Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fanaticism---Of A Columnist

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Community Columnist Thomas Zachek latest subtraction from the sum-total of human knowledge was his recent "Where does religious fanaticism come from?" as printed on July 26, 2008. He attempted to tie together the terrorist actions of some Muslims, the illusions of a few strange people, the Spanish Inquisition (Operating in violation of Chruch Law and killing many less than the Catholics killed by Calvanists during the Thirty-Years-War), a very small minority of sex-offending Catholic Priests (Smaller than the number of like, criminal public school teachers), the Pope, Jerry Farwell and others as examples of a fanatic religious attacks on reason, civilization and the safety of human beings.

I will not expect him to submit a more fanatic attack on the anti-religious crimes as destroyed reason, mercy and millions as executed by such socialists and communists as HItler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot; But, someone should do so to balance Mr. Thomas' personal biases.

What I do hope for is that the MJS will not print further columns by those who so demonstrate either a criminal ignorance of history or a like, offensive, willingness to warp and misuse its facts and lessons. (Unless the editors and Mr. Thomas are of the opinion that the First Amendment to our Constitution should limit only religious speech and actions and not that of columnists and newspapers.)

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hermione said...

In what way did the Spanish Inquisition operate contrary to Church law? In contradistinction, say, to the Portugese, French, Italian or German Inquisitions? They all used the first, second and third degrees. They all ocasionally lost a patient. And they were all quite serious and morally sound establishments dealing with religious treason which was held to be the cause of mass death, plagues, famine, baseless war etc.