Saturday, November 01, 2008

NOT "Civilian" Casualties

Many of the news articles and reports regarding the various acts of war in the Middle East refer to "civilian casualties" allegedly inflicted by the armed forces of the USA or its allies. These conflicts have gangs of out-of-uniform, heavily armed men, belonging to no recognized government (Who are NOT protected by the Geneva Conventions) who go about murdering any man, woman or child who opposes their fanatic views and their interpretation of the basic teachings of Islam as might support their actions.

It appears that these fanatics are welcomed and sheltered (Or, at the least, not resisted) by many in their zones-of-operation---In urban neighborhoods and rural villages alike. That makes those local "civilians" co-actors in the terrorist campaigns waged in and about them. It also makes them liable for death or great bodily injury when organized military forces attack the terrorists sheltered among and often aided by them. They are NOT "civilian casualties"!

If children are killed or injured in such conflicts, it is because their parents welcomed (Or, allowed) irregular combatants into their homes, villages and neighborhoods. Such children's parents are co-actors in their deaths.


James Bremner said...

You are absolutely right James! I just returned from Afghanistan where we saw this on almost every patrol or major kinetic event (read;combat). We witnessed the use of children as a shield to protect militants as they retreated, recovered their own dead and wounded or moved into a position to attack us. This war that is being waged against militant Islam is far more complex than wars of the past requiring soldiers to use their own good judgement and make snap decisions for which they are held accountable right or wrong. The best thing would be for the media and politicians of no military experience leave the war fighting to those who have been trained to do so.
James Bremner
Canadian paratrooper

James Pawlak said...

Dear Mr. Bremner:

Thank you for your service to humanity---And your lack of "political correctness"!!!


Anonymous said...
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James Bremner said...

Thank you James for your powerful and enjoyable blog, I never miss an entry and rarely a day goes by that I don't come here to check for new postings, God bless you!
James Bremner