Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solving The Congo & Zimbabwe Problems

Too many (Especially at the "Useless Nations" (UN) have been dancing around the obvious solution to the horrid problems in and of the Congo and Zimbabwe. That solution is to return those areas to White rule as Blacks have clearly demonstrated their inability and unwillingness to manage their own affairs.

Of course, the "contract rulers" would be entitled to a reasonable (20%?) portion of those nations' incomes (Thus providing motivation to improve their economies) and the authority to shoot-on-sight any Black found armed with a pistol, bomb or military rifle (After a very short grace period in which such weapons could be turned in to the new rulers). (That portion of national wealth-and-income would be required to pay for the several divisions or many brigades of trained troops (eg Ghurkas?) needed for the initial peace establishing period.

In fact, such an arrangement could be applied to certain (Generally urban) portions of France, the UK and (Most specially) the USA, as well as Palestine and other like non-governed lands.

Of course, the implementation of such a plan would bring many "ivory towers" tumbling about the head of the too many "words can solve problems" useless persons and organizations.

Please remember that civilization is a structure with ORDER at its base, upon which is established LAW and, when those are fixed in place, building of JUSTICE may then (And only them) proceed.

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