Friday, September 05, 2008

Blame Not GOP/Bush For Unemployment #s

If blame can be assigned to the current, cyclical, unemployment rate it should be given to those (Especially the Democrat controlled Congress AND such newspapers which support an essentially open borders policy) who oppose the full control of our borders and mass expulsion of illegal immigrants. After all, such illegals as have been invading the USA cause a net loss to the economy, national income, criminal justice and other social costs, balance-of-payments very much in excess of any contributions they make.

Such illegal immigration costs US citizens (Who are among the hardest workers in the world) many jobs by direct and illegal employment. The costs to the economy also results in the exportation of jobs and the movement of employers to "cheaper" parts of the USA or totally "off-shore".

I sometimes wonder which congress-critters and newspaper publishers and senior editors have personal investments in those few industries who actually make money from the employment (And, often, abuse) of illegal immigrants

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