Sunday, October 06, 2019

Gun Registration ---> Confiscation

SPECIAL NOTE: I regret that I have lost the URL for the first section of the materials presented below.

What are some examples of where gun registration lead to gun confiscation?

Let's stick to fairly recent examples, say the last 25 years. Anywhere in the world. Are there any?
You mean aside from Cuba, China, Russia, and most other totalitarian states?

Let's see...New Zealand, 1921 the ownership of revolvers were allowed in the name of personal defense, 1970s this list was used to confiscate all revolvers.

Canada...registration list 1990s, old guns grandfathered in, but this list is used for the state to confiscate the guns upon the death of the holder with no compensation to the estate

1996 Australia used its list of registered semiauto hunting rifles to confiscate all those weapons.

The UK government instituted handgun registration in 1921, and about every 10 years or so they further restrict what can be owned and use the registration rolls to collect what is illegal.

How about Chicago, put in registration of long guns, used that same registration to confiscate semiauto long guns in the early 1990s

What about California, couldn't make up it's mind if the SKS was covered or not (1989), decided AFTER the registration period was closed that they needed to be registered, declared a second 'grace period' for registration...then about 5 years ago they decided that those SKSs registered during the grace period were illegal because the grace period was illegal, and in certain cities and counties sent law enforcement to the listed addresses demanding surrender of the firearm. Because there is the legal option of removing the gun from the state of CA, and these officers had no warrants, smart gun owners turned them away with the claim 'I gave it to a relative in Oregon (or whatever)' but MANY were seized with no compensation. (Cities and counties later on offered compensation for anyone who had a receipt, but the police weren't giving out receipts, only a few people who demanded them had them and they were basically notes scribbled on whatever spare paper the officer had)

Side Note, the SKS was the MOST common weapon in the hands of Korean Shop Owners who used them to defend themselves and businesses when the LA riots happened.

Buffalo NY seizes deceased gun owners' firearms

Posted by David Hardy · 14 November 2014 11:01 AM
NY law requires permits to possess handguns, and after a firearm owner dies sets a limit on how quickly his or her survivors must transfer the handguns to the heirs. In practice, the time limits are not often enforced. But Buffalo police have begun showing up at the houses of deceased gun owners, demanding to be allowed to search for and seize firearms. The program involves comparing death records to handgun permit lists, and the officers apparently are not informing the survivors that they can get the guns back, and improperly taking long arms, too.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Trump's Duty & Supporters Of Impeachment

The fact that the "Daddy" of a potential criminal (ie Hunter Biden) is a candidate for the Presidency is NOT a block 
to POTUS (ie Donald J. Trump) asking for an investigation about any such criminal acts committed-in or inflicted-upon
an ally of the USA.
In fact, a failure to bring such, possible, criminal conduct to the attention of the President of The Ukraine would appear
to be a violation of both a treaty between the our and that nation and a violation of President Trump's oath to enforce 
the relevant laws (eg About fraud and the abuse of the power of the Vice-Presidency)!

Those who would give Joseph Biden (And his improbable son) immunity from queries as to possible-to-probable
criminal conduct appear to be members/supporters of one-or-more of the following groups:
1. The Democrat-Socialist-Fascist Party; Or,
2. The "Never-Trumpers" who have infested such as The National Review and unsuccessful GOP candidates for the
Presidency; Or,
3. Saboteurs operating out-of and for "The Deep State"; Or,
4. Victims of early onset senility.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Real "Mass Killings"

In this era's USA the real "Mass Killings" are:
1. Inflicted by Black thugs;
2. Using hand guns [ie Not by any types (Including those scary looking, faux,"assault rifles") of rifles which are used to murder less than knives or "blunt objects"] which are illegally obtained without  "record checks;
3. With other Blacks as primary victims;
4. In a very few cities (eg Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, St. Louis) which have been under the political control of Democrats (ie Now "Democrat-Socialists" who have both failed to control such, weekly, "mass killings" and are among the leaders of a Jihad against the individual right of
law-abiding citizens to "keep and bear" those modern-and-effective firearms as, in other places, allowed those good people to defend themselves against criminal attacks; And,
5. Who select-out, on the basis of race, White victims at a rate many, many, times the reverse.

Minimizing Defensive Use Of Guns

In reviewing the "research" on the defensive use of firearms there is (At least) one factor which has been ignored.

That is, in cases where the gun is not discharged by the  targets of criminal attacks, such incidents may not be reported out of a reasonable fear that the defenders' guns may be seized as "evidence" by the police. Such seizures leave the defender-victims unprotected against a return attack by criminals or by some attack by other thugs.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dangers Of Unrestrained Capitalism & Like Socialism

There are dangers in the unrestrained exercise of Capitalism and of Socialism. Without some just restraints, both act like a 
runaway nuclear reactors.

Unrestrained capitalism can and has led to such grossly and unjust quality of life" differences between a few "bosses" and the vast mob of 
"under-persons" and that with only a very small part of the population
(ie "Middle Class"), between high-and-low, who are necessary to maintain
the most essential services.

Throughout the USA that model is supported by the providing of low-paid workers (ie Peasants/Serfs) by the present lack of effectively keeping such
from entering the USA by illegal immigration. 

In today's USA that perversion is most exactly had in the "Silicon Valley" 
Fascism which is changing California into a Feudal state/State. (The "bosses" of that diseased culture also are very much opposed to the People's right to 
free speech and the "keeping and bearing of arms" as proclaimed in our 
Bill Of Rights.)

History has clearly demonstrated that unrestrained Socialism (ie Sometimes under the alternative title of "Communism") has resulted in genocide (Sometimes by selective starvation as in the USSR or in today's, Socialist, Venezuela). These crimes-against-humanity were inflicted by such "Lovers Of Democracy" as Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and others of that ilk. They are now being used against the opponents of Venezuela's Socialist rulers with
that misery being shared among the vast majority of the citizens of that, once rich-and-peaceful nation--But not to its chubby-to-fat leaders. (The bosses of such, uncontrolled and most, Socialist nations are also opposed 
to: The fullness of free speech and press; And, any armed citizens who are not very, very, loyal supporters of those nation's bosses (eg Hitlers SA; Party "Faithful" in Venezuela).

The "National Socialists", led by Hitler, very quickly joined forces with that 
nation's capitalists to ruin a once great nation whose scientists and others
led the World's thinking, culture and invention.

In today's USA there is "a clear and present danger" of a like joining between
the Democrat-Socialists (Who, as truly-traditional Democrats led the way
towards making the USA a model of generosity, economic progress and
personal freedom for the vast majority of Americans) AND the above-described Fascists who would pervert the making of the USA into the economically exceptional land which leads the World in "Social Justice".

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Trump, Treaty & Tyrannical Liars

I am not a lawyer or some other variety of expert in international law.

However, it may well be the case that a  treaty between the USA and the Ukraine allows for even investigative inquiries when there may be some criminal fraud or public corruption existing in either The Ukraine or The USA.

The fact that the "Daddy" of a potential criminal is a candidate for the Presidency of our Republic is NOT a bar to the suggestion (ie NOT demand) made by President Trump to President Zelensky.

Educated Americans should know that treaties override all US law---Except those matters protected by our Republic's Constitution (eg Treaties restricting the rights of "Free Speech" or "The Free Exercise Of Religion" or "Keeping And Bearing Arms" or "A Free Press" are not enforceable in the USA).

It certainly appears that those Socialist-Democrats demanding the impeachment
of our constitutionally-elected President are hoping for the fulfillment of that 
other great Socialist Vladimir Lenin's maxim: "Tell a lie often enough and it
becomes the truth".

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Cringing VS. Vomiting AND Trump VS. Dem-Socialists

First, please note that I did not support the candidacy of, now, President Trump 
until after he was democratically (ie Without "Super-Delegates") and honestly
(ie Without the frauds inflicted by H. R. Clinton and her co-actors on Members 
of her and their Party) nominated by my Party.

Yes, I often "cringe" upon hearing some of President Trump's statements. No 
doubt but that many do the same when reading my views OR the efforts of
"The Media" acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrat-Socialist Party.

But, the statements of the leaders (sic) and presidential candidates of the 
Democrat-Socialist Party, very often, causes me to mentally vomit. Why?
Because that Party's apparent "Platform" and those candidate's statements 
are all in direct opposition to the best principles of this "Exceptional Nation"
and a very clear attack against the "Common Good" of all Americans.

I am: The son and grandson of legal immigrants into our Republic; And, a 
veteran of dangerous military and (Paid and unpaid) civilian service directed
towards protecting my fellow Americans from great harm. That is a part of my 
authority to make the above statements. (Have you or the above-cited
Democrat-Socialists so served?)