Monday, October 27, 2014

"Common Core"--UPDATED

First and foremost is the fact that, in the USA, standardization-and-centralization of any educational  function leads to: An overall lowering of standards to appease the worst performing parts of our student-AND-teacher populations [As endorsed by Mr. B. H. Obama and others]; Probable "teaching to/for the tests AND the expected-and-demonstrated faking of test results; Probable suppression of those schools  which are willing to take risks. leave standard methods AND achieve excellence; Such "standard", centralized and "politically correct" schools as MPS  failing to properly educate pupils/students, commonly at a cost higher than non-conforming schools; And, abuse of the "Common Core" non-system to meet the corrupt views of some teachers'/schools.

Educational programs can be formed and corrupted by:  Giving-or-withholding of Federal funds ; And, towards the policies of one Party OR some "Glorious Leader".

What most specially seems to be lacking is a scientific pre-testing ("Reliable and valid" and with a "high level of confidence") of "Common Core" by some qualified scientists who have "no ax to grind". [That lack reminds me far too much of the very recent failure of the effectively untested web-site for "Obamacare" and the ongoing unknowns as to its ability to truly deliver useful and econonmicall-sounhinsurance.]

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A Disease Worse Than Ebola

In today's world there is a very wide spread disease much, much, worse than Ebola. That disease:
  1. Kills many more people every month than does Ebola;
  2. Causes many to insanely kill themselves and others;
  3. Results in the loss of sexuality in many females;
  4. Results in such “brain damage” as causes the destruction of scientific knowledge and the use of logical thinking---Especially in young people;
  5. Has major infection reservoirs in such places the Middle East, all of Africa, France, the Scandinavian nations, England, urban Minnesota, Dearborn (Michigan) Tennessee; some of the one-time “Republics” of the old USSR and the Indian Sub-Continent;
  6. Has “metastasized” in smaller, but potentially as deadly, locals as Ireland, our own Department of Defense, the White House and even within the United States Congress.
If that horrid disease were cancer we would attack it with the knife or (Radiation) bullets or chemicals or such other means as would destroy that deadly growth. If that disease were from a bacteria or virus, we would use such chemicals as would kill all of the infection's organisms.

We do not fight and destroy such diseases by denying their causes and blaming “Evil Spirits” or witches or stating that some of their organisms are not deadly or claiming that some sites of such a cancer can be left alone.

That disease is, of course, the criminal-terrorist ideology called “Islam”.

Denying the reality that the teachings of Islam cannot be changed since the death of that fellow Mohammed (Of Mecca & Medina; The inventor of Islam; Who was a murderer, bandit, liar and treaty breaker and the perverted sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child) AND that the horrors inflicted by ISIS/ISO or Boku Haram are fully in-line with those teachings is a form of mental and, very likely, physical suicide.

Failure for the leaders of our nation to use the most deadly means to destroy that disease is “TREASON” as defined by Article-III, Section-3 of the US Constitution. [Failure to arrest and immediately deport foreign carriers of that disease who have illegally entered the USA or have violated their visas (Well represented in urban Minnesota among Somalis who are providing volunteers for the Jihad outside/within the USA) is also aiding those who are waging war against the USA and endangering all of civilization. Failure to charge US citizens who participate in domestic or foreign Jihad or provide any, even minimal, aid to such persons with treason is also treason itself.]