Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Favor Of Discrimination---And Prejudice

The too common and currently popular meaning of "discrimination" or "discriminate" has made that term a negative thing, a civic crime, even (For those who believe in such) a sin. In recent years that use has been generally limited to matters of real-or-alleged and unthinking words or actions against others on the basis of their race, gender, age and other factors over which individuals have no control (And some over which are subject to personal or cultural choices).

Yet, within my memory there was a time when both words were more used to define choices between what was good VS. evil, artistic VS vulgar, harmonious VS discordant, pleasing VS repulsive, moral VS harmful (To individuals and the "common good") AND many like selections.

Today's best discrimination can be applied to: Music as in the contrast between the violence praising (Especially against women and lawful authority) of the worst of "hip hop" and "rap" music VS the deepest emotions so well expressed by jazz, classical and liturgical tunes and lyrics; Poetry where almost random rantings can be seen as inferior to the careful craft of the true poet who communicates by great efforts the most subtle concepts and emotions; To science where some would inflict a religious-like and permanent faith VS the real science of ongoing-and-unbiased collection and reexamination of hard data; In politics where "sound bites" and appeals to truly base emotions and mob actions are opposed to fact-based and reasoned discourse; In journalism where philosophic-or-political biases have erased the differences between reporting and opinion VS the classical separation those two, equally useful, sides of the journalistic coin; In philosophic-and-religious words and actions of those who teach hate, war and crimes as proper VS those who maintain that peace, love and helping others are superior AND, in every other area of human-and-humane endeavors.

What this nation and this world needs is much more of the best variety of "discrimination"; And, basic to that use, a full understanding-and-acceptance of the fact of real differences between "good" and " bad" in all areas.

It is harder to defend "prejudice" as the common definitions include a factor of making decisions other than on clearly defined facts. However, many decisions are made on an intuitive integration of previously established facts. A classic example is that of Mr. Jessie Jackson admitting that he would feel safer walking down a dark street followed by a group of White youths rather than Black young men without knowing, as a matter of fact, their criminal records, if any, and intent, if any, to assault him.

Experienced police officers are able, by such experience and schooling, to act on probability to likewise pick out for special attention those persons who are most likely to be real or potential offenders. Such intuitive knowledge can be characterized by prior-and-factual data, integrated into decision making by means of probability statements as to the most likely reality and by the best use of intuition.

Perhaps, it is time to reexamine the benefits of traditional discrimination and of intuitive prejudice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Religion And Violence

Do you consider the Mafia, Chinese Triads, original Assassins ("Hashishin"), the Thugee worshipers of Kali (Who infested the roads of India killing-for-Kali and robbing-for-themselves---Until those "evil" English suppressed that sect)and the drug-and-murder followers of "Santeria" (An African-Cuban sect) as religions? After all, they all contain religious-like rituals and beliefs.


Then why do so many consider Islam a religion as its basic texts (The Koran and Hadith) allow or encourage, if not command, the use of murder, rape, enslavement, robbery and perpetual war. The history of that criminal-terrorist movement has clearly demonstrated, to this very day, that Mohammed's followers closely follow those teachings.

Let me not hear of "crusaders" as they were only those who combated the horror that is Islam and to take back lands and peoples criminally taken by Muslims.

Let me not hear of the "Inquisition" as the deaths caused by such were very, very, few in number considered with even one month's Jihad killings in the Sudan or one week's murder of unborn children in the USA.

Of course, the leaders (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Obama) and followers of "Secular Humanism" (Or its true self of "Atheism") have resulted in even more (Millions) of illicit deaths and untold suffering than even Muslims have inflicted on the world----And show the same anti-Jewish and anti-Christian teachings and practices.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Justifiable And Proper Killing

This post is in response to the killing of three Somali-Muslim pirates by US Navy Seals
AND as to an on-line debate with a coward who refuses to identify him/her-self and who wishes to hold a "pity party" for those thugs.

Killing such is a natural function of ridding the "body politic" of toxic wastes. It should be done without passion (Lest sinful enjoyment ensue),without false pride (Which leads to pathological delusions of grandeur) and without guilt (As would prevent or slow down repeating such cleansing actions again as needed).

As St. Bernard of Clairvaux noted (In his De Laude Militae Novae), it is sometimes necessary to "strike blows for Christ" in defending the People of God from Muslim aggressors; But, that should be done without sinful motives or passions.

I see no reason not to apply the same cool, controlled and effective means to liquidate street criminals, home invaders----And tyrants.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates, Europeans, Big Guns, Islam & Law

At one time the USA joined the European powers in paying off the (Islamic) Barbary pirates who held their captives as slaves when they did not ransom them. After a short time of this futile bribery, the USA sent its new navy (And its early Marines) to "the shores of Tripoli" and used its big guns to sink pirate ships and bombard their bases. This "got their attention"---And resulted in a peace treaty favoring the USA.

I see no reason why the solution to today's Islamic pirates should not be the same and effective use of big guns to sink pirate "mother ships", without warning or question, and to bombard their home bases. (If we have any "eight inch gun cruisers" left, we should deploy them to the East Coast of Africa to reteach a lesson to this era's ideology driven pirates who are, by legal definition, "the enemies of all humanity".

"Those who fail to learn from history will be condemned to repeat it"!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

'Tis Justice Ginsburg Who Does Not Understand

In her very recent comments at Ohio State University Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg noted her failure to understand the many objections to citing foreign judges in the interpretation of our laws and, yes, the Constitution of the USA.

What Justice Ginsburg fails to understand and has rejected is that there is such a thing as "American exceptionalism" (Why else would so many people, legally and illegally, risk life and their family connections to flee to the USA?) AND that the differences which made this nation great and hold some remaining like hope for the future is based on the letter of the Constitution and the intent of its authors and that of its Amendments.

Foreign Law is directed towards a socialist collective view of society where individual rights towards political freedom, freedom of (NOT "from") religion, free speech, life itself must all be subjected to the collective will---Of overbearing bureaucrats

Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama! USA Is A Christion Nation!

Mr. B. K. Obama has informed the Turkish Parliament that the USA is NOT a Christian (Or Jewish or Muslim) nation. That is a lie! Most of our citizens and resident aliens are, more or less, Christian and will so inform you of that fact if asked in a clear and honest manner.

What Mr. Obama exposed is his plans and that of his worshipers and other supporters that religion is to be erased from our nation's public life, history books, classroom instruction, role as the core of private charities which has so helped so many in and out of the USA and in all ways which would resist the impostion of a Fascist State headed by him and others "made in his image".

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Admiring Today's Europe---NOT

B. H. Obama appears to feel that Americans think lightly, at best, of Europe and might be even considered arrogant towards and derisive of that sub-continent and its culture.

I could not disagree more! Americans admire Europe--The Europe that was. That is, the Europe which that was the source of our freedoms (Especially the UK), intellectual and academic systems (Especially Germany and France) AND of democracy itself..

Too many Europeans have long ago thrown away these sources and foundations (Especially those soundly built on the Christian Churches) for socialist "feel-goodness" and the "nanny state".. Those Europeans of today are unwilling to remember, cherish and protect their once world leading culture. They are now in the process of surrendering it to Islamists and turning their nations into a collective Euroarabia with Londonistan as its capitol.

American has an earned right to be arrogant, a realistic evaluation of its own worth.

The USA is the goal, even in these economically bad times, for those who are seeking economic and political freedom and the right to be better than the others left behind to stew in their own socialistic and cultural dead-ends. In the UK, there is a shortage of physicians as many have fled that more-and-more tyrannical and incompetent nation for the USA and such other English speaking nations that still maintain some shadows of opportunity for those who wish to succeed and be free.

America has a right to be arrogant in its academic excellence (Even as it rots out by the disease of "political correctness") where domestic and foreign-born scholars win so many Nobel Prizes and draw so many students from so many nations.

It has a right to be arrogant in the ability and ethics (In spite of what the New York Times and other John Paul Goebbels style "journalists" put out) of our Armed Forces---Who have twice rescued Europe from tyrants. There has never been a military so able and willing to punish those who violate the Laws Of War.

American has a right to be arrogant in its tolerence (Until last January) for such differing religious and political views as would (And have) yielded bloody civil wars, dictatorships and genocides.

As part of his rights as a presumed American citizen, Mr. B. H. Obama has the right to give up his citizenship and become a citizen of some European nation---Or of Kenya or Indonesia. Perhaps he would feel more at home there and would certainly be less destructive of the American traditions of effort and earned success.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ideal Affirmative Action Candidate

This is a "Can You Top This" application to comments made by Mr. Mark Steyn on the Macleans magazine-online (Canada)in his April 2, 2009 "Knock-knock. It's The Gag Police".

In the USA the ideal candidate for any "affirmative action job", under the Obama administration, is a Black, Lesbian, single-amputee, Spanish-surnamed, dishonorably discharged military veteran, dope-smoking, ex-convict still on parole, Muslim convert with a semi-faked birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

(For those of you under 65-years of youth, "Can You Top This" was a radio show on which well known comics would take a common theme and try to out do each other with jokes---Many of which would be "politically incorrect" now.)