope made this exhortation today before praying the first midday Angelus of the year with those gathered in St. Peter's Square. The Holy Father acknowledged that for those involved in violent groups, a change of life might seem impossible. But, he assured, God can make it happen.

The Pontiff's brief Angelus message focused both on the New Year begun today and the path of peace, as Jan. 1 marks the World Day of Peace. The theme for this year's World Day celebration highlighted the importance of protecting the environment.

"To all of you I express my wish that the year just begun will be a time in which, with the help of the Lord, we can find Christ and the will of God and thus as well improve our common home, which is the world," he said.

Regarding the issues of climate change and the disappearance of resources, the Holy Father affirmed that global action is urgently necessary.

But, he continued, "I would like to highlight the importance that each one's decisions have in defending the environment -- the decisions of families and local administrations."

"'We can no longer do without a real change of outlook which will result in new lifestyles,'" he said, citing his World Day of Peace Message. "In reality, all of us are responsible for the protection and care of the created world. Therefore, in this field too, education is fundamental."

The Bishop of Rome continued: "If we should care for the creatures that surround us, what consideration we should have for people, our brothers and sisters! What respect for human life! On the first day of the year, I would like to call out to the consciences of those who form part of armed groups of any kind.

"To each and every one, I say: Stop, reflect and abandon the path of violence! At first, this step could seem impossible to you, but if you have the courage to do it, God will help you, and you will feel return to your hearts joy and peace, which perhaps you've forgotten for a long time now. I entrust this call to the intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, Mary."

Finally, the Holy Father reflected on the Christmas message, as the octave draws to a close.

"Today, the liturgy reminds us that eight days after the birth of the Child, [Mary] and her husband Joseph brought him to be circumcised, according to the Law of Moses, and gave him the name Jesus, which had been given him by the angel," the Pope recalled. "This name, which means 'God saves,' is the fulfillment of the revelation of God. Jesus is the face of God. He is the blessing for each person and for all populations. He is the peace of the world.

"Thank you, Holy Mother, who gave birth to the Savior, the Prince of Peace!"

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Full text of Angelus address:

Friday, January 01, 2010

Drop In Homicides? Why? Really!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported (Jan. 1, 2010; Page-1A) on Milwaukee's drop in homicides as appears to reflect a nation-wide trend without regard to that city's: Essential non-use of surveillance cameras; The actions of its Police Chief and Mayor; And, the delusional and unconstitutional premise that there are "illegal guns" (Other than fully automatic machine guns and short-barreled rifles and shot-guns).

As to firearms, it should have been noted that this trend towards lower levels of homicides occurred alongside of a citizens' rush to buy handguns and stock up on ammunition since the last presidential election. A knowledgeable (And honest) report would have listed that fact---Along with a breakdown of unlawful misuse of guns by the gender, age-and-race of such shooters and their victims.

Of course, the fact is that we keep in prisons a very large proportion of our citizens (And illegal immigrants) who kill others or inflict other violence on us---As also should be broken down as above.

It may be that the portion of young, male, Blacks/Latinos in the general population (ie Not in prison or jails) may be a factor in this matter. Since male Muslims represent a very small proportion of our population, but are more-and-more evident in ideology-driven killings, some note of the impact of that characteristic should be tracked and reported.

It may be that the real base for such reductions is the increased skill in treating "deep penetrating wounds" as so clearly demonstrated by the staffs of the nation's hospital emergency units. A real measure of "homicides" should, therefore, include attempted homicides.

An honest evaluation of this trend would also evaluate the States and Counties who have the most open AND immediate access to firearms (ie By liberal CCW laws) VS those who are most restrictive in that matter as to this reduction in homicides.

What is most needed is science-based, honest and "politically incorrect" reporting and NOT "sucking up" to elected and appointed officials OR to editors in the "lame street media" who have an irrational fear of an armed, democratic, citizenry.

Post: Science 101 For Journalists