Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Today's Sexual "Grooming" Of Children

There have been many reports of "educating" (eg In public libraries, schools) as to the correctness of homosexual (Or hetero-sex) outside of marriage.

This appears to be a form of "grooming" children to make them more accepting of sex with adults
(ie Criminal perverts).

A parallel endeavor is being had by teaching the superiority of Islam----Which allows or encourages full sexual "use" of females as young as nine years-of-age AND allows Muslim males to take and "use" females while waging Jihad which is a perpetual requirement of all Muslim males.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Psychiatrists, Politics & The "Goldwater Rule"

                           /James Pawlak

Peter A. Olsson MD

The Goldwater rule is the informal name for a precept of medical ethics promulgated by the American Psychiatric Association. It forbids psychiatrists from commenting on individuals' mental state without examining them personally and being authorized by the person to make such comments.[1] The rule has no official name; it is simply Section 7.3 of the APA's ethics principles.[2]
The issue arose in the 1960s when Fact magazine published the article "The Unconscious of a Conservative: A Special Issue on the Mind of Barry Goldwater." The magazine polled psychiatrists about American Senator Barry Goldwater and whether he was fit to be president.[3][4]
The rule itself reads:
On occasion psychiatrists are asked for an opinion about an individual who is in the light of public attention or who has disclosed information about himself/herself through public media. In such circumstances, a psychiatrist may share with the public his or her expertise about psychiatric issues in general. However, it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion unless he or she has conducted an examination and has been granted proper authorization for such a statement.[2]

It is interesting to explore what conservative psychiatrists, (If some could be found?), would have opined about’ Lyndon Johnson’s conscience of a Liberal’ ,  like Barry Goldwater’s  Conscience of a Conservative was analyzed. The majority of psychiatrists in the FACT MAGAZINE article thought Goldwater was dangerous. Johnson who was thought to be safer for America by psychiatrists actually escalated America’s tragic involvement in the Vietnam War. Would Goldwater have been more conservative about escalation in Vietnam? I think so.

Should no psychiatric perspective or opinion be available about prospective candidates for president of the United States?  The liberal and conservative presses appropriately and sometimes inappropriately , investigate details about a presidential candidates family background, education or lack of it, and the writings offered by candidates for president. Many candidates write books about themselves and their prospective policies, etc. If journalists can speculate as amateur “Shrinks”, why can’t psychiatrists offer their spectrum of opinions?

If a psychiatrist has seen a candidate professionally, he or she must of course adhere to the ethic of confidentiality.  But, it seems unfortunate for the electorate to be devoid of perspectives from psychiatry about the candidates. Mature psychiatric observations about candidates for president would be of great value especially in light of the gray-hair- promoting- stresses the presidency brings and the importance the position holds for America.

How could opinions about the candidates by psychiatrists be accomplished?  One domain of difficulty is that in general, psychiatrists tend to be liberal Democrats or liberal Republicans. In fact, it seems at times that some psychiatrists automatically assume that it is inherently “therapeutic” to be liberal politically. Conservatives are subtly or not- so- subtly,  assumed  to be cold, unempathic  and therefore, “anti-therapeutic”.

One approach to this dilemma would be to have a psychiatric journal or magazine survey a sample of psychiatrists who would agree to disclose whether they were liberal, independent, or conservative. They could offer their observations and opinions about the candidates’ strengths, possible blind spots, and vulnerabilities. An equal number of conservative, independent,  and liberal opinion holders could be published.

The American Psychiatric Association should reframe the Goldwater Rule so psychiatrists can offer informed opinion about presidential candidates.

SUGGESTED ADDITION TO THE GOLDWATER RULE (Section 7.3 of the APA  Ethics Principals.)
The process of electing an American president is so important that voters would benefit from having mature observations, opinions and perspectives by psychiatrists.  Such discussion must be clearly labeled as OPINION in the media. Of course, if a presidential candidate has been seen professionally by a psychiatrist in private consultation this situation would be covered as usual by section 7.3,  as would be the case with all other public figures.

Why Indian Winners Of 2019 Spelling Bee?

wbSeven of the eight co-winners of this year's national "Spelling Bee" were of Indian (South Asian) ancestry. They appear to have "dark" complexions.


Because they subscribe to that same and superior culture as has been the general guide or standard for those of Chinese ancestry.

The core of that superior model includes:  Dedication to deferring rewards (Avoiding the crippling, criminal/infant-like, demand for instant gratification) by hard physical and academic work ; Cleaving to the support and other advantages of two-parent (One of each gender) families; Honoring scholars over criminals; And, Disproportionally avoiding violations of law.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg & Mussolini

Mark Zuckerberg is as much a Fascist tyrant as was Benito Mussolini. He might reflect on Mussolini's fate and the style of his liquidation.

The same applies to his clones who also attack Bill Of Rights by ignoring that "hate speech" is also protected by our Constitution and laws.

THE Socialist On An Armed Citizenry

George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) may be termed as "THE Classic Socialist". He (By his authorship of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four) provided us with such neologisms (And concepts!) as: "Thought Police"; "Hate Week"; "Newspeak"; And, "Thoughtcrime".

At least one of his statements was in support of the People's right to keep, if not bear, arms. That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”  George Orwell

Today's "Socialists" (eg The Labour Party in the UK; The "Democratic-Socialist Party in the USA) are very, very, much opposed to that concept and right. As that opposition is closer to that inflicted and maintained by such "Socialists" as Hitler (And Stalin), I suggest that they add or substitute the term "Fascist" to/in their parties' names.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Designation Of "Hate Crimes"

First, all must exclude all reports from foreign nations as many of those places: Either ignore claims of such offences; Or, punish their citizens/subjects for telling the truth about a "certain ideology", with unalterable commands to murder others, as a "hate crime".

Within the USA we must ask:
1. How many (What part) of reported "hate crimes" resulted in the filing of criminal charges;
2. As most (All?) States have "hate crime statutes", how many of those claimed crimes resulted in formal prosecution under such laws;
3. How many of those claims resulted in (Under our constitutional demand for "presumption of innocence" and "due process of law") convictions for "hate crimes" or any, related, crimes;
4. How many of those claims (eg Young Muslim woman in New York who lied about being attacked for being a Muslim) have been proven as false; And,
5. How many (If any) of those liars were charged and convicted for inflicting such false claims?

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hunter & "Joe" Biden WITH The PRC

tAs I lack a law-degree, expertise in such "deals" and a sure and certain knowledge of the full details of the deals arranged by Mr. Biden's son with the Peoples' Republic (sic) of China I cannot know:
1. How many of the USA's "Blue Collar Jobs" will or may-be destroyed by those "deals" OR be otherwise opposed to the interests of organized "Labor";
2. Are those deals "legal" or in civil/criminal violation of our democratically-enacted laws0 (eg Mail Fraud);
3. If our constitutionally-established government (eg Treasury Department; Attorney General) will investigate those "arrangements" to determine and publicly declare if they are or are-not in violation of our laws; And,
4. Will those deals help or hurt the pension funds of middle/lower-class workers in which many millions of their, hard earned, dollars are invested?

We must also ask will reporters or union officials or other Democrats ask "Joe" Biden about the above matters? [As "Joe" may have "flipped" on the threat of the PRC (Like on abortion), he might well be asked about his extortion, for the benefit of his son, in The Ukraine!]

Oh, lest I forget, Russia is NOT the chiefest nation-enemy of the USA. The PRC is and is actively increasing that danger to the USA and other nations by spying (Often through our universities and other research organization), sending poisons (eg Fentanyl, toys with toxic paint); Occupying islands owned by other nations (eg The Philippines); Building islands (And them with military bases) to establish military control over shipping lanes or possible oil strataAND, maintaining such economic and trade policies hurt the citizens of our Republic and that most likely the lower and middle class Americans.

Friday, May 24, 2019

The Costs Of Wars

After considering the objections to the USA's deployment of forces near Iran and the risk of a shooting war by such actions, I must ask what would have been the costs of France and Great Britain stopping Hitler at the Western border of Czechoslovakia (Which contained its best natural and augmented defenses) by sending divisions of troops there as compared with the costs (In blood and treasure) of World War II. It appears that such a deployment of forces would have put halt to his land grab there and if, and only if, like confrontations, on land and by sea, were executed in other such places against Hitler and, for that matter, Mussolini and Tojo.

I am a veteran of dangerous military and (Paid & unpaid) civilian service as directed towards the physical safety of my nation's People and that of its allies. I, quickly and greatly, discount the views about military risks inflicted by politicians, "journalists" and academics who have not put themselves at real and ongoing physical risks to protect their fellow humans.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Illegal Immigrants & Outlawry

The vast majority of illegal immigrants who are claiming asylum under our democratically-enacted laws either do no appear for the set hearing for adjudication or fail to obey lawful orders to leave the USA. (Those criminal are in addition to those who lawfully entered the our nation, by the grace of
visas who are, also, now like "illegals" by reason of their violations of the time-limits or non-employment or university-attendance or other conditions.)


Perhaps, the USA should bring back the concept of "Outlawry" for those aliens who have inflicted that state on themselves.

That is such persons should be the subject of public notice [To the last known address with a copy in a "newspaper of general circulation" (In English and any/all other languages spoken/read by the outlaw)]  that s/he must leave the USA on-or-before a date-certain or be declared an outlaw with no rights of person-or-property against anyone who would attack either-or-both. (If, and only if, necessary, a judicial, on-the-record-only, hearing might be required before that action is had.

That is, any citizen or legal-immigrant who takes declared-outlaw's money/goods or who physically attacks them would have an absolute defense against civil or criminal prosecution.

That seizure of money and property might well pay for some of efforts to physically deport those outlaws who physically survive outlawry to the point of arrest by any police or like officials.

Upon written application I will provide answers to well stated questions about executing this concept.