Monday, December 31, 2007

Hundreds Of Ignorant People VS War

The hundreds of individuals who undersigned the "Sisters Witness Against War": advertisement (In the January 6, 2008 issue of the National Catholic Register) seem intent on publicly proclaiming their ignorance as to the teachings of our Church as specially regards killing and war.

1. The Fifth Commandment is properly translated as, "Thou shall not murder" (Emphasis added), using a very different Hebrew word than that/those used for other forms of killing.
2. St. John the Baptist did not instruct the soldiers who approached him to give up their killing trade; But, only to NOT practice extortion.
3. Jesus the Christ noted the great faith of the Centurion, without condemning his deadly profession.
4. Later, that great "Doctor Of The Church", St. Bernard of Clairvaux,
noted (In his De Laude Novae Militae) that it was sometimes necessary to strike deadly blows for Christ (And His People) against their foes--At that time and in these times the followers of the false prophet Mohammed (Or the secular equivalents as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and those other agents of the Evil One).
5. Without acts-of-war those ignorant signers would have ended up in Muslim harems or as "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army or sent up the smoke stacks of Nazi death camps.
6. Evil continues to exist in this world and it is up to right thinking and right acting AND armed persons (As individuals or such armies as now combat Islamic terrorists in the same spirit as the Crusaders praised by St. Bernard) to combat it as a duty to God and His People.
7. To paraphrase: Such advertisements as that noted above subtract from the sum-total of human knowledge.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Liberals Can't Stand Democracy

Professor (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) Bill McConkey has filed suit challenging the Amendment to our State's Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one women AND prohibiting like recognition of other, man-man and women-women (And I assume beastiality and other perversions), relationships. As other "left wing" professors (Over represented on the faculties of public universities) Professor McConkey appears to be dead-set against democracy, preferring the views of tame-and-tyrannical judges to support the "Dictatorship Of The Secular Humanists".

I cannot but wonder if Professor McConkey inflicts this anti-democracy thinking on his students!

It will be very interesting to see our our judges, especially candidates for the 2008 Supreme Court election, deal with this issue---If, and only if, they have the courage to do so.

It will also be interesting to see if our do-little Attorney General makes an aggressive defense of the People AND asks the Courts to assess Professor McConkey the costs and State's attorney's fees in this matter.

This case is, of course, reflects the "liberal" and anti-democracy decisions of Governor Jim Doyle and our Supreme Court to misread and subvert the will of the People in enacting Section-I, Article-25 of Wisconsin's Constitution as provided for the right of the People to "keep and bear arms" (Emphasis added).

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Time To Kill

My parish bulletin (Of this weekend), under the header "Appropriate Thoughts As We Begin The New Year", was provided Ecclesiastes (3:1-8); But, the Pastor or Parish Clerk forgot to include Verse-3, "... a time to kill and a time to heal...".

The fullness of presenting God's words are better understood in context and in their unedited version.

When then is the allowable "time to kill"? Natural Law allows humans to use deadly force to protect themselves from such criminal attacks as provide a clear-and-present danger of death or great bodily harm---A provision reflected in our civil law. It appears that Natural Law both allows and requires us to use such force in like circumstances, to protect our families, neighbors, fellow citizens and all innocent victims.

It should be remembered that John the Baptist did NOT instruct the soldiers who approached him to give up their profession; But, to perform their duties justly and without extortion. Jesus the Christ most strongly noted the Faith of the Centurion, without condemning his killing trade. Of course, St. Paul supported the State's use of the so deadly sword to execute justice.

Latter on, the great "Doctor Of The Church", St. Bernard of Clairvaux (ie In his De Laude Novae Militae) notes that it is not only allowed, but commanded, to strike deadly blows for Christ (And for the protection of His People) against the enemies of that day, the followers of the false prophet Mohammed (Many millions of whom are today like and deadly enemies of Jesus and his People).

Such editing of the Word of God is a violation of Truth and teaches incomplete and, therefore, false lessons to the People. Providing my fellow parishioners with such misleading teachings should be corrected in our next bulletin---Perhaps with a complete list of the allowable times including, "...a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace".

The People of God should know their rights and duties under His law, performing the right acts, for the right reasons, at the right times.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why Was Bhutto Murdered?

Why was Benazir Bhutto murdered? No doubt there will be many interesting, convoluted, learned and like proposed answers based on the politics of Pakistan, international tensions in the Middle East and like secular formats --And they will all be wrong!

Pakistan's President, Pervez Musharraf, had no need to dispose of Ms. Bhutto as he has shown himself quite capable of using much more subtle methods to impose his will on his nation. In fact, the only forces which have previously threatened her and attempted to kill her were those groups, such as Al Qaeda, which support the basic teachings of Islam as to earthly governments.

The teachings of the Koran, Hadith (The collected sayings of Mohammed) and Islam's laws (Sharia) all are opposed to democracy as they maintain that only Allah's rule and laws are allowable: As interpreted by whichever Mullahs or Caliphs or other like persons acquire the power to impose-and-inflict those teachings on the world. This is the basis of all such attacks on persons supporting democracy in nations where Muslims form a majority or large-minority of the population! Any analysis, based on secular principles, will fail the tests of history and prediction.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Atheism & The Public Forum

A considerable part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 23, 2007 "Crossroads" (ie Editorial) section was devoted to comments and a debate on Christmas and the place of religion in the public forum, places and politics.

What was missed by the contributers is that Atheism is a religion, based on the theological premise "There is neither God nor gods", and (If I remember correctly) declared a religion by Wisconsin's Supreme Court. Therefore, governmental decisions removing the signs and statements of other religions from display in public places are acts establishing Atheism as the State Religion and a violation of the Constitution of the USA and that of most (If not all) parallel State constitutions.

If Atheists wish to compete with other religions, they should and must do so without unconstitutionally using the power of the State.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

More "Non-Consensus" On Climate Change

The "open letter" below was signed, as noted, by real scientists and NOT member
of the "Global Warming Church" or its prophet, Al Bore.

National Post

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Don't fight, adapt

We should give up futile attempts to combat climate change

National Post Published: Thursday, December 13, 2007

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Dec. 13, 2007

His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General, United Nations New York, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

Re: UN climate conference taking the World in entirely the wrong direction

It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages. Geological, archaeological, oral and written histories all attest to the dramatic challenges posed to past societies from unanticipated changes in temperature, precipitation, winds and other climatic variables. We therefore need to equip nations to become resilient to the full range of these natural phenomena by promoting economic growth and wealth generation.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued increasingly alarming conclusions about the climatic influences of human-produced carbon dioxide (CO2), a non-polluting gas that is essential to plant photosynthesis. While we understand the evidence that has led them to view CO2 emissions as harmful, the IPCC's conclusions are quite inadequate as justification for implementing policies that will markedly diminish future prosperity. In particular, it is not established that it is possible to significantly alter global climate through cuts in human greenhouse gas emissions. On top of which, because attempts to cut emissions will slow development, the current UN approach of CO2 reduction is likely to increase human suffering from future climate change rather than to decrease it.

The IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers are the most widely read IPCC reports amongst politicians and non-scientists and are the basis for most climate change policy formulation. Yet these Summaries are prepared by a relatively small core writing team with the final drafts approved line-by-line by government representatives. The great majority of IPCC contributors and reviewers, and the tens of thousands of other scientists who are qualified to comment on these matters, are not involved in the preparation of these documents. The summaries therefore cannot properly be represented as a consensus view among experts.

Contrary to the impression left by the IPCC Summary reports: - Recent observations of phenomena such as glacial retreats, sea-level rise and the migration of temperature-sensitive species are not evidence for abnormal climate change, for none of these changes has been shown to lie outside the bounds of known natural variability. - The average rate of warming of 0.1 to 0. 2 degrees Celsius per decade recorded by satellites during the late 20th century falls within known natural rates of warming and cooling over the last 10,000 years. - Leading scientists, including some senior IPCC representatives, acknowledge that today's computer models cannot predict climate. Consistent with this, and despite computer projections of temperature rises, there has been no net global warming since 1998. That the current temperature plateau follows a late 20th-century period of warming is consistent with the continuation today of natural multi-decadal or millennial climate cycling.

In stark contrast to the often repeated assertion that the science of climate change is "settled," significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming. But because IPCC working groups were generally instructed (see wg1_timetable_2006-08-14.pdf) to consider work published only through May, 2005, these important findings are not included in their reports; i.e., the IPCC assessment reports are already materially outdated.

The UN climate conference in Bali has been planned to take the world along a path of severe CO2 restrictions, ignoring the lessons apparent from the failure of the Kyoto Protocol, the chaotic nature of the European CO2 trading market, and the ineffectiveness of other costly initiatives to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Balanced cost/benefit analyses provide no support for the introduction of global measures to cap and reduce energy consumption for the purpose of restricting CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it is irrational to apply the "precautionary principle" because many scientists recognize that both climatic coolings and warmings are realistic possibilities over the medium-term future.

The current UN focus on "fighting climate change," as illustrated in the Nov. 27 UN Development Programme's Human Development Report, is distracting governments from adapting to the threat of inevitable natural climate changes, whatever forms they may take. National and international planning for such changes is needed, with a focus on helping our most vulnerable citizens adapt to conditions that lie ahead. Attempts to prevent global climate change from occurring are ultimately futile, and constitute a tragic misallocation of resources that would be better spent on humanity's real and pressing problems.

Yours faithfully, [List of signatories below] Copy to: Heads of state of countries of the signatory persons.


Don Aitkin, PhD, Professor, social scientist, retired vice-chancellor and president, University of Canberra, Australia

William J.R. Alexander, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Civil and Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Member, UN Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters, 1994-2000

Bjarne Andresen, PhD, physicist, Professor, The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Geoff L. Austin, PhD, FNZIP, FRSNZ, Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Timothy F. Ball, PhD, environmental consultant, former climatology professor, University of Winnipeg

Ernst-Georg Beck, Dipl. Biol., Biologist, Merian-Schule Freiburg, Germany

Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen, PhD, Reader, Dept. of Geography, Hull University, U.K.; Editor, Energy & Environment journal

Chris C. Borel, PhD, remote sensing scientist, U.S.

Reid A. Bryson, PhD, DSc, DEngr, UNE P. Global 500 Laureate; Senior Scientist, Center for Climatic Research; Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, of Geography, and of Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin

Dan Carruthers, M.Sc., wildlife biology consultant specializing in animal ecology in Arctic and Subarctic regions, Alberta

R.M. Carter, PhD, Professor, Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Ian D. Clark, PhD, Professor, isotope hydrogeology and paleoclimatology, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

Richard S. Courtney, PhD, climate and atmospheric science consultant, IPCC expert reviewer, U.K.

Willem de Lange, PhD, Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of Science and Engineering, Waikato University, New Zealand

David Deming, PhD (Geophysics), Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oklahoma

Freeman J. Dyson, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, N.J.

Don J. Easterbrook, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University

Lance Endersbee, Emeritus Professor, former dean of Engineering and Pro-Vice Chancellor of Monasy University, Australia

Hans Erren, Doctorandus, geophysicist and climate specialist, Sittard, The Netherlands

Robert H. Essenhigh, PhD, E.G. Bailey Professor of Energy Conversion, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University

Christopher Essex, PhD, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Associate Director of the Program in Theoretical Physics, University of Western Ontario

David Evans, PhD, mathematician, carbon accountant, computer and electrical engineer and head of 'Science Speak,' Australia

William Evans, PhD, editor, American Midland Naturalist; Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Stewart Franks, PhD, Professor, Hydroclimatologist, University of Newcastle, Australia

R. W. Gauldie, PhD, Research Professor, Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, School of Ocean Earth Sciences and Technology, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Lee C. Gerhard, PhD, Senior Scientist Emeritus, University of Kansas; former director and state geologist, Kansas Geological Survey

Gerhard Gerlich, Professor for Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Institut fur Mathematische Physik der TU Braunschweig, Germany

Albrecht Glatzle, PhD, sc.agr., Agro-Biologist and Gerente ejecutivo, INTTAS, Paraguay

Fred Goldberg, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden Vincent Gray, PhD, expert reviewer for the IPCC and author of The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of 'Climate Change 2001,Wellington, New Zealand

William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University and Head of the Tropical Meteorology Project

Howard Hayden, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Connecticut

Louis Hissink MSc, M.A.I.G., editor, AIG News, and consulting geologist, Perth, Western Australia

Craig D. Idso, PhD, Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, Arizona

Sherwood B. Idso, PhD, President, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, AZ, USA

Andrei Illarionov, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity; founder and director of the Institute of Economic Analysis

Zbigniew Jaworowski, PhD, physicist, Chairman -Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection, Warsaw, Poland

Jon Jenkins, PhD, MD, computer modelling -virology, NSW, Australia

Wibjorn Karlen, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden

Olavi Karner, Ph.D., Research Associate, Dept. of Atmospheric Physics, Institute of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics, Toravere, Estonia

Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

David Kear, PhD, FRSNZ, CMG, geologist, former Director-General of NZ Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Zealand

Madhav Khandekar, PhD, former research scientist, Environment Canada; editor, Climate Research (2003-05); editorial board member, Natural Hazards; IPCC expert reviewer 2007

William Kininmonth M.Sc., M.Admin., former head of Australia's National Climate Centre and a consultant to the World Meteorological organization's Commission for Climatology

Jan J.H. Kop, MSc Ceng FICE (Civil Engineer Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers), Emeritus Prof. of Public Health Engineering, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

Prof. R.W.J. Kouffeld, Emeritus Professor, Energy Conversion, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Salomon Kroonenberg, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Hans H.J. Labohm, PhD, economist, former advisor to the executive board, Clingendael Institute (The Netherlands Institute of International Relations), The Netherlands

The Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson of Blaby, economist; Chairman of the Central Europe Trust; former Chancellor of the Exchequer, U.K.

Douglas Leahey, PhD, meteorologist and air-quality consultant, Calgary

David R. Legates, PhD, Director, Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware

Marcel Leroux, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Climatology, University of Lyon, France; former director of Laboratory of Climatology, Risks and Environment, CNRS

Bryan Leyland, International Climate Science Coalition, consultant and power engineer, Auckland, New Zealand William Lindqvist, PhD, independent consulting geologist, Calif.

Richard S. Lindzen, PhD, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A.J. Tom van Loon, PhD, Professor of Geology (Quaternary Geology), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland; former President of the European Association of Science Editors

Anthony R. Lupo, PhD, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Dept. of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri-Columbia Richard Mackey, PhD, Statistician, Australia

Horst Malberg, PhD, Professor for Meteorology and Climatology, Institut fur Meteorologie, Berlin, Germany

John Maunder, PhD, Climatologist, former President of the Commission for Climatology of the World Meteorological Organization (89-97), New Zealand

Alister McFarquhar, PhD, international economy, Downing College, Cambridge, U.K.

Ross McKitrick, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Guelph

John McLean, PhD, climate data analyst, computer scientist, Australia

Owen McShane, PhD, economist, head of the International Climate Science Coalition; Director, Centre for Resource Management Studies, New Zealand

Fred Michel, PhD, Director, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

Frank Milne, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Economics, Queen's University

Asmunn Moene, PhD, former head of the Forecasting Centre, Meteorological Institute, Norway

Alan Moran, PhD, Energy Economist, Director of the IPA's Deregulation Unit, Australia

Nils-Axel Morner, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm University, Sweden

Lubos Motl, PhD, Physicist, former Harvard string theorist, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic John Nicol, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics, James Cook University, Australia

David Nowell, M.Sc., Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, former chairman of the NATO Meteorological Group, Ottawa

James J. O'Brien, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Meteorology and Oceanography, Florida State University Cliff Ollier, PhD, Professor Emeritus (Geology), Research Fellow, University of Western Australia

Garth W. Paltridge, PhD, atmospheric physicist, Emeritus Professor and former Director of the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia

R. Timothy Patterson, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences (paleoclimatology), Carleton University

Al Pekarek, PhD, Associate Professor of Geology, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept., St. Cloud State University, Minnesota

Ian Plimer, PhD, Professor of Geology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia

Brian Pratt, PhD, Professor of Geology, Sedimentology, University of Saskatchewan

Harry N.A. Priem, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Planetary Geology and Isotope Geophysics, Utrecht University; former director of the Netherlands Institute for Isotope Geosciences

Alex Robson, PhD, Economics, Australian National University

Colonel F.P.M. Rombouts, Branch Chief -Safety, Quality and Environment, Royal Netherland Air Force

R.G. Roper, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

Arthur Rorsch, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Molecular Genetics, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Rob Scagel, M.Sc., forest microclimate specialist, principal consultant, Pacific Phytometric Consultants, B.C.

Tom V. Segalstad, PhD, (Geology/Geochemistry), Head of the Geological Museum and Associate Professor of Resource and Environmental Geology, University of Oslo, Norway

Gary D. Sharp, PhD, Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study, Salinas, CA

S. Fred Singer, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia and former director Weather Satellite Service

L. Graham Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Western Ontario

Roy W. Spencer, PhD, climatologist, Principal Research Scientist, Earth System Science Center, The University of Alabama, Huntsville

Peter Stilbs, TeknD, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Research Leader, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, KTH(Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden

Hendrik Tennekes, PhD, former director of research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Dick Thoenes, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Brian G Valentine, PhD, PE (Chem.), Technology Manager -Industrial Energy Efficiency, Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering Science, University of Maryland at College Park; Dept of Energy, Washington, DC

Gerrit J. van der Lingen, PhD, geologist and paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant, Geoscience Research and Investigations, New Zealand

Len Walker, PhD, Power Engineering, Australia

Edward J. Wegman, PhD, Department of Computational and Data Sciences, George Mason University, Virginia

Stephan Wilksch, PhD, Professor for Innovation and Technology Management, Production Management and Logistics, University of Technolgy and Economics Berlin, Germany

Boris Winterhalter, PhD, senior marine researcher (retired), Geological Survey of Finland, former professor in marine geology, University of Helsinki, Finland

David E. Wojick, PhD, P.Eng., energy consultant, Virginia Raphael Wust, PhD, Lecturer, Marine Geology/Sedimentology, James Cook University, Australia

A. Zichichi, PhD, President of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva, Switzerland; Emeritus Professor of Advanced Physics, University of Bologna, Italy

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Real Scientists/Science & Climate Change

Below you will find a column as to the application of real science, by real scientists, to such questions as predicting climate change.

Perhaps Al Gore can add an asterisk to his Noble Peace Prize listing to match the one as to his claim of "inventing the Internet".

December 16, 2007
22 UN climate models flunk
James Lewis
Prediction is hard, especially about the future, said Neils Bohr. So why not try to predict the past? A study in the Royal Metereological Society journal did just that, focusing on the best available evidence of the past 25 years. Measuring instruments have improved immensely in accuracy and coverage in recent decades, using satellites, weather balloons and surface sensors.

Alas, all 22 math models use by the United Nations failed to predict the last twenty-five years.

"The usual discussion is whether the climate model forecasts of Earth's climate 100 years or so into the future are realistic," said the lead author, Dr. David H. Douglass from the University of Rochester. "Here we have something more fundamental: Can the models accurately explain the climate from the recent past? It seems that the answer is no."

"The 22 climate models used in this study are the same models used by the UN Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), which recently shared a Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore."

"We suggest ... that projections of future climate based on these models should be viewed with much caution," said Dr. Fred Singer from the University of Virginia.

And give back that Nobel Peace Prize, would you, Al? We demand a recount!

James Lewis blogs at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guns, Citizens, Police & Rational Thinking

The following letter was sent on Dec. 11, 2007.


First, anyone who is of the opinion that it would be possible to take away all firearms (Even just all handguns) from Americans is in need of therapy for delusional thinking. Such therapy wold be even more required for anyone who believes that criminals would obey any such gun confiscation laws and efforts---Let alone those citizens who have concluded, as did the staff of the US Attorney General, that the right to keep and bear arms is an right of individual citizens and not one limited to members of now non-existent militias.

Secondly, all should note the following:
1. The mass murderer at a Colorado missionary school was killed and stopped by an armed, under that State's just laws, citizen and not by police.
2. The like killer at a same-state mall was enabled in his massacre of our fellow citizens by laws and mall-regulations which made that place a theoretical "gun free zone", which made it into a "free fire zone" for a crazed killer.
3. The victims at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School were, in truth, the victims of like "gun free zone" laws, even in State's where citizens generally have the right to CCW (With the inside police officer at the high school apparently running away from danger).
4. The killings at another Virginia university were halted by two students who used their firearms to stop and arrest a killer, even though that beneficial act was delayed by those students having to retrieve their pistols from their autos, the police not being in evidence.
5. In Milwaukee it was armed security guards who shot to death two thugs who fired, from the outside, at the patrons of a well regulated club, the police not being present to protect citizens.
6. In Milwaukee County one unarmed pizza delivery man is murdered by two thugs after another, but armed, such delivery man shoots an "instant socialist" who attempted to take away the product of his honest labor.

Any person with a rational mind should be able to see the pattern as illustrated by the above examples and come (Be forced?) to the conclusion that: Citizens can NOT rely on the police to protect them from killers and other very dangerous criminals; That "gun free zones" (Like the entire State of Wisconsin) are only "free fire zones" for dangerous criminals; And, police objections to CCW are not due to any interest in the safety of their fellow citizens, but only to make their job (Of cleaning up after killings and other crimes) easier and safer for those police officers.

Respectfully submitted,
James Pawlak

PS---The logical person might wish to take note of the recent
conviction-and-sentencing of the civil rights violating
police officers in the Frank Jude, Jr. case, today's
news as to the trial of another like officer who beat, in a
Church, a man already hand-cuffed.AND the not so long
ago and Storm Trooper attack on the employees and
clients of the El Rey store. The logical person might
conclude that disarming all but police officers might be
a special case of "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws
will have guns".

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Religion & Politics

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's December 8th editorial (Please see copy below) raised the question "Aren't we beyond this?" as to the place of candidates' religions (Or, lack thereof) in defining who we wish to elect to public office. The real, under the table, question was: "When Will Religion Disappear From The Public Forum?".

Unlike most raging secularists and those who have joined the "Religion of Atheism" (Declared as such by the Wisconsin Supreme Court), most Americans do ask some essential questions as to those they give their votes and political contributions, among which are those below.
1. What religious or moral training has the candidate had?
2. Does s/he hold fast to that training in private and public life?
3. Does s/he demonstrate divisions between personal beliefs in moral behavior from public acts and policies?
4. Is there anything in each candidates religious or other associations which are contrary to such issues (eg Freedom of speech and free exercise of religion, elective and medically unnecessary abortions, immigration control) as are important to our fellow citizens and often divide us?

The religious (Or civil equivalent) education and practices of candidates does matter!

Editorial: Aren't we beyond this?
Mitt Romney shouldn't have to defend his Mormon faith. Religion should be an issue only if a candidate makes it one.
From the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Dec. 7, 2007
Religion for many, if not most, Americans is largely a matter of personal belief, especially in a country such as this with a well-established separation of church and state - a separation that has served this nation well since its founding.
So why, then, should Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have to justify his Mormon faith? The answer, of course, is he should not have to. We would further argue that attempts to artificially make Romney's religion a major issue could be considered fundamentally un-American, considering that this nation's founders put religious freedom right there at the top of the list in the Bill of Rights.
Simply put, a candidate's religious beliefs shouldn't be the litmus test for becoming president. Efforts to hold Romney to such a test, as subtle as those efforts may be, smack of religious intolerance and bigotry. They bring back ugly memories of the 1960 presidential race, when some Americans openly winced at the possibility that America might elect its first Catholic president.
A candidate's religious beliefs may very well be one of the points some Americans consider when they go to the polls. But, generally, religion should be a major issue only if the candidate makes it so.
Romney, commendably, addressed that point head on in a speech on Thursday. "I will serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause and no one interest," he said. "A president must serve only the common cause of the people of the United States."
Absent evidence to the contrary, Americans should take him at his word.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gun Free Zone = Free Fire Zone

I have been reliably informed that the Omaha mall, the site of yesterdays massacre, was a "Gun Free Zone" by State Law and mall regulations. Like Virginia Tech, "Gun Free Zone" really means "Free Fire Zone For Crazy Criminals", who can kill people in such places with the reasonable expectation that the police, who never seem to prevent such offenses, and armed citizens, who are barred from carrying weapons, will nothing to stop them.

Of course, in Wisconsin the entire State is a "Free Fire Zone" for such murderers due to the State Supreme Court's failure to understand the very exact language of our Constitution as to the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms AND to the Legislature's failure to enforce the will of about 75% of Wisconsin's voters who added Article-I, Section-25 to Wisconsin's basic law.

Property = Life & May Be Defended

Property represents that part of a person's life expended in honestly earning it. To the wealthy man the loss of a few hundred or even thousand dollars worth of things may not mean much. To the poorer persons, that amount of his or his neighbor's property may represent the surplus (Beyond food, clothing and shelter) of many, many, day's sweat-and-toil. The thief is, in fact, a little murderer and may (Yes, must, for the common good) be resisted and stopped as to each such offense and as to all future such taking of incremental lives--By deadly force if needed and if the police are not IMMEDIATELY present (Assuming that they will act, which is NOT required by the Law according to a very strange Court decision).

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Agendas & Hobby Horses

The letter below was sent to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (And many others) on this day.It applies to most of the newspapers and other media in the USA (And, probably more so in other nations).


I have been accused of having an "agenda" (Or, agendas) and of riding to intellectual death my "hobby horse" (Or, horses). After some, very little, time spent in introspection, I confess that this is true. To be more honest, I here list the pride of my stable as make up my agenda chariot-team.

1. That Islam always reverts to its basic teachings which encourage or allow, if not command the use of murder, rape, genocide, robbery, anti-democracy, and perpetual war with unbelievers; All to satisfy the sexual, power seeking and over-developed sense of self-worth of its members AND should, therefore, be considered for, those basic believers, much more of a criminal-terrorist movement than a religion.
2. The People, as individuals or groups, cannot rely on the force of law (At a local or national or international level) and law enforcement authorities (Police or national armies or international peace keepers) to protect them from criminals AND, therefore, have an absolute right to the ready access to the means (Modern firearms) to execute their Natural Law rights to self-defense and the defense of family, friends, neighbors and the property that was earned at the cost of labor and time.
3. Property, in fact, represents that part of a human life expended to earn it and every theft or robbery is a "little murder", which can be rightfully resisted by the use of deadly force.
4. That NO scientific or social or economic or journalistic or military or any other position or theory or practice is beyond questioning;
5. That the study of history, to avoid being condemned to repeat it, has a critical place in any consideration of current events and problems.
6. That your newspaper and most elements of the USA's media are governed by their own agendas and hobby-horses, biased as described below and fanatically resistant to criticism and correction.

What then are your agendas and hobby-horses? Among them are those listed below.

A. Islam, despite its anti-civilization and unalterable teachings AND the behaviors of millions of its followers over the last 1400-years and to this day in such places as the Darfur, is a "religion of peace".
B. Criminals should not be resisted by the People, who should not have the means (Guns) to do so.
C. Only newspapers and, to a lesser extent, broadcast media and the authors of books, should have full free-speech rights under the US Constitution and then only if they meet certain, "politically correct" standards as changed over time until the 1960s, when they were frozen-in-time and in the minds of publishers and editors.
D. Certain financial interests (In your case the unfettered and insane expansion of Waukesha County without regard to its own water supplies and other environmental concerns) deserve preferential treatment.
E. That is is easier to waste space on over-sized headers, print "bites" (Which tell the reader nothing not in other parts of each day's edition), often biased AP stories, over-sized photos and "art work" than to recruit differing opinions and hire-and-pay sufficient and experiences reporters---All without, as far as I can tell, cutting the pay of such executives as are responsible for the operations and failures of your paper.
F. That some issues are, by current consensus (eg. The Sun rotates around the Earth; Human activities have a meaningful impact on global climate change) are beyond question.
G. History only extends back one month---Unless the following topic is involved.
H. That whatever is wrong (eg Weather, traffic jams, failures in or only partial military/diplomatic successes, the quality of your lunch, the fact you have a hangover) with your world must be blamed on President George W. Bush.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Real Republican Candidate Still Needed

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I am still waiting for at least one of our Party's candidates for election to the presidency to clearly state that, immediately upon taking office, he will:
1. Begin to veto each-and-every Bill sent to him by the Congress containing "pork" and "ear-marks" and all bills requiring federal borrowing (Except for national defense) to balance the budget;
2. Immediately order that all persons illegally entering the USA at other than approved points-of-entry will be considered as invaders and will use the regular military, National Guard, Border Patrol and, if necessary, the General Militia to enforce that order by any-and-all means needed to stop that flood of drug smugglers, terrorists, job thieves, gang-bangers, identity thieves and other like scum now corrupting our land and draining our nation's wealth;
3. Issue the necessary order(s) to declare that all organizations or movements with teachings and historically demonstrated practices which encourage, or command, the use of crimes (Murder, rape, robbery, genocide, enslavement, and perpetual-violent aggression towards others) will be considered "Criminal Organizations" as is the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, KKK and like organizations; And,
4. Declare that all adult-citizens (Except those with assaultive crime convictions and those dangerously, mentally, ill) have the right to the ready means, by the keeping and bearing of arms, to execute their rights to self-defense and the defense of family, friends and neighbors in their homes or going about their lawful activities in other places.

One of the reasons our Party did so poorly in the last General Election is that it has become homogenized with the "other Party" and the one-time differences of fiscal conservatism, individual rights, standing up for order, protection of the nation against domestic and foreign enemies have all become secondary, to most Republican leaders, to short-term (Too often personal) gains through "political correctness" and buying off special interests.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A Lying Cardinal-Patriarch

Patriarch Emanuel III Delly, of the Chaldean Church and of Iraq, was recently appointed a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. On December 3, 2007 the National Catholic Register pubished an interview with him. Below you will find my letter to that paper. The points of contention can be deduced from my comments.


Emmanuel Cardinal-Patriarch Delly is not a truthful man; That is, he did NOT present to your interviewer (As published in your Dec. 3, 2007 issue) the fullness of truth. Below you with find the necessary truthful statements as to the topics of that interview.

1. Chaldeans are leaving Iraq because of the fear and murders derived from enforcing Islam's teachings as no longer kept under control by a tyrant, Saddam Husein, who would allow such crimes (Along with rape, robbery and genocide) inflicted by others than his own thugs and for reasons other than his own evil passions.
2. He misspoke for God when he denied that there are very desirable and proper wars and equally proper invasions of other nations (eg Against the Nazis and into Nazi Germany; All military actions against Islamic aggressors who would destroy the Faith the People of God), such military actions being approved by God against the enemies of Israel and by that "Doctor of The Church", St. Bernard of Clairvaux, in his De Laude Novae Militae, with special attention to Muslims.
3. Such godly wars have been effective in the past (eg British naval actions against slavers, the USA's War Between The States against those who build a culture on slavery, those campaigns which defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and, most of all, those crusades which drove Islam out of Iberia, Italy, the Balkans, Greece and the borders of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth).
4. He was certainly NOT frank in responding to a question about persecution of Christians in Iraq, when the answer truthfully would have been, "Yes and in every place where Islam rules".
5. He was false in stating that Church leaders always side with the civil authorities as demonstrated by the many martyrs (eg Those who resisted the authority of Pagan-Roman, civil, authorities, St. Thomas a Becket, The recently canonized Spaniards who resisted the "Republican" government of 1930s Spain, the yet unnamed martyrs of the Dafur region of the Sudan) and many others in the Western and Eastern Churches who suffered and died in resistance to civil authorities) who did so and are doing so. (In fact and in truth resistance to such evils as slavery, abortion and the crimes of Islam not being sufficiently utilized by the too political leaders of today's Church.)

The Church and the Faithful are not well served by the elevation of such a dishonest man. Of course, I could alternatively state a man ignorant of history who is subtracting from the sum-total of human knowledge with every word he utters.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Will Offend You---Be Warned!

Over the last twenty or so years we have heard and read more and more statements from professional victims who begin with "I am offended..." and then go on to demand that we others change our words, actions and even our thoughts to suit their poor, very little, hurt feelings. To paraphrase another, historical and less democratic figure (Hanns Johst?) than myself: "When I hear or read the expression 'I am offended', the first thing I do is reach for my pistol!".

That inclination is doubly strong when I hear or read that statement in such forums as academia and the press where the free and uninhibited expression and exchange of ideas must be protected by ALL means.

That reaction is again doubled and re-doubled when I hear or read of some Muslim complaining about those who declare the truth about his criminal-terrorist ideology (Which allows or encourages, and sometimes commands, the use of murder, rape, genocide, perpetual war and the other horrors taught by Mohammed to further the causes of Islam or its power and sex craved followers.

Gag Order For Milwuaukee Journal Sentinel Staff?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently noted that it would be reducing newsroom staff to cut expenses (Without, as far as can be determined any cuts in the pay of its publisher or other top executives). Local Professor and blogger Jessica McBride, once fired by that newspaper, as asserted that those employees accepting such a buy-out were subject to a "gag order" and contractual condition for that arrangement. Below you will find my letter as to that issue and Ms. McBride's blog entry.




I have previously noted my approval of your "Community Columnists" program; But, have also pointed out the need to have some of those persons who will, without editing on your part, actively and even furiously attack the editorial positions, reporting standards and publication practices of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

If there is even an iota of fact underling Ms. Jessica McBride's report of the possible "gag orders" imposed on those of your employees who accepted a "buy out" departure from your employment (Which may or may-not be enforceable in a court-of-law as such severely attacks personal protections under the Bill Of Rights, which protections "trump" contract provisions and which perhaps "violate public policy"), then that is one more reason you need such very contrary community columnists as per my suggestion.

Any, if any, such censoring of past (Or, present) employees smacks of the Pravda or Izvestia that were or the New York Times that is---And weakens your positions on "open govenment", of which governments all newspapers are the "Fourth Estate" AND, indirectly, weakens your positions on all issues.

Respectfully submitted,
James Pawlak


Journal Communications' alleged gag order
Don't expect to see a blog soon from Whitney Gould et al. I'm told that Journal Communications demanded that the journalists who took the "buy out" recently must sign gag orders if they wanted the money. I'm told the individuals who took the buy out had to sign documents promising to never say anything derogatory about the newspaper again. I haven't seen the actual verbiage, so I'm only going on what I heard from a person who actually took the "buy out" and described the limitation that way. I'm not naming that person for obvious reasons. The person said that he/she now could never say anything derogatory about the paper again. He/she said this in a public forum.

Probably, the company can do this under the law. If people wanted the freedom to criticize the newspaper, I suppose they could have just quit without taking the monetary settlement (I left the paper that way. I left, voluntarily, without any buy out in place to take a job at UWM, so I never was asked to sign a gag order, nor could they have compelled me to do so.) So, technically no one forced these folks to sign a gag order. At the same time, this strikes me as a rather hypocritical position for a media/information company to take, when that same company is always crusading about the First Amendment, free speech, and public disclosure.

I guess Journal Communications only values free speech when the newspaper isn't being criticized. They probably don't want any more former employees to create blogs. Like mine. Or Gretchen Schuldt's. Well, that one they might not mind. Same goes for Jim Rowen's. (I wonder how long it is before they stop current employees from criticizing the company? Maybe they already have. After all, I got fired for criticizing a JS columnist.)

Frankly, one wonders why the newspaper is so thin-skinned. No powerful institution should fear criticism of itself. Learn from some of it. Reject some of it. Many newspapers have public editors or ombudsmen because they recognize that they won't get it right all of the time, and they correctly believe that they should be held accountable for it.

Update: I just noticed another blogger is naming the individual. I was at the forum in question, and even though another media outlet is also doing so, I'm still choosing not to name the former employee, even though it may now be a moot point, because I know how vindictive Journal Communications can be.

Posted by Jessica McBride at 8:03 PM 0 comments
November 30, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

One Civilization---Divisible

It is well past the time for all to put away the loaded and cheating decks of race and class cards, all Jokers, and look at our nation and world in terms of which parts (Persons, families, neighborhoods, nations) are civilized and which are not, in whole or in part. Which of them behave or attempt to behave in the building of civilization by supporting the necessary pyramid on its necessary base of order, surmounted by law and then, and only then and if the bottom layers are stable, the crowning glory of justice?

Which families work together for the common good of all and, most specially, the ordered, law respecting, educated and civilized behavior and long-lived future of their children? Which set an example of lawlessness, bad manners, crime, life-endangering behaviors? In which neighborhoods do the people know and respect each others, looking after all the children and maintain an neat and safe environment for all? In which neighborhoods does hate, filth and fear rule? Which nations show, by public and private charities, their concern for others and use the force of police and military only to suppress the enemies of all humanity---Thugs, terrorists, those engaged in genocide and all offenders against law, order and justice? Which nations plan aggressive wars, commit genocide against their own citizens and attempt to upset, by hateful words and actions the peaceful lives of others?

In terms of cultures, which support (From the family to all the nations) law, order, charity, knowledge and learning, such individual freedoms as do not kill or injure or cripple others and, though all those actions and conditions, that structure of order, law and justice?
On the other hand, which ideologies and cultures support murder, rape, genocide, war as much as a goal as as a means, unequal or hate-filled treatment of persons based on race, Faith, sex and other like human factors?

Therefore, evaluate people as to which path, civilized or other, that they select as to their family, neighborhood, political-national and international-ideological choices. Look to the words they speak, the books they use to base their lives on and their behaviors---Both in the theories and acts of their lives. Allow room for that all-too-human record of failures; But, examine both intent and attempts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Spanish Martyrs Of The 1930s

The Church recently canonized 498 Spanish men and women murdered for the Faith during the 1930s. The ceremony was held in Rome rather than in now socialist-secular Spain with its present and anti-Faith government.

The people of Gothic Spain were witnesses to the Faith (In part due to too many of them falling away from morality and orthodoxy) under the swords of those "Sons Of The Prophet" who closely followed Mohammed's permission or encouragement, if not commands, to use murder, rape, genocide, robbery and perpetual war with "unbelievers" to further the goals of Islam and of greedy and sex-obsessed Muslims. This continued until that year-of-sanity, 1492AD, when the last of those terrorists were driven out of Iberia.

The People of Christian Spain, in the1930s, were subject to the punishment derived from electing a anti-religious and essentially anti-freedom "republican" (ie Socialist-Communist) government in parallel with the like inflictions made in Mexico and in anticipation of the election of Adolf Hitler's Socialist-Nazi Party in Germany---And with the same and horrid price being paid in all three nations.

The Spaniards of today appear to have NOT learned from their nation's history and are beginning to feel the effects of their own departure from Catholic teachings, drift into the "Viva Yo!" mentality of this era's self-indulgent generation and election of an anti-religious and socialist government. The first of the new martyrs, suffering bloody death by dismemberment and other mutilations, are the unborn Spaniards being aborted. Unless the People of Spain overcome the totalitarian government of this day and return to a disciplined way-of-life, they can expect more adult martyrs as recently canonized in Rome.

The lesson of those martyrs and the choices of the People apply to the USA, the UK and all of once Christian Europe---And to many lands beyond them.

BBC's Pissing In The Soup

At most times I would beg your pardon for using such a vulgar term as "Pissing In The Soup". However, I cannot think of any more descriptive and accurate term to describe the BBC making the real Christmas story into a political-parable in its 2007 production of the "Liverpool Nativity". This anti-production coverts Mary and Joseph into political asylum seekers and the Christ into "something" less than the Son Of God who has taken human form for our eternal, not political, Salvation.

BBC to screen political Nativity story
By staff writers
20 Nov 2007
The political dimension of the Nativity story, drawing on the themes of immigration and asylum, is to be screened by the BBC in the run up to Christmas.
Geoffrey Hughes, Cathy Tyson and Jennifer Ellison are amongst those who will star in the Liverpool Nativity – a contemporary retelling of the Christmas story live on the streets of Liverpool.
Far from being the simple story beloved of school plays throughout the world, the drama is billed as being "as fresh and relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago – the intimate, personal story of a pregnant young girl set against a backdrop of political tension and unrest."
Geoffrey Hughes leads the cast as the Angel Gabriel, directing events as they unfold live in Liverpool city centre.
Set in a fictional state, Herodia (Cathy Tyson), a paranoid minister, desperate to cling to power, orders a crackdown on immigration.
Mary and Joseph (Jodie McNee and Kenny Thompson) are swept up in the drama as Joseph, an asylum seeker, is instructed to report to the nearest passport office. In the midst of this turmoil, Mary discovers she is pregnant and must fight to protect both Joseph and her unborn child.
The hour-long production uses familiar songs from Liverpool's great pop legacy to bring the story to life. Popular music from a wealth of Liverpool bands – The Beatles, The La's, The Zutons and many more – is given a vibrant new twist and performed by characters in the drama and a live orchestra.
The production also features a host of Liverpool celebrities including Jennifer Ellison as an angel; Paul Barber as the landlord and Andrew Schofield as one of the shepherds.
BBC Three Controller, Danny Cohen says: "This is going to be a fantastic collaboration between the BBC and the city of Liverpool. I'm delighted with the cast in place, and can't wait to see this major event on BBC Three."
This mammoth production involves over 300 cast and 150 technical crew and will be the springboard for Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture 2008.
Liverpool Nativity has been developed by the team behind Manchester Passion and the two Flashmob operas and is supported by Liverpool Culture Company.
Written and developed by Liverpudlian Mark Davies Markham, it is executive produced by Sue Judd.
The Musical Director is Philip Sheppard, Professor of Cello at the Royal Academy of Music, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing on the night.
The Liverpool Nativity will be screened on Sunday 16 December at 8pm on BBC Three.

Basic Gun Law

Today's news that the US Supreme Court has accepted the District of Columbia "Gun Control VS Gun Rights" case brought to my memory the following citation.

"WHETHER THE SECOND AMENDMENT SECURES AN INDIVIDUAL RIGHT: The Second Amendment secures a right of individuals generally, not a right of States or a right restricted to persons serving in militias"; August 24, 2004; MEMORANDUM OPINION FOR THE ATTORNEY GENERAL; As found at,

It should be specially noted, where ever there is the tradition of British laws, that the cited opinion is based on those legal traditions as much as on the US Constitution.

Stem-Cell Research, Universities & The Church

With today's news about the developments in non-embryonic stem cell research I recall that Catholic-Christian points-of-view were responsible for the beginning and development of universities so vital to human progress. This invention was NOT reflected in Islamic or Pagan nations which lacked that intellectual and ethical base Some of those "other" nations have more recently copied Western style schools without reproducing the idea generators which are Western schools. Those schools in Islamic and Pagan dominated nations have only been able to build on the successes of ideas first developed (As for genetics, from an Austrian monk to British DNA discoverers) in the West.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cordoba's Cathedral, NOT Mosque

In their most recent (Nov. 26-Dec. 3, 2007) issue the editors of US News & World Report devoted most of that printing to various faith's "sacred places"; Among which was the Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain----Once a Mosque. The following is a letter sent to those editors.

In the year of sanity, 1492AD, the last and all Muslims were driven out of ALL of the Iberian peninsula which they had earlier taken by armed force in their following of Mohammed's instructions to use murder, rape, genocide, robbery, suppression of non-Muslims and perpetual war against all "unbelievers" to further the causes of that ideology and its followers. Mr. Alex Kingsbury is very much misleading your readers when he designated ("Legacy of Islam and Christianity'; Your Nov. 26-Dec. 3, 2007 issue; At Page-53) Southern Spain as "straddling, as it does, the European and Islamic worlds.". Until these late and degenerate times of an anti-civilization government in Spain, that part of the Christian world was fully independent of the terrors which Islam brought to Spain before 1492 and by more recent bombings AND, in such places as the Darfur, still brings.

I will support Islamic prayer services in the Cathedral of Cordoba when the Saudis allow Christian and Jewish services in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Gandhi, India, The British & Inheritances

For reasons I can only guess at Pax Christi and Catholic Youth Services (Both of the UK) are pushing the teachings of that full-of-self, family abusing, opponent of human progress and attorney "Mahatma" Gandhi as an example for Catholic and other youth on this year's National Youth Sunday. It might be well to take a really close look at Gandhi and the British he so opposed as to what they have left to India and the world.

The British found the very disorganized sub-continent of India, misruled by petty and great tyrants, with poor roads made very unsafe by thugee (Worshipers of the goddess Kali, which devotees murdered in her name---And enriched themselves by robbing those victims), unequal treatment of the People under too many non-systems of law and the will of self-serving Maharajahs and other princes, suttee (All but mandatory suicide of widows), religious discrimination and wars-and-terrorism based on Faith differences the lack of any common language or good communications AND too many other evils and limiting factors to list here.

The British imposed order, law and some measure of justice. All, including the various tyrants, were brought under a more-or-less equal rule-of-law; Thugee and suttee were suppressed; The prior and many wars between princes were stopped and banditry across the North-West frontier was resisted; Roads were repaired and made straight and a model railroad system installed; The land was mapped, telegraph service (The first "Internet") was established; Trade was facilitated and some industries established (The basis of today's "Indian Economic Miracle"); English, now THE international language, was introduced and widely spread throughout that sub-Continent; Some measures towards the limiting of evils of the caste system were begun (And are still a "work-in-progress); The peaceful worship of God and gods was protected; And, other positive steps, too many to list here, were taken towards civilization.

What then was Gandhi's thrust and gifts to us---Directly or indirectly? A return towards primitivism, Hindi as an imposed and not neutral language; Resistance to law and order; Three "Indias" rather than one as accomplished by a genocidal division; Return to inter-Religious warfare and terrorism (Including the recent Hindu assaults on Christians as added to the jihad supporters violence towards everyone who disagrees with them); Uncontrolled and barely resisted banditry across the NW frontier; Military dictatorship in Pakistan as the only rational alternative to chaos or the misrule of Mullahs; AND, too many other evils and anti-civilization acts and results to list here.

"By their fruits you will know them".

Farmers, Assembly Workers, Whores & Lawyers

Farmers produce the food we need and some we only want; Assembly workers produce our autos (Buy American!) and the many other things we need and want; Medical staff output is less concrete, but healing is both needed and useful; Hotel workers (Hire ONLY citizens and legal immigrants!) do useful work in meeting our needs; Even whores provide a service (And STDs!) which some appear to want---If not need.

For the most part, what do attorneys "produce"? Well, as legislators (Most such are attorneys) they produce laws---Which they are hired to interpret as judges, consultants, etc.. In some way they help maintain paper industries; But, their "production" can not be eaten or used to shelter us from the elements or provide joy-or-pleasure (Who, other than some very greedy people, ever gets such from attorneys?).

Oh yes---Some maintain that lawyers protect the innocent and defend the rights of all (In many cases threatened only by the actions of other attorneys). Yet, what part of this nation's wealth is used for such laudable causes and what in self-serving "lawyer business", the generation of fees for illusions being the primary thrust of too many (Most?) law firms.

It might be well to reflect on the fact that attorneys rule (And, misrule by tyranny) our courts, dominate our legislative bodies and are well on the way to controlling, by overly complex laws and regulations, our governments' executive branches.

In fact, you might ask what part of our GNP is actually the empty production of law firms as opposed to such very advanced (And "under attorneyed") nations as Japan or the newest, 5,000 pound gorilla in the world's economy, mainland China?

As for myself and whenever all other factors are more-or-less equal, I always vote for a non-attorney VS. a lawyer. I encourage all to do the same!

For the good of the nation, we should really pass US and State constitutional amendments which would (Five-years after passage) forbid any attorney from being a member of the Congress or State Legislatures.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

UN's Attempt To Force Abortion On USA

As long as the very poorly reasoned and more poorly baseD case of Roe VS. Wade stands, some forms of elective abortion upon demand will exist in the USA. Those who oppose that created right (Not found in our Constitution OR legal traditions) can still hope for the overturning of that decision or the grinding away of its impact by increments of court decisions and legislative actions.

However, if the so-called "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women" is approved by the US Senate, that back-door mandating of abortion as a right will be binding on the USA without regard to our own future legislative actions or future judicial actions.

Without regard to our individual position on abortion, we must defend the laws of the USA, for-or-against abortion, against the external controls of those who do not know or wish to know our Constitutional traditions.


For a further discussion of this matter, please see the reference below.


Saving Waukesha County Muslims Money

It has been reported that Waukesha County (Wisconsin) Muslims are looking to establish a Mosque. Out of a heartfelt concern for them and their pocket books I suggest that they contact and share space with the KKK and American Nazi Party. After all, the teachings of Islam as to Jews, hate of just about anyone outside of their ideology, use of murder and genocide to further their goals, enslavement of "lesser" beings are not essentially different from the other named groups.

In fact, the only difference between those three groups is that the KKK and Nazis have already been officially designated as terrorist movements or groups; Islam's turn is dependent on our politicians' study of history and their personal-and-political courage.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Murder Of Innocents

There is no doubt that the Church is opposed to abortion as it is the murder of innocents and, therefore, opposed to those who perform such crimes or support them as evil and such persons as support that crime as evil to the extent they will not change. Yet, I do not read or hear the same level of concern, from the USA's Bishops or the Holy See, as to the loyal followers of Mohammed who have, for 1400-years, committed the murder after murder of innocents in every part of the world touched by Islam---In this day most noticeably in the Darfur region of the Sudan.

If the Church is considering the discipline (Withholding of the Sacrament and public condemnation) of politicians who claim to be its members and do not condemn abortion, why do our Bishops and the Holy See not apply the same standards to those "Catholic" politicians who will not condemn the horrid and unchangeable teachings of the Koran (Please see below) which have been basic to the murder of so many innocents?


* verses which preach cruelty, incite violence and disturb public tranquility (i.e., 2:193; 8:39; 2:216; 9:41; 9:123; 66:9; 9:73; 8:65; 8:66; 47:4—15; 8:12; 69:30—33; 8:15—18; 25:52; 9:39; 9:111; 3: 169—171; 4:100; 48:29; 49:15; 2:154; 3:157—158; 8:59—60; 9:2—3; 9:29; 8:67; 4:84; 29:6; 29:69; 61:9—13; 9:36; 9:5; 9:14; 9:20—22; 4:95—96; 8:72—74; 3:142)
* verses which promote, on grounds of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities (i.e., 4:101; 60:4; 58:23; 9:7; 8:13—14; 8:55; 25:55; 5:72; 9:23; 9:28; 3:28; 3:118; 4:144; 5:14; 5:64; 5:18; 5:51)
* verses which insult other religions as well as the religious beliefs of other communities (i.e., 5:17; 4:157; 5:116—118; 98:6; 68:8—13; 38:55—57; 22:19—21; 22:56—57; 5:36; 15:2; 72:14—15;41:33; 4:125; 25:27—29; 26:96—99; 3:85; 8:38; 31:13; 29:41—42; 37:22—25; 37:26—32; 25:17—19; 7:173; 21:66—67; 21:98—100; 16:20—21; 6:22—23; 6:40—41; 6:148; 2;221; 24:3)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Critical Mass & Muslims

During the early days of A-bomb research two scientists gently pushed together two blocks of Uranium-238 causing them to reach "critical mass", then spewing out radiation which resulted in their horrid deaths . Of course, when two such masses of that material are slammed together, a Hiroshima level explosion occurs.

It appears, from both history and current events, that when the percentage of Muslims in a general population reaches a certain "critical mass" what is spewed out from such Islamic communities is hate towards others AND retail and wholesale violence of all varieties towards both "moderate Muslims" and non-Muslims, and most specially against Jews. This violence shows itself in threats, economic intimidation, rape, riots, arson, bombings, retail murder and (As in the Darfur region of The Sudan) genocide.

When masses of such Islamic "true believers" slam against each other (As in Palestine or Iraq) or non-Muslims (As in the Sudan or the Philippines), the explosion of war is a frequent outcome.

The reasons for these phenomena lies in the teachings of the Koran, the nature of mass movements and the reluctance of non-Muslims to exercise their Natural Law rights to self-defense, even if such requires the use of deadly force or such methods of rooting out terrorists as "water boarding", all on a "them or us" basis.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Old & New Covenants VS. Islam

The "Old Law" was an agreement, a contract, between God and His People Israel, who were specially selected among those made in His likeness for special treatment and place among humans. Although the Jews and the rest of us are certainly not equal to God, the covenant relationship is based on the respect-and-worship owed Him and the respect He gave to Israel and, through that nation, to all who accept Him.

The Old Law continues in Christianity as the same respect exists in it and, much more specially, in the Divine Love given to us and the love we are asked, along with respect and worship, to give to the Almighty.

I point out that the Pagans have not that respect or love from their gods. I also have pointed out that Mohammed's Allah demands and commands his slaves to obey him, showing no respect nor love nor mercy to them---Or, even more so, those who are outside of Islam.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Color Does Matter !!!

"People want to make everything about race. The only colors that matter here are red, white and blue." spoken by Louisiana's new Governor-Elect Piyush (Bobby) Jindal, a "man of color" who parents were (I assume) legal immigrants from India.

Of course, he is a Republican and NOT someone who makes a living or forwards his career by stirring up what remains of inter-racial hate and mistrust in the USA.

Alternative Muslim View Of Islam--Reforms????

OK---There may be a very few Muslims (I wonder how long it will be before any such are suppressed by murder or other means) who are carefully-and-cautiously examining Islam in the light of history and experience---For which please see the 2 November 2007 AmericanThinker article reproduced below. (ARTICLES CAN BE FOUND BY "GOOGLE" ACCESS BY ENTERING THE AUTHOR'S NAME: ALI ETERAZ)

Yet, even this excellent stylist cannot bring himself to condemn the worst verses of the Koran (Also reproduced below), which verses are the key block to any real changes in or reform of Islam.

November 01, 2007
Fascinating series on developments within Islam
Rosslyn Smith
Blogger Ali Eteraz just completed a seven part series in the Guardian on developments within Islam. I would sum up his theme by saying that the religious thinkers who influenced the Jihadists and the Islamists were those who supported dissent against the political authority of their own times.

Once forces of dissent get unleashed in a culture they become difficult to control. For every Bin Laden wannabe who reads the Quran for himself and finds support for violence against Muslim and infidel alike there are now even more like Laleh Bakhtiar, a woman whose translation of the Quran removed the permission for wife-beating based on her understanding of alternative meanings of classical Arabic verbs. In the author's words

"the same people who wanted to prevent the "westoxification" of Islam, who wanted to "purify" Islam, have ended up ushering the same thing that makes the west special: hyper-individualism."

In Eteraz's view the Islamic world is on the verge of its own Enlightenment as people increasingly come to realize that the separation of the political sphere from the religious one is in their best interests. Eteraz has obviously thought deeply about his topic and is passionate about helping the Islamic world modernize.

Unfortunately his own biases (the series contains a comparison of Karl Rove to the Mullahs one expects to find in the Guardian) sometimes get in the way of the clarity of his political analysis. Apparently based on the "right = bad: left = good" formula that has infected the academic and media culture, Eteraz labels his own prescriptions for reform within the Islamic World "leftist". There is nothing leftist about them. Most of the readers of this site would call his prescriptions classical liberalism.

Eteraz's inability to recognize his own biases can make him a jarring read at time. Besides the Christian conservative bashing, he frequently criticizes "the west" for seeking to reform Islam based on the cult of personality by seeking a charismatic anti-Bin Laden figure for Muslims to rally around. Yet on his own blog he's was at least initially down right giddy over the campaign of Barak Obama, an engaging figure whose appeal is almost entirely based on personality as Obama has no political accomplishments of note on his resume.

Ali Eteraz on Islamic reform:

Article 1: The roots of Islamic reform

Article 2: The Islamic reformation

Article 3: An Islamic counter-reformation

Article 4: Beyond Islamic enlightenment

Article 5: The making of the Muslim left

Article 6: Muslim secularism and its allies

Article 7: Post-Islamism


* verses which preach cruelty, incite violence and disturb public tranquility (i.e., 2:193; 8:39; 2:216; 9:41; 9:123; 66:9; 9:73; 8:65; 8:66; 47:4—15; 8:12; 69:30—33; 8:15—18; 25:52; 9:39; 9:111; 3: 169—171; 4:100; 48:29; 49:15; 2:154; 3:157—158; 8:59—60; 9:2—3; 9:29; 8:67; 4:84; 29:6; 29:69; 61:9—13; 9:36; 9:5; 9:14; 9:20—22; 4:95—96; 8:72—74; 3:142)
* verses which promote, on grounds of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities (i.e., 4:101; 60:4; 58:23; 9:7; 8:13—14; 8:55; 25:55; 5:72; 9:23; 9:28; 3:28; 3:118; 4:144; 5:14; 5:64; 5:18; 5:51)
* verses which insult other religions as well as the religious beliefs of other communities (i.e., 5:17; 4:157; 5:116—118; 98:6; 68:8—13; 38:55—57; 22:19—21; 22:56—57; 5:36; 15:2; 72:14—15;41:33; 4:125; 25:27—29; 26:96—99; 3:85; 8:38; 31:13; 29:41—42; 37:22—25; 37:26—32; 25:17—19; 7:173; 21:66—67; 21:98—100; 16:20—21; 6:22—23; 6:40—41; 6:148; 2;221; 24:3)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Understanding Iran

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's story ( "Lawmakers try to understand Iran, American policy"; Please see below) reflected the general lack of understanding (By our officials and reporters) of the essential nature of Iran. It is NOT a nation-state of the democratic or totalitarian or other varieties with which diplomats have been dealing for the last 200-years. It is (Like Saudi Arabia, but more so) a theocracy operating under the very, very, different premises and assumptions of such governments, especially those committed to Islamic principles of law and society, of death and sacrifice and of goals and strategies.

Until such time as all understand the nature of Koran based government, its commitment to perpetual war with "unbelievers", the lack of respect for treaties as exampled by Mohammed and the other differences between sane (Even totalitarian) governments and such theocracies, there can be no understanding of Iran.

What Americans (Especially those of the left) fail to understand (Perhaps as a byproduct of efforts to remove religion from public notice and debate in the USA) is that religion does matter and that is especially true for Muslims and even more true in a nation run by Mullahs.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Story

Lawmakers try to understand Iran, American policy
House panel examines relations, perceptions of nation, its people
Posted: Oct. 30, 2007
Washington - With respect to Iran, should the United States use carrots or sticks - or airstrikes?
That was a key question Tuesday when a House panel examined policy toward Iran and its consequences.
House Democrat John F. Tierney of Massachusetts opened the hearing by saying the Bush administration's rhetoric on Iran was becoming "more strident and inflammatory."
"And at the same time - as was the case with the build-up to the Iraq war - much of its decision-making is being made in the utmost of secrecy," Tierney said.
Saying few in Washington understand Iran and many oversimplify a complex society, Tierney said: "Iran is a black hole to us - just as Iraq had become in 2003."
He chairs the Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, part of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. It plans more hearings on Iran.
The subcommittee's top Republican, Christopher Shays of Connecticut, did not mince words about Iran. He called it a country that promotes terrorism, wants to become a nuclear power, has threatened other nations with annihilation and could influence control over the energy-rich Middle East given its location.
"Aside from Cuba, Iran is the only country in the world with which the United States has no sustained direct contact," Shays said.
He said the United States has designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism and has had "no significant connection" with the Iranian government since the 1979 hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.
Although Iran is a rogue state, it is time for the United States to "start talking with Iran - diplomat to diplomat, politician to politician and person to person," Shays said.
Painting a portrait
The hearing focused on Iranian people and their attitudes.
The portrait that emerged is of a little-known, oil-rich nation of about 70 million people with nuclear ambitions that is struggling with inflation, unemployment, underemployment and deep discontent.
A nation where most people are disengaged from politics.
A nation where two-thirds of the people are 33 years old or younger.
A nation where a deep desire for economic, political and social reform is tempered by an aversion to unrest and insecurity.
A nation where few romanticize the idea of conflict or militarization after an eight-year war with Iraq that left an estimated 500,000 Iranian casualties. A nation where the government's enmity toward the U.S. and Israel doesn't resonate on the street, yet the U.S. has lost political capital because many Iranians view the U.S.-led Iraq war as "less about democracy and more as a botched attempt to expropriate the country's oil resources."
The last point was made by Karim Sadjadpour, an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
He put the present chances of the U.S. using military force against Iran at 20% and said it's in the realm of possibilities not because of Iran's ambition to build nuclear weapons but because of Iran's "alleged support" for militias killing U.S. troops in Iraq.
Direct communication urged
Kenneth Ballen, a former federal prosecutor, said economic sanctions and terrorist designations are likely to fail unless the U.S. begins speaking directly to the Iranian people.
Ballen, the president of a nonpartisan group, Terror Free Tomorrow: The Center for Public Opinion, pointed to 1,000 survey interviews conducted in June, the first uncensored nationwide survey in Iran since 2002, when Iranian pollsters were jailed.
Some highlights:
• 79% surveyed want free elections and normal relations with the outside world and 68% favor normal relations and trade with the U.S.
• 29% consider developing nuclear weapons an important priority for the government compared with 88% who cited improving the economy.
• Two-thirds support financial aid to Palestinian opposition groups, such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and to Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Shia militias. But one-third consider this very important contrasted with nearly half who think seeking trade and political relations with the West is very important.
Ballen said hostility would result if the U.S. persisted in saber-rattling without articulating a vision for a future Iran that is secure, able to trade and respected by the community of nations.
He observed that this country's most effective outreach to the Muslim world came from tsunami relief efforts led by former Presidents Clinton and Bush. He said they could be excellent emissaries to Iran to make a positive case for U.S. policy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Atheism As Our State Religon---2


The National Park Service, a branch of the federal government, has joined the Veterans Administration in establishing anti-Christian bigotry as public policy. The NPS has censored “God” from a key display of America's Christian heritage in Washington.
The reference is an engraving of "Laus Deo," which is Latin for "Praise be to God," on the east side of the 100-ounce aluminum cap atop of the Washington Monument.
Since the actual inscription on the cap is unviewable atop the 555-foot stone column, the NPS created a replica which is on display in the white-colored obelisk of marble, granite and sandstone.
Now “God” has been removed from the plaque containing information about the Washington Monument. In 2000 the plaque read:

APEX OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for an appropriate metal for the apex that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time, aluminum. The casting was inscribed with the phrase, Laus Deo, (Praise be to God).

The NPS censored the last sentence from the latest plaque, which now reads:

CAP OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for appropriate metal for the cap that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time – aluminum.
In addition, the replica of the cap which is in the monument has been positioned so close to the wall that the wording “Laus Deo” cannot be read. Prior to the censorship by the NPS, the replica wording could be read.
It was the third time in just the past few weeks that an agency of the federal government has banned the use of “God.” First was the Architect of the Capitol banning religious references when issuing flag certificates. That ruling was later rescinded. Next came the Veterans Administration censoring religious references in the script used to describe each fold of the flag at 125 national cemeteries. That censoring came after only one person complained.
Because of the NPS censorship, children and other visitors to the monument now have no way to know that the words, 'Laus Deo,' ('Praise be to God'), are inscribed on the original cap atop the monument! This censoring of God will help establish anti-Christian bigotry into federal law.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Reflection For All Saints Day--November 1st

At my parish's 2005 All Saints' Day mass my pastor gave a homily in which the great saints of old were mentioned and the great numbers of such Holy Ones marching forward through time was presented to the people.

In my mind's eye, I found myself seeing many columns of God's saints marching behind their special patrons: All the brown-robed Franciscans and those of that persuasion behind St. Francis of Assisi and St. Claire of that same town; Dominicans and many saintly scholars behind St. Dominic, St. Thomas of Aquino and St. Albert the Great; Those attorneys who, somehow, have become saints behind St. Thomas More; All good pastors (Including our beloved John Paul II) Poland's St. John Kanty; And, so forth---Each behind her or his leader in the march to glory.

As for myself, I hope to someday (If that term has any meaning in eternity) take my very, very, humble place behind St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Doctor of the Church and author of De Laude Novae Militae). My view of his column of saints puts the Knights of The Temple (Knights Templar), with their swords used and bloody wounds suffered in the defense of the Holy Land against the followers of that false prophet Mohammed, first behind him. Following them are such as: The Spanish Crusaders who drove those Muslims out of Iberia; King Jan of Poland and all the Poles who suffered, died and yet were victorious at the gates of Vienna and many other places against the Muslim-Turkish hordes; Don Juan of Austria and all of the brave seamen who sent the Turkish fleet to the deeps in defense of Christianity and true Civilization; And, the true Crusaders of today who battle the false, Muslim, prophet Osama bin Laden and his ilk throughout the world.

We should not forget the other false prophets such as the: “Three Emperor Gang” of World War I; The Nazi and Imperial Japan & foolish Italy of World War II; And the atheist communist and very false leaders, Lenin, Stalin Pol Pot, Mao and all of that evil lot. In defense of my nation, Christianity and Civilization I did serve for three years in the US Navy, this being my only claim to be a follower of St. Bernard and his holy warriors---Among which are those who suffered and died at such places as Flanders' fields, the Bataan Death March, Normandy's beaches and hedgerows, upon and under the the too-hot and too-cold mountains of Korea, the streets of Baghdad, the jungles of Viet Nam and all the other places where evil is confronted, by true knights, throughout history and the world.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holy See Errors On Rule-Of-Law


Dear Holy Father:

In his 28 October 2007 speech (Please see ZENIT's version below) to the United Nations General Assembly Archbishop Celestino Migliore made statements based on a gross ignorance of history and international law.

1. There is no guarantee of the respect of small states except by the
force-of-arms represented, in execution or potential, by large
2. The UN is NOT a neutral arbitrator of disputes as it is biased
towards the interests of nations who dislike or truly hate
Western (That is Christian-based) civilization, including
some nations once Christian in their history and civilized
3. Those international courts which exist or are proposed suffer
from the same bias.
4. Certain political (eg Nazi Germany) and ideological systems
(ie Islam when strictly following the treaty-breaking example and
teachings of its inventor Mohammed) have always been such
as to make international treaties or rule-of-law meaningless.
5. Nations have a primary and moral duty to care for and protect
their own citizens and, for democratic states, to chose to
accept or reject international controls or treaties, especially
those which remove the power of law further from the People.
6. Removal of the means to execute the Natural Law rights of
self-defense by disarming the People has never led to any
outcome other than genocide and political-racial-religious
oppression as was executed on the Armenian Christians
by the Turks, on the Jews and others by the Nazis and is
now being inflicted on the People of the Darfur by the new
jihad being waged against them: Those means being the
general possession of effective and modern arms to
substitute for the forces which have failed to protect the

I strongly recommend that you recall Archbishop Migliore and reassign him to (After a prescribed course of study of the history of Nazism and Islam) to some Caritas outpost in the Darfur section of The Sudan.

Respectfully submitted,
James Pawlak

Holy See Statement on the Rule of Law
"Guarantees Respect for Even the Smallest of Nations"

NEW YORK, OCT. 28, 2007 ( Here is a statement by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, delivered Friday to the 62nd U.N. General Assembly, on the topic of the rule of law at the national and international levels.

* * *

Mr. Chairman,

The mutually reinforcing values of peace, development and human rights are both the guiding principles and the goals of this organization. Their nexus and effectiveness is guaranteed by the proper implementation of the rule of law. It is the rule of law that creates the mechanisms to promote justice and peace, ensures predictability and security to allow for the foundation of a stable economy, and protects the dignity of every person regardless of one’s social, economic, or political status.

In an increasingly globalized society, where people from different cultures meet more frequently, migration occurs on a global scale and international trade propels rapid global development, regulating the relations between and among states is of utmost importance to ensure peaceful coexistence.

At the international level, the rule of law guarantees respect for even the smallest of nations. It safeguards the ability of all states to voice their legitimate concerns as equals in a forum of equals. Its rule restrains powerful nations from lording it over the weaker ones. These principles are very relevant to the ongoing reform of the Security Council and the revitalization of the General Assembly.

The role of the United Nations in the creation and implementation of international treaties is vital. By ensuring that the principles of free consent, good faith and "pacta sunt servanda" are respected, this organization guarantees that relations between states are regulated by applicable international treaties and governed by reason, justice and fair negotiations, rather than by fear, force or manipulation.

In enforcing these treaties, the United Nations must be a neutral arbitrator and must respect the contracting intent and desire of the parties. A treaty body system that becomes opaque and unaccountable to states parties runs the risk of undermining the basic tenants of the rule of law and diminishes the credibility and legitimacy of the United Nations as a promoter and guarantor of international law.

Surely states have a primary duty to ensure that treaties are respected. Selective enforcement and selective observance of treaties are antithetical to the rule of law. It would be preposterous to claim observance of the rule of law at a national level if international treaties and international law are not observed.

Moreover, the benefits and value of faithful treaty implementation go beyond the rule of law. Respect for treaties is also an excellent confidence-building measure, as it promotes trust among parties. This is particularly true in the area of disarmament, in which the fear of treaty noncompliance on the part of even just one state party paralyzes the disarmament and nonproliferation agenda. In fact, it is easier to make others comply with their commitments if one complies with one’s own.

However, not all states have the technical capacity to cope with all their international obligations. There is a growing gap between the development of international law and the capacity of individual states to incorporate it into national legislation and implement it. Thus technical assistance to these countries is of utmost importance if observance of international law and treaties is to be had. To this end, we note with interest the establishment of the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group and we look forward to following its work in promoting the rule of law.

Mr. Chairman,

The struggle against terrorism is necessary, but at the same time it must be established through the drafting, adoption and effective enforcement of juridical instruments designed to tackle this violent menace with right reason. The rule of law at times is difficult to apply to terrorists who have little or no respect for it. However, states must not engage in measures antithetical to the very principles that give them legitimacy through the rule of law.

The last few years have seen a greater focus on the rule of law at all levels. Though this focus has not always been accompanied by action, some progress has been achieved, particularly in the area of international criminal justice. Individuals and peoples whose rights have been violated, such as in cases of crimes against humanity, are given access to a justice system that serves the truth and banishes fear, revenge, impunity and inequality before the law.

In the same vein, further progress has also been made in the World Summit Outcome Document by which, among others, all member states affirmed the collective international responsibility to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, and their willingness to take timely and decisive collective action for this purpose, through the Security Council, when peaceful means prove inadequate and national authorities are manifestly failing to do it.

My delegation believes there is need to pursue the debate and juridical codification along this very line, wherein sovereignty is not understood as an absolute right and used as a shield against outside involvement, but as a responsibility not merely to protect citizens, but also to promote their welfare. Through the creation of legal norms, arbitration of legal disputes and the establishment of safeguards, especially when states fail in their responsibility to protect, the United Nations is called to be the propulsive forum for the rule of law in all corners of the globe.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Shouting Down On-Campus Speakers

Various speakers at events concerned with "Islamo-Fascism Week" have been shouted down and not allowed to speak at the university forums they or their supporters had provided by prior and lawful arrangements. Although some such Nazis were removed from the speakers' areas I know of no related arrests for "Disorderly Conduct", "Violations Of Civil Rights" or like crimes. Certainly, most such universities have taken NO positive actions to effectively protect those speakers OR to punish any of their own students, faculty or other staff engaged in such storm-trooper activities.

Those who shout down speakers on campuses should be arrested and charged with civil rights violations. Those offenses are felonies where arrest can be made by any citizen. If such terrorists resist such arrests, any level of force can be used to overcome such resistance---Including deadly force.

Universities which object to such clear-and-present enforcement of speakers' civil rights have an alternative and absolute duty to insure that such actions are not necessary---Without forcing the speakers to leave or canceling their appearances. They also have (At least for publicly funded schools or schools which receive tax dollars in any amount) a duty to file criminal charges AND to take internal disciplinary actions against any of their own students or staff involved in such anti-freedom acts.

It may be that speakers who are not so protected by schools may have a "cause in action" to bring civil actions for damages, including punitive damages, against schools which fail to protect their free speech rights.

Bishops & Climate Change


Dear Editors & Writers At Ekklesia:

First I wish to thank you for keeping the insanity of political correctness firmly in my mind by the various articles you publish.

In the case of Bishop James Jones' travels to the USA to lecture our politicians and real citizens on climate change I do have the following questions.
1. What is his academic and other expertness in climatology
solar physics and other "hard sciences" as allow him to,
without shame, lecture others on the noted subject?
2.. Where in the Bible does it teach about the care of God's
creation beyond the gift of such to His children for their
own good?
3. Does he wish to apologize for his most unscientific and
anti-truth statement that "The science of anthropogenic
climate change is nonconvertible" when that is most
certainly NOT the case and true science is always
reexamining its positions (eg The sun rotates around the
earth, atoms cannot be divided)?
4. Does he wish to, instead, take his message (Such as it is)
to Communist China, one of the great, developing nations,
whose into the air filth is equaled only by its export of poisoned
toys and food products sent around the world?