Friday, August 26, 2016

A Rebirth Of Academic Freedom?

One of the greatest advantages of "Academia", in a free society, is the unfettered exchange of new knowledge--And the studied confirmation of the best in old learning.
It appears that the University of Chicago has confirmed (By its “no safe spaces” and “no trigger” letter to new Freshmen) such concepts as expressed by the 1894 University of Wisconsin Regents"WHATEVER MAY BE THE LIMITATIONS WHICH TRAMMEL INQUIRY ELSEWHERE WE BELIEVE THAT THE GREAT STATE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SHOULD EVER ENCOURAGE THAT CONTINUED AND FEARLESS SIFTING AND WINNOWING BY WHICH ALONE THE TRUTH CAN BE FOUND".   I doubt me that we need 20-plus page reports (As delight parasitic bureaucrats who drain university resources and inflate tuition). The noted, 1894, statement and the one page letter for U-Chicago Freshmen seem more than enough words to set and defend "Academic Freedom"--And the free speech right declared in the First Amendment to our Constitution.

I suggest that all university trustees, regents and the likeFormally thank the University of Chicago and its Dean Of Students John Ellison for the above-cited statement; And, confirm those thanks by sending a like letter to all of their students, faculty and other employees AND formally setting both as core parts of UW policy--Which shall be enforced by expulsion of students and firing faculty (Without regard to tenure) who violate that policy.
Being a long-term observer of "Academia" I suggest that it will be necessary for formally expel some students and (Perhaps) fire a tenured faculty member to insure that others fully understand the absolute commitment to those policies ("Pour encourageer les autres").

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blacks, Whites, Violent Crime & Facts

NOTA BENE: I very, very, seldom reproduce other writer's entire blog entries, usually referring to them by URL.
      However, the vast amount of debate and "disinformation" now raging through the USA about this subject moved me to provide the below.

Crime and Racism

Heather MacDonald, writing in National Review, discusses the standard liberal response to the Charleston, South Carolina massacre:
The Roof massacre was also portrayed as part of a pattern of white violence against blacks. Blacks live with the “daily threat of terror,” according to Patricia Williams Lessane, the director of the Avery Institute for Afro-American History and Culture at the College of Charleston. Such “terror,” Lessane wrote in the New York Times, “does not exist within a vacuum. It looms within the growing prison-industrial state, against the backdrop of school-reform debates, our slow movement toward gun reform and the political maneuvers by Republicans to make it increasingly more difficult for poor people and minorities to vote. The reality that our civil rights are under attack is just as heavy as our fear for our lives.” Bryan Stevenson, a black lawyer and activist, told theNew York Times that the Charleston bloodbath is just the latest example, however extreme, of the way “black men and boys are treated by the police, by schools, and by the state.”
But the reality of race and crime is radically different. MacDonald provides data on crime, broken down by the race of the victim and the race of the offender, and the story is one of blacks victimizing whites, not whites victimizing blacks.

Both blacks and whites are mostly victimized by people of their own race, but there are many more black on white crimes than white on black crimes. According to MacDonald:
In fact, white violence against blacks is dwarfed by black on white violence. In 2012, blacks committed 560,600 acts of violence against whites (excluding homicide), and whites committed 99,403 acts of violence (excluding homicide) against blacks, according to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey provided to the author. Blacks, in other words, committed 85 percent of the non-homicide interracial crimes of violence between blacks and whites, even though they are less than 13 percent of the population. Both the absolute number of incidents and the rate of black-on-white violence are therefore magnitudes higher than white-on-black violence. There is no white race war going on.
So blacks commit 5.64 times as many interracial violent crimes as whites, but white population was 4.74 times that of black population in 2013

Which means that a random black person is about 26.7 times as likely to commit a violent crime against a member of the white race as a random white person is to commit an violent crime against a black person.One might ask why the above statistics exclude homicide. The answer is simple: this data are based on a victimization survey, and victims of homicide are not around to answer questions about their victimization. 
Data on homicide exists, however.

It shows that blacks commit over twice as many homicides against whites as whites commit against blacks (2.23 times as many, to be exact). Since there are 6.01 times as many whites as blacks in the population (we are not classifying Hispanics, who can be any race, separately here, to be consistent with the homicide data), this means that a random black person is over 12 times as likely to murder a white as a random white person is to murder a black.

This is the reality that the politically correct don’t want to talk about. Which is why when a bunch of 
leftist Marquette students demonstrated and blocked traffic on Wisconsin Avenue, one of their demands was that Marquette’s Public Safety Alerts conceal the race of the suspect. 

The Bigger Reality

But there is a bigger reality, shown in these statistics. The vast majority of crimes against white people are committed by other white people, and the vast majority of crimes against black people are committed by black people.

Which means that when the race hustlers who complain about “over policing” in the inner city, they are clearly (if implicitly) siding with the thugs who victimize black people, and not the innocent black victims.

Returning To A Balanced Government: Congress As Prosecutor

The recent and ongoing prostitution of the FBI (And DOJ) to the interests of Hillary Clinton and her Party require some re-balancing of power between the Legislative and Administration branches of our Federal government. Why, those events clearly show that a perverted DOJ can/will refuse to honestly investigate alleged crimes by the high ranking members of the party-in-power and that preventing even the “snow ball's” chance of an effective presentation to a Grand Jury.

Therefore, I suggest the following change(s) in our Constitution:
Upon a petition signed by 30 Members of the Senate or 100 Members of the House of Representatives, the Courts shall immediately give the Congress standing to bring criminal charges against any past or present member of the Federal government for violations of our Laws.

Upon receiving such standing the Congress shall appoint and fund a “Special Counsel” as shall execute the same duties as a United States Attorney and have the same powers as answerable only to The Congress.

MMPI--Police, Officials And Others

My authority for making the below comments is based on: The fact that a part of my state taxes are  thrown at Milwaukee's problems (eg Street shootings, Horrid MPS performance) without any credible proofs of the positive outcome for such spending; And a 34-year, professional, career in criminal corrections  as based on a degree in Psychology and sound instruction in the "scientific method".

The first issue is based on the following question: Is there any scientific ["Valid and reliable", with "a high level of confidence" and peer-evaluated by such qualified persons who have no financial or ideological "axes to grind"] evidence to prove that the selected program will reduce injuries to citizens----Without reducing the protection of our fellow citizens (Including police officers) from violent persons without regard to their "mental health status"?

However, there is a scientific [As defined above] tool as may well prevent the presented/alleged problem. That is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) about which our "decision makers" should be informed and upon which they should base  policy and budget decisions .  
To make the best use of that scientific tests, as to police officers, it should be administered (With an enforceable guarantee to subjects that the data will not be "connected" with individuals) to those experienced officers and who have both the lowest records of even allegations of physical abuse of others and proven ability as to protecting the public.

Thereafter the MMPI should be administered, as a screening pre-test, to all: Applying for employment (Including as future Chiefs) with MPDAnd, for promotion within that department. Doing so would provide the following benefits:
1. It would screen out those with possible-to-probable psycho-pathologies2. Which would reduce the city's exposure to damages in the cases of "police abuse" civil actions by demonstrating a "good faith effort" to select/promote only "mentally stable/suitable" persons; And,
3. Comparing the applicants with the best police officers would allow the "appointing authority" to make the best possible hires and promotions.

Of course, such would required elected-and-appointed public officials to commit themselves to scientific methods of government and not to "political correct" wastes of tax payer's money. They (Especially the "race card players" among them) would do well to understand, "internalize" and apply other scientific knowledge  to "policing" and the "common good".

In fact, all candidates for public office should be required to take that test---And, its results made pubic to the People  (I specially note the MMPI's very accurate "Lie Scale"!)  

Could it be that school staffs, editors and columnists be subject to the same test and public notice?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

President Has Authority To Block Any Immigrants

8 US Code 1182

(f)Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. (Underlining and boldface added)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Your Voting Choices

If you, even "sort of”, invent or accept excuses for the recent and murderous attacks on police in Dallas, Baton Rouge AND many other places---Vote for Democrats.

If you approve of "Black LIES Matter", the "New Black Panthers" and other race-baiters such as MR. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton (The step-son of "The Father Of Lies)---Who all maintain their incomes and poof-up their over-developed and unjustified senses of self-worth by stirring up race hate in the USA---Vote for Democrats.

If you approve of taking away modern firearms from law-abiding and legally-presumed sane citizens, leaving them to be victims of the tyranny of those waging Jihad, gang-bangers, rights-destroying politicians and other criminals---Vote for Democrats.

If you wish to support the Party as has contributed the vast majority of mass/notorious killers in the USA (Without help from members of the NRA)---Vote for Democrats.

If you support the mass importation of Muslims from ISIS controlled lands who have not been sorted-out to eliminate those who are likely terrorists---Vote for Democrats.

If you support an Administration which has protected the worst of Muslims and even attacked the free speech rights of those who even ask “hard questions” about Islam's crimes, vote Democrat.

If you approve of Obama who has aided Iran, which is supporting war against us, by giving that Jihad waging theocracy many millions of dollars and, directly or indirectly, aiding its A-bomb program---Vote for Democrats.

If you favor the mass migration of "illegals" (Including those who violate visa conditions) who bring with them terrorists, illegal drugs and those occupying/stealing jobs from our poorest fellow citizens (eg Black youths)---Vote for Democrats.

If you support those who allow the murder of unborn children, as a form of birth control, vote for democrats.

Otherwise, vote for Republicans.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Superior Model For Blacks & All Others

Blacks should give up the very inferior model as described in Professor Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals and which : Now supports “Victimhood”; Supports and honors those entertainers who support/advocate abuse-of-women and attacking police; (That inferior model is now being advocated by various, Democrat and Socialist, non-thinkers.)

Blacks and all others should follow the example of most Americans of Chinese decent whose ancestors:
  1. Came to the USA as racially identifiable incomers, speaking very foreign languages, having “strange” social customs;
  2. After arriving here they were:Subject to legal-and-illegal attacks (Some fatal); Excluded from the vote and other civil rights; Lived (Some voluntarily as did Italians, Jews and my Polish grandparents) in “Ghettos”; And, were very ill-treated as serf-like and almost slave-like workers;
  3. After this they demonstrated their cultural superiority by: Dedication to deferring rewards (Avoiding the crippling, criminal/infant-like, demand for instant gratification) by hard physical and academic work (The latter leading to some universities discriminating against them for being “too qualified/successful); Cleaving to the support and other advantages of two-parent (One of each gender) families; Honoring scholars over criminals; And, Disproportionally avoiding violations of law; 
  4. Earning the rewards of: Great academic success (With the racist reactions of some schools noted above); A disproportional awarding of Nobel Prizes (Especially in the apolitical areas of science); And, a disproportional and greatly lower part of the populations of our jails and prisons; And,
  5. An almost Zero number of Chinese-Americans as: Inmates of our prisons-and-jails; And, those murdered by members of their own race OR shot by police.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Those Other Muslim Soldiers

I have no doubt but that Capt. Hamayun Kahn served our nation bravely and loyally---Perhaps in spite of his upbringing as a Muslim.
The debate following his father's heated (And sometimes insulting) speech at the Democrat's 2016 national convention brought to my mind two other Muslim soldiers: Then Sgt. Hasan K. Akbar who "fragged" his comrades-in-arms killing one and wounding/maiming others---Perhaps, in the name of Islam; And, Of course, then Maj. Nidal Hasan who murdered 13 other soldiers and wounded 30-plus at Fort Hood---Most certainly an act-of-war (Jihad) against the USA and that most certainly in the name of Islam.
Both of those critters have been found guilty of murder(s) and sentenced to death. At the least, Nidal Hasan should have also been charged with"Treason".
The portion of Muslims in our armed forces appears to be far less than Muslims' share of their part of USA's (About 1%) of the general population. There appears to be only a handful of such buried in Arlington.
From Orlando to Chattanooga to Little Rock to San Bernardino Muslims electing to wage Jihad (In obedience to that fellow Mohammed's commands) have murdered our fellow citizens---An increasing “contribution” to the world wide Islamist massacre of innocents in London, Paris, Brussels, The Philippines and too many other places.
Candidate Clinton was exempted from the military draft by her gender. Of course, she declined to volunteer for military service as have many, patriotic, American women---Or for such other service, for the "Common Good", as in the Peace Corps or its domestic equivalent in uncomfortable/dangerous locations. "Somehow", William Jefferson Clinton managed to avoid the military draft.
I must wonder why the media or honest other persons failed to mention those "other Muslim soldiers" in recent days.

Oh yes, I honorably served as a volunteer and at-risk in our Armed Forces.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Until now Benedict Arnold has been the great "bench mark" for treason against the USA. He appears to have "turned his coat" in a "snit" over the way the Continental Congress and others had treated him. Yet, before his treason Gen. Arnold fought more-than-bravely on the side of those fighting for an independent America.----Losing a leg during one battle. He was never able to finalize his core act of treason, turning over West Point to the enemy.

Today's news brought information that Barrack Hussein Obama had $400M in cash shipped by air to Iran (As part of a billion-plus-dollar deal).

Iran has been, directly or indirectly, waging war on the USA since our embassy in that dictatorship was invaded, as a direct act-of-war, by the Iranian wagers of Jihad.

Neither Iran's Ayatollahs nor their enslaved government and people have ever apologized or made reparations for that act-of-war or for the unlawful imprisonment of diplomats

The last time I checked the U.S. Code  Title 18  Part I  Chapter 115 › § 2381 which declares:
"Whoever, owning allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elswhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title not less than $10,000 and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

That provision is firmly based on Article-III, Section-3 of our Constitution.

Giving Iran such sums of money is giving "aid and comfort".

It is an act of treason!

Is there any one (Of either Party) in the House Of Represemtatisvs who has the courage, honesty and patriotism to, within one month, a "Bill Of Impeachment" against today's worse-than Benedict Arnold?

[It would be well to determine how much part Ms. Hillary Clinton (As Secretary Of State) had in planning this treason.]

Balence Of Payments: Reparations---For Black Americans

The "Black Lies Matter" mob has vomited out a new claim for reparations for the USA's Blacks,

I am unsure how the "accounting" should be executed as to such a matter.

CLAIMS AGAINST AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS:  Whatever the claim might be in-total, the first claim for payment should be against the current Black-controlled governments of Africa as are the political descendants of the Black rulers who sold other Blacks into slavery.
    After all, without those enslavements-and-sales there would have been few, if any, Blacks in the USA to make such claims.

AFTERWARDS---CLAIMS AGAINST THE USA:   If, and only if, those Black ruled African nations satisfy those basic claims (ie Even if it totally depletes their national resources---Including the moneys stashed out-of-country by their most corrupt rulers) then claims against the USA might be considered.

BASE DATE:  Until at least January 1, 1863 Slavery was legal in the USA. If, and only if,  we are a "Nation Of Laws", we must limit such claims to times which persons (Or the Nation) can lawfully be held liable.
   Perhaps, it would be "just" to move that date to January 1, 1900 ---A generation-plus after Emancipation.

SOME OTHER CREDITS AGAINST SUCH CLAIMS:  The disproportional costs inflicted by Blacks  as to crimes, remedial education (Including at universities),  "affirmative action", bastard children, AODA and other such costs must be deducted from any such ("Creative") claims.

Judge Merrick Garland

Judge Merrick Garland is not a "Moderate Jurist"---Unless you would use the same term for Mr. Justice Hugo Black [Once a member of the KKK who ignored the intent of the authors of the First Amendment in assigning a false meaning to "the free exercise of religion"] or to the  tyrannical Judges George Jefferys and Ronald Freisler.

It appears that Judge Garland supports a false interpretation of the Second Amendment  (With its "shall not be infringed" clause)---In violation of the Founders' intentions and in favor of the judges "making law from the bench" and, thereby, taking from the People the authority to amend the Constitution by its internal-and-prescribed, democratic, means.

Not having the time or skills to do so, that anti-liberty position directly leads me to wonder if his other judicial positions are likewise in violation of what theConstitution's true place as our most basic law must be.

However, I do support: The Senate holding hearings on Barrack Hussein Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick; AND, its use of theDemocrat developed methods as inflicted upon Judge Bork.