Tuesday, September 22, 2020

"Religious" Questions Of SCOTUS Nominees: NOT!

 It is now possible-to-probable that President Trump will nominate a true-believing Catholic to take a place on The Supreme Court Of The United States.

In prior hearings, as to such nominations, some of the Senators of The United States attacked or questioned  nominees about their religious beliefs or those supported by organizations to which they belonged.

It is the right-and-duty of any Senator to demand that no such questions (Or comments) be allowed in committee hearings or, on the floor of The Senate, as they are in exact violation of Article VI (Clause-3) of our Republic's Constitution as commands: ". . . .but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States". 

Our Constitution overrides any "free speech" or "Senatorial Privilege" claims by those who would ask such prohibited questions!!!

Monday, September 21, 2020

18 To 21 Year Old Citizens: Guns & The Vote

 At  age 17 years-of-age I enlisted in our Armed Forces and found myself in one of the most dangerous (Enlisted grade) specialties.  That duty and risk was shared by many of my fellow Americans---Many of whom died in service before they became old enough to vote or (Buy) "keep and bear arms".

Although those "youths" are now, by a constitutional amendment, able to vote, their full individual-and-constitutional, rights-as-citizens under the Second Amendment are less than those over 21 years-of-age.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Qualifications For Appointment As Supreme Court Justice

I deny that there is any positive/negative relationship between an the amount of Melanin or Estrogen in an American's body and their ability to, most excellently, execute the duties of a Justice of The Supreme Court Of The United States OR any other teaching position.

The possession of a law degree was and is not a necessary qualification for appointment as a Justice of SCOTUS. The first justice with such a degree was Levi Wendburg who was not confirmed until January 3, 1846. Mr. Justice Robert Jackson, who served until 1946, had only one year of law school. (I must wonder if the too convoluted decisions of far too many justices would be reduced by more justices without law degrees!)

Prior duties as a judge is not a requirement for appointment to our highest court as is exampled by still siting Madam Justice Kagen.

I maintain that the primary qualification for such an appointment is the habitual-and-clear reliance, in declaring what is THE LAW, on the intent of the authors of our Republic's Constitution (As amended), then the intent of the authors of our laws and, thereafter and only if absolutely necessary, the views of other judges.

It might well be the case that SCOTUS would be improved by judges who have won the approbation of The People by re-election to judicial OR other public offices.


 It is only my hardening over 82-years of life which keeps me from vomiting each-and-every time I hear or read-of someone whining-and-sniveling in claiming that some opponent(s) of their pet idea/program/project is inflicting "politicization".

That usage is a most arrogant opposition to Democracy and to the will of our fellow citizens as, often very strongly, expressed by voices, the printed word AND, most importantly,  by their votes.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The PRC & "The Virus"

The following facts are avoided or suppressed by too many scientists, journalists and public officials.

1. When the rulers of "The People's Republic (sic) Of China" became aware of the "WuHan Virus" they very quickly and very severely restricted the travel of their subjects within that nation; But, allowed them to travel to other nations (eg Italy where many of them had employment) from which places that virus spread and killed many thousands (Millions?) along with extensive damage to Western economies and the employment of the "Working Class".

2. That government attempted to hide and suppress information about that virus, which hiding was in-place for long enough to limit other nation's ability to control the spread of it (eg By restricting travel from the PRC)  and attacked their nation's scientists who released truthful information on that disease.

In more recent days one of those (Now in hiding) Chinse scientists has declared that the cited virus did NOT come out of any "Wet Market" but from a government laboratory.  

I must wonder if the above described PRC's actions are a part of the asymmetrical (Now biological) warfare being waged against all other nations (Perhaps not including North Korea)..

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Privilege "Operationally Defined"

 To avoid copyright issues I am not "sourcing" the below offering.

There has been a lot of talk about privilege being at the heart of the divisions in this country.  So I thought about it and realized that yes, I am privileged!  I admit it! 

Here's why I am privileged:

  • I'm privileged because I studied hard and embraced education.
  • I'm privileged because I know that knowledge is power.
  • I'm privileged because I have studied history and have learned from the mistakes of the past.
  • I'm privileged because I started working at 16 and have been working constantly for over 40 years.
  • I'm privileged because when I realized that my family needed more money, I got a second job.
  • I'm privileged because I budget my money, pay my debts on time, and protect my credit score.
  • I'm privileged because I had children only when I could afford to care for them.
  • I'm privileged because I didn't have five children before I was 20.
  • I'm privileged because I am a present, loving, and attentive father to my children.
  • I'm privileged because I don't murder, rob, and intimidate my neighbors.
  • I'm privileged because I didn't get hooked on drugs.
  • I'm privileged because I don't sell drugs to my neighbors for a quick buck.
  • I'm privileged because I don't tolerate crime in my neighborhood, and I work with law enforcement to fight it.
  • I'm privileged because I understand that no one else but me is responsible for situation.
  • I'm privileged because I appreciate that people are dying to come to this great country because it offers the best opportunity on the planet to improve one's lot in life.
  • I'm privileged because I recognize the opportunities my country offers me, not what my country can give me.
  • I'm privileged because my parents did all of this, too.

None of the reasons for my privilege has anything to do with the color of my skin or my economic standing.  My privilege stems from hard work, personal responsibility, knowing right from wrong, and appreciating the blessings this country has to offer.  Anyone can do this.  I guarantee positive results.

So before we begin dismantling the greatest country the world has ever known, maybe, just maybe, we should look in the mirror and consider how we can improve our own lives.  I would suggest that the list above is a good start.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Some Advantages Of Some Wars

First, please note that I:
1. Am a veteran of dangerous military service in a combat unit of our Armed Forces;
2. Avoided being killed or maimed, by an accidental "friendly fire", incident by less than a second and less than four feet; 
3. Very greatly discount the views, about military matters, of anyone who has not put themselves at such risk; And,
4. Was involved in "drills" in the face of a possible, nuclear, war.

As such AND as a compulsive student of History I must conclude that "War Games" and ordinary "Combat Drills" are NOT equal to that "education" provided by real combat or, at the very least, such drills executed in the threat of real combat.

Yes, the latter often cost very much, in lives and treasure; But, give us a military best able to counter real enemies of our Republic [eg "The Peoples Republic (sic) Of Chinawhen real combat threatens-and-endangers our "troops".

Frequent, short-term, military actions (ie Which do not bog-down us to one area with limited terrain and climate) do provide that, most necessary, training of benefit to both those directly involved AND those who learn from them.

I hope you will reflect on the above and, perhaps, discuss those ideas with real combat veterans.

Monday, September 07, 2020

The Best Test For New Vaccines

 THE Ultimate Tests Of Vaccines & Parachutes3


  • There are those who demand that any new vaccine (eg Against COVID-19) be subject to such scientific tests as require both "experimental" and "control" groups to provide proofs of both effectiveness and safety.

    I suggest the following and more convincing test.

    That the corporate heads, directors and research-chiefs of companies (Or universities) who put forth such vaccines have them applied to themselves, their mates and (Within any age limits based on law or their research) children and grandchildren AND on such elected or appointed officials who also support any such vaccines. That must be a matter of established public record as immediately known to our fellow Americans.

    Thereafter, the effectiveness and safety of any such vaccine can be established by any positive-or-negative results can be measured by the effects on those persons----And publicly-and-quickly published.

    As we are in a deadly threat from the COVID-19 virus (Or, more accurately, "The WuHan Virus") that condition is very much like being in an aircraft "going down" but with parachutes available. Do we await the full (Scientific) testing of the parachute we put on OR jump to possible-to-probable safety and life.