Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ummah, Muslims,Jihad & Punishment

Ummah” is the Muslim-Arabic term for the world wide community of all Muslims. It is a general, Islamist, principle that an attack on any one member of that “community” is an attack on all members (ie All Muslims).

Equity demands that an attack, on Non-Muslims, by any (Muslim) member of that “Ummah” must be considered an attack by all Muslims and make them equally guilty AND equally liable to punishment for such crimes.

However, any Muslim is able to remove him/her-self from that guilt and risk-of-punishment by openly and clearly declaring, in her/his local Mosque and in places open to Non-Muslims (To be video-taped for later broadcast) that s/he:
  1. Absolutely condemns all of the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith (The collected sayings of that fellow Mohammed of Mecca & Medina) which command Muslims to wage “perpetual war” (Jihad) against “unbelievers” and those which allow/encourage/command the use of murder, rape, genocide, torture and other horrid crimes against others and against civilization to advance Jihad OR the individual/collective goals of Muslims;
  2. Will always determine the end recipients of any charity s/he gives AND will not give to any domestic (eg CAIR) or foreign organizations which directly/indirectly support the above crimes.

Those Muslims who do/will not make that withdrawal from those horrid teachings and the resultant horrors of Jihad are to be the subjects of official/unofficial punishment for the crimes of other members of “Ummah”.

Unofficial punishment is morally allowed as the civil authorities of the many nations have been unable or unwilling to crush those waging Jihad with the active/passive support of Muslims enrolled in the “Ummah”.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

President Jefferson On The Constitution

On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to to the probable one in which it was passed." [Please specially note that the term "trying" was used as in "boiling down" something (eg Whale blubber or the Constitution) to obtain what the actors wish (eg Whale oil or perverse decisions by judges "making law from the bench"; About which please see the novel Moby Dick.]

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stopping Criminals By Gunfire

FBI Study

The FBI study In the Line of Fire: Violence against Law Enforcement—A Study of Felonious Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers shows that 41 percent of officers who fired in the study hit their intended targets, and the average distance to the target was 21 feet.4 Although this is a limited study, these averages are fairly consistent with the multiple shooting data available.
During court proceedings concerning an officer-involved shooting, the number of rounds fired by the officer or officers involved will be released to provide full disclosure. Grand juries often question why numerous rounds were fired. It is important, especially in handgun shootings, to show that (1) immediate incapacitation of the target with handgun rounds is not a reliable factor, even if there is a direct central nervous system shot; and (2) direct shots that cause lethal blood loss are also not immediate. There is sufficient oxygen within the brain to support full, voluntary action for 10 seconds to 15 seconds after the heart has been destroyed.5 A determined individual who has received a fatal shot may continue to function because of adrenalin, sheer emotion, or stimulants in their system. Law enforcement personnel are taught to shoot at center mass and to continue until the threat is removed. Under stress, it is difficult to fire accurate shots that strike vital organs, and, in the average shooting, less than half of the shots fired hit the intended target. As the distance increases, more shots may be fired by officers to compensate for decreased accuracy.

Bullets do not physically knock people to the ground. Jury participants often have limited weapons knowledge or experience and base their perceptions on novels, TV shows, or movies in which the hit ratio is high and bodies fall violently after being shot. It is important to explain that a fired round’s impact on the body is no more than recoil from the weapon. Sir Isaac Newton proved this in the seventeenth century with his hypothesis: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. To stop a determined threat, multiple rounds are often needed. To stop shooting also causes a delay because the officer’s senses must send a message to their brains to stop the physical movement of trigger pulls..


Adams. Ronald Et. Al.: Street Survival---Tactics for Armed Encounters; Caliber Press; 1987.

(At Page-215) “Medical researchers have established that nearly 20 percent of the time, suspects who are shot will not be incapacitated by just one round even though they are fatally wounded. (Followed by some examples and a photo of an armed robber's body where 33 rounds were needed to “put him down.)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rational Selection Of Immigrants From Middle East

Those refugees fleeing Islamist terrorists in the Middle East, should be selected for immigration on a rational basis---That is, the risk they now face and would face upon any, if any, future return to their ancestral homes (Some in 2000-year-old communities). The following are the proper priorities:
1. Jews as Islam demands that they be killed (As there are few, if any, Jews left in such lands, we must go to the next group)
2. Pagans (ie Who are NOT "people of the Book") who, under Islamic law must instantly convert to that ideology or die (Again, there are few if any, such in Muslim ruled lands);
3. Christians who have few, if any, rights under Islam (Obama's Administration appears to favor Muslims over others as to granting special immigration status);
4. Kurds  who are Muslim---But are direct targets of both ISIS and imperialist Turkey; And,
5. If, and only if, the receiving nation has "economic room" for them, any Muslim who will formally and publicly (On "oath/affirmation") denounce and reject those teachings in the Koran and Hadith which command perpetual war against "unbelievers" and the attendant murder, rape and other forms of woman/child abuse, genocide, torture and unequal rights-under-law to all women/non-Muslims AND will, likewise, state that the laws of receiving nations are superior toSharia.

Friday, March 04, 2016

The "Get Up & Go Gene"



The essay below was written on the basis of an unsigned and yellowed manuscript which I found in a box of old documents. I added to it and cleaned up the spelling, grammar and logic AND added some current examples.

I specially note that my contact with “people-of-color”, other than the corrections' inmates and parolees/probationers I met, was as generally as satisfactory as other relationships. For the most part the Black (Well, Brown) people I worked with were, on average, as good as others in my “shop”---Except for a very, very, few who elected to be “Professional Blacks” rather than “Black (Well, Brown) Professionals”.

I have had Black (Well, Brown) guests in my home, some as overnight guests and for a month stay. My son's Black (Well, Brown) friends were welcomed and appreciated as were others. His one Black (Well, Brown) lady friend was one I hoped he would “get serious about”---But, then I realized that she had much, too much, strength of personality and will for him to deal with---At that time in his life.

If you have the historical or anthropological evidence (The state of genetics is, as of yet, too primitive, to be of value here) to refute the positions given below, please provide me with such.

The Essay

Some years ago I was in the error that the Human Races must have concurrently evolved as I could not see my ancestry coming from an African source. However, the scientific proofs have overcome me and I have no current doubts that humanity evolved in some African “garden of Eden”---Perhaps more than once.

After all, there is less than one-percent (1%) of differences in the genetic structures of all human beings, being about the same difference between us and the other “Great Apes”. On the surface, that 1% in humans is attributable to differences in hair, bone structure, blood types and some other, very physical differences.

However, I here posit (On the basis of historical and anthropological evidence) another gene, which I have elected to call the “Get-Up-And-Go-Gene” (GUGG). The early African possessors of GUGG were those humans interested in what was on the other side of the lake, of the river, of the mountain, etc.. Some changed in physical appearance, becoming blond or oriental, some (eg The “First Peoples” of Australia and Melanesia) stayed very “African” in appearance (Thus proving that the GUGG has and had nothing to do with color, face shape, type of hair, etc.). Many went to the “ends of the Earth” to places as Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia and Greenland. That search went in waves and in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, the Whites came after the Black and Brown People. Of course, some posit Non-Asian immigration into North America by Aniu-like immigrants OR by others traveling along the Atlantic ice pack.)

There is, however, one group of the original Africans who seemed to lack GUGG. They are the ancestors of those people who initially did not go out-of-Africa except as slaves (Sold by other Blacks or captured by Islamic slavers) and did not even migrate into what is now the Union of South Africa until pushed there by the Zulus and others---At about the same time as Whites came into “The Beautiful Country”. (Before that time, the original Peoples of that land were not true Blacks but those having an almost saffron complexion).

The exploration of those Peoples with GUGG extended, in many places (ie China, Europe, India and the pre-Islamic Middle East) to the realms of the mind in the invention of many things and, in fact, of civilization itself. This development was hardly detectable in either Black Africa or in post-Islamic ruled areas, where Islam discouraged or destroyed the inventive urge allowed by GUGG.

Where in Black Africa can you find any universities (Beyond Islamic theological schools which discourage thought more than otherwise) which were not “inflicted” by White colonialists upon those areas? Where are the pre-colonial sub-Saharan cities, roads, bridges (They did have access to stone!)? Other than in Christian Ethiopia, where are the great paintings and metal work of Black Africans beyond some very simple iron weapons and late brass effigies? Basic wood carvings, some very good, are found; But, no wood carvings such as the great altar piece at Krakow's cathedral (Poland being another land with few, early, natural resources beyond wood)---Yet Black Africans certainly had access to many excellent hard woods.

The “cultural worth” of humanity (Its arts, laws, sciences, philosophies, etc.) have developed in Europe, China, the pre-Islamic Middle East, India and, later, in the New World and, even later, just about every where except Black ruled Africa---Which is, for the most part, an economic, legal, medical, political and social disaster area. (The only area of hope there is the growth of Christianity---Some of it even orthodox and based on sound teaching.)

In the USA and some other lands (Where the State does NOT support the false promise of socialism such as Cuba) the admixture of Black and other Races has enhanced both
where, and only where, Blacks have accepted the culture provided by Whites, Orientals and some others. It has not been effective where Blacks (Encouraged by “Professional Blacks” and not “Black Professionals”) have committed themselves to such horrors as “Gangstra Rap” and the “Victim Culture” OR the local equivalent. It is also not effective where Islam has limited, or killed, creative thought in sciences and arts.

In the case of the USA “thinking White” is the only path to true economic, social, intellectual and other forms of real success. Unfortunately there is a small minority of Blacks (Well, Browns) in the USA who have made political (eg The totally ineffective one-time and Black mayors of New Orleans and Atlanta), social (eg Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton) and academic, “Black Studies” (Such as the inventor of Kwanzaa), careers out of a contrary presentation---Even if they “secretly” do not believe in what they present to others.