Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Solving Guantanamo Prisoner Problem

There are many solutions as to disposing of those murderers and other terrorists held at the USA's Guantanamo military prison without the USA turning them over to governments who might "abuse" them or deal with them under Islamic Law.. Here are a few of them.
1. Push them over the border with Cuba proper and allow Fidel and his gentle crew to provide homes and jobs for them. (I do wonder how long it would then take for the Cuban People to shout A LA PARAD! as to those critters and Cuban officials who allowed them to stay there.)
2. Select the individual Europeans (Especially politicians and editors) who have so often and so violently criticized us for holding those "poor lambs" in custody at "Gitmo" and have each of them take one into their homes [After posting bond via Lloyds Of London in the sum of $1M that such "guests" will remain in their nations for a minimum of ten-years].. Such hosts would be well advised to not allow their guests ready access to sharp things, their wives-and-children and certain, common, household chemicals.
3. Transport small groups of them 20.1 miles off the shore of that base, transfer them to sail-equiped self-bailing whale-boats, give them a compass and GPS devise and directions to their homelands, 30-days of supplies and water, a Koran, fishing gear AND let them fend for themselves. (To be compassionate, avoidance of hurricane months and mixing Shia and Sunni prisoners is suggested.)

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