Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shutting Down A Museum & The Past

The July 30, 2008 "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" reported that Milwaukee's "Black Holocaust Museum" is closing, apparently due to a lack of financial and community support. Perhaps that is good. It is well past the time when such a pathological focus on the past, which cannot be changed, should be replaced with a focus on the present (eg Black-on-Black crime and the failure of Black families to educate their children in good manners and respect AND the accomplishment of those Blacks who are committed to education, hard work, self-respect and respect for others). It would also be well to consider a future where Blacks may become swamped under a flood of illegal, Latino, immigrants who care as little for "Black Culture" as they do for our immigration and other laws.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learning From Obama In Germany

The following quote is from Columnist David Warren column of this date in the Ottawa Citizen (Canada):
"Germans should be quite disturbed by the spectacle of a demagogue who communicates with the public almost exclusively through mass rallies. Americans should be disturbed by what should disturb the Germans.".

For those (Majority?) journalists and others who act as if history does not go back more than one year ago, I suggest that they look up the name Adolf Hitler on their favorite "search engine", with special regard to his public speeches and their effect. For any, if any, serious journalists or other citizens I recommend the book "The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements" by Eric Hoffer, in which the reader will find parallels as to the Obama campaign. and may, if due caution is not exercised, obtain insights to both history and that very junior senator's campaign.

Fanaticism---Of A Columnist

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Community Columnist Thomas Zachek latest subtraction from the sum-total of human knowledge was his recent "Where does religious fanaticism come from?" as printed on July 26, 2008. He attempted to tie together the terrorist actions of some Muslims, the illusions of a few strange people, the Spanish Inquisition (Operating in violation of Chruch Law and killing many less than the Catholics killed by Calvanists during the Thirty-Years-War), a very small minority of sex-offending Catholic Priests (Smaller than the number of like, criminal public school teachers), the Pope, Jerry Farwell and others as examples of a fanatic religious attacks on reason, civilization and the safety of human beings.

I will not expect him to submit a more fanatic attack on the anti-religious crimes as destroyed reason, mercy and millions as executed by such socialists and communists as HItler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot; But, someone should do so to balance Mr. Thomas' personal biases.

What I do hope for is that the MJS will not print further columns by those who so demonstrate either a criminal ignorance of history or a like, offensive, willingness to warp and misuse its facts and lessons. (Unless the editors and Mr. Thomas are of the opinion that the First Amendment to our Constitution should limit only religious speech and actions and not that of columnists and newspapers.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Speech To The NAACP

It seems unlikely that I, unlike Sen. McCain, will be invited to speak before the NAACP! Were I to so appear, I would begin my speech as below and as Mr. McCain failed to do.

"It is obvious that I am NOT an Afro-American. I am also NOT a Latino-American OR a Irish-American OR an Asian-American OR (In spite of my name and ancestry) a Polish-American. I am by birth-and-choice an American with a strong commitment to our customs, laws, lessons of history, common language and in all other national and common strengths.

I am proud of this nation with a special pride in its progress towards correcting its faults by the combined and democratic acts of its many peoples. O yes! The faults have existed and some continue to exist---And are subject to ongoing correction.

Of those faults, the early, national and international acceptance of slavery may have been the greatest. Yet, many thousands of Americans, mostly White, gave up blood, limbs and lives to begin the destruction of that system and injustice. Yet, my ancestors were not part of that problem in 1789 nor of that bloodiest war ever fought by the USA as they were, themselves, downtrodden serfs in the conquered and divided nation of Poland until they fled to this freer land about 1905. Because of that fact and my birth in 1938AD AND my very strong opposition to collective guilt; I cannot accept any blame for slavery nor credit for overthrowing it because of the actions or in-actions of my fore-bearers.

The remaining problems of the USA are best solved by individual actions. For myself, I treat every adult I meet as a Lady or Gentleman, with all of the courtesies and respect implied by those terms, unless they prove they are not worthy of such. In that case, I demote them to mere human-beings; Further misconduct leads me to consider them as critters.

Just beyond this principle and example, I suggest that the atomic or extended family is the very best means to begin academic, good manners and other forms of civilized instruction AND to maintain such throughout all children's real education and development. After all, many of us come from cultures where "She or he is educated" means that child or adult practices good manners and shows respect to those persons and those things which are worthy of that courtesy.

To solve this nation's problems we would best NOT go beyond these essential bases or, at worst, beyond the neighborhood or "village" with its churches, locally controlled public or charter schools and other pillars of society are only next-best; But, generally, potentially, superior to marginally responsive, money wasting, bureaucrat burdened big-city, county, state and national governments.


This is the style of speech Senator McCain should have given to the NAACP and should give to all groups who continue to divide the USA by insisting on being "hyphenated-Americans".

Friday, July 11, 2008


The term or suffix "phobia" is used too widely and much too incorrectly in such terms as "homophobia" and, as to this note, "islamophobia".

As to the latter term, the following quote is applicable: "A phobia is defined in Webster's dictionary as an "inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of subjects or situation.". Fear of Islamic extremism and its potentially catastrophic consequences is not inexplicable or illogical. It is a rational reaction to dangerous, irrational people who would use weapons of mass destruction to bring about their apocalyptic vision." (From Joseph Klien's "Playing The Islamophobic Card", "Front Page Magazine"; March 5, 2007.)

I suggest that we all now substitute (In our daily use, in magazine/newspaper "Style Books", political speeches, sermons, etc.) the term "ISLAMOFORIA", where the term "foria" derives from the Greek and denotes a state of being-on-guard---Which is the proper response to Islam and all Muslims (Based on their "religious duty" to destroy our culture, government, nation and civilization).

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Conditional Support For "Fairness Doctrine"

I could (As a conservative and strict constitutionlist) bring myself to support a First Amendment violating "Fairness Doctrine" if, and only if the following conditions are first met:
1. That the broadcast media part of this process be first tried out, for a minimum of three years on NPR and all publicly owned broadcast operations which use the public airways; AND,
2. As newspapers use the public roads (Paid for by all tax payers) to distribute their editions, the editorials of all daily newspapers be subjected to the same three-year test---Before it is inflicted on magazines or "talk show radio"

Should I hold my breath for such conditions?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"If" & Senator Obama

If you recall that no nation has given so much of its wealth and blood to help others, within and without its borders, as has the USA AND love your country because of that and for other reasons, you are a patriot and should not vote for Mr. Obama as he was a 20-year disciple of Pastor Wright who dammed our land to hell.

If you are proud of most of what the USA has done over the many years, you should not vote for Sen. Obama as his disciple, his wife, was only proud of that nation after her husband's successes in primaries and undemocratic caucuses.

If you believe that the State of Israel is the strongest ally the USA has in the Middle East and is the only real democracy in that part of the world, do not vote for Mr. Barrak Husein Obama as his church of 20-years membership has honored Minister Farrakhan of the Black Muslims who has so poisonously expressed his hatred of Israel and all Jews.(Senator Obama has also said, in effect, that if the "winds blow badly", he will side with Islam---And, at that time, said nothing about the USA.)

If you are a Jew, why (For the reasons above) would you vote for Senator Obama or, for that matter, for any member of the Democrat Party which nominated him?

If you believe that military service for our nation is honorable, do not vote for Sen. Obama as his invitation to youth to public service most pointedly ignored service in the Armed Forces. (My active duty was with the US Navy, 1956-1959, and I was issued an Honorable Discharge.)

If you, as I do, admit that not all heroes are in the military AND that there are cowards in all places. If you believe that Sen. Obama's refusal to debate Sen. McCain, in an unscripted and open way, not more than once and only on July 4th, is an act of cowardice, then do NOT vote for him as we certainly do not need a coward as President.

If you believe that Sen. Obama went back on his word to accept ONLY the funds allowed candidates under the applicable law and is a LIAR, do not vote for him as we have no need for such a person in our highest public office.

If you believe that a child born live after an attempted abortion deserves medical attention and care, do not vote for Senator Obama as he has a record of opposing a law which would require such care.

If you are among the millions who oppose any abortions, other than to save the live of a mother, you should not vote for Sen. Obama who supports abortion-upon-demand OR, for that matter, you should not vote for most members of his Party for the same reason.

If you are Black, you might wish to consider his lack of experience with real "Black life" in the USA and his support by a Party who has used, assumed and abused its Black voter support for many years. If you are Black and have ever lived in a "ghetto" or some "projects", you will understand how little that form of existence means to Sen. Obama in his Hyde Park residence with the double protection of the Chicago PD and the local university police department (The second largest in Illinois), and then wonder if he understands anything about "Black life" in the USA.

If you are White or Asian, do NOT vote against him because he is Black! Vote against him because he is the perfect example of a well spoken, slick, smooth and convincing---Used car salesman.

If you have done productive physical or mental labor, you might be doubtful about such as Senator Obama who appears to have only been a politician-in-training or politician or attorney. (My first job was at Age 13 in my school cafeteria, being hot and sweaty work; I earned my way through college as a Hospital Attendant.) I doubt me much if that Senator has ever done such labor or was ever a member of a labor union AND real workers should vote against him for his lack of productive labor.

If you are among those who believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the USA gives each sane, adult and law-abiding citizen the right to keep and bear arms (Including all handguns and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns), you will not wish to vote for this candidate as his track record is very much opposed to that right.

If you are among those who have concluded that the First Amendment ONLY forbids an establishment of a (Federal) official and state Church and that all are eligible for the "free exercise" of their religion (Except as it directly would physically harm minors or violate the criminal law) in all places (Including court houses, public schools, etc.) and under the free speech guarantees of the same amendment, do not vote for any Democrat as they generally oppose such a view and rule.