Sunday, December 21, 2008

Excluding Or Dominating Different Beliefs

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 21st "Quick Hit" of Ms. Lori Pyter (A member of that paper's "Editorial Board's Reader Advisory Committee") contained the following and totally wrong statement: "We cannot fight to exclude or dominate those with different beliefs".

Having 34-plus years of professional experience with those whose beliefs support their robbing, raping, assaulting and killing others, I suggest that there are those beliefs we must fight and dominate.

I further suggest that we should also fight, dominate and destroy those whose beliefs as include support for their ideology's approval, if not commands, to use murder, rape, enslavement, genocide,robbery and perpetual war with others to further their causes---As supported by the majority "true believers" of conservative Islam, Nazis and like enemies-of-humanity.

There are those who falsely maintain that all "religions" (Or like ideologies) are the same and that the peaceful basic laws (Without regard to the failure of some to follow them) of Christianity and Buddhism are, in no way, superior to the bloody rites of the Aztecs, the essential-and-unchangeable violence of Islam, the murderous worship of Kali or the Neo-Paganism of the Nazis. Many maintain that the latter group of dangerous ideologies (Some masquerading as "religions") should and must be excluded from human and humane society.

There are those who note that male homosexuals are the leading disease-vector for AIDS/HIV in the USA and who have concluded that the one-man & one-women institution of marriage (In spite of too many failures caused by lack of adult behavior by too many persons) is the essential and soundest basis for any civilization---And that the "homosexual agenda" must be resisted and excluded from public approval for the "Common Good".

I think the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel should be advised by those who do maintain such mental standards as support the progress and maintenance of civilization and NOT those who would destroy it in the name of some "false god diversity".

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