Sunday, July 12, 2020

Educating Our Children About "Racism".


Very recently The Hill published (On-line) an offering by three academics touting the education of our children about "Racism".

I found their suggestions so interesting that I asked them the following questions.

1. Blacks murder each other many, many, times the rate at which Whites murder Whites and almost infinitely more often than those other people-of-color (ie Whose ancestry is in China, India, Korea and Japan) kill others of their own. Should this fact be a part of the "racism education" you support?
2. Black criminals select-out, on the basis of race, White victims as targets for their criminal attacks at a rate many, many, times the reverse. Must that fact be an essential part of the instruction you recommend?
3. The death of Minneapolis' George Floyd was a gross violation of his human and constitutional right. However, at the time of his death his body contained dangerous-and-illegal drugs. In fact, George Floyd was, by his purchase of those toxins, a supporter of those "dealers" who murder many hundred-of-thousands of other Blacks (And millions of People). In fact he was a "co-murderer"! Should that fact be exactly presented to our children?
4. The children of those other people-of-color are more successful in academic settings than gentile Whites and very much more so than Blacks. (That is also true for children from still traditional Jewish families".) This appears to be much more a matter of superior cultural norms than of income. Should that factual information also be a part the recommended "racism education".

Friday, July 10, 2020

Helping Police ID Very Dangerous Mob Members

Except for a limited case in the District Of Columbia police appear to have great difficultly in clearly identifying members of mobs who are endangering other by such actions as toppling heavy statues, committing arson and attacking police and other citizens with thrown objects (eg Bottles, bricks) and other crimes as present "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm 
to others".

As that is the case any good citizen should aid the police by marking those thugs with holes in the following diameters: .223", .30", .308", .32", 9mm, .38", .40" and .45" ***.

After the dangerous rioting is over, the police can go about with cameras and finger-print kits to finish the job if identifying those slugs.

*** Other than the .223" round (Which will tumble when it hits a criminal) hollow-point or, at the least, expanding-point rounds are recommended to reduce the possibility of passage through such scum and injuring some other persons.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

THE "Stress Test" For POTUS Candidates!!!

Some engineering/scientific companies/organizations will subject products/inventions to great stresses to determine if they will survive AND properly function under such conditions.

All of our modern Presidents live-and-function under perpetual levels of great stress. Other than the test of being POTUS candidates for that position can be "stress tested" by public, open and unrestricted-subject debates.

The voters of our Republic have an absolute right to observe probable candidates Biden and Trump tested in that manner! And person(s) or organizations (eg Political Parties, Broadcast Networks) who block or attempt to block such debates are Fascists attacking Democracy.

I have not read or heard of any plans for a or (Hopefully) more debate(s) between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden. Both of those candidates must, in the very near future, make arrangements for one/more such (Unrestricted as to subject materials) debates OR be declared an enemy of our nation's elections being 
based on an informed electorate! 

NFL & The "Black National Anthem"

8706 West Oklahoma Avenue (#255)
West Allis, WI 53227-4557

2 July 2020

Mr. Roger Goodell, Commissioner
The National Football League, Inc.
345 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10154

SUBJECT: Pre-Game Anthems


It has been reported that” Lift Every Voice And Sing”, described as the “Black National Anthem”, will be played before every NFL game.
For myself, I would not kneel if at such a game, during the playing of that song, as I kneel only before my God. However, if that act-of-prostitution to The Mob is inflicted on the American People, I suggest that my fellow and real Americans:
1. Stand and turn their backs (With no other actions) on the field while that song is played; And, 
2. Notify those who support the NFL with paid advertisements that we will not purchase their goods or services as long as any pre-game honor is given to any music/song except our one National Anthem.

Although the killing of George Floyd was a horrid-and-gross violation of his human and constitutional rights, it must always be remembered that, at the time of that death, he had within his body dangerous and illegal drugs. In other words, he was supporting those criminal drug-dealers who have murdered many (Millions of times more?) Blacks than the few, illegally or legally, killed by police officers.

You are (As am I)) fully free to share copies of this letter with anyone.

As a veteran of dangerous military and like (Paid and unpaid) civilian work as both towards the protection of my fellow Americans, I remain,

Very exactly yours,
James Pawlak

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Replacing "Confederate" Statutes & Symbols

As the USA is now in a spasm of destroying (Very often illegally by Fascist mobs) statutes (And renaming parks, schools, etc.) of persons who, in the past, violated what are now considered the proper standards for words-and-actions.

However, we might replace such statues and other like symbols by those honoring the USA's Blacks who have been awarded Nobel Prizes in such apolitical fields as Chemistry, Medicine and Physics-OR the rarer Fields Medal as is the equivalent for excellence in Mathematics---When and if there are such Black persons.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

THE Alternative To "Choke Holds"

If, and only if, some police officer is “in a clear and present danger of death (Or, great bodily harm)” the application of a “Choke Hold” is NOT the proper actions/response.

The only proper reaction is for that officer to put two rounds into the head (Or, at the least. through the spine or into “the center of body mass”) of the attacking thug.

Hollow point rounds are highly recommended as they are far less likely to pass through the exploded heads of criminals and injure or kill innocent others.

Thereafter and if there is any doubt as to the propriety of such officers’ action, then a full “due process of law” trial will determine that – But NO sanctions is constitutionally allowed against any such officer(s) without such a "full due process of law" hearing.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

"More Equal" Minneapolis City Council Members & Armed Citizens

After reading the above-cited report (About Minneapolis City Council members receiving private security protection) I was, very much, reminded of the novel 1984 in which some ("Politically Correct") animals were "more equal" that those other critters in their world.

If, and only if, the Minneapolis City Counsel abolishes its force of highly trained and, with rare exceptions, law-abiding and life-risking police officers, all the citizens of that once shining "Star Of The North" will be in no less danger from individual and mob criminals than the other, more equal, residents (ie Members of the City Council) of their world.

The remaining free citizens of Minneapolis (AND surrounding areas) must now arm and train themselves with the most modern and effective fire arms as are still available to them (eg AR-15 platforms; Glocks) and steel themselves to protect themselves and innocent others from individual and mob-criminals by instant and lethal responses to thug's attacks

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Madison, Wisconsin's BLM Murals

I am of the opinion that "art" should reflect reality. Therefore, I suggest that a very large mural be added to Madison's "State Street Collection". That realistic work-of-art would show:
1. Front and center some "dude" holding a gun and him standing over the body of a child he has just murdered;
2. In the near background two such "persons" exchanging money for a "packet of white powder"; 
3. In the further background some Black woman with her four children and them very clearly of different genetic ancestry;
4. In a window some person-of-color (ie Whose ancestry is in China or India or Korea or Japan) sitting before a text-book.