Monday, June 19, 2017

Redistricting In Wisconsin

1. "Partisan = Democracy" as is the means of declaring our fellow citizens (Not some elitists') differing views on what should be the laws of our State and our Republic;
2. That choice is represented by the constitutional/democratic choices of the People in the only polls that matter AND not by two/three appointed and also anti-democracy Federal judges;
3. In Wisconsin the turning over of authority-and-responsibility for redistricting to the GOP is a result of both the popular vote, our Constitution and law and the nation-wide movement towards like transfers-of-power in an ever increasing number of States;
4. Any rational and pro-democracy citizen should compare the map of the original "Gerrymandering" Vs. Wisconsin's last, legal and democratically established, map and see that there is no valid comparison---Especially when considering our laws regarding such districtsAnd, 
5. Although the lawful maps may give the GOP some small advantages, any map which would be inflicted by appointed judges  would be both unconstitutional and against the will of a majority of our citizens (As is the very apparent goal of Democrats and their Fascist co-actors)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Protecting Free Speech On Campuses

Alert university/college authorities considering the future appearances of speakers who might generate strong feelings about their positions (And even thuggish responses to them) should/must, very publicly, make the following prior announcements---And take the cited actions as required to protect free speech and academic freedom.

1. Announce that any student or college employee who attacks that free-speech exercise of academic freedom will be immediately banned from campus and, after the usual due-process hearing, formally expelled or fired;
2. Speaker's audiences will be video-recorded and any such persons will be identified;
3. Any concealment of faces-and-identities will also result in the same actions;
4. Police officers have been asked to be present per our school's formal request; 
5. Any acts of violence will both result in the above, punitive actions, and arrest by police officers and referral for criminal prosecution;  And,

6. This college has advised those police that it has no objections to the use of any force necessary to execute any such arrests AND, more specially, to halt any acts which represent "a clear and present danger of death OR great bodily harm" to others---OR, even a reasonably perceived such danger.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump, Bader & Muslim Immigration

It appears that some (eg Judges) maintain that President Donald Trump's pre-election comments on the immigration of Muslims into our Republic vacate his constitutional and statutory authority to restrict immigration under Article-I of our Constitution and as per 8 US Code 1182, (f).

If that is the case, do the pre-election comments, about those statements by President Trump, by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg disqualify her from ruling on President Trump's pending appeal? (Would her failure to then recluse herself be cause for impeachment and trial?)

Friday, June 02, 2017

Social Programs & Science

Almost every week brings news of some new program as to various "Social Problems" (eg Homelessness, Domestic/Street Violence, Under-Achieving Schools/Students).

What is lacking for most (Almost all? All?) of those proposals/programs is some, built-in, plan to scientifically determine if each such program is effective and a wise use of both public and private monies. (Please remember that private contributions are often used to reduce the tax-liability of donors which reduces government's funds and places increased burdens on our fellow citizens.)

There are two basic models for any such scientific evaluations.

One is the "Control Group Vs. Experimental Group(s)" where random selection of subjects (eg
From the pool of all persons alleged to need a proposed program) is made and like subjects are assigned to the studied program. After the unmodified programs are in-place for some reasonable time, a statistical analysis is done to see if there is any, positive/negative differences can be found to exactly determine if that program had: A positive effect; Or, a negative effect; Or, no effect.

The other might be termed "Multi-Factor Analysis". In this mode, all in a larger number of subjects are involved in the considered program; But, all such persons are classified by very many characteristics (eg Age, gender, race, history of  AODA, age of mothers at first birth, academic testing, results of MMPI testing). Thereafter, a more convoluted study can be done to determine any outcomes as can, mathematically, establish those results noted above and may provide more and useful information as to which personal characteristic result in those outcomes.

Unless such evaluations are built-into such programs (And exactly followed), the only sure results of such programs are: The wages/salaries paid those who are employed by them; A waste of public/private funds; And, to make some people "feel good"---Without due cause.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Cultural Appropriation"

Universities, as we know them, were invented and chiefly developed by White, Christian, males. Anyone, who does not belong to that group, should not be a student or faculty of such colleges/universities.

Any such persons whose income derives from a prior education at such institutions, should be forced out of her/his employment. All should now and shortly read of newspapers, universities and other such organizations (Who are waging a Jihad against "cultural appropriation") firing of all of their employees as have been appropriating the above cultural property of White, Christian, males.

It might be more “ethical” for such purists to not use other products (eg Most of modern medicine, motor vehicles, the rotary press) as generally invented and developed by the graduates of such universities/colleges or other White males.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why Democrat Leaders Oppose An Armed Citizenry

The possibility of law-abiding citizens using guns to effectively-and-immediately stop criminal attacks may well be the reason that the mis-leaders of the Democratic (sic) Party have taken the lead in attempts to deprive our fellow citizens of modern-and-effective firearms. That is, the effective-and-immediate use of firearms, by law abiding citizens, to "put down" dangerous criminals is more likely to reduce the Democrat's “power base” than otherwise.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mobs & Their Suppression

Mobs are, as such, a probable “clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm” to others..
When such mobs are armed or commit such dangerous crimes as “Arson” (eg Both evident at Berkeley in recent days) they clearly demonstrate and multiply that “clear and present danger”---And justify the police or any good citizen to use any level of force (Including deadly force) to suppress that danger.

In fact, the failure of police (Or, if called up by Governors who understand their duties, the National Guard), to fire upon such extremely dangerous mobs as both individuals (ie By snipers under the direct control of a command officer) and by volley-fire in the case of any group attack is a gross neglect of duty.

It might be well for those who are members of such mobs or instigate-and-support such Fascist thugs to remember that the vast majority of privately held, military/police grade, firearms in the USA are in the possession of those citizens who are capable-and-willing to protect themselves, family, friends and “the common good” by using them to put down dangerous mobs in those failed jurisdictions where the police will not do so!

Such actions are matters of self-defense as extends to defense of others and community.

[The above possibility of citizen actions may well be the reason that the mis-leaders of the Democratic (sic) Party have taken the lead in attempts to deprive our fellow citizens of modern-and-effective firearms.]

[For general information, the hard touch of a triangular file to the lands of a gun's barrel and the lighter touch of a flat file to the firing-pin and extractor of such will negate the usual forensic information.]