Monday, April 30, 2007

Day Without Immigrants/Latinos

It appears that there will shortly (May 1st ?) be another "Day Without Immigrants" OR "Day Without Latinos" when such are encouraged to not report for their O-So-Important jobs. I suggest that all illegal (NOT "undocumented") aliens, of whatever origin, take the day off and make travel arrangements to return to their home lands asap!

I doubt very much if the many thousands of illegals now in our jails and prisons will be allowed a special day off. I doubt that the drug dealers, identity thieves, gang bangers, job thieves, perverts and other forms of illegally imported criminals will be taking May Day off and will continue to rob, rape and murder US citizens and legal immigrants at the same great rate they do on other days. I doubt that the illegals already here will stop harming our balance-of-payments by their transfers of many millions of untaxed dollars to other nations. It is also unlikely that they will stop being a drain on tax-supported health facilities, social service agencies and like services supported by tax dollars--Which few of such dollars come from them.

All-in-all, their departure will result in a net gain for the US economy
(As proven by careful and unbiased studies).

It will also increase the physical safety of those legally (NOT including the children of illegal immigrants born here by design or accident)in the USA.

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Culturalist" Not "Racist"

Recently a local shopping mall restricted the evening hours' entry of “young people” into its facility to those accompanied by adults. There is very little doubt that this policy was directed against Black youths who are blamed (Rightly or wrongly) for disorders there or for making adult (Usually White) shoppers and staff “uncomfortable”. Some have claimed this is a “racist” action.

I ask you to pause and think along a different road. Think of the ban and attitudes behind it as “cultureist”. That is, it is a conflict between the cultures of: Order VS. disorder; Reason VS. impulse; Order's law VS. random illegality; Peace VS. conflict; Reason VS. irrationality; And, like paired-opposites. This is NOT a new understanding of these opposites as I was instructed, in a long ago Anthropology class, of the essential classification of cultures into “Apollonian” VS. “Dionysian” variations.

Yes, there is a racial component to this classification system—To the extent that in today's USA and West Africa there are a larger number of Blacks whose sub-cultures fall within the wild, Dionysian, classification. However, other races have clearly demonstrated that same capacity for disorder. Remove a Japanese male from his homeland's strict social controls and, armed or unarmed, he is likely to “go wild” in various excesses of sexual behavior either inflicting harm as in the many rapes and other atrocities by Japanese troops during World War II OR in receiving harm (ie STDs). The group hysteria of Nazi assemblies, pogroms of Russian and Polish peasants, the long ago Witch hunts of Europe and, more recently, the public demonstrations of Islamic fundamentalists all support my contention that such Dionysian behaviors is NOT limited to one race or nation.

On the other hand, the reasoned-and-controlled campaign let by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Sufi conversion of Islam into a much more (Although not totally) peaceful exhibit of Faith, the Japanese Zen commitment to self-control (Although, sometimes demonstrated in deadly combat skills) and too many others are evidence of a strong Apollonian theme across differences in race and nation.

These differences can also be clearly heard in the differences in music as between the controlled dignity of Sufi and Plain Chant (Or, Winton Marceles' jazz) VS. the too common (In all senses of the word “common”) “ganstra rap” noise inflicted by and upon too many. In the visual arts this difference is most publicly seen between the paint splashing of some “modern” artists or “taggers” and the disciplined renditions of those who paint the story telling murals on public walls or show other, ordered, forms of drawing and painting (Or, as in my jewelry making). In literature, this is seen by the differences between the structured forms of poetry and the essentially random noises engendered by the lazy descendants of the “beat generation”.

The Dionysian lack of order and law can also be seen in too many of our high schools where some students lack any understanding of ordered thought (And behavior) to the extreme extent of calling in equally lawless friends or relatives to participate in mini-riots when confronted with their unacceptable behaviors. [To some extent this is a matter of not receiving what was once called “education”, which involved parental training in good manners and politeness---Especially to adults. However, the noted and horrid behaviors, along with poor academic performance, appear to be as much a matter of age beyond about 11-years, hormones and shifting from a family-based culture to the “pack” references of same aged youths. Literary examples of this “pack” culture include "A Clockwork Orange" and "Lord Of The Flies"---Both of which used White children or youths as “horrible examples”.]

That lack of commitment to ordered thought is also all too evident in the academic world where the immediate gratification of the approval of like-thinking (If “thinking” is the correct word) peers overcomes the need for critical and real thinking---As, I am sorry to write, is now becoming evident even in the physical sciences (eg Climatology and medical research) almost to the same extent it exists in schools of education, the social “sciences” and the liberal arts.

The same applies to the worlds of journalism and politics to such an extent as make it unnecessary to provide examples here.

Although I usually attempt to provide possible solutions to problems, here I am very unsure as to what to put forth. Perhaps, there is a need to insist on the following sequence in all institutions of our society: FIRST, provide order by such means as is necessary---Including the immediate suppression of all who would physically harm others; Then establish AND enforce such laws as will tend to secure order; Then, and only then, attempt to achieve justice, love and charity for all.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Gun Free Zone" Defined

"GUN FREE ZONE": A "Free Fire Zone" or "Killing Field" established by "politically correct" politicians, educational administrators or others for the benefit of armed, evil or insane, criminals to be free of effective resistance to their murderous efforts.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Equitable Immigration Laws

It is well past the time when we should "adopt" (In the fullest sense of that word) the following laws as to immigrants into the USA.
There will be NO bi-lingual education programs in our public schools.
There will be NO ballots written in languages other than English.
All government business will be conducted only in English.
Foreigners will NOT be allowed to vote in our elections no matter how long they have lived in the USA NOR will they ever be able to hold public office.
Foreigners will not be allowed public welfare or health care services or any other like drains on public monies or services.
Foreigners will be allowed to invest in US companies if, and only if, that investment is 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
Foreigners will not be allowed to own water front property even if they become naturalized citizens.
Foreigners will NOT be allowed to publicly protest the actions and officials of our government and violations of this rule will result in their instant deportation without hearings.
Illegal immigrants will be hunted down by both police agencies and the military and sent to jail when captured. Attempts to flee such officers or soldiers may legally result in their being shot to death under a "law of flight" provision.

HARSH RULES? Yes! But, they are the rules Mexico applies to foreigners within its jurisdiction. Why should we not borrow those laws from our sister republic and apply it to its citizens (And those of other nations) within our borders? In an era when our own Supreme Court is relying upon foreign court decisions and laws, that seems fair and equitable.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fair Notice On Gun Bearing In Buildings

In those states with laws sane enough to trust the People to keep and bear arms, anyone who opposes the exercise of that right in such places as university campuses, should be required to post the notice below on the doors of all buildings and internal rooms. At the least, such notice would give the lawful occupants of those places some fair notice of their status as inferior to the below-names persons.

The same notice should be required, for the same reasons, on the doors of all businesses which so restrict the rights of their customers and on the doors of the residences of all who wish guns kept out of their homes.



Saturday, April 21, 2007

Causing Death By Brain Removal: Babies, et. al.

I am not a pacifist. I believe that citizens' deadly force can and must be used to prevent the murder of innocents when the civil authorities fail to do so. Therefore, rather than have some "doctor" kill almost born infants by removal of their brains, I would much rather that the brains of such criminals be removed by the inter-cranial passage of high velocity rifle bullets.

The same use of force should and must apply to on-campus or at-work or on-the-streets shooters AND the insanely enthusiastic followers of Islam at any place-and-time where the police or military are not both immediately present and willing to immediately use all force necessary to protect the innocent

Monday, April 16, 2007

Real Education

I am old enough to remember when (Especially in the American South and for both Blacks and Whites) anyone who was discourteous (Especially towards their elders) was described as “uneducated”. Telling some parent that his/her child was, in that sense, “uneducated” then brought forth shame and severe corrective measures---Towards the child in question.

Alas, now such a comment would not even be understood by most and, if comprehended, yield anger (If not physical attacks) against the critical speaker---And no civilization building reeducation of the child or adult truly at fault.

Alas, our hyper-sensitive, victim-based, no-fault and politically correct schools, parents, media-persons and politicians refuse to really “educate” our children—And themselves.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Some Questions On The Morality Of Killing

Below you will find some “situations-and-questions” which go to the heart of the morality of killing under a variety of conditions. Your reasoned responses to the questions raised below will be very much welcomed.

To avoid “legalistic” problems or objections, please assume the following.
1.That I live in a State which allows certain citizens to have permits to carry concealed
2.That I have such a valid permit'
3.That I am a “very good shot” with the weapon(s) I carry; And,
4.That I have my concealed firearms loaded with ammunition which will NOT go through a target and endanger other persons.
5.That attempting to wound or disable by gun shot is likely to result in injury to others as such shots too often miss their target.
6.That law enforcement officials are NOT on the scene and might not arrive for 15-plus minutes (As to Items A-C below; OR, Refuse to take action to prevent the noted events as to those or the other situations even though notified of such).
7.For those of a Jewish or Christian point-of-view, the Commandment reads: “Thou shall not murder”.
8.“Morally” = “Ethically”.

A. I am passing a school play ground and notice a large dog, foaming at its mouth, snapping and threatening the children there. Am I morally justified in firing at that creature even though there might be a minute risk of injury to some child or other person?
B. I am in a shopping mall and there is a person slashing at others with a machete or shooting randomly at other persons. Am I morally justified in shooting that person down, without warning, so as to prevent death or great bodily injury to others?
C. I am walking down a street and notice a mob actually attacking a building with torches. Am I morally justified in firing into that mob to protect any occupants of that building OR fire fighters who would be summoned from the danger of death or great bodily injury?
D. Dr. John Doe is known, as a matter of fact, to perform very late term abortions where the brains of the unborn child are sucked out of a head already in the birth canal. He is entering his office building were such actions are performed. The civil authorities will do nothing to stop him from such killings. He has been formally warned to not perform any more such “procedures” but has refused to stop doing so. Am I morally justified in shooting him down to stop his performing any more such abortions?
E. Mohammed Roe is known, as a matter of fact, to be a supporter of and considerable financial contributer to an organization which sends money and other material support to terrorist organizations which use such funds and resources to kill and injure innocent persons. He has been formally warned to stop doing so but continues in such activities. The civil authorities have been informed of his activities but will not stop him from supporting such terrorists. Am I morally justified in shooting him down to stop his support of terrorism and, thereby, the deaths of or injuries to innocent persons?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Global Warming, Mars, True Believers & Al Gore

Recent, usually buried in back pages, stories have presented the evidence that there is "global warming" on the planet Mars. That information has generated much thought, debate and attacks by the Faithful.

However, what is most interesting is the reaction of the True Believers in the religion of Global Warming to that story, which was to come up with every anti-heresy invention possible and impossible to the human imagination. The primary such fatwa appears to be that the global warming on Mars, unlike the claimed massive effects of human behaviors here, is wind driven dust storms---Without noting that such a change in wind is likely to be driven by increased solar heat.

To resolve this debate, I suggest that we send Mr. Al Gore and a party of his famous followers to Mars to investigate this on the base of their great scientific knowledge.

Friday, April 06, 2007

UK Outlaws Religious Teaching

It has been reported that the United Kingdom has passed into law a prohibition against any school teacher presenting the position that homosexual behavior is immoral. This certain applies to private as well as government operated schools and may very well be directed at Catholics, Evangelicals and other traditional Christians. It appears to be binding on Muslims (Though I doubt that any UK authority would bring actions against them) and traditional Jews.

I assume that the next step in the UK will be to prohibit newspapers and magazines from publishing such positions or teachings, to be followed by forbidding ministers-of-religion from proclaiming such from their pulpits. After that, the usual step in such a Nazi progression is to forbid any teaching, at any level of instructions, or publication or speech which goes against the Government's positions on any matter.

It should be remembered (Especially by editors, publishers, elected officials and, most specially, our Federal Judges) that the only thing that stops this tyranny from being imposed in the USA is the Bill Of Rights which specially protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right, too often ignored, to "freely exercise" religion.
[The Second Amendment is the club which keeps judges and other public officials from going too far from the protections of the other parts of the Bill Of Rights.]

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Sacremental Road To Civilization

Those who forget that the whole system of universities and the entire progress of Western Civilization are based on Catholic-Christianity should attend to the column below---Even if those schools have become, in large part, degenerate cesspools of wrong teachings (Including too many operated by the Society of Jesus) and Western Civilization has become too lacking in moral strength to effectively resist even the foolish evil of Islam and Secular Humanism

April 4, 2007
The roadmap
It seems I accidentally wrote an interesting column on Sunday; at least, judging from mail. (It’s like the monkeys with the typewriters: you never know which monkey is going to write Hamlet.) My piece was a recollection of the moment in my late-1960s adolescence when -- as it struck me then, and still strikes me -- all the principles and assumptions and certainties upon which I’d been raised, turned upside down around me.

My correspondents have fallen into two broad generational classes.

In the first class are my contemporaries, or older people, many of them indulging nostalgia. They recalled the same “inversion experience,” from around the same time (the late 1960s). I compared it to being aboard a ship that didn’t sink, but capsized. They compared it to many other things. But in common, from all accounts, was this sense that our world had indeed rotated, that the submerged “hippie culture” below us had somehow come out on top. And those in schools, at least those who were reasonably intelligent, further noticed that academic standards, as well as mere dress codes, suddenly collapsed, almost everywhere. Social discipline evaporated. Foul became fair, and fair became foul.

The second class are much younger, often around the age of my children. They are, mostly, discontented students of today, trying to explain to themselves why their parents’ generation was such a dead loss -- spineless, empty, hopeless, directionless. They are vaguely aware that something awful happened around the 1960s, but do not know what.

Their instincts, and often their book-reading tells them there once was a robust and self-confident “Western Civilization”; that it ruled the world; and that at its heart, for all its flaws (which their teachers keep stressing) it exalted the good, the true, and the beautiful. That it produced the greatest literature, art, and music; the greatest science, philosophy, and theology the world had known. That this civilization was unambiguously Christian. But now they sense only jackals, circling while it dies; and the fatalism of their elders.

I shouldn’t think these two groups -- let me call them “the oldies” and “the youffs” respectively -- are representative of the general population. They are representative of my readers. And even from those, I am excluding hecklers: the many correspondents who are eager to insult me, but have nothing themselves to say.

The youffs are wiser than the oldies. They are often rather naïve, or poorly educated, but the breath of defeat is not on them.

Almost invariably, the oldies write in complete misunderstanding of what I was saying, even though they think they are agreeing with me. They mention some pet event that happened in the world as if, “That was the end.” But my whole point was, no single event could be named; that outward events were merely symptomatic of a larger inversion of values, that had been coming about for a long time -- the dusk of decadence, gathering for decades.

Let me now quote an articulate young reader -- from Ottawa, born in 1984 -- to speak for the youffs:

“I for one, although young and idealistic, and much desiring to be a gentleman, have less idea than I would like as to how to go about such. And, even if I can do so (which is the main thing, I suppose) is it possible to set our civilization back upright? ... We did not, of course, get into this state suddenly. What comes first if we wish to reverse some of this? Is there any sort of roadmap?”

Now that is worth answering. And I think it can be answered in less than a column.

Especially in this Holy Week, we must realize that we are speaking of difficulties beyond our making, and of resolutions beyond our imagining. For those who were the builders of our civilization, as for those who may be the rebuilders, the task was and remains beyond the work of human hands. At the centre of the whole project was redemption in Christ.

The biggest single thing any individual can do, is to re-embrace that centre. He must endeavour less to change the world, than to change himself. And necessarily, to ask for the grace of God in doing so. For the project is no less than to rebuild Christendom: the foundation of the West. And this can only be done in human souls. The buildings and the clothing, the art and the music, that mysteriously hopeful view of the universe -- these things are outward reflections of what is wrought in human souls.

I believe the answer begins in personal conversion; in reading and thinking as deeply as we can about reality, and about our history. This requires courage: for you will be mocked. I would hold that the “roadmap” exists, in the Bible and the teachings of the Church and her saints. And that, while reason is our guide, the road is essentially sacramental.

David Warren
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