Monday, September 21, 2015

Islam & The US Constitution

If, and only if, Islam was a "religion", Article-VI, Section-3 of our Constitution would preclude consideration of a citizen's status as a Muslim in his/her efforts to gain any political office--Including that of our nation's President..

1. But, Islam  NOT  a religion; But, is a criminal-terrorist movement-or-ideology not far different from the KKK or Nazi-Party (Sharing the same principles of hate-of-Jews and all real religions, use of violence and the other horrors taught in Mein Kampf and the Koran
2. Islam (Like the KKK, Mafia and the SS brand of Nazism) has had a very thin veneer of religion; The false-prophet Mohammed (Who was a murderer, liar and treaty breaker, bandit and the perverted sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child) declared perpetual war (Jihad) against all "unbelievers" (Until they join Islam or abjectly accept the slave-like state some call dhimmitude), a war which has continue in our era in the Sudan, Thailand, parts of the Philippines,,Fort.Hood, New York City on "9/11, Paris (France), Nigeria, Syria, Fort Hood (Texas), other US military stations AND throughout the world.
3. Muslims are allowed or encouraged or commanded to forward that Jihad by the used of murder, rape and other sexual abuse of females and boys, genocide, torture, theft (Including the lands held by Christians for 2000-years),"tactical" lying (To  we "unbelievers"), Etc..
4. Despite very short "Golden Ages" the leaders of Islam have used every means (Including Murder) to oppose the study of science and most knowledge outside of the Koran, Hadith and a very few related texts. [However, civil engineering and the development of weapons, to support Jihad, appear to be allowed-and-encouraged.]

If you believe that you know a "Moderate Muslims" who does not support the above horrors, demand that person to very publicly  (To be audio-and-visually recorded) condemn those teachings AND (On camera) ink-out of an Arabic copy of the Koran those verses which support them or, yourself, very publicly, discredit any such person (Or, all such persons).

As the leaders of Iran and other Muslim ruled states are waging overt-or-covert war against the USA, aiding (Or, even, not opposing) them in such matters as the development of atomic weapons is a violation of Article-III, Section-3 of our Constitution and 18 US Coder 2381 as define TREASON.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Officials Must Obey THE LAW?????

Until the outcome of our most bloody “War Between The States” Blacks were not, by a decision of the Supreme Court Of The United States not consider as full human-citizens.

At that time we also had a Federal “Fugitive Slave Law” as allowed the capture and return to their “owners” of those Blacks who had fled slavery. That law imposed very severe penalties on any official who did not arrest any person alleged to be a fugitive slave upon a sworn claim of ownership. It did not allow such arrested persons any access to the courts to challenge that reinslavement.

Was it proper for officials and others to not obey such “LAW”? [In my Wisconsin the State Courts stated “NO”, but were overturned by SCOTUS. Juror-Citizens, in related trials as to punishing officials and others resisting that legal reinslavement, resorted to “Jury Nullification” and voted “Not Guilty” in opposition to the facts and the law.]


In recent years many public officials have not complied with other laws as:
  1. Issuing permits/licenses to buy/own firearms in accordance with the SCOTUS decision that such is an individual right of citizens (As extended to the States under the Fourteenth Amendment to our Constitution);
  2. Mrs. Hilary Clinton's refusal to obey those laws regarding the security of information within the Department Of State;
  3. Abusing the great power of the IRS to harass/punish opponents of the present Administration;
  4. Violating the provisions/protections, against unreasonable searches/seizures, to punish supporters of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

I have not noted that those persons opposing the decision of a County Clerk to disobey the noted Court made law demanding that public officials obey the law as to items 1-4 above!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Discrimination As Good-And-Proper

“1 a :  to mark or perceive the distinguishing or peculiar features of
b :  distinguish, differentiate <discriminate hundreds of colors>
2 :  to distinguish by discerning or exposing differences; especially :  to distinguish from another like object
intransitive verb
3 a :  to make a distinction <discriminate among historical sources>
b :  to use good judgment “

Such discrimination can be as to properly selecting:
 Mind-and-spirit elevating classical and jazz music vs that “rap” and “hip hop” ravings as support murder and abuse of women;  The essential teachings of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs as support peace vs those of the Nazis, Atheistic Communists and Muslims which inflict terrorism on the world; Such poetry as reflects craftsmanship vs the unorganized flushing of apparently random non-thoughts as come from the distorted minds of those who claim to be poets;
The facts that young Black youths commit more  violent crimes than those of other races (As properly noted by the Rev. Jessie Jackson as to groups of youths as might be following him down a dark street) vs the claim that acknowledging such reality is race “discrimination”; The fact that the family, based on pairings of women and men has been the basic unit of (Most) civilizations which have gone beyond primitive hunting-gathering societies  vs.the false claim that homosexual couples provide the save value-to and maintaining-of civilization; That the intent of the writers of the Bill Of Rights as to the "Establishment Cause" was to keep only the Federal Government from establishing an official "National Church" vs those who maintain that the "free exercise of religion" should be limited to the insides of homes and places-of-worship;  And, The views of our nation's founders that an armed citizenry is basic to controlling tyranny vs the position that they should be disarmed “for their own good”.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Today's Slavery In The USA

Requiring free citizens to "serve"other is "involuntary servitude"  (SLAVERY).

Forcing a Muslim florist to provide flowers for a Jewish wedding OR a Black organization to rent ins hall for a KKK meeting OR Ex-Mayor Bloomberg to host a NRA meeting OR a strict Christian baker to provide the product of her/his hands-and- mind to a homosexual "marriage" are all examples of such slavery.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do Black Lives Matter To Blacks? & Unemployment

                         "BLACK LIVES MATTER"?

From the daily "body count" it is certain that the major source of murdered Blacks is other Blacks.  [From other sources it appears likely that most of those killers and killed have criminal records OR were involved in "disputes" over control of local, illegal-drug, dealing.]

Any "Professional Black" (ie NOT Black professional) who claims the "real problem" is Whites (Especially police officer) killing Blacks should be required to answer the following questions (For some recent year as 2014/2013) BEFORE inflicting racist statements on the world.
1. How many Blacks are illegally killed by Whites/Asians?
2. How many Asians/Whites are illegally killed by Blacks?
3. How many Asians/Blacks/Whites are illegally killed by members of their own race?
4. How many Blacks were illegally-or-legally killed by police officers and that by the race of such officers? 
5. How many police officers where killed by Whites/Blacks/Asians?

Basic to the disproportional number of crimes and violent crimes committed by Blacks is the more than disproportional unemployment among Black (Youths).

                           BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT

However, basic to that fact are the following factors:
    1. The stealing of jobs by “illegals” (By entry or the neglected violations of visas issued) as enabled by the failure of our governments to enforce our existing and democratically enacted laws;
    2. The failure of a a disproportional part of Blacks to prepare themselves for jobs by study and avoiding such crimes as will exclude them from many professions and trades (As based on the too common attitude that school work and academic efforts are “White” Or Asian);
    3.The disproportional, among Blacks, desire for instant gratification as is otherwise most common among infants and criminals;
     4. The disease of pathologically projecting fault for personal/community/cultural failings towards others as so often used by race baiters; AND, 
    5. The too common  lack of such Black parents/guardians who teach, by both precept and example, the alternatives to the above faults.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Capital Punishment

The most painless forms of execution are by the Guillotine OR by putting a mid-caliber pistol bullet through the Medulla Oblongata. Although such deaths are instant and free of technical hazards common to the electric chair, gas chambers and lethal injections, they are so "messy" as to prevent their use in the USA. (To a lesser extent the same can be noted in the use of firing squads.)
        With the methods *** used in such democracies as India and Japan, scientific and long-drop hanging has been without its earlier variations to beheading or slower (Perhaps painless) strangulation.
        Those jurisdictions in which the People have democratically chosen to have capitol punishment should return to hanging.
        I write this without any judgment as to the effectiveness or ethics of capital punishment---Other than some method of determining the absolute truthfulness of witnesses would lead to my endorsement of that penalty for ALL forms of homicide and "aggravated" rape, arson and child abuse.

*** Boiling and pre-stretching of carefully selected ropes; Careful attention to the weight and neck strength of the condemned; Very careful placement the knot or ring.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Insanity" & The Second Amendment

There have been many words written and spoken as to "mentally ill" or insane persons obtaining fire arms and murdering/ maiming others. It appears that some closer attention must be paid to such mental defects as deal with guns. The following are offered as examples of such irrational thinking.

1. Maintaining that, in the USA, privately held and modern firearms can be eliminated as neither criminals nor those fearing political-tyrants and other criminals will give up their guns;
2.  The pool of such weapons is so great, especially in "gun friendly" States, that only the use of military level force and draconian punishments (Inflicted by courts martial or secrete courts?) would even begin to limit privately held arms (Here I note President Obama's military level arming of civilian agencies, whose personnel is loyal to him while the military is still, basically, loyal to the Constitution).
3. Ignoring the fact that such, privately held, guns prevent many times the number of murders/maimings than those caused by criminal use of firearms.
4. Ignoring the fact that those there are very many nations above the USA with higher murder rates as have much more restrictive gun laws than does our Republic.
5. Ignoring the fact that the criminal misuse of guns is, in the USA, largely a matter of Black thugs (Killing other Blacks, both probably with criminal records and involved in the sale of illegal drugs).

As SCOTUS has declared the Second Amendment as providing an individual right (Like voting) for adult citizens (And has extended that ruling to the States), any such right may be constitutionally removed only after a judicial finding (With full "due process", including a verdict by a jury if  individual citizens demands such) of such criminality or serious-and-dangerous mental disease/defect as would allow the limit to the right to "keep and bear arms" as well voting, holding public office, disposition of property, Etc..

In the last days of the Soviet Union opposition to the government was declared a form of insanity"and confinement (With abuses) in prison-line "hospitals" inflicted.