Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dems & "Slashing" Prison Populations

I am a veteran of 34-years of profession work in Wisconsin's Department Of Corrections I am very interested in the reporting on various Democrats calling-for the "slashing" of our nation's prison populations.

As such a veteran I know that the two best means to prevent new crimes, after prison release, are: A safe-and-secure residence away from the high-crime neighborhoods from which those convicts came; And, such employment as will allow them to establish-and-maintain themselves in a residence in like neighborhoods.

To support their words with actions all Democrat candidates or elected officials or activists who have demanded that "slashing" must now-and-honestly:
1. Inform prison/correctional agencies that their homes are now fully free for the placement of prisoners without any conditions other than those usual for others released from prison; And,
2. Obtain full-time employment for them in any companies owned (In whole or in part) by them or with their Party's offices or by providing employers with such bonds or other firm, financial, protections against losses inflicted by those released prisoners.

All citizen-voters should now expect proofs of such offers by the noted Democrats along with hard-and-firm evidence of their execution.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Posited Attacks Upon President Trump's Next SCOTUS Nomination

Some commentators have declared/posited/suggested that President Trump's next nomination to a seat on The Supreme Court Of The United States will yield attacks against the Constitution and its supporters which will be even more violent, aggressive and physical than those upon the nomination of Mr. Justice Kavanaugh.

Think of AntiFa squared, cubed and to the nth degree.

Recent events have demonstrated such attacks have not been effectively suppressed and the guilty criminals punished (And, most often, not even arrested and charged) in those cities mis-ruled, for many decades, by members of the Democratic-Socialist Party. Those attacks have often been at the level which represents "A clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm".

When the civil authorities (ie Police or National Guard or Federal troops) will not provide immediate and effective protection against such attacks, then it is the absolute right (And duty) of our good citizens to stop such attacks by any (Even lethal) force.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Examples Of Gun Registration Yielding Confiscation

What are some examples of where gun registration lead to gun confiscation?

Let's stick to fairly recent examples, say the last 25 years. Anywhere in the world. Are there any?

You mean aside from Cuba, China, Russia, and most other totalitarian states?

Let's see...New Zealand, 1921 the ownership of revolvers were allowed in the name of personal defense, 1970s this list was used to confiscate all revolvers.

Canada...registration list 1990s, old guns grandfathered in, but this list is used for the state to confiscate the guns upon the death of the holder with no compensation to the estate

1996 Australia used its list of registered semiauto hunting rifles to confiscate all those weapons.

The UK government instituted handgun registration in 1921, and about every 10 years or so they further restrict what can be owned and use the registration rolls to collect what is illegal.

How about Chicago, put in registration of long guns, used that same registration to confiscate semiauto long guns in the early 1990s

What about California, couldn't make up it's mind if the SKS was covered or not (1989), decided AFTER the registration period was closed that they needed to be registered, declared a second 'grace period' for registration...then about 5 years ago they decided that those SKSs registered during the grace period were illegal because the grace period was illegal, and in certain cities and counties sent law enforcement to the listed addresses demanding surrender of the firearm. Because there is the legal option of removing the gun from the state of CA, and these officers had no warrants, smart gun owners turned them away with the claim 'I gave it to a relative in Oregon (or whatever)' but MANY were seized with no compensation. (Cities and counties later on offered compensation for anyone who had a receipt, but the police weren't giving out receipts, only a few people who demanded them had them and they were basically notes scribbled on whatever spare paper the officer had)

Side Note: the SKS was the MOST common weapon in the hands of Korean Shop Owners who used them to defend themselves and businesses when the LA riots happened.

Buffalo NY seizes deceased gun owners' firearms

Posted by David Hardy · 14 November 2014 11:01 AM
NY law requires permits to possess handguns, and after a firearm owner dies sets a limit on how quickly his or her survivors must transfer the handguns to the heirs. In practice, the time limits are not often enforced. But Buffalo police have begun showing up at the houses of deceased gun owners, demanding to be allowed to search for and seize firearms. The program involves comparing death records to handgun permit lists, and the officers apparently are not informing the survivors that they can get the guns back, and improperly taking long arms, too.

First Peoples Symbols

I am the son and grandson of (Legal) immigrants and was born in the USA. I am a "NATIVE AMERICAN".

The descendants of thousands-of-years earlier immigrants should be designated as ""FIRST PEOPLES" and not "Native Americans".

The use of the word "Mascot" is "loaded" in favor of those (Oh so "politically correct"!) social justice 'warriors' (sic)" who would remove the symbols of First Peoples from representing, for example, high schools.

Strangely enough, I support that removal when advocated. Why? Because those symbols did represent a People who, so clearly, demonstrated courage, endurance, loyalty and other such virtues. Those who would erase those symbols are supporters of a Soviet style, loose-leaf, history and are unworthy of any connection with representations of those who represent those, or any, virtues.

Some of those First Peoples (eg Florida's Seminoles) are proud-and-pleased to have symbols of their members publicly used, shown and honored.

I must wonder if a secret ballot (ie Without the use of that, most biased term, "Mascot") by the registered members of the many "bands" and "tribes" would result in a support of using such symbol.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Putting Down Michael Brown

As far as can be determined Ferguson Missouri's Michael Brown at the day he died:
1. Was legally an adult;
2. Was about 300-pounds in weight;
3. On the day of his death involved in a "Felony Robbery" as defined by the democratically passed laws of Missouri;
4. On the day of his death, was under the influence of illegal drugs; 
5. Was endangering others by walking down the middle of a city street dedicated to vehicle traffic;
6. May have physically attacked and injured Officer Wilson before being shot;
7. Appears to have been charging Officer Wilson with hands raised on high as would imply the possibility/probability of preparation to strike down;
8. Was much more massive and physically powerful than Officer Wilson, even if that "clean record" officer had not been injured; 
9. During that charge/attack appears to have been within 21-feet for which the Tueller Drill (About which please see on-line data) prescribes the use of deadly force to prevent injury/death to the innocent party;
10. Was struck by six bullets fired by an officer who appears to have had 13-plus rounds available to him AND, very properly, stopped shooting when Michael Brown "went down".

It may be that Officer Wilson's not placing all of his shots in "the center of body mass" was due to his injuries as already inflicted by Michael Brown.

Friday, August 09, 2019


Many years ago the rulers of many States imposed "poll taxes" as required cash payments to exercise the individual-constitutional right to vote. In many States this was an integral part of the "Jim Crow Laws" as aided the then, real, suppression of voting by Black AND all poor citizens  towards insuring the continued, political, power of those (ie Members of Southern Democrat Parties) in power. Strangely, this practice was not finally suppressed until 1965.

In recent years the leaders (sic) of the same, Democrat, Party have taken the lead in imposing vey large "fees", often not affordable by those with limited incomes, on the individual-constitutional right to keep, if not bear, arms (ie Modern and effective firearms as may have magazines holding in excess of eight-rounds).

The proposed universal "records checks" on ALL (eg Including by Will, from family-to-family members) will, unless waived by Law, require a fee. Even though that is designated a "Fee" it is another "Poll Tax Equivalent" as primarily assessed against those of our fellow citizens with limited incomes.

Although I am not an attorney, I must wonder why such charges (In effect taxes) have not been challenged, in our courts, by those interested in defending the Second Amendment's rights of all citizens without regard to income (nb Black citizens are more likely to lack the surplus income needed to pay such fees which are a new "poll tax").

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Mass Shootings & WMD

In considering the recent, becoming rarer, mass shootings, all should consider the above-cited information that most such massacres are inflicted in "Gun Weapon Free Zones".

In other words, in such places as prohibit law-abiding (And presumed legally sane) citizens from carrying (Concealed) firearms as would allow some defense against terrorists.

There is a WMD, which has been used in the USA and costing less than $10.00, which can murder tens-to-hundreds and that without any assembly or technical ability. I know of other WMD which, with some (Not great) expense and mechanical knowledge, can massacre thousands. (For obvious reasons I do not describe these WMD.)                          

A. George Washington: "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference). ---they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.";  "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty teeth"
B. Benjamin Franklin: Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” ;  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
C. President James Madison: "The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation where the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

"White Superiority" & Civilizaton

I do not know what is that "White Superiority" (Or, "White Nationalism") so much attacked in recent times.

I do know that it was White, Christian, males (In what were heavily White majority nations) who invented, developed and maintained our civilization. That civilization has given us (Among other benefits): Our universities (Now hotbeds of anti-civilization attacks); Today's medical care; Effective actions against the famines and contagious diseases which once plagued humanity; Democratic government (eg The Bill Of Rights; "Equal Justice Under Law") as is still developing in the USA in spite of too many Fascist attacks against that development; And, many other like-and-parallel benefits.

These developments were not established, developed and spread from Sub-Saharan Africa or Muslim majority nations. Some hundreds of years ago Imperial China began to show such developments, but retreated from them under the misrule of bureaucrats.

"White superiority" may be wrong, BUT IT IS SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER CULTURAL FORMS!


Monday, August 05, 2019

Red Flag Laws---NOT

I have read and heard much of "Red Flag Laws" which allow any person to request the police, with some-sort-of judicial approval to take guns (And other weapons?) away from Americans upon a claim that such persons are too dangerous to have weapons.
The taking of guns or other property (Except on an immediate arrest for a probable, criminal, violation of law) from an American requires: 1. An arrest or search warrant issued, only on "probable cause" that a crime has been committed, by a judge/magistrate of a "Court Of Record"; Or, 2. The prior provision of a notice for a judicial hearing to consider the taking of such property as provides the "reasons why" (In detail as supported by judicially allowable evidence), the name(s) of those who have requested that hearing, a time distant enough for the property owner to obtain legal counsel (Please see below) and to prepare a defense against that action;
I must wonder if, in "Red Flag" seizures of guns: If the owner is immediately provided with a competent (Experienced in such constitutional matters) if her/his income does not allow retaining of such; And, in the case where the guns are ordered returned to the owner the immediate payment by the Court (To be collected later by Order from those requesting that action) which would protect the average American from the untimely and expensive methods of obtaining such payments (As might represent many weeks of wages or other income).
I recommend that such laws provide for the immediate punishment (For "Perjury" or "False Swearing" or, more immediately, "Contempt Of Court") of those providing false or very misleading information to the Courts  (eg Vindictive spouses during who are planning/forwarding a divorce).
Such provisions allow full "due process of law" for the poorer or, even, the average citizen.
Such laws also appear to be in violation of our Republic's Founders in establishing the individual rights in The Bill Of Rights AND for providing "Due Process Of Law", in a very timely way, to citizens who cannot afford or retain qualified attorneys.
   The Number of murders by "mass shootings" is minute compared to the "retail" killings in such places as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and other like cities which have been under the control of Democrats for many years.
The number of murders inflicted by "White Nationalists" (ie Definition lacking) is minute compared to such executed by those Black thugs who, ON THE BASIS OF RACE, select-out White victims.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Dropping A-Bombs On Japan

Dropping A-Bombs On Japan

     Well, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) approaches and it is again time to bring reality and true history to the fore as to the reasons we dropped the A-bombs on Japan. Most editors, publishers, commentators, clergy, teachers and pathological pacifists among and without them have put history and truth out of their minds.

A hundred years from now any honest history of World War-II would still be faced with the fact that the Japanese People (Woman, Man and child) supported the "Imperial System" and were all (Man, woman and child) prepared to kill as many allied troops as they could, even after the A-Bombs were dropped and until the Imperial Decree ordering surrender came down to them.

This ended a military regime noted for genocide (Think Nan King), rape (Think "comfort women"), violations of the laws-of-war (Think of the "Bataan Death March") and other crimes against humanity.

The weapons to be used were thousands of kamikaze aircraft and like high-speed motor boats. a still very large body of soldiers in Japan and the training of men, women and children to use such in-close weapons as bamboo spears.

An invasion would have resulted in hundreds of thousands of allied casualties AND the possible extermination of the Japanese People. (For myself, I would rather that every city and town in Japan had been destroyed than to have a single allied soldier die with a bamboo spear in his guts.)

NOTA BENE: For those interested in facts, I suggest that the honest person look into the
statements of the survivors of the Nan King massacre, those abused women noted above and, most specially, those who lived through the Bataan Death March and all Japanese prison camps. 
For a printed resource, any honest person should read and consider the following book.
Allen, Thomas B. & Polmar, Norman; Code Name Downfall: The Secret Plan To Invade Japan and Why Truman Dropped The Bomb; Simon & Schuster; New York