Friday, December 19, 2008

Oxford Junior Dictionary VS. Christianity

This entry could as well have been headed, "The Price Of A Multi-Cultural Society" OR
"Destroying History So Its Mistakes Can Be Repeated".

The "Oxford Junior Dictionary" (UK) has dropped such words as "bishop", "disciple",
"chapel", "sin" and "devil".

If such measures are successful, then the Secularists (ie Atheists) can begin eliminating such words as "Buddha", "Gospel", "mercy", "Democracy", "History", "Jews", "Justice", "God", "Jesus" and (If and only if those mind killers have the courage) "Koran", "Islam" and "Mohammed".

Such "verbal engineering" as comes before "social engineering" should remind all of the of the "newspeak" in George Orwell's novel "1984". Of course, this novel and its lessons are not taught in "newschools" or known in "newnewsrooms".


Anonymous said...

How's that worthless lazy piece of shit slob of a son of yours doing?

James Pawlak said...

Working hard at a job he likes; Loving his wife and son; Practicing the Catholic-Christian Faith he holds; And, NOT hiding behind any "Anonymous" shield.

If male, have you stopped having sex with little boys? If female, are you yet charging more than $5.00 for the sexual use of your diseased body?

Dave said...

Hello, Anonymous.

Would you mind identifying yourself? Or are you going to remain a complete coward?

Amy said...

Who the heck are you? Be it known I will find your ISP and I will make sure you never insult my husband, or my family again.