Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama As Welfare Leech

One of the facts of our "brave new world" has been the abuse of social welfare programs by those who appear all too ready to take rather than contribute to their families and our communities. Too many "love them and leave them" unwed fathers, their partners who dribble children among their relatives and community agencies and those who rush to file false claims for such programs as flood relief have become entrenched, as perpetual parasites, in our cities, counties, states and nation.

We might look at the career of Sen. Obama as that which has produced nothing of value for our economy and which appears to be a series of self-poofing-up political moves, upward and onwards towards his present goal---Which is beyond his service, experience and sacrifice "pay grade". Mr. Obama has, in fact, been both an advocate of more welfare programs and a direct recipient of welfare benefits. I suggest that he be informed, by the voters, to get a real job and contrubute something beyond slick-speech and vote buying promises to the People.

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