Sunday, February 25, 2018

Short-Term Benefits Of Limiting 2nd Amendment Rights

After the Florida high school massacre (As allowed by cowardly deputy sheriffs) there are those who would extend "infringements" on the individual and constitutional rights of:
1. Law abiding and presumed sane citizens who are 18 to 21 years-of-age by halting their right to buy the same long-arms as allowed older adults and continue the same violations-of-rights as now inflicted by not allowing them to purchase handguns or obtain permits/licenses to carry concealed weapons; Or,
2. Forbidding all, even older (Law abiding and presumed sane), citizens access to modern and effective firearms as allows them to defend themselves or innocent others---Especially when civil police are unable or (As in Florida or at the Columbine High School or a Florida night club) unwilling to do so.

Those acts violate the very exact maxim given us by Founder Benjamin Franklin: "They who can give up an essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"!

Here, I note that there are "weapons of mass destruction" which:
3. Include trucks as might be used to murder children upon their mass leaving of schools at the end of each school-day;
4. Can easily (Without extraordinary technical abilities) be made from legally obtained materials;
5. Can destroy a large building (eg A high school building) or an entire residential neighborhood;
6. I will not describe for obvious reasons.

Even the banning of all, civilian held guns (Which efforts would likely begin an armed civil war) would only be temporary safety.

Insulting President Jefferson

Anyone who insults President Jefferson must: First demonstrate his/her equally great or superior contributions to our Republic; And, be subjected to a forensic examination of their life as to sexual-offenses OR any crimes..

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pope Francis VS. The Church

The current "Bishop Of Rome" (aka Pope Francis) has compromised (ie Surrendered to) the Atheistic tyrants who misrule China (PRC) and given them control over the appointment of real Catholic Bishops in that land.

As a (Self-declared) "Avocational Historian" the closest fits to that compromise, as treason to civilization, are:
1. The UK's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's compromise with Hitler as allowed the Nazis control of Czechoslovakian's best natural and augmented defenses as allow their conquest of that nation;
2. The USA's compromises, of the 1850s, with the slavery supporting states as allowed them to better arm and prepare for rebellion; And,
3. Bishop Francis's compromises-with and betrayal-of truth and reality as to Islam and the Jihad waging, orthodox, Muslims.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Young Citizens & Guns

At 17-years young, I enlisted in our armed forces. Thereafter, I found myself in one of the US Navy's five/six most dangerous, enlisted grade, specialties. After my Honorable Discharge I served in dangerous (Paid and unpaid) civilian service directly towards the physical safety of my fellow Americans. Some of my age-peers (Who also entered our military services) had immediate access to fully automatic, true, assault rifles and even more dangerous weapons as had in the defense of all of us.(Did you or anti-gun Fascists so serve?)
At 79-years I am more than confused than is usual by the following.
1. Those 18-years of age are : Are able to vote; Manage their own financial and personal affairs; If males, are liable to The Draft; Are automatically liable to criminal prosecution (Some at earlier ages) if accused of crimes; And, can enter into and be held responsible-for civil contracts.
2. Yet, they and other citizens, under 21-years of age,are not allowed to purchase hand-guns or, were otherwise allowed, to obtain a permit/licence to carry concealed weapons.
3. Why do legislators, university officials and other officials AND judges fail to understand that the Founders of our Republic meant exactly what they stated when they included the "Shall Not Be Infringed" clause in the Second Amendment to our nation's Constitution?
4. From where is the constitutional authority for public authorities to limit and infringe-upon (Law abiding and legally presumed sane) citizens (***), under 21 and over 18-years old, their full rights under The Bill Of Rights to buy,keep and bear arms (eg On public university properties)?
*** Properly excluded from such rights are those who have been found, but only by a court-of-law and only after full "due process-of-law", who: To be felons who lose such rights for such periods-of-time as prescribed by laws; Those found mentally incompetent to manage their affairs; And, specially, those who have been found too dangerously mentally ill to "keep and bear arms".

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some Questions On Gun Control

1. If some armed monster attacked the school (Without an armed officer immediately at that place) in which your child//grandchild was as student, which alternative would you prefer:
a. Teachers throwing their bodies in front of "their" children, absorbing some bullets and allowing the terrorist to walk around their bodies and massacre children (eg Sandy Hook Elementary School; That Florida High School ); Or,
b. Have multiple teachers use their concealed handguns to shoot that critter to pieces?

2.  If some "crazy" neighbor came charging at you house holding a pail of gasoline, what would you do:
a. Wave your "Mothers' March Against Guns" T-shirt at him/her; Or,
b. Call "911" and be incinerated while waiting for police to arrive; Or,
b. Use your modern and effective firearm (eg An AR-15) to shoot him down at a safe distance from your most precious home?

3. If your child/grandchild's older sister was home alone with them and someone broke into that home, would you have that, unable to call "911"(Presumed teen):
1. Offer up her body with the faint hope that would protect younger children; Or,
2. Pull out the family gun (eg An AR-14 as, are many such, used for hunting,which she was trained to use) and "liquidate" the intruder?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Distance, Self-Defense, Handguns & Schools

From such information as is available to be, the usual self-defense use of handguns is about 25-feet OR less.

That is well within the usual distances between sub-university teachers' podiums or desks and classroom doors.

[At age 70-plus years I self-trained with a semi-automatic handgun to the level that my rapid-fire performance put seven of eight rounds in the head-target and most of those in the forehead. Such shooting did involve "charging, side-to-side" at the target.]

There is no doubt that younger teachers and other staff of those schools could perform as well with: Skilled trainers; Use of "Paint Ball Guns" for force-on-force training; And, most importantly motivated to use deadly force to protect "their children".

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Better Plan For School Defense

Dear Fellow NRA Members:
I am disappointed in your recommendation for having a armed police officer in every school.
I do not consider that an effective method for the following reasons.
A. The example of Columbine High School, where the on-site police officer ran away from the terrorists there, demonstrating that there are police less motivated to protect pupils that such as the Sandy Hook school staff who threw themselves between the shooter and those babies to act as bullet absorbers----To NO good effect!
B. The many rooms, multiple floors and long, often bent, hallways in many schools make one armed person of limited uses even if in close proximity to the site-of-maximum danger.
C. The moneys to be spent on such much too limited protection would be much better applied to the plan described below.
1.     Require all teachers and other school staff,, as a condition of employment and licensing, to be qualified in the close combat use of medium-to-large caliber handguns and, perhaps, carbines;
2. Such training should, by NRA-certified or other qualified instructors, probably not required more than 20-hours of hands-on training (On top of 2/3 hours of safety instruction) and must involve qualification every two-years at close-combat ranges [Considering the track record of the New York PD at the "Empire State Building Shootings", it would be well to insure that all instructors are, themselves, qualified shooters);
3. "Force-on-force" training, with paint ball guns, is recommended to provide the needed and painful lessons;
4. Such qualified school staff could buy their own guns (Tax deduction) or be reimbursed for such;
5. Qualified school staff would be required to CCW them while on duty;
6. Federal law could be satisfied by having the local Sheriff swear them in as "Special Deputies", with authority limited to the assigned school and grounds;
7. Where laws allow, those persons could obtain CCW licenses/permits and take their weapons home, otherwise a gun safe could be provided; And,
8. The office staff should have access to a carbine in such a safe as can be opened by biometric means.

Considering the NRA's very long support of citizen marksmanship, it would have been better for you to support the second plan provided above. Certainly, most teachers will demonstrate a more parent like desire for the protection of THEIR children than some peace officer, no matter how motivated. Being distributed throughout schools, such armed staff would provide a "clear AND present margin of safety”

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Prime Test Of Accusers Of Sexual/Other Abuse

Any person accusing another of sexual or other abuse should first be required to, upon oath/affirmation (Best before a Magistrate), provide all details [Date(s), Time(s), Location(s), Any witnesses, Any documentary evidence, Etc.]  as to their claims after being advised (On the record) that:
1. Any single falsehood implies that other statements are false or "questionable"; And,
2. That falsehoods may/should/must be criminally prosecuted as "Perjury" or "False Swearing" as might result in jail/prison sentences.

As such accusations have destroyed the careers, reputations and incomes of others, the above seems to be a reasonable pre-condition as directly supports "due process of law".