Friday, December 19, 2008

On Bombing Churches & Defense Of Liberty

I am old enough to remember when anti-Black statements, by the KKK and others, were basic to the bombing and fire-bombing of Black churches in the USA's South. I can now reasonably ask if the anti-Christian rhetoric by professional-atheists, Muslims and others is basic to the recent rash of church invasions AND the fire-bombing of the Wasilla, Alaska Bible Church (When women and children were present) on December 13, 2008.

Of course, this last attack could be on the basis of political hate as it is the home church of Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin. In that case, the range of suspects would expand to include outraged, pro-death, professional-"feminists", such Democrats as (In Milwaukee, Wisconsin) sent party operatives (One the son of a Member of the Congress) out to slash the tires of vans leased by Republicans to transport the aged and infirm to the polls or any other leftist (Who are generally enemies of democracy and the real rule-of-law, which enemies include hyperactive, pro-left, judges).

In any case, such an attack goes well beyond the level of an "insult" as requires Christians to "turn the other cheek". Fire bombings, mob action invasions and like acts of anti-Christians allow, if not require, the same response as made by those Crusaders who drove the Islamic terrorists out of Iberia, Sicily the Balkans Greece and stopped them at such places as the Polish-Lithuanian border, the Bay of Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna (On a better "9/11") AND those modern Crusaders who destroyed the Nazis and put down the evil of Imperial Japan. If the forces of government cannot control such new and anti-Christian terrorists, then Christians must physically destroy them lest they injure or kill such innocents as were present in Ms. Palin's Church or otherwise put such in danger or even fear of death or great bodily injury.

To paraphrase the militia captain at Lexington in 1775, "If they want a war, let it begin now!".(Perhaps those Americans who "cling to their religion and guns" per Senator Obama have a good reason for their recent surge in buying firearms.)

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