Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scientific Questions: Old & New

Are Sub-Atomic Particles Real?

With the activation of the newest high-energy particle accelerator I again wonder if all of the many claimed sub-atomic particles are, in fact, separate entities or merely the same entity at different energy levels and viewed by different observational methods.

Another way of putting this, is the pantheon of such particles only the theology of physics' equivalent of "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?".

No doubt that the high priests of physics will defend their well paying positions by punishing such heretics as myself as their counter-parts did to those who doubted the religion of global warming.

Ideas On Mobius Strip Research

The Moebius Strip, so beloved of those mathematicians called "topologists", has some curious applications in the field of electronics being used to produce a superior resistor not subject to high-frequency interference (1). This causes me to wonder what other applications might be had for that most particular form (A strip with only one side and one edge).

Chemists have even converted molecules into this curious form (2), which makes me wonder what the effect on such manipulating would be as to drugs, fuels, explosives, etc.

What would be the effects of a plastic-explosive in that shape? This should be tested with one strip detonated by various means and at various points. The same should be tested for various combinations of such strips AND both as a primary explosive and as an initiator.

Moebius strips, in various metals and combinations, should be tested under various conditions of electric and electronic excitement at various temperatures down to that of liquid Nitrogen.

I will leave it to your imagination as to other possible ways of looking into the properties of this unique shape.

Of course, as a reader of science-fiction, I note the following possibilities:
1. The tested strip could explode at nuclear or anti-matter levels;
2. Such could merely wink out of existence (In this universe);
3. It could create a "black hole" which would “eat up" our world;
4. It could open a portal into a star with the expected effect on our world;
5. Other negative effects left to your imagination.

On the other hand, such testing might lead to:
1. A cheap and reliable source of electrical energy superior to any now in existence.
2. Practical "anti-gravity" and quick inter-stellar travel;
3. A method of dumping our toxic wastes "somewhere else"; And,
4. Other positive benefits not listed here.

Anyone knowing of pending research as to the Moebius Strip is asked to contact me. THANKS!

Speed Of Light & The "Telepathic Twin" Study

      There is a common Science Fiction theme with two telepathic twins, one staying on the Earth and the other leaving on a space-ship. The result, in those stories, is that one twin aging at a rate much different than the other.
       This is a different set of conditions than the usual "clock in orbit" experiment where time-and-space are much more constricted than the SF story. These stories assume that telepathic communications are not limited by the speed-of-light.
      Now, what I have wondered is would a reversal through time-and-space of the traveler reverse the time differential or double it?
       This is speculation. But, are there any relevant experiments (As are "reliable and valid" with a high "level of confidence")?

                    Is “String Theory” Science Or Faith?

From my very long-ago education as to the “Scientific Method” I must ask: Is “String Theory” subject to validation by experimental means (“Reliable & Valid” with a “High Level Of Confidence”


Definition of ineffable in English (Adjective ) too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words----(OR mathematical terms?) [eg God]


Monday, July 22, 2013

Eric Holder Vs. Guns: WHY?

Why as the USA's Attorney General Eric Holder come out so strongly against State laws enabling citizens to use deadly force to protect themselves and innocent others from criminal attacks?

One possible reason is that every criminal "put down"  by such citizen-actions is one less likely supporter of the Democrat Party and its "Nanny State" policies.

You might ask yourself why the primary target of that Party's anti-gun position are those weapons (ie Semi-automatic firearms with police-level magazine capacities) which are most useful in defense against the tyranny of "common criminals"---And, tyrannical governments.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Islam, JIhad & Treason

  1. True believing Muslims consider the words and commands of the Koran as from their Allah, which cannot be modified or abrogated since the death of that fellow Mohammed (Of Mecca & Medina), and which are fully and perpetually binding on them as divine commands.
  2. Those commands include a declaration of “perpetual” war (ie Jihad) against all
    non-Muslims until they either become such or abjectly assume the slave-like state some call dhimmitude.
  3. Those teachings also require all Muslims to wage that military jihad or “support it with all their wealth”.
  4. That command is as binding today as it was 1400-years ago and is also an ongoing “Declaration Of War” against 99% of the citizens of the USA and against the USA itself.
  5. Therefore, any act by any Muslim in support of those teachings against any citizen of (Or legal alien in) the USA is an act-of-war AND treason which meets the definition of Article-III, Section-3 of the Constitution.
  6. Supporting those (eg Major Nidal Hasan) who commit such acts-of-war is also treason.