Sunday, August 02, 2020

When The Police Surrender To Criminals & Terrorists

Minneapolis' Police Chief has submitted to the individual and packs of criminals and terrorists. Worst yet, he has advised (Instructed? Commanded?) that city's law-abiding citizens to do the same!


The law-abiding citizens of Minneapolis (And, of necessity) surrounding areas must take the following actions. (Like citizens in other places should do the same.)

1. Buy (If not already done) a .223 caliber rifle/carbine and the largest caliber handgun as can be effectively used by the family's adults and responsible youths and an extra magazine (30 rounds for
the rifle/carbine).. 
2. Buy at least 100-rounds for each such weapon.
3. Go to a shooting range and have a qualified teacher instruct those  persons in accurately shooting those guns at 25-feet (ie The usual maximum distance for armed self-defense by police and other law-abiding citizens---Which eliminates the training need for longer distances as required of our military), then replace expended rounds over 50-used AND repeat this no less often than every three months.
4. Set up at-home defense drills for all adults and responsible youths for all hour immediate retrieval of those weapons from safe storage and regularly exercise those drills.
5. If neighbors are of the same mind and preparation, set up mutual aid pacts and drills.

The .223 and hollow point rounds are recommended as they are unlikely to pass through the carcasses of dangerous animals and go on to injure innocent humans. (For shotguns, #2 shot is advised for the like 

Since the cited police department has surrendered its sworn duty to protect law-abiding citizens NEVER allow them to take arms, even in the case of their shooting some thug(s), from self and family protecting
citizens. (ie Such surrender, after putting down dangerous animals, leaves good people at very great risk to "revenge attacks" which will-not or can-not be prevented by police)

If such a citizen is forced to shoot down some dangerous animal(s) at home, do not call the police; But, telephone the local DPW/Sanitation Department to remove some lead (And probably illegal drug
contaminated) GARBAGE from your property. (In other places you might, if so inclined and as a courtesy to your fellow Americans, do the same.)

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Full Tracking Of Absentee Ballots

It has been reported that future absentee ballots will have printed on them a "Tracking Bar Code". Is that the case? If so,
the following questions must be addressed.
1. Will voters mailing those ballots be able to "track" their arrival at the appropriate clerks' offices?
2. If so, will the means (Computer, telephone & in-person) of doing so be included with the mailed-out ballot?
3. Will you encourage Wisconsin's newspapers to also report that information---Perhaps on Page-1 and well before election days?
4. Will the receiving election officials immediately notify voters if their absentee ballot has been rejected and the reasons (eg Tampering with the envelope as should be carefully examined upon receipt) for any such rejection?
5.  Will such election officials notify those to whom absentee ballots have been sent that, about five work-days before elections, that their ballot has not been received?

It also might be well for President Trump to direct (Under penalty of law) the United States Postal Service: To give absolute priority to all such ballots mailed-to or received-from military addresses; And, to postmark (Date) all absentee 
ballots being sent-out or being returned by any citizen.

I, most strongly, suggest that (ie Within one week of the publication of election results) that candidates, their agents, The Media and others be given ready access
to the data (Without the names of voters) of the above actions.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Nadler And "Giving Aid And Comfort" To Traitors

Dear Fellow Americans:

Those critters attacking the Federal Court House in Portland (With the very obvious intent of murdering those, our fellow Americans, Federal officers in it) are WAGING WAR AGAINST THE UNITED STATES as defined by 18 U.S.Code § 2381 AND Article-III, Section-3 of our Republic's Constitution as TREASON.

As likewise defined, giving those traitors "aid and comfort" is also TREASON. There is no doubt but that the words-and-actions of the self-condemned mayor of Portland (OR) and his co-actors is also TREASON.

There are such as Representative Jerry Nadler who have been giving the same "aid and comfort" to the same, grossly violent, traitors.

Article-I, Section-6 of our Constitution excludes the usual protection of Members for speech and other actions in the case of "Treason".


Lest I forgot, if a trial for "Treason" can not be held (Because of civil unrest OR the wont of unbiased jurors) by our Federal courts, traitors can be tried by such a Military Commission as was used to try those traitors involved in the assassination of President Lincoln. [<>]

As a veteran of dangerous military service and like (Paid & unpaid) work, both focused on defending our fellow Americans from evil "men" and other harm, I remain,
                                                       Hopefully yours,
                                                                            James Pawlak                                   

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Renaming Military Bases & Pat Tillman

Nota Bene: Comments may be sent to: James Pawlak, 8706 West Oklahoma Ave. (#255), West Allis, WI 53227, USA; Or, . For more of my

thoughts (Ravings?) please go to: 

If, and only if, some of our military bases (Named after the warriors who fought for "States Rights" and the Confederacy) are to be renamed, I suggest (Demand?) that the first name for such any such action be PAT TILLMAN.

After all, he gave up a highly-paid position with the National Football League to defend Americans against those genocidal maniacs who are waging war (ie Jihad) against the USA and all of real civilizations.  

I, most especially, identify with Mr. Tillman as the "friendly fire" (ie By an accidental discharge of rockets) missed me and that by only a few feet.

Only the most pathological racists or like supporters of the named enemies of our Republic might be expected to oppose such a renaming. Anyone else who does so must be included with them as enemies of the USA and of civilization.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Treason In Portland

Those bestial criminals (In Portland Oregon) attacking Federal buildings and employees are waging war against the United States of America.

They are guilty of TREASON as exactly defined by our Republic's Constitution
 and the US Code.

The mayor of that city has been, by actions and lack-of-actions, giving "aid and comfort" to those traitorous thugs. That is also TREASON and by the same definitions.

That mayor and his violent co-actors must be arrested and indicted for that greatest crime.

If the US Courts can not hold trials due to civil unrest or the wont of unbiased jurors, the USA should try them by the same (Very legal) "Military Commission" as was used to deal with the assassins of President Lincoln. (

That self-condemned mayor has demanded (sic) that our constitutionally elected President "remove Federal Troops" from Portland. As of this moment there are no such troops there.

In fact, I (Most strongly) recommend that two-plus battalions of battle-hardened Army or USMC troops be deployed there, martial law declared AND those troops be given standing orders to (Without warning) shoot-down any criminals attempting to commit arson or any other act which "presents a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm to others".

If, and only if, Portland, Washington State and The United States will not effectively-and-quickly suppress that treason, it is the right and duty of the "General  Militia" (ie Every law-abiding citizen, over the age of 18-years, capable of bearing arms) to do so.

Friday, July 17, 2020

What If The Police Do Not Respond?

First, please note that I live in a State which still protects the rights, under the Second Amendment to our Republic's Constitution, to "keep and bear arms"---As is not the case in such places as "The People's Republic of California" (And like Illinois and New York State).

Many public persons (eg FOX New's Sean Hannity) and President Trump's TV advertisements have "asked, "What will you do if the police do not respond to calls (ie Regarding crimes-in-progress which "Present A Clear-And-Present Danger Of Death Or Great Bodily Harm To Others")?

In the unlikely case, in my urban location and in Wisconsin, I would then call my city's "Sanitation Department" and ask them to remove from my residence one-or-more lumps of lead (And probably illegal drug) contaminated GARBAGE.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Educating Our Children About "Racism".


Very recently The Hill published (On-line) an offering by three academics touting the education of our children about "Racism".

I found their suggestions so interesting that I asked them the following questions.

1. Blacks murder each other many, many, times the rate at which Whites murder Whites and almost infinitely more often than those other people-of-color (ie Whose ancestry is in China, India, Korea and Japan) kill others of their own. Should this fact be a part of the "racism education" you support?
2. Black criminals select-out, on the basis of race, White victims as targets for their criminal attacks at a rate many, many, times the reverse. Must that fact be an essential part of the instruction you recommend?
3. The death of Minneapolis' George Floyd was a gross violation of his human and constitutional right. However, at the time of his death his body contained dangerous-and-illegal drugs. In fact, George Floyd was, by his purchase of those toxins, a supporter of those "dealers" who murder many hundred-of-thousands of other Blacks (And millions of People). In fact he was a "co-murderer"! Should that fact be exactly presented to our children?
4. The children of those other people-of-color are more successful in academic settings than gentile Whites and very much more so than Blacks. (That is also true for children from still traditional Jewish families".) This appears to be much more a matter of superior cultural norms than of income. Should that factual information also be a part the recommended "racism education".