Thursday, March 31, 2011

Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom; A Book Of Note

DURIE, Mark; THE THIRD CHOICE: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom; (Forward by Bat Ye'or);
Deror Press; ISBN 978-0-9807223-0-7.

This work presents Islam in a rational, logical, well foot-noted and dispassionate manner as leaves it free of any hint of “Islamophobia” and other forms of bias. It could and should be used as a basic text in any courses, touching on Islam, in: Anthropology; Sociology; Comparative legal systems; Political Science; History; Social Psychology.

Muslims are likely to reject and resent this work as it clearly illuminates the “disinformation” (ie Lying) used by them to hide the dark side of Islam, its founder, teachings and collective behaviors over the last 1400-plus years.

I suggest that any public figure who speaks or writes on Islam and Muslims, once notified of this work, who does so without reading it is lying-to-self and all who hear or read their offerings AND join in the basic Islamic tactic of “disinfomation”.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ideal Affirmative Action Candidate

The ideal candidate for California's or other jurisdiction's affirmative action discrimination programs IS a: Hispanic surnamed, Black, Lesbian, sex-changed, "female", "kill and immediately eat red meat fanatic", substance abusing, dishonorably discharged military vet, parolee, with one leg, a glass eye, a very repulsive skin disease and bad breath, who is now unemployed after being fired from "her" prior position as a Priestess within a San Francisco Satan-Worshiping congregation for being "too evil"and was previously expelled by the University Of California-Berkely (Political Science Major) AND from all local political organizations and Mosques for being "too radically leftist" or too violent

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Will The National Guard Teach My Children

"Will The National Guard Teach My Children" was a sign carried, I assume by a teacher, among the other noisy and noisome mob in and about Wisconsin's Capitol Building.

In fact, that is a most excellent idea---If we would expand it to retired military and those who have completed their rehabilitation for war-wounds. These men and women, many of whom have university degrees or their equivalents or such experience in what are known as "the trades" as would allow them to teach the academic-of-vocational classes assigned to them.

Much more importantly, they could-and-would teach the true value of duty as a balance to and prerequisite to both priviledges (As union bargining, driving an auto) or true rights (eg Voting, keeping and bearing arms, free speech and free practice of religion).

It might be very good for that more-than-zaftig teacher to be replaces by a lean ex-trooper (Perhaps without legs as replaced by steel devices) who is very interested in the real future of American by teaching duty-and-responsibility, in addition to academic/vocational class materials. This is the real meaning of being an American. Certainly, our future voters should learn those subjects and the "price of freedom".