Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy---For His Tombstone

Edward Moore Kennedy
(Alias "Ted")
Born 1932--Gone To Judgment 2009

Murderer, Liar, Adulterer, Supporter of Partial Birth Abortion And
Other Forms Of Genocide, Abuser Of His Wealth And Power,
Tax Cheat And Otherwise
Enemy Of Our Constitutional Republic.

May GOD Have Mercy On His Soul!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Is B. H. Obama?

I cannot but note the following about Mr. B. H. Obama.
1. He as taken a very hard stance against the State of Israel, consistent with the popular feelings of most Muslims;
2. His State Department sometimes refuses to admit that Jerusalem is the capitol of that outpost of democracy and progress in the Middle East.
3. That same DOS has made special (And probably unconstitutional) moves towards specially forwarding the teachings of Islam in its programs.
4. Mr. B. H. Obama was, in part, educated in a Islamic-dominated school in Indonesian where he was listed as a Muslim.
5. He strongly supports abortion-on-demand knowing (Or should know) that Muslims do not abort---Which may account for their population growth in Europe VS that of "real Europeans". (ie Those committed to individual and collective freedom, creativity, democracy).
6. His Cairo speech was full half-truths and outright lies about the history of the USA as to Islam (eg The first foreign recognition of the USA was by a Dutch salute to an American warship and NOT by a North African Sultan; Our first foreign war was with the very Islamic Barbary States; Islam is very intolerant of dissent from its views, very war like and the source of most of the terrorism in the world today by those majority of Muslims who support Mohammed's teachings on Jihad); And, Islam tolerated Jews and Christians if, and only if, they had a very inferior social and legal position and were clearly made to understand their "inferiority").
7. His long time association with a sort-of Christian Church and its pastor was marred by that church's and pastor's expression of hate towards Jews and, more worrying, their support of the very hate filled "Black Muslim" movement.

At this point, please note that "paranoia" is only the unreasonable fear of others and things.

Who or what them IS Mr. B. H. Obama?

A. Is he a brilliant politician who knows: Which statements to make, which not to make and which to fill with semantically empty content; Which heavy contributors and other politicians or organizations to "stroke" with favors, policy-positions and recognition; And, how to avoid being pinned down so as to avoid blame for failed policies and programs?

Until recently that could have well described him. However, he has been pinned down and has alienated his left-wing supports and many (If not most) moderates, as well as hardening the expected opposition of the right.

B. Is he just another used-car-salesman-like Chicago and Illinois ward-healer and, in a subtle way, pay-for-play politician with the worst-possible political background and associates (Many "thrown under the bus wheels")? You decide!

C. Is he someone who has used a Black Church and Christianity as a door way into elected office knowing that association with main-line Christian groups. Buddhism, Islam or too-obvious self-worship would not get him the same advantage? You decide!

D. Or, is he some sort of "sleeper agent" for Islam, a crypto-Muslim, a sort-of Manchurian Candidate? Only history will be able to evaluate this!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Four Objections To Obama's Health Plan

After listening to many, without shouting, pro-and-con arguments as to the various "health plan" proposals made by Mr. B. K. Obama and members of his Party I wish you to note the following objections and comments.


1. I most strongly object to any such plan(s) or collateral legislation which uses my tax dollars to provide on-demand abortions (Except for cases of a clear-and-present danger to the life of the mother) in the USA or, through foreign aid, other nations through the UN (Useless Nations) or "Planned Barrenhood"or other agencies.
2. I am equally opposed to any direct or indirect furthering of plans which would withhold palliative or corrective or pain-control therapies for the old or infirm on any "life expectancy" or "usefulness-to-society" basis as such is much too like that practiced by the Nazis and very much against my most deep moral judgment.
3. To only a slightly lesser extent I am opposed to the coverage of illegal aliens as they have, by their illegal entry, avoided the (Full) jurisdiction of the USA as required by the Fourteenth Amendment to to the Constitution for coverage of "rights" under that document and our laws.
4. But, I am even more opposed to any such plan as does not require the President, Vice-President, Member of the Cabinet, Members of the Congress AND their dependents to receive "health care" through any private plans or private pay, with a $10.000/day penalty for doing so AND a provision that any judicial or legislative nullification of that provision will nullify the entire plan.


A. It will not be enough to merely exclude the objectionable items noted above from any "health care plan"; But, it will be necessary to both contain enforcement clauses to prohibit them and to make impossible any collateral legislation which would "sneak them in

Shouting, Revolutions, Obama & His Supporters

With all of the controversy about the "shouting" and and about the various "Town Hall Meetings", regarding "health care reform", there is something forgotten or avoided by editors, reporters, TV's "talking heads" and, most specially, Mr. B. K. Obama and his arrogant congress-critters and other like supporters.

That is that many revolutions have begun or continued with shouting. The series of bloody Mexican revolutions began with the "Grito de Delores"; The very bloody French Revolution began with shouted arguments in the 1789 National Assembly and continued with the mob shouts at the storming of the Bastille and at the beheading of those seen as tyrants; Our own first Revolution was prefaced by a shouts of of Hurray at the taring-and-feathering of the officials of a tyrannical central government, of the "mob" in Boston, "Give me liberty or death!" AND began with a shout at Lexington to a group of armed citizens: ",,,but if they want war, let it start now!".

The above-noted persons (AND, all of our citizens) should and must remember that the American Revolution began with a reaction to an effort of a tyrannical central government to seize a supply of (Then) modern weapons and munitions from citizens.

To paraphrase: "If you do not learn from history, you will be condemned to repeat it". Mr. Obama et. al. should consider that statement and our US History.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Storm Troopers In Our Future?

The most interesting thing about the New Left's responses to American Citizens exercising their free speech and "petitioning the government" (Congress Critters) at the recent Town Meetings regarding health care was the use of "designated goons" to suppress dissent---As so typical of early union organizing by some labor movements, including Germany's Nazi Party.

These are very different from, as an example, the riot of very leftist mobs and reactive police during the 1968 Democrat Party Convention.

I do wonder what the New Left's response would be to such real mobs attacking their speakers at Town Hall meetings! Mr. B. H. Obama's call for a "Civilian National Security Force" may provide the response of today's Democrat Party. This kicks in my historical memory of the development of Germany's SA (Storm Troopers).

Perhaps there are sound reasons for so many Americans stocking up on guns and ammunition. Perhaps we and they remember that the Second Amendment protects the First Amendment and all other rights of citizens. Considering the age of some attempting to exercise the above-noted rights and the physical strength of the opposing Storm Troopers, it might be soon past the time for "punching back" and time to "shoot back".

between the lines Joseph Farah Obama>'s 'civilian national security force'
Posted: July 15, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

© 2009

With all the reporters covering the major presidential candidates, it amazes me no one ever seems to ask the right questions.

For several days now, WND has been hounding Barack Obama's campaign about a statement he made July 2 in Colorado Springs – a statement that blew my mind, one that has had me scratching my head ever since.

In talking about his plans to double the size of the Peace Corps and nearly quadruple the size of AmeriCorps and the size of the nation's military services, he made this rather shocking (and chilling) pledge: "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

Now, since I've never heard anyone inside or out of government use the phrase "civilian national security force" before, I was more than a little curious about what he has in mind.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Today's Worship Of Ba'al

The titular god of the City State of Carthage (In North Africa) was Baal to which the residents (In times of crisis and at other times) would throw their children into a raging furnace.

At that time Rome was still a republic, maintaining "Roman virtues", in an era before that city sate degenerated into the worship of death in the Arena, bloody civil wars and extinction of some entire peoples. At that time Roman Senator Marcus Percius Cato would end every speech with the words Carthago Delenda Est (Carthage must be destroyed)---Without regard to the subject of his speech. It is unknown if this was due to the economic-political rivalry between those two cities OR in disgust of the barbaric child sacrifices made in that North African state.

In this era many Muslim fathers and mothers send out their child to explosive death as "suicide-homicide bombers" and take an unholy and Carthage like pride in such child sacrifice, even educating the very young towards that fatal and barbaric goal. It appears that too many Muslims have taken the pre-Islamic word Allah (God) to really mean Ba'al (Or Shaitan or Iblis). Since this regression to the Jihad mentality is built into the teachings of Islam, I say to the whole world Mecca Delenda Est.

Yet, the USA and the balance of the West should not look down on Cartage or Islam! We sacrifice many, many, hundreds-of-thousands of babies to the false god "abortion on demand" by such equally horrid means of dismemberment (Thing 'death of a thousand cuts"), piercing the skulls and sucking out the brains of children capable of feeling pain and probable of thought and the fire-like and horrid death through the use of corrosive chemicals. The proposals of some in the current Western governments (Including the USA) include killing off the aged and wise by encouraging them to commit suicide---A horror even beyond that of Cartage or Islam. To them and the world I say "Fill In Name***" Delenda Est!

It appears that "talking" with such evil persons, in Islam or in the West, has not reduced the evils noted above. The alternative is the execution of our Natural Law rights and duties to defend the innocent---By any effective means available to us (NOT as a matter of revenge BUT of justice).

*** Any person or organization which supports abortion-on-demand (Except to counter
a clear-and-present danger to the life of the mother) or the pressured suicide of the aged

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Prayer Of A Soldier

As there appear to be "pathological pacifists" (And others) who deny that fighting men can "know God" AND have a "personal relationship" with Him, I offer the poem below in English and, better yet, in the original French.

God, give me what you have left;
Give me what no on ever requests.

I am not asking for rest,
Nor tranquility;
Neither that of the soul or of the body.

I am not asking for wealth
Nor Success, or even health.

Your are asked for all of these so often
That you must have none left.

Give me, God, what you do have left.
Give me what no one wants.

I seek insecurity and disquiet.
I see torment and combat.
And, God, give them to me indefinitely;
That I am sure to have them always
Because I won't always have the courage to ask You.

Give me, God, what you have left.
Give me what others don't want;
BUT, also give me courage, strength and faith.

Found on the body of Lt. Andre Zimheld, French Free Forces, Parchutiste
KIA 1942

1. Mon Dieu, donne-moi la tourmente,
Donne-moi la souffrance,
Donne-moi l’ardeur au combat.
Mon Dieu, mon Dieu, donne-moi la tourmente,
Donne-moi la souffrance,
Et puis la gloire au combat, et puis la gloire au combat.

2. Ce dont les autres ne veulent pas,
Ce que l’on te refuse,
Donne-moi tout cela, oui, tout cela.
Je ne veux ni repos, ni même la santé
Tout ça, mon Dieu, t’est assez demandé.

3. Mais donnes-moi, mais donnes-moi,
Mais donnes-moi la foi
Donne-moi force et courage,
Mais donnes-moi la foi, donnes moi force et courage,
Mais donnes-moi la foi
Pour que je sois sur de moi !


Not being as creative, I go back to my Slavic roots and say the best prayer:
"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
Have mercy on me a sinner"; OR, in the alternative,
"Mecca Delenda Est; Deus Vult!"