Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tsarnaev Undercharged

Yes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Like Nidal Hasan of Ft. Hood infamy) was found guilty of multiple murders and sentenced to death.

Yet, he (And Hasan) were under-charged.  Both were, very clearly, "waging war against the United States" and should have also been charged with the more serious crime of TREASON: As defined in Article-III, Section-3 of the Constitution; And, noted in s. 2381, 18 US Code Chapter 115.

The real-and-basic reason for those  under-chargings was to allow the Obama Administration to avoid even the hint of the following truths: True-believing Muslims must obey that fellow Mohammed's command to wage "perpetual war" (Jihad) against "unbelievers"; And, that that the targets of that Jihad now includes the USA and 99% of its citizens and legal immigrants---As demonstrated by various "lone-wolf" and small-group Islamist attacks in the USA over recent years.

As there is no "Statue Of Limitations" as to TREASON, it might be best to:
!. Now charge them with that most horrid of crimes as an "object lesson";
2. To likewise charge those US citizens now engaged in waging military Jihad overseas for any organization which has declared the USA one of its enemies--Even if not yet in custody; And,
3. To try such critters before the same type of "military commission" as, most exactly, tried those who were involved in the murder of President Lincoln---As resulted in their quick and certain execution (Which should be by "long drop hanging).