Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Polls", Elections & The "Media"

Even before the last "Election Cycle" some posited that "polls" were skewed by the biased

Swords of editors, reporters, commentators" and "Talking Heads" in the "Lame Street Media".

In the 2016 Primary elections and General Election many of those "polls" were very, very, inaccurate as measured against the only polls that are real, those used on election days by citizens (And, a undetermined number of voting "illegals"). 

Since the People constitutionally elected Donald Trump as President, the bias of those actors (And their co-actors) has mutated into a most rabid and otherwise pathological attack on President Trump, truth and "The Common Good".

At this time I think it reasonable to declare that the above offenders have caused a reduction in the "Approval Rate" for President Trump much greater that the c. 3% suggested by some.

Today, I learned of a "Party Enthusiasm Poll". Having a degree in scientific Psychology I must wonder how "enthusiasm" is measured---On a valid and reliable basis, with a high level of confidence.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tax Cut, Corporations & Pensions

I, very readily, confess that I know very, very, little about "the business world"! However, I do (From time-to-time) ask questions about that part of our World with the hope that I may learn something of value to myself AND other Americans.

I also confess that I receive a monthly pension from the State of Wisconsin coming from a well-managed fund as invests in corporate stocks.

Therefore, I ask the following questions:
1. What part of the dividend paying shares of private corporations are in the hands of government and private pension plans/managers;
2. How many Americans are now receiving pensions from such plans;
3. What is the average, monthly/annual, pension received from such plans;
4. What has been the income from such shares to such pension programs  for each of the last ten-years; And, 

5. What is the probable (As estimated by some apolitical persons) impact of the just passed, Federal, tax-cut Bill?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Right To Legal Council At University Disciplinary Hearings

JOHN DOE, Plaintiff v. LYNN UNIVERSITY, INC., A Florida not for profit corporation,

 Lynn University, Defendant

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Genetics, Science & Gender

In recent years there has been (Usually on college/university campuses) a most unscientific movement to deny the reality that our world is occupied (Save for very rare "sports") by bi-sexual organisms---Including we humans.

That bi-sexuality is based on millions of years of natural selection and cannot be vacated by the will of pathological deniers of scientific reality.

There are even those who, in some jurisdictions, demand the recognition of some sixty-plus genders and would criminally punish those who do not use each day's, politically correct, personal pronouns or terms-of-address for each such artificial construct.

Perhaps, they should study the concept of "Occam's Razor" and apply it to their positions on gender. Of course, that would require the intense and superior scholarship needed to work through the most exact "arguments" as support that concept.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Testing Roy Moore's Accussers

There is a simple way of checking the accusations of sexual misconduct against 
Alabama's Candidate Roy Moore.

That is to demand that the accusers confirm those claims "on oath or affirmation" (Best before a magistrate) as would make them liable for criminal penalties if they could not demonstrate the truth of their sworn statements under the rules-of-evidence provided by our democratically-enacted laws and in our like courts.

Of course, I recommend criminal prosecution if those persons cannot provide proofs.

Of course any, if any, support for this test, by the "media", would require them to apply levels of honesty and logic not greatly apparent in their stories regarding that candidate OR by various RINOs.

I also note that the female person who claimed that Candidate Moore entered a most inappropriate note in her high school "Year Book" has refused to turn over that item for, neutral, forensic examination as to Mr. Moore's signature and the age of the ink used.