Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't Argue With A Drunk, Sen. Obama!

One of the prime precepts taught police officers, social workers and others is: "Don't argue with a drunk!!!".

This includes those intoxicated with alcohol, other drugs, power and, as in the case of Iran's President Ahmadinejad, both power and the "Dark Side" of the Koran and other Islamic teachings and traditions.

Dealing with such intoxicated persons, when they become dangerous to themselves or others, requires firm AND overpowering use of controlling force AND NOT TALK!

Senator Barak H. Obama should learn and remember that lesson.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abortion & Guns As LIFE Issues

Yesterday I received, in the mail, copies of the "National Catholic Register" (An essentially orthodox publication) and one of the magazines published by the American Rifle Association. Both of these periodicals criticized Senator Obama (And, to a only slightly lesser extent, Senator Clinton) for positions: One as to his (Their) opposition to the rights of sane, adult and law-abiding citizens to keep and bear modern firearms; The other as to killing unborn children or even (As in the case of Sen. Obama) protecting the lives of babies who somehow survive abortion attempts.

Yet, these two publications appear unable to make the connection and note that these are both "LIFE ISSUES". One as to the right of free people to have the means to enforce their statutory and Natural Law rights to protect their lives from criminal assaults; The other of the most innocent in our world, unborn children, to live without being cut to pieces or chemically burnt to death in the womb.

I think it well past the time for the editors of both journals (AND EVERYONE ELSE) to set aside their respective prejudices and reexamine the rights of all as should be supported by those who oppose abortion and abortive and ineffective gun control measures.

Friday, May 16, 2008

No Police Or Armed Citizens To Protect

By this time you have read or seen (It made the national TV news) the horrid attack upon a Milwaukee County bus driver, with passengers in his vehicle, by a "gang banger" thug. There were no police or deputies to protect that driver and his endangered riders.

Of course, Governor Jim (Protect The Criminals) Doyle twice vetoing of passed legislation which would have allowed adult, sane and law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons made it impossible/illegal for some such patriot to pull out a pistol and, as is usual in the millions of such cases each year in the USA, frighten off the criminal. (Of course, if that critter continued to attack, two rounds to the head would yield a considerable savings to our County and State budgets by saving courts and prisons the costs of dealing with such a dangerous animal.)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Human Life Concern Ignored

The religious, academic, political and media debates the political and moral aspects of various human life issues (eg Abortion, Euthanasia) are more-and-more discussed in spite of some candidates' reluctance to do so. However, the human life issue never (Well, hardly ever) discussed is the Natural Law right of every human to self-defense against criminal attacks.

That is a right for each human and the protecting of innocents against such attacks is a duty for able and right-thinking persons. That right applies to the female student walking home from school, the Christian or Pagan under Islamic attack in the Sudan, the store keeper or other worker terrorized by gang-bangers and all like threats.

The "sticky" part of defending that Natural Law right is the question of innocents' access to the immediate and effective means (Modern weapons) when the police or inter-national peace keepers are unable (Or unwilling because of the political pressures of such as the Islamic Block in the UN) to provide instant and effective protection of the innocent.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Alternatives To Guns

Since police are often unable (Or is it unwilling?) to protect shop keepers and other citizens from bandits, those citizens should take measures to protect themselves. As too many officials (Especially very "political" Police Chiefs) appears to frown on citizens having readily accessible firearms (Hand guns) to do so, I suggest that shop keepers keep ready and use one or more of the following: Gas or elastic powered fish spears; Ordinary harpoons; Nail studded baseball bats; Home made (Liquid Petroleum Gas) flame throwers; Sling shots" (Called "catapults" in the UK) with steel ball bearings as projectiles; Chain saws; Lead shot filled garden hose sections; Chinese style repeating cross bows; Batons plugged into wall current with sharp prong electrodes to jab into thugs; Old style "zip guns" using sharpened flooring materials as projectiles; Packets of red pepper dust to be followed with boots and clubs (The Maori and Iroquois have some nice designs); "Nail Guns"; And, any number of other improvised weapons.

Going from weapons designed to be used against individuals or small groups, there are many instrumentalities available for the terrorist or domestic mass-murderer including, but not limited to,such as: Pails of gasoline; Fuel air bombs (Next best to tactical A-bombs) made from materials available from local hardware, farm supply and fuel stores; Home made plastic explosives and nerve gas (For the latter remember its use in gun free Japan!), Etc..

JULY 2012 NOTE:   The Aurora (Colorado) mass-murderer was prepared to use some of such mass-killing alternatives.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Disguised As Muslims"? Ya, Sure!

The three persons suspected of gunning down a Philadelphia police officer, in traditional terrorist style, had shaved heads and full beards in Islamic style, wore Islamic style clothes and used an AK-47 style weapon, the favorite weapon of Jihadi.

Do not forget the maxim: "If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is likely to be a duck"? Unless Philadelphia is more like Londonistan than I expect it to be, wearing Islamic style garb to rob a bank is more likely to be a "statement" than a disguise.

I suggest that that city's overly politically correct police officials are too intent on avoiding "offending" Muslims---And afraid to face up to inconvenient truths. All (Including the FBI, those PC-Police & the equally PC newspapers) should look more closely into the background and affiliations of those three terrorists. It should be remembered that bank robberies have been a means of raising money for terrorist organizations.

"Homoaidia" Not "Homophobia"

The term "homophobia" should not be used as that word is based on the word for "fear", which emotion is not the usual reaction to (Male) homosexuals. I suggest the term "Homoaidia" based on the word for the usual and natural reaction to such creatures, disgust or revulsion.

The only time a "fear" based word should be used is when discussing male homosexuals as disease vectors (HIV/AIDS) or when considering those who sexually abuse boys.