Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nebraska Elects Regent; Why Not Wisconsin

My son-in-law travels on-the-job and brings me out-of-state newspapers among which was a Nebraska paper noting the partisan contest for a seat on the University of Nebraska's Board-of-Regents. Although the candidates agreed on some subject (Some of which I found bad ideas) they did differ on embryonic stem cell research (Which as, unlike the other cell researches, has failed to provide safe and effect treatments) and the cost-benefits to giving illegal aliens resident tuition.

I do not care which person won. What I find important is that the People were able to directly chose those officials by a direct vote rather than having some, too often compromised, Governor appoint them on a basis of political contributions or influence.

We already have equal-population districts for the election of Members of the Congress which could be used for the election of Regents. If we were wise enough to adopt such a system, we should require such Regents to NOT have any financial dealings with UW or the companies it has spun off OR those it chooses as suppliers or contractors.

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