Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Income DISPARITY On Genetic Factor

This morning's news report noted a study that demonstrated that left-handed men have average an income greater (Dependent on education, up to 26%) than right handed men.

Since "income disparity" is the foundation of many claims of discrimination on the basis of other genetic differences (eg Race & gender) I am (As a right handed male) awaiting preferential treatment in hiring (Especially in the public sector where my right-handedness will, then, allow me to be hired before those who are otherwise more qualified), government contract "set asides" and the ability to sue those who make negative comments or "jokes" (Either of which "offend me") about my, genetic based, right-handed nature over which I have no control and which has resulted in the noted disparity. (If I lived in California and were a member of the Democrat Party, I would expect a "quota" position on their representatives at National nominating conventions.)

I am now awaiting formal, repeated, written, open and very strong legislative and editorial support of all elected officials and all editors for such actions as will correct this disparity.

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