Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Republicans Can Win

Well, too many Republican candidates lost AND various pre-election hints from myself and many, many, others as to avoiding such a lose (Or minimizing its effects) were (As far as I can determine) ignored.
If, and only if, Republican office holders, RNC members and their staffers with to be on a winning team they, and we other Republicans, must insist on the strict enforcement of the rules and tactics noted below.

1. All Members of the Congress must pledge to NOT include or allow any "pork" or "ear marks" in Bills introduced by them or others (Of any Party). Members who violate this rule should and must lose the financial, political and personal support of all other Members, the RNC and their staffers who would, likewise, lose that support for not doing so.
2. All Members must use every rule advantage (Including the filibuster for Senators) to defeat any such "ear marks" and "pork" as well as opposition to those of the below matters which may come within the jurisdiction of the Congress.
3. No Republican staffer can be allowed, under penalty of instant dismissal, be allowed to "bad mouth" or "slang" nominated candidates as was the case of some, with over inflated senses of self-worth, as to Governor Palin--Even if such statements came from their principals.
4. The Party (And all Members and candidates sign off on a like statement) must clearly state that every sane, law-abiding and adult citizen has the right to safely keep and bear arms for hunting, self-defense and other lawful purposes AND that right may not be encumbered by destructive, hateful, and other like rules designed to grind down that right.
5. The Party must clearly state (With the written concurrence of all Members and candidates--Unless there occur are some unforeseen scientific advances) that: There have been NO safe and effective medical treatments derived from embryonic stem cell research and no Republican will support such. However, the Party recognizes the wonderful, fruitful and exciting advances made from other forms of cell research and supports such.alternate and ethical studies.
6. The Party must clearly state that the parents and guardians of children and youth have absolute authority over which schooling those young people should have be it in our to be improved public schools or private religion/secular-based private schools or by home schooling by those parents or groups-of-parents or those they have teach in their homes. The Party must also note that the parents of public school pupils and students have an absolute right to prior notice of and prior "opt outs" of such sex-education, cultural indoctrination (eg anti/pro homosexual teaching sessions; practices of Islamic or other religious practices) AND to direct their school boards towards parent-approved teaching and manage practices through the democratic votes in elections and free access and speech before school board meetings.
7. The Party must clearly state that Government has no role, whatsoever, in determining what is "religious speech" or in limiting the Constitutional right to the "free exercise of religion" NOR in punishing such free religious speech as evaluating named persons in terms of their policies and morality by taking away the tax-exempt status commonly given religions bodies.
8. The Party must heatedly and effectively oppose any "fairness doctrine" as it uses government authority in opposition to the free market will of the People in selecting which radio/TV programs are listed-to/viewed. The Party must equally oppose any imposition of a "local content" rule which would limit the free exchange of constitutionally free speech across this ONE nation.
9. NO future general election, involving Federal officials, must be allowed to go forward until such arrangements (By mail or secure electronic means) is had to offer timely voter registration to all members of the Armed Forces or Coast Guard serving anywhere in the world (Including on and under the seas). Certainly, no mailed in ballots should be allowed to have any information noting a military source OR, as was the case in Florida this year, Party affiliation.

It may be necessary to make one or more Members of the Congress as "horrid examples" by excommunicating them from Party support and removing them from all committees. Only an orderly and ordered Party has any possible chance of defeating "those other people".

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